Shrimpton: May or Shan’t?



Almost unbelievably, the Tory Party have managed to install a Remainer as Leader! Even worse, Theresa May’s nomination lacked any democratic legitimacy, as her opponent, Andrea Leadsom, was forced out of the race.

The pro-EU/German element in the Tory Party had an enormous hissy fit after Andrea Leadsom secured her rightful place on the ballot. Huge pressure was applied to her by Tory MPs desperate to undermine the Hague reforms, which had made the Tory Party democratic. MP after MP went on TV, mounting vicious personal attacks on Andrea. With sickening hypocrisy, these bastards then demanded ‘party unity’.

A small group of pro-EU MPs commenced discussions with the Liberal Democrats and threatened to defect if Andrea became Prime Minister. There is no dealing with these pro-Europeans. They are utterly opposed to Britain being governed in the British interest. Only the German interest ever seems to count with them. Beats me, if they love Germany so much, why they don’t just go and live there.

My understanding is that it was the threat of defections which forced Andrea into her astonishing decision on Sunday night to withdraw from the leadership race, depriving Tory Party members of their democratic right to elect the Leader of the Party. I also understand that her decision to cave in to the pressure from this small pro-European cabal was communicated to Mrs May on the same night. May’s decision to formally launch her campaign in Birmingham on Monday seems to have been no more than a charade.

The upshot is that the Party’s mostly pro-EU MPs have rammed a pro-EU leader down the throats of a mostly pro-British party. Members have already started to defect in large numbers to the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), and who can blame them. The whole idea of changing the rules to give party members the vote was to get around the Party’s largely useless pro-EU MPs, many of them vulnerable to blackmail by the whips.


Sir Jeremy Heywood

As usual the media obsessed on personalities when it came to the new Cabinet. They missed the most important appointment, that of Cabinet Secretary. The hated pro-EU Cabinet Secretary, Sir Jeremy Heywood, is staying on. Since he is believed to be viscerally opposed to Brexit and in practice will control the new government, its credibility on the European issue, already badly damaged by having a sleazy, pro-EU Prime Minister (no offense intended) is near-zero.

It will probably be politically impossible for May and Heywood to keep the UK in the EU, however much they might want to. That horse bolted with the referendum result, thank God. However, neither has said anything about the European Economic Area.

The government has taken no steps whatsoever to withdraw from the EEA Agreement, which under Article 127 requires 12 month’s notice. The failure to denounce the EEA treaty is a joke, with respect, since it provides for uncontrolled immigration from the EEA member states, which include the EU27. That is precisely the policy which the electorate has so emphatically rejected.

To sum up – after the greatest exercise in democracy in British history, in which uncontrolled mass migration from the EU was firmly rejected, the pro-EU Prime Minister, Home Secretary and Cabinet Secretary are apparently prepared to ram over 300,000 unwanted migrants a year down the throats of the British working-class using the coercive power of the state.

In all my life I have never seen such a reckless government policy, or one more calculated to lead to blood on the streets. The government are simply inviting trouble.

They will get away with it over the summer, as people will be expecting action. The trouble will come in the autumn, when, I predict, it will have become clear that the government is prepared to continue with EEA membership. I suspect the first European casualties will come in East Anglia, both because of the massive concentration of unwanted European economic migrants there, taking British jobs, the lack of discipline and efficiency in the local police, and the dangerous practice of European gang-masters driving migrants to work along remote rural roads in groups without armed protection or police escort.

A New Grouping on the Right

The new government’s honeymoon period isn’t going to last as long as any of Richard Burton’s and Elizabeth Taylor’s. As the weeks drag by with no action Eurosceptic ministers and MPs are going to become increasingly restless. The first defections are likely to be in the autumn.

A sensible Leave campaigner, the brilliant multi-millionaire Arron Banks, has proposed the formation of a new political grouping on the Right, which would embrace UKIP and pro-Brexit supporters in other parties. I think he’s right, with respect. The Tory Party has chosen to insult the electorate by installing a Remain campaigner in Downing St. Her government is weak and staffed mostly by incompetents. There isn’t a single person of high intelligence in the Cabinet, indeed there isn’t a single person of high intelligence in the government. Almost unbelievably, the departure of David Cameron and George Osborne has actually lowered the average IQ of the Cabinet.

I suspect we will see the government’s majority disappear by the end of October. It is reasonable to suppose that there will be a general election in Britain before Christmas. With luck and good management the New Year could see a pro-British Prime Minister in Downing St. and a pro-American President in the White House, to match the pro-Russian President in the Kremlin. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

The Nice Terrorist Attack

My sympathies to the friends and loved ones of the appalling Islamic terrorist atrocity in Nice, France. Although the driver of the truck was shot, eventually, by police, the rest of the cell got away.

The MSM of course have retreated to their default ‘lone actor’ position, which seems to me to be nonsense. This was clearly the work of an Islamic terrorist cell.

Equally clearly, the cell was assisted by elements inside the French police, reporting to the German black agency in Paris, which effectively controls the Fifth Republic, which is broken. It can no longer defend its citizens, and that is the first duty of a republic.

Unless you know about that black agency in Paris, some of the events in Nice would be inexplicable. They drive on the wrong side of the road in France, so why were the police firing at the passenger side of a truck manned only by the driver? How on earth could it have taken so long to stop the truck and shoot the driver?

Statements of sympathy from President Hollande are all very well, but they won’t stop further Islamic attacks. The Fifth French Republic is essentially Vichyist, as I point out in Spyhunter. It is in dire need of serious reform, which only that nice lady Marine Le Pen can deliver. Sadly, however, whilst she may make the final two in next year’s presidential election she is likely to be blocked by a coalition of machine politicians backing Alain Juppé, a machine politician par excellence.

Paris will continue to let these attacks happen. Nice will not be the end of it.

The Military Coup in Turkey

I am quite sure that the Turkish Army will not mind my reminding them of the old Marine Corps adage: Proper Preparation Prevents Piss-Poor Performance. Their attempted coup was pathetic. As my old friend General Pinochet might have observed, if a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

They didn’t even strafe the presidential palace, for heaven’s sake. The first thing you do in a coup is strafe the presidential palace. The second thing you do is take control of the TV stations and the third thing you do is shoot the prime minister. They couldn’t even manage to shoot a junior minister! Hopeless. Maybe somebody should write a book called Military Coups For Dummies. Turkey will remain an Islamist German client-state and a state sponsor of terror.

All Honorable Men

My reading this week has been All Honorable Men, by James Stewart Martin, a key official in the military government in the American Sector from 1945 to ’47. The book was published over 60 years ago, in Boston. You won’t find it on many required readings lists for history students, which is a shame.

A number of the themes presage Spyhunter, including the continuity in German intelligence after World War I and the close connections to Germany of the notorious ‘von’ Dulles brothers. Martin’s book was effectively suppressed – until I was passed a surreptitious photocopy of one of the few copies of this seminal work in circulation in England, I had never heard of it. The reader of Spyhunter who gave me the copy thought I would be interested. He was right! The book deserves reprinting, maybe with a commentary, which I would be happy to write.

Movie Review: The Legend of Tarzan (2016), dir: David Yates

Strange though it is to watch a Tarzan movie without Johnny Weissmuller, this is actually pretty good. It’s set in the aftermath of the Congress of Berlin, and based in the Belgian Congo.

It’s a lot closer to the original Edgar Rice Burroughs story than the famous TV series. It starts off eight years after Lord Greystoke’s return from the jungle. David Yates may have overdone the flashbacks a bit, but they explain the plot.

The casting is excellent. Tarzan and Jane are well cast, and Jim Broadbent does a lovely little cameo as Gladstone, although he is just referred to in the titles as the Prime Minister. Gladstone of course was an evil little bastard, no offense intended, who worked for the Germans and was over-fond of prostitutes – a typical Liberal, in short. The standout however is Christopher Waltz, who plays the Belgian baddy, if that is not a tautology, Captain Léon Rom.

Waltz’s character is so evil that in modern times he could have been a European Commissioner. It’s a wonderful moment when he gets eaten. If only we could persuade the European Commission to go swimming in the Congo!

President George W Bush’s Moving Address

I freely confess to having been moved by President Bush’s address during the memorial service for the fallen peace officers in Dallas. His eloquence and dignified bearing reminded us here in England what a fine man he is, with respect. The man is sheer class – the contrast with President Obama could not have been greater. It put me in mind of President Reagan’s great address to the nation on television after the DVD sabotaged the Space Shuttle Challenger and murdered her crew, including a school teacher.

I know ‘Dubya’ probably didn’t write his speech, or at any rate all of it, but to say that he was simply reading out something written for him would be to take altogether too cynical a view. The speech had an authentic ring to it, and clearly bore the great man’s input. More rubbish has probably been written about President George W. Bush than any statesman in modern history. I use the word ‘statesman’ advisedly.

Son of a centrist, machine politician entirely lacking in class, no offense intended George W. Bush has disproved the notion that the apple never falls far from the tree, or, in this case I suppose, bush. I have held for many years, and continue to hold, to the view that in time the son’s reputation will tower over that of the father. In many ways the first American Bush, he was a great and inspirational president. America and the West have good cause to be grateful to ‘Dubya’ for the leadership he displayed in response to the outrageous, German-sponsored 9/11 terrorist attacks. Americans may take pride in this man, and pride in themselves for electing him, not just once but twice. What a tragedy it was for America and the world that he could not repeat the feat of his no less illustrious predecessor President Franklin D Roosevelt and stand for a third and a fourth term.

I respectfully call upon the Secretary of the Navy to order that the next Ford class aircraft carrier, CVN-81, due to be commissioned in 2030, be named President George W. Bush.


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