The Enemy Of A Jew Is A Jew


by Katherine Frisk

In his memoirs, Ronald Dahl recounts the story of meeting a survivor of the Holocaust after World War 2. The lady was at great pains to explain to him that “the enemy of a Jew, is a Jew.”

As many are beginning to realize, World War 2 was not as cut and dried as we have been led to believe. American bankers and industrialists funded and supported Hitler and gave the top SS Nazis safe passage to the US and South America after the war, whilst at the same time, American soldiers joined the Allies and died in Europe in order to defeat Hitler.

There is a very good modern term for this, and I am going to use it. It is called a “Mind F*ck.” Similar double-edged games have been playing ever since, in Vietnam, South America, and the Middle East where recently many have been horrified to discover that the very nation that declared a “war on terror” is the same nation that has been funding and supporting the rise of Islamic extremism in Libya, Egypt, Syria, and Iraq. The beheading of a young child in Syria by these so-called “moderate rebels” supported by the US in the interests of the “Assad must go” theme, has got to be the most disgusting example of duplicity in recent months.

As I hope to make clear in this article, this duplicity is deeply embedded in Western civilization and has its roots in the Bible which has governed both Western and the Middle East social, economic, and political thinking for over 2,000 years. But what has never been acknowledged is that the Torah, the New Testament, and the Qur’an all have duplicitous texts that contradict each other.

You could say equally as well, that the enemy of a Christian is a Christian, the conflict over the last 1,000 years between the Apostolic Orthodox Christian church and the Roman church is one example of many, another was between the Cathars and the Catholics in the Languedoc. Or the enemy of a Muslim is a Muslim, the conflict we see in the Middle East between the extremist Muslim Brotherhood Wahhabi sects and the Sunni-Shiite divide is another.

Movie scene depiction
Movie scene depiction

All three teach peace, brotherly love, and loving your neighbor as yourself whilst on the other hand promoting sexual, racial, and political discrimination. This creates cognitive dissonance and schizophrenia. Nobody can serve two masters, you will betray one of them at some point in time or go completely insane. And looking around the world today humanity has gone insane. But nobody looks at the prototype or even tries to understand it.

Once it is revealed for what it is, and you see it, it is like those dot pictures, once you see it you cannot un-see it and there is no going back to a formally insane perception of the world or your place in it. The sooner more people wake up to this duplicity, the sooner the West and the Middle East can regain their sanity.

Here is a simple example. The illustration tells you to focus on the + in the middle.


In all three religions, the focus has been placed on specific teachings whilst ignoring others, so that your focus is on the + that marks the spot. As a result the basic principles of the ten commandments, the teachings of peace, brotherly love, and loving your neighbor as yourself disappear as do the purple dots, leaving you with a circle of green dots and you devolve into a cycle of sexual, racial and political hatred against the other. You have been “Mind F*cked.”

Going back to Ronald Daghal and the title of this article, “The enemy of a Jew is a Jew,” the Warsaw Ghetto during World War 2 is a case in point. The “chosen few” lived lives of comfort and looked forward to repatriation to the State of Israel, the rest were cut off and found themselves in the concentration camps. The Ghetto was run by the Jews themselves.

The same can be said of Serbia during this same period in history. Orthodox Christian Serbs were massacred by Jesuit Nazis as were Protestants in Poland, while Catholic Christian Serbs and Poles suffered far less during the war and if anything were protected. The same goes for Muslims today in Syria and Iraq with the divide between the Muslim Brotherhood/ Wahhabi and I will add Gulen factions as opposed to those who support a secular society. All three have the roots of this “Mind F*ck” in the Old Testament stories which are the roots and the foundations of all three.

Today in Syria and Ukraine we see the same collusion. The Unholy trinity as I call them. The Zionists, the CIA Vatican mercenaries, and the Wahhabi sect persecution of Torah Jews many of whom live safe and prosperous lives in Iran, a country that the Zionist State is intent on bombing, Orthodox Christians and Shiite Muslims.

In many of my articles, I have explored the sexual, social, and political implications of the disparity between Genesis 1 and Genesis 2, the origins to my mind of the duplicity found in all three monotheistic religions. The former being galactic, multi-polar and universal, the latter being fettered and restrained to a narrow, inflexible, parochial mindset fixated on the + that marks the spot to the point where they become fanatical, one-track-minded, and one-eyed. The purple dots turn green.

Ask anyone who has one eye and how they deal with it. Firstly they only ever see half the picture and secondly, they lose a sense of perspective. In effect, “god,” by whichever name you to call it, becomes fettered, restrained, and confined to the image and perceptions of a specific group of people who use this concept to better further their own ends at the expense of others. This is the equivalent of saying that the waves that wash up on my beach are more valid than the waves that wash up on yours.

Today the world appears to be obsessed with the “Jewish” question, which is a misnomer considering that the world’s Jewish population is supposedly only of the order of twenty-five million or so, while the word “Jew” is a recent term that has been used for political expediency and has fettered a people into a unipolar concept of one specific racial and religious group when the reality is far more complex and multidimensional than that. The word is also only associated with one tribe, the tribe of Judah.

constellations_zodiac2Israel was a people, not a place. Israel was founded on the twelve sons of Jacob.

This story can either be seen in a historical context or as an analogy. I am in favor of the latter with a historical background interwoven into this basic mythological background as opposed to it being purely historical, cold, hard fact.

The concept has a precedent in ancient Egypt which was divided into twelve nomes or provinces. Because the Egyptians believed in creating heaven on earth, as above so below, they used the twelve number as a reflection of the twelve constellations in the sky, the twelve months of the year, and the twelve hours of the day and the night. The concept is universal and applies to all the people on this planet and to other planets in our solar system.

The system was adopted by Joseph who rose to power in Egypt and married a Nubian Egyptian wife. From the beginning, we see intermarriage between different cultures and the adoption and amalgamation of religious, social, and political concepts which led to the development of the monotheistic belief system first conceived by Akhenaton. Akhenaton was descended from Joseph through his grandmother and from the Egyptian royal family through his father.

At this point, we need to go back to the + marks the spot and racial discrimination in particular. Speak to any Zionist or Bible-punching Christian and they will tell you that Noah cursed Ham, a black man. With enough repetition, the heritage of Israel through Joseph, his son Ephraim and Joshua who founded Israel is thrown out with the bath water. However, when you actually read the text for yourself, you will see that Noah cursed Canaan, a Semite. Tamar was a Canaanite who married Judah and the matriarch of the line of David, today known as the “Jews.” Ruth was a Moabite and Bathsheba was a Hittite. So much for racial purity and a “Jewish” bloodline. But keep your eyes on that +. Israel becomes one-eyed, narrow, and fixated and the purple dots have disappeared to be replaced by green ones. Israel in its multi-polarized context vanishes.

Ephraim, called the “firstborn of God” in Jeremiah 31, had Nubian black blood running through his veins through the Nubian Egyptian Asenath, Mittani blood through Rachael who was Syrian and Armenian blood through Sarah, as did his grandson Joshua. The multi-polar, multiracial and true nature of Israel has been lost to be replaced by a Judaic “chosen people” with the backing of Genesis 2. The earth-bound potter god who had no heavenly attribute which they adopted from Khnum on the island of Elephantine and grafted onto the trail end of Genesis 1.

This concept has in turn been adopted by the Catholic church where original sin is drummed into every young girl’s mind and she is forced to carry the burden of all the crimes of humanity on her shoulders for eternity. This concept has also been adopted by extremist Muslim sects where women are treated as less than third-class citizens to the point where they are forced to conceal their whole existence under a black tent. Multi-polarity goes hand in hand with sexual equality, freedom, and democracy. Uni-polarity goes hand in hand with sexism, racism, and fascist dictatorship states.

After the Assyrian invasion and the destruction of Israel, the tribes disseminated into all parts of the known world. Into Egypt and down through Africa, up through Greece and into the Balkans, the Rhineland, western Europe, and the British Isles. Israel became not a country but a people and true to the very nature of its founding by the Armenian, Syrian, Mittani, and Egyptian matriarchs Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Asenath and the patriarch’s Joseph, Ephraim and Joshua, they dispersed among many nations and intermarried with many races and cultures.

According to Steve Jones in his in-depth research: In the Blood, God, Genes and Destiny, over 75% of the world’s population today carries a genetic link to Israel and the twelve tribes. The world might have a population of over 7 billion but if we stop staring at the + and look up using both eyes for a change, we will get a better perspective on reality and discover that we are all one big universal family. The dots are purple, not green.

By the first century A.D., the Hebrews were scattered all over the world. They were Greeks, Egyptians, Gauls, Celts, Armenians, and Syrians. They abided by Covenant and the ten commandments and had no “god” but thee. They were not monarchists, but rather democrats with a federated or apostolic universal view on the world. This was in keeping with the Covenant and I Samuel 8.

Many of them were accused of having more in common with the Greeks than the Judeans, which was an accurate observation. They wrote and spoke in Aramaic, Greek and Latin, studied at the Great Library of Alexandria, and traveled as far afield as Scotland and Ireland conducting trade and commerce. Some had already settled there from the time of the Assyrian invasion. They had more in common with the Druids and the Scottish Clan System than they did with Judean / Babylonian perceptions of the temple, high priest, usury, monarchy and military legion.

sermon_on_the_mount_fourfacesA man called Joshua, the son of Joseph gave a sermon on the Mount.

He came from Galilee, which once was part of a country called Israel. As I have pointed out in Damascus, The Anti-Christ and Armageddon, in Isaiah 17, Damascus is Israel, it is Ephraim, it is the Joseph tribes, then and now irrespective of whether the people of Damascus are Hebrews, Christians, Sunnis, Shiite, Druze or Yazidis.

Joshua had twelve disciples which are not surprising. The concept of the twelve is a prototype of a universal belief system not only going back to ancient Egypt but to many ancient civilizations. He divided the fish and the loaves into twelve baskets. He taught us that we should love our neighbors as ourselves. Like Ephraim, he was called “the firstborn of god.”

The arrest without charge, mistrial without proper defense, and crucifixion of Joshua can either be seen as the persecution and crucifixion of one individual or an analogy for the persecution and genocide of Hebrews throughout Palestine who were Samaritans, Essenes, Therapeutae, and Zealots.

People relate better when they hear the story of one person than they do to a holocaust of thousands of individuals which becomes overwhelming and hard to comprehend. The Armenian genocide in the 20th century is another example of this kind of genocide.

The Romans saw very little difference between early Christians and the Judaeans. In today’s terminology, both were seen as “Jews.” Early Christians celebrated the Sabbath, the Passover and attended the synagogues, and were regarded by the Romans as another sect within the same group.

Joshua and his followers were opposed to the political system in Judea, the high priests of the Temple, the Herod Kings, and the Roman legions. They regarded them as the “lost sheep” of Israel and at every turn, the lost sheep broke the basic principles of the Covenant, denied the prototype of the twelve on which Israel was founded, and replaced it with a Judaic, Babylonian, uni-polar, one-eyed, Judaic green dot view. They accused these Hebrews of being Gentiles due to their pro-democratic view on the world and more importantly, that, unlike the Judaeans who had been confined to Babylon after the Assyrian invasion, “Israel” over a 700-year period had disseminated throughout the Mediterranean region, Europe and Africa and intermarried with other groups.

It is not surprising that James the Righteous, the brother of Joshua, the first Bishop of the early Christian church begins his epistle with the following words:

James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ ( Joshua the anointed) , to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad, greeting.

He refers to the duplicitous nature of the Levites:

A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways

He speaks out against the usury of the temple:

But the rich, in that he is made low: because as the flower of the grass he shall pass away.

He refers to Genesis 1:

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. ( the clock of the twelve constellations works with accurate precision and does not change over eternity) Of his own will begat he us with the word of truth, that we should be a kind of firstfruits of his creatures.

He refers to the law, the judiciary as instituted by Joshua where everyone is equal under the law and entitled to have witnesses on their behalf and to a fair trial and a defense. This democratic system in turn frees us from hegemonic monarchies who consider themselves to be above the law, emperors, and military dictators and excludes detention without trial, torture, or assassination on the whims of those in power. Consider all the secret CIA black sites that have been embedded throughout the world, including in Chicago in the last 15 years.

But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed.

The early Christian church spread, not surprisingly enough, through a twelve-system Apostolic program. The original twelve went out to teach and established their own circle of twelve who in turn went out to preach and again established another circle of twelve and so forth and so on connecting not only with the twelve tribes who were scattered, north in Damascus, Armenia, Galatia, Greece, the Balkans, the Rhineland, Aquitaine, the British Isles and throughout Egypt but with new converts to Christianity.

For the first three hundred years, there was very little difference between Hebrew customs and beliefs and Christian customs and beliefs. The Covenant and the ten commandments were held as sacred as the Gospel teachings, the Passover was celebrated in their homes and women were equal in status, blessing the bread and the wine of the Sabbath meal and reciting extracts from Genesis 1 and Proverbs. Mary Magdalene was an Apostle with her own Gospel, her legacy carried to the south of France where we find the Cathars and the female parfait priesthood.

It was only in the fourth century at the Council of Nicaea that a decidedly Roman stamp was put on Christianity. The Sabbath became the SUN day, the birth of Jesus superimposed on the birth of the sun on the 25th of December. By focussing on the cross as opposed to Genesis 1 and the everlasting cycle of creation, + marked the spot. The very secular, tolerant and loving teachings of the Gospels celebrating rebirth and resurrection vanished like the purple dots to be replaced by a death cult in front of a body forever hanging suffering and bleeding on a cross.

The statue that still stands in Rome is Joanna with a papal crown
The statue that still stands in Rome is Joanna with a papal crown

The bread and wine blessed by the mother of the house at sunset on the Sabbath became a cannibalistic ritual now controlled by an all-male priesthood.

As late as 700 A.D women still had equal status in many Christian monasteries, Pope Joan being one example. She has since been wiped from Vatican records and women have been abolished from the priesthood altogether. Pope Joan was torn to pieces in the streets by fanatics in a similar manner as Hypatia centuries before in Alexandria.

The democratic message of Joshua’s twelve-step program of an Apostolic church defending the Convent, the judiciary, the ten commandments and to love our neighbor as ourselves began its long decline. By 700 A.D the Torah which had always been read in Ireland was abolished bringing them in line with Rome, in effect abolishing a free and fair trial with witnesses and replacing it with trial by ordeal, detention without trial, torture, and assassination without due recourse to the law. The Druids were persecuted and called witches and by 1,000 A.D Christians were burning other Christians at the stake, a genocide that has continued into the 21st century.

The same erosion was seen in Jewish texts where the Palestinian Talmud was written by rabbis in Galilee which evolved between the first century A.D and 400 A.D. and is democratic, secular, liberal in nature and closely parallels early Christian teachings, suffered persecution from those who followed the Babylonian Talmud. The latter contradicts many of the teachings in the Torah one being the Babylonian usury system, to the point where even to this day, the Babylonian Talmud is regarded as the higher authority.

Not surprisingly it advocates Judaic supremacy, treats the twelve tribes other than the tribe of Judah and the tribe of Levi as non-entities, and curses Yeshua. I have to wonder which Yeshua are they referring to. Joshua from the tribe of Ephraim, the son of Joseph, in the Old Testament who founded Israel, the teachings of Jesus the son of Joseph in the first century A.D., or both?

The Khazars who are now the Ashkenazi Jews from eastern Europe, many of whom are proponents of Zionism, converted to Talmudic Judaism. + marks the spot. The purple dots disappear and the green ones replace them.

The same duplicity exists in the story of Islam. Prior to the attempt on his life ( which I suspect of not being an “attempt” but a murder,) Mohammed was a Gandhi figure, had good relations with Christians and Jews, and studied with them. Women were treated equally and Mohammed had a monogamous relationship with his wife. After this incident he disappears from public view for a substantial amount of time, only to re-emerge as a completely new persona. This time he teaches submission by the sword preaches hatred against Christians and Jews and practices polygamy. + marks the spot. The purple dots have turned green.

Fascism_fascism-50-728Fast forward to the 21st century and a speech recently given by opposition leader Isaac Herzog on July 18th, 2016:

“We hear hatred at every turn, whether it is directed toward women by military rabbis, by Ashkenazi Jews against Sephardi Jews, and Mizrahi Jews against Ashkenazis.”

“This way the seeds of the uprising of hatred are planted, which will lead to a civil war. This hatred is being carried out by the full support and cover of those in charge,” Herzog said.

“Whoever heads this administration remains silent about the uprising of hatred, without working against it, ending it, taking steps against its leaders, or preventing those behind it from receiving funding.”

Now let’s transcribe this to a Christian setting:

“We hear hatred at every turn, whether it is directed toward women by priests, by Catholics against Orthodox Christians, and Zionist Christians against Quakers.”

“This way the seeds of the uprising of hatred are planted, which will lead to a civil war. This hatred is being carried out by the full support and cover of those in charge.”

“Whoever heads this administration remains silent about the uprising of hatred, without working against it, ending it, taking steps against its leaders, or preventing those behind it from receiving funding.”

Now let’s transcribe this to a Muslim setting:

“We hear hatred at every turn, whether it is directed toward women by imams, by Wahhabi against Sunni and Muslim Brotherhood against Shiite.”

“This way the seeds of the uprising of hatred are planted, which will lead to a civil war. This hatred is being carried out by the full support and cover of those in charge.”

“Whoever heads this administration remains silent about the uprising of hatred, without working against it, ending it, taking steps against its leaders, or preventing those behind it from receiving funding.”

Those promoting hatred are using propaganda, selective reading, and emphasis on contradictory and duplicitous texts, focussing everyone’s attention on the + that marks the spot. The result is cognitive dissonance, dissociation from reality, and an optical illusion resulting in a uni-polar mindset aimed at enslavement and a worldwide fascist system in which democracy plays no part.

In between all their machinations, they also create for the purpose of further chaos, bloodshed, and war, hatred between all three monotheistic religions. The result will be an abandonment of the rule of law, detention without trial, torture, and genocide on a wide scale, which we have already seen happening in Libya, Syria, and Ukraine.

Ukraine is a perfect example of where we see Zionists like Victoria Nuland and Kolomoyskyi in collusion with Catholic Nazi battalions and Islamic extremists. The same collusion exists in Syria with Zionists supporting Daesh on the Golan heights, the CIA/US supplying military equipment and training them and the monarchies of Saudi Arabia and Qatar funding them.

This scourge has already spread to the European Union and has all the markings of spreading across the USA. Unless we stop staring at the + that marks the spot, we will be mesmerized by a one-world government, a one-world corporate fascist system, where nobody will have any rights under the law. Anyone and everyone can and will be detained without charge or a warrant, not given a fair trial with witnesses to speak on their behalf, and crucified on the whim of a bunch of hired mercenary thugs. Right-wing fascism is not the sole preserve of those with white skin. Right-wing fascism is in every race, culture, and religion.

The enemy of a Jew will be a Jew. The enemy of a Christian will be a Christian. And the enemy of a Muslim will be a Muslim.


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