Failed coup in Turkey: A LIHOP conspiracy?


Editor’s Note:

While we appreciate Kevin’s insight and explanation of Turkish internal politics, we feel that he has missed the point on this issue for two main reasons:

Firstly, this ‘coup’ can only be assessed as part of a much wider geopolitical game that encompasses the entire Middle East, the European Union, NATO, the USA, Russia and of course, the Islamic State. Yes, the Erdogan-Gulen split is part of the narrative, but by focusing on it to the degree he does, Kevin has failed to take into account a whole host of other, more significant factors such as the Erdogan-Putin relationship, the Brexit vote, the deal with Merkel to take back the ‘migrants’, the Turkey-EU VISA deal, the progress of the wars in Syria and Iraq against ISIS, the US election and quite a few more. Yes, Erdogan has used this ‘coup’ to round up the remaining opposition in the judiciary and military, but that is not the whole story at all, it is just one small part of a far greater narrative. Maybe the old analogy about wood and trees would be apropos?

Secondly, Perhaps we need to politely remind Kevin that Erdogan, along with his financial backers and allies in Israel, the USA, Qatar and Saudi Arabia is responsible for the creation of IS and the subsequent years of conflict in Syria and Iraq. This alone is enough to justifiably designate him as an evil, inhuman creature with the blood of millions of Kurds, Syrian and Iraqis on his hands, most of them Muslims I might point out; I am no Islamic scholar, but I am pretty sure that Islam, just like Christianity, frowns very severely on such murderous and genocidal activities.

Time and again, VT has documented the crimes of Erdogan such as the thousands upon thousands of tanker trucks carrying stolen oil in an almost endless convoy into Turkey where the Erdogan family makes immense profits from selling it on the open market – this is a mafia family fencing stolen goods on a scale not seen since the looting of Germany in 1945. Gordon Duff helped draft the legal claim against Turkey for the theft of no less than 38 industrial plants from the Aleppo area of Syria, including an entire Renault car factory – all carted away by the Turks to line Erdogan’s pockets. This wholescale looting and war profiteering would be more than enough to secure a very long stay in a very small room with no windows should Erdogan ever find himself in front of an International court, but it is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to evil deeds by this most reprehensible man; he bears responsibility for over 5 years of a brutal, cruel and inhuman war against the Syrian people, a war that has killed untold hundreds of thousands, made millions refugees outside their own nation and traumatised an entire generation of the Syrian people so deeply that it will take several more generations to recover.

It is not just logistic support for ISIS and profiteering from their misdeeds that can be pinned on Erdogan, it is direct command and control of ISIS for the simple reason that the members of ISIS that are doing the fighting and killing are nothing more than the Turkish army dressed up in dish-dash and sporting newly grown beards. It is the Turkish army that invaded northern Syria, seized the city of Aleppo and plunged the Syrian people into years of hell and Erdogan bears full and direct responsibility for all of it, he may have been financed and backed by others, but he is the one at the nexus of events, the driving force, the head of the IS snake that should have been cut off long ago before it could do so much damage. Erdogan may have survived this ‘coup’ and even strengthened his position as a result, but he shouldn’t get too comfortable on his dictator’s throne, one day his backers will turn on him just as they did with their prior puppets Hitler and Saddam and when that happens, we at VT will no shed a single tear, we might even allow ourselves a wry smile.

On final point, and we feel it is an important one; the Caliphate that Kevin talks about reminds us of the Oded Yinon plan to create a Greater Israel, which should be taken as indicating that the same unseen hands are behind both agendas. I have pointed out previously that the desire of Turkey to recreate the Ottoman Empire directly overlaps the desire of Israel to create Eretz (Greater) Israel; we feel this is no coincidence, rather it means that they are the same plan under two different names with the obvious implication that both Turkey and Israel are under the control of the international Zionist crime cabal which is the original author of this plan. – Ian Greenhalgh

Whether you call it the Ottoman Empire or Greater Israel, it amounts to the same thing – destruction of Iraq, Syria and Lebanon and their replacement by a Zionist-controlled state stretching from the shores of the Mediterranean to the banks of the Euphrates. -I.G.  – Author’s note: I did not choose this graphic to illustrate my article. The Caliphate represented by the Ottoman Empire was the last legitimate government in this region. It was destroyed by hostile invaders, the Rothschild-run British, in cahoots with Wahhabi fanatics led by TE Lawrence. A restored Caliphate, which would restore legitimate government, should be achieved by voluntary federal union of Muslim-majority countries. Obviously “Israel,” consisting of even more hostile, genocidal invaders, has no place in the region. -KB

By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

News of the bombing of the  Turkish capital building in Ankara – part of yesterday’s failed coup attempt – brought back memories.

Five years ago, I had lunch in that same Turkish capital building with a leading parliamentarian (a supporter of Erdogan) and the Turkish equivalent of FBI Deputy Director.

A few years before that, I had been witch-hunted out of the University of Wisconsin by politicians for daring to question the official myth of 9/11. And you can bet I wasn’t being invited to lunch by any American congress-critters, much less the Deputy Director of the FBI.

As a 9/11 truth scholar, I was front page news in Turkey
As a 9/11 truth scholar, I was front page news in Turkey

But in Turkey, I was treated like visiting royalty. My fellow American guests and I were escorted into the magnificent Turkish capital building through a VIP entrance. The security guards were ordered to stand down. Over lunch, I discussed the 9/11 inside job with high Turkish officials including the aforementioned parliamentarian and National Police Director. The latter explained how he had helped defeat Turkey’s 9/11: The Ergenekon/Sledgehammer coup plots dating back to 2003.

Historical background: Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party – representing the majority of Turks who reject the Donmeh Jew pedophile Attaturk’s legacy of brutally authoritarian “forced secularism” and cultural genocide, including the abolition of the Turkish written language – came to power in 2002. The triumph of the moderate democratic-Islamic JDP terrified the kemalist (Attaturk-worshipping fascist) forces, who conspired with the US neocon-Zionist 9/11 plotters to stage a 9/11-style event in Turkey to overthrow Erdogan.

That coup attempt, like the one yesterday, failed. And it may have failed for the same reason.

Over lunch, the head of the Turkish National Police explained to me how he and his colleagues had foiled the Ergenekon/Sledgehammer coup attempts and jailed hundreds of the nation’s top military and intelligence leaders and their assets in business and especially media.  (That’s what should have happened in the US after 9/11…or better yet, BEFORE 9/11.)

The National Police Director explained that his agency had built a better intelligence network than the military’s. It was spy vs. spy – everybody was wiretapping everybody – but the National Police prevailed, partly thanks to spy equipment they obtained from Europe. (They also have a bigger and better “human resources network” because they – unlike the kemalists – represent the majority of the population.)


Since 2003, and especially during the past five years, some of the National Police who support Islam and democracy have been deceived and co-opted by Fetullah Gulen’s CIA-Mossad-backed organization. So in the latest round of Turkish spy-vs.-spy, the loyalist National Police had to deal not only with the kemalists in the military, but also with traitors within their own ranks.

So here’s my LIHOP (Let It Happen On Purpose) conspiracy theory concerning the latest coup attempt. My guess is that forces loyal to Erdogan, Islam and democracy (not necessarily in that order) were on top of the coup plot long before it came to fruition.

Rather than trying to roll up the plotters in advance, and subsequently being accused of “human rights violations” and “crushing all anti-Erdogan dissent” by the West, the loyalist forces laid low and concealed their advance knowledge. That way, when the coup attempt went public, the anti-coup forces were in a position to prevent it from succeeding — then rally popular support for Erdogan and the larger democratic-Islamic project, and utterly annihilate the pro-coup forces to make sure nothing like this ever happens again.

I hope they succeed.

Unlike some of my VT colleagues, I’m cheering for the anti-coup forces in Turkey…even if they engaged in a little bit of LIHOP conspiring along the way.

Sure, Erdogan is no saint. He has made some terrible mistakes, including joining the Zionist West’s destabilization of Syria, cracking down ham-fistedly on Kurdish separatists, and selling out the people of Gaza by refusing to send the Turkish Navy to end the illegal Israeli blockade, as he promised after the Mavi Marmara incident.

But the alternatives to Erdogan are even worse. The treasonous pro-coup forces in the army are led by donmeh pedophiles and deep state drug lords. And Fetullah Gulen, Erdogan’s pseudo-Islamic opposition, is a creature of that same deep state, and a tool of CIA-Mossad.

You can bet that neither the kemalists nor Gulen, nor the combination of the two that would have governed Turkey had the coup succeeded, would have tried to liberate Gaza, either. On the contrary, both are vastly more pro-Zionist than Erdogan.

The Turkish people were not fooled. Like the Venezuelans who stopped the anti-Hugo-Chavez coup, the Turks laid their bodies on the line to save their country’s democracy.

Gilad Atzmon makes a valid point in his recent pro-Erdogan, anti-coup diatribe:

Military Coup Defeated By The People

Gilad asks:

Is it possible that the masses who yesterday saved Turkey see their government  and their president as a continuation of their true selves?  Maybe  Erdogan personifies their Ottoman heritage and helps liberate the Turks from the pseudo western identity imposed on them by (some insist Jewish) Kamal Ataturk a century ago. Is it possible that Erdogan allowed the Turks to return to their status as a proud nation? Turkey has transformed from a source of cheap labour at the outskirts of Europe into a regional superpower.”

Erdogan is regularly assailed for wanting to be a “caliph” by people who have no real knowledge of modern Turkish and Islamic history. The people of today’s Turkey, and the rest of the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims, were not consulted when the Zionist West crushed the Ottoman Empire and, using their donmeh pedophile tool Attaturk, abolished the Caliphate – an institution absolutely central to Sunni Islam. (Sunni Muslims view the destruction of the Caliphate by the enemies of Islam in about the same way Catholics would view the destruction of the Papacy and the Church of Rome by enemies of Christianity.)

Polls show that about two-thirds of today’s Muslims—meaning more than a billion people — want to restore the caliphate. Turkey’s ruling party is part of a larger Islamic movement that wants to do so gradually, moderately, and democratically, but is timid about saying so openly for fear of antagonizing Islam’s powerful enemies. Most of the global Muslim Brotherhood is also on board with that program. (The MB officially renounced violence in the 1970s, though it – correctly – supports the right of resistance against occupation; the recent catastrophe in Syria is an exceptional case due to the Syrian MB having suffered decades of persecution leading to radicalization. And don’t get me started about the moronic anti-MB conspiracy theories injected into the stupid sector of the alternative media by the usual suspects.)

Machievellian Western/Zionist leaders are worried about Turkey becoming ever-more powerful, prosperous, and Islamic. Their ultimate nightmare is a restored caliphate uniting contiguous Sunni-majority Muslim countries that would control most of the world’s best energy reserves, and use that control to create a new commodity-backed currency, an oil-backed gold dinar and silver dirham that would quickly become the world’s de facto reserve currency. (Look what they did to Qaddafi for taking a baby step in that direction.)

The Zionist-NATO Empire lured Erdogan into Syria for the same reason they lured Russia into Afghanistan in 1980: To “give them their own Vietnam.” The destruction of Syria was engineered not just to crush Israel’s Arab opposition and its Iranian allies, but also to hobble Turkey in order to pre-empt its rise as a democratic-Islamic superpower leading the way toward a restored Caliphate.

In the short term, the NATO-Zionist plot to destroy Syria and destabilize Turkey has been successful. But the long-term historical trend runs in the other direction. As the EU and NATO fall apart, and the West declines precipitously from its present position of global economic-technological-political-military domination, the rise of a unified Islamic world is an historical inevitability.

Why is that?

Muslims are united by a common language, Arabic, which every Muslim MUST learn. (The Qur’an does not exist in any other language; there is no such thing as a translation of the Qur’an, just wildly-inadequate interpretations.)

Muslims are united by a common culture: What Marshall Hodgson called “Islamicate” culture. (It includes many non-Muslims as well.)

Muslims are united by a common currency: The gold dinar and silver dirham, the only acceptable currency for zakaat, one of the five pillars of Islam.

Muslims are united by a common loathing for riba (usury), the basis of today’s economy, and given half a chance will crush the international banking cabal and put it permanently out of business.

Muslims are united by agreement that achieving the political unity of the Islamic world is a religious duty. This is where Sunni and Shia Muslims differ slightly – which is why the Zionist-NATO empire is doing everything it can to take the very slight Sunni-Shia differences that actually exist and drive wedges into them in order to annihilate the House of Islam.

So the anti-Erdogan project in Turkey is actually a small part of a much larger anti-Islam project. The people who have tried to destroy Islamic democracy in Turkey through the Syria trap, and yesterday through the failed coup, are the same people who staged 9/11 to launch the War on Islam (disguised as a “war on terror”), and who created “ISIS” (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) as a propaganda weapon against Muslims’ legitimate effort to restore their political unity.

And I think we all know who those people are: The banksters who rule the world through their Zionist-NATO empire, and who will be thrown into the proverbial trash can of history as Islam rises to regain its rightful place at the center of global civilization.





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