Is Trump a Political Terrorist?


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By Sajjad Shaukat for VT

Some western psychiatrists believe that many terrorists have had a difficult childhood producing narcissistic wounds, resulting in “projecting the hated parts of the self onto the outside world”. According to another similar reasoning, “The desire to destroy the establishment is driven by the terrorist’s search for identity.” This dynamic could result in operatives taking unauthorized vengeance against society for their own reasons unrelated to the group’s cause; such acts are equivalent to military officers making politically unauthorized use of their weapons.

In his book, “The Readiness to Kill and Die: Suicidal Terrorism in the Middle East.” a professor of psychology, Ariel Merari who provides a comprehensive analysis of suicide attacks and terrorism by showing how personality characteristics interact with group pressure and public atmosphere, points out, “Most suicide terrorist attacks are carried out by sub-state groups, whether organized as terrorist groups or as self-starter cells…this is because it is easier for groups to transform susceptible individuals into terrorists by radicalizing, recruiting, indoctrinating and training them to become suicide bombers and then videotaping their commitment to martyrdom. Such groups receive their oxygen from religions and societies that glorify martyrdom into an afterlife in paradise.”

Besides mentioning other causes of terrorism, a number of writers, authors and researchers agree by remarking, “Terrorists recruit mentally unbalanced youths to carry out suicide missions.”

However, some depressed operatives may follow instructions in carrying out suicide missions. Since the US started fake global war against terrorism, after the 9/11 tragedy, various political experts have opined that terrorism comes in a variety of forms such as religious terrorism, secular terrorism, economic terrorism etc., but its main aim is to achieve political, economic and social ends.

Bruce Hoffman, in his book “Inside Terrorism” writes: “For the religious terrorism, violence is the foremost divine duty executed in direct response to some demand or imperative…the secular terrorist sense leads to a sanctioning of limitless violence against a virtually open-ended category of targets.”

Besides, in various countries, including America, laws have been enforced to cope with the problem of terrorism. For example, in case of Pakistan, almost all the political parties unanimously had agreed on a draft of legislative measures—the 20 points National Action Plan—the bill as 22nd (Constitutional) Amendment was enforced soon after its approval from the parliament.  Now, individuals will be punished in accordance with the National Action Plan which includes countering hate speech and extremist material, choking financing for terrorists and terrorist organizations, taking effective steps against religious persecution, ban on glorification of terrorism and terrorists organization through print and electronic media, measures against abuse of internet and social media for terrorism, dealing firmly with sectarian terrorists and so on.

Judging in these terms, the character of the Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump has emerged as a political terrorist.

In order to win the presidential race of the Republican Party, Trump had started exaggerating the threat of Islamophobia by manipulating various terror attacks in the US and Europe.

Trump manipulated the terror attacks which occurred in Paris, Brussels, San Bernardino, Orlando, Nice and Munich which were, in fact, false flag operations, conducted by Israeli Mossad and CIA who were playing the double game by using the terrorists of the Islamic State (Also known as Daesh, ISIS, ISIL) in this respect, while, some incidents were not linked to ISIS, but were the result of self-radicalization of the individuals.

Donald Trump used each terror assault and the shooting at San Bernardino, California in fueling anti-Muslim racialism in America and to get the sympathies of a majority of the ordinary Americans and those of Europe, who did not have much time to go into depth-analysis and have been misguided by his emotional speeches, statements and false hopes. The more he exploited the threat of Islamic militants, the more popularity he got among general masses of America, who have been impressed by his stereotypes. After the incident at San Bernardino, which resulted in the deaths of 14 persons by a Muslim couple, Donald Trump had called for a ban on Muslims, entering the United States.

The Washington Post in an article, under the caption, “Trump’s reckless, dangerous Islamophobia helps the Islamic State”, wrote on June 13, 2016, “Trump’s standards, his comments about the Orlando shooting have been reckless and self-serving. They are also dangerous for the country…the strongest remaining force that propels the Islamic State is the Islamophobia of Trump and his European counterparts, argue senior intelligence strategists for the U.S.-led coalition. Inflammatory, xenophobic statements about Muslims reinforce the jihadists’ claims that they are Muslim knights fighting against an intolerant West. Trump unwittingly gives them precisely the role they dream about.”

In this regard, Khaled A. Beydoun pointed out on the Aljazeera multimedia network on March 13, 2016, “The world brand Trump is becoming synonymous with expansion of racism and incitement of Islamophobia…I think Islam hate us, said  Donald Trump, 24 hours before the Republican presidential debate in Miami…is a call to his voting base, to further galvanise them around a disdain for Islam that not only heightens hateful fervour at his rallies, but incites violence on American blocks and pushes bigots to the ballot box…the statement is rooted in the very ignorance and hate which made him the darling of bigots and surged him up the polls…Islamophobia­-the suspicion and fear of Islam and its 1.7 billion adherent-is political ideology for Trump.”

Anti-Muslim rhetoric of Trump could be judged from his several other statements. Trump’s opposition to Muslim refugees, especially from Syria is very well known. During his appearance with the National Border Patrol Council’s Green Line radio show on May 15, 2016, Donald Trump predicted that refugees with ISIS-funded cell phones will conduct another 9/11-like terrorist attack in the US. During a GOP debate in December, 2016, he had already expressed similar thoughts by giving “Americans wake-up call about border security and to take it seriously,” elaborating that he had “no doubt, the attackers were already entering the country.” On February 14, 2016, CIA Director John Brennan warned that ISIS attacks on “U.S. soil is inevitable.”  However, these warnings were exploited by the Israeli Mossad and its affiliated CIA operatives to target the night club of Orlando, (Florida) so as to provide Donald Trump with an opportunity to accelerate his campaign against the Muslims.

After the shooting at the gay night club in Orlando, he also criticized the US President Obama to resign, slamming him for having “disgracefully refused to even say the words “Radical Islam.” Calling on his opponent-candidate Clinton to get out of the general election race for the same reason, Trump said, “Because our leaders are weak, I said this was going to happen…we cannot afford.” Trump again remarked that he would decrease immigration from the Middle East because “since 9/11, hundreds of migrants and their children have been implicated in terrorism in the United States.” He, once again, asked for the ban of any Muslims, entering the US. On June 19, 2016, during his interview with the CBC News, he called for racial “profiling of Muslims inside the United States to combat terrorism.”He reiterated his call for more surveillance of mosques and warned that radical Muslims were trying to take over our children.

Trump continued move against Muslims. In this context, toughening immigration checks for the French and Germans in the US, questioning NATO obligations and hinting at an exit from the World Trade Organization, Donald Trump said on July 24, this year, “We have problems in Germany and we have problems in France…they have totally been compromised by deadly Islamist attacks in Nice and last year in Paris…you know why? It’s their own fault…because they allowed people to come into their countries.”

Nevertheless, the incident of shooting at the gay club in Orlando not only exposed this false flag operation, but also endorsed other false flag terror-attacks in the US and Europe. In this regard, in an interview with Brazilian TV on June 14, 2016, the ex-wife of the Orlando shooter Omar Mateen Sitora Yusufiy revealed that American FBI pressurized her to keep quiet about his homosexuality. While, Mateen had been dubbed as an Islamic terrorist by the American politicians, senior officials and commentators, following reports that he had pledged allegiance to the ISIS, but FBI wanted to downplay the personal and self-hating nature of the assault. Even, President Obama stated on June 12, 2016, “Federal authorities had made no definitive judgement on the killer’s motivation, and whether he was inspired by or directed by Islamic State or other terrorist groups. Obama clarified by explaining “Orlando shooting was the result of Mateen’s personal resentment in relation to the gay club.”

In this respect, on June 28, 2016, The New York Times wrote, “The mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla., on June 12 included a curious phrase:  false flag…the victims in the shooting? They were “crisis actors” hired to promote the story as a pretext to impose tighter gun restrictions, the theory goes…the term false flag relates to naval warfare when a ship would fly a flag that would conceal its true identity as a way to lure an enemy closer. Today, it is commonly a shorthand for an act of deception…conspiracy theorists have applied the label to high-profile attacks, including the shootings by a husband and wife last year in San Bernardino, Calif, that killed 14…the phrase has even been used to doubt the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.”

Similarly, the teenager Ali David Sonboly who killed 9 people in Munich had no connection with the ISIS. Police investigation revealed that he was “a mentally troubled person” and police also discovered extremist material, linked to the attack by Andres Behring Brevik, the white supremacist who murdered 77 persons in Norway in 2011. And the shooting in the French city of Nice was also a false flag terror-act, as CIA-Mossad arranged it with help of ISIS which used homegrown terrorists of France.

However, through these false flag operations, the US-led Israel achieved its several sinister designs. Like the drastic aftermath of 9/11 tragedy, rulers and politicians of the US-led Western countries, especially of Europe, including their media have been misguiding their general public by creating chauvinism against the Muslims. They are propagating the so-called threat of Islamophobia. In one way or the other, the Muslims are being persecuted in the US and other Western countries. Owing to the irresponsible approach of Western leaders, far right-wing parties and “Stop Islam” movement in the West, especially in Europe are becoming popular by largely attracting their people. Besides, Muslims in the continent are facing severe backlash in form of attacks on them and threats in wake of anti-Muslim protests. Without caring for human rights, several Muslim refugees have been expelled from various European countries.

Trump remains silence about the American homegrown militants who have killed more innocent persons than those massacred by Al-Qaeda and ISIS inside the US. He has also set aside the assaults by the extremist Americans on mosques.

In this connection, VT quoted a report by the Council on American-Islamic Relations and University of California, Berkeley, released on June 20, 2016 which said, “The number of recorded incidents in which mosques were targeted jumped to 78 in 2015, the most since the body began tracking them in 2009. There were 20 and 22 such incidents in the previous two years, respectively. The incidents include verbal threats and physical attacks.”

While, such a discriminatory policy towards Muslims is already annoying Islamic community in the multicultural societies of the US-led West and is causing more recruitment in the militant outfits like Al-Qaeda and especially ISIS, Donald Trump has left no stone unturned by providing new ammunition to these terrorist groups. He has, deliberately, taken his anti-Muslim rhetoric to a climax, inspiring the moderate Muslims to join the extremists or terrorist outfits.

In the recent days, political character of Donald Trump has become more controversial and dangerous for America. In his first response to at the Democratic National Convention from Khizr Khan, the father of a Muslim soldier-US Army Capt. Humayun Khan who was killed in 2004 by a car bomb in Iraq, Trump stated, “He sacrificed nothing for his country…Khan’s wife, Ghazala Khan, didn’t speak at the convention because she was forbidden to as a Muslim and questioned whether Khan’s words were his own.”

Earlier, Khizr Khan reprimanded Trump for seeking to bar foreign Muslims from entering the country, saying their son would not have been able to serve under a Trump presidency. He added, “Go look at the graves of brave patriots who died defending the United States of America…you will see all faiths, genders and ethnicities. You have sacrificed nothing and no one.”

Criticizing Trump, President Barack Obama stated on August 3, 2016, “Republican nominee Donald Trump is unfit to be president, and questioned why his party still supports  the New York billionaire’s candidacy…the notion that he would attack a Gold Star family that made such extraordinary sacrifices…means that he is woefully unprepared to do this job.”

Both the Republicans and Democrats also condemned Trump’s foolish statement. Taking note of Donald Trump’s discriminatory speeches and statements, several prominent Republicans, including some congressman have decided that they will not vote for Trump by arguing that “he is unfit to serve as president of the United States.”

It is mentionable that as part of the anti-Muslim approach, and with the support of its Western allies, American President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama deliberately created chaos in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Syria, including other Islamic countries such as Somalia, Yemen etc. where Washington was indirectly involved to obtain the illegitimate political and economic interests of the Zionist Jews and Israel. In case elected, as the US president, Trump who wants to complete the unfinished agenda of Israel will continue anti-Muslim policies.

It is of particular attention that the most important cause behind the suicide attacks is that when real brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, parents and the fellows of the Muslims, demanding independence from the Zionist-Israeli-led colonialism, and neo-imperialism are being killed due to state terrorism, extremism develops in the concerned persons who feel psychologically compelled to commit violent acts (or suicide attack) and the political objectives they espouse are only a rationalization. Psychologically speaking, when a person crosses the stage of fear towards non-fear in these adverse circumstances, the previous one can never be achieved and in such a case, even a coward person becomes bold to commit suicide or any violent acts. A number of suicide missions in Iraq (During occupation), Afghanistan, Israel and the Indian-held Kashmir verify this fact. Particularly, some events of women committing suicide also testify this fact. It is because of these reasons that human lives themselves become bombs, supplying the requisites of new style deterrence.

Like other religions, Islam is a religion of peace and Jihad does not permit acts of terrorism or suicide attacks. But, it is religious fervour, created by Trump against the Muslims that the militant groups such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS and their affiliated terror-outfits will further misinterpret the concept of Jihad to motivate the common Muslims to target Christians, Westerners and especially Americans.

It is worth-mentioning that in the past, Russia faced a number of terror-acts, conducted by the Chechen militants, which killed several innocent persons and personnel of the security forces. In one of the major assault on September 1, 2004, Chechen terrorists took more than 1200 people—most of them children as hostages in a Russian school in Beslan, and thus killed over 400 people when Russian special troops conducted a military operation to free the hostages. However, Russian President Vladimir Putin and top officials of the Russian government did not blame all the Muslims for the acts of a few.

Although the presidential nominee of the Democrats Hillary Clinton is also Israeli agent, yet her criticism about contributions of election-campaign from Wall Street backers, email-scandal, drone-scandal etc. have weakened her position. Hence, Trump best suits the interests of Tel Aviv. Notably, in an interview with the Daily Mail on May 2, 2016, Trump stated that Israel should continue construction of illegal settlements across the occupied West Bank.

It is mentionable that by following the double standards of the US in its worst form, Trump also intends to favour India, while opposing the nuclear weapons of Pakistan, as he stated in the recent past. He has brushed aside the ground realities that Indian Prime Minister Narindra Modi led by the ruling fundamentalist party BJP has been implementing anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan agenda, while encouraging Hindutva (Hindu nationalism). Besides Muslims, BJP and other extremist outfits have also been targeting the Christians and their places of worship. Donald Trump has further encouraged Hindu terrorism inside India where other religious minorities are living under perennial fear.

It is notable that in case, America’s anti-Muslim, pro-Israeli and pro-Indian Donald Trump becomes American president, he would continue the US phony war on terror by targeting more Muslims countries, while backing the reactionary policies of some Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia. Thus, Trump will destabilize the entire Middle East, including more Muslim countries, especially Pakistan to please the BJP-led fundamentalist government of India and Israel, as Pakistan is the only nuclear country in the Muslim world, which irritates India, Zionist Jews and Israel. Trump will encourage every possible techniques of state terrorism, being employed by India and Israel in the occupied territories of Kashmir and Palestine. Notably, there are already governments of the religious extremists in India and Israel. So, if succeeded in the forthcoming presidential election, the fundamentalist and impulsive politician Trump will not bother for dangerous implications of the US flawed strategy—America and its Western allies have already been entangled in a prolonged war in Afghanistan, and especially double game of American military and CIA has badly failed in Syria, despite support to ISIS, Al-Qaeda (Al-Nusra Front), and rebel groups who are fighting to oust Syrian President Assad’s government to obtain the aims of a greater Israel. With the assistance of Russia and Iran, Syrian and Iraqi forces have successfully retaken a number of cities which were in control of ISIS, Kurds and rebel groups.

Besides, if elected, the presumptive American president Trump promised to stop immigrants from Mexico by erection of a boundary wall, while calling the Mexican immigrants “criminals” and “rapists”. Trump is fueling racism between the Muslims and Christians—the black people and the white people. And if he becomes the US president, he is likely to move America towards autocracy, while American public is already protesting against the curtailment of liberty.  His racist approach could cause a civil war in the US.

Trump’s political character is an amalgamation of the traits of Louis XVI, the king of France, Prince Metternich, the Austro-Hungarian emperor, Rasputin, Russian spiritualist, Germany’s rulers William II (Kaiser) and Adolf Hitler who brought about unrest in their own countries and also devastated Europe through World War I and World War II. Wavering between fact and skepticism, the Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump shares a number of similarities with these famous persons like ungoverned temper, rashness, self-egoism, unrealistic idealism, lack of pragmatism, ignorance of ground realities and especially religious prejudice.

At this juncture, the world has already been dividing on religious lines owing to the flawed policies and double game of the former President George W. Bush and President Obama. It will be misfortune of the US and other Western countries, including the whole world, if Trump becomes American president, as he will take the US, Europe and the entire world to the era—from 1511 to 1648 when Europe witnessed a prolonged arena of barbarism, religious bigotry and intolerance, resulting into beastly violence, and the Treaty of Westphalia was concluded in 1648 in order to maintain the nation-state system whose basic purpose was to honuor the dignity of human beings. Even, in the coming months, if more false flag terror attacks are being arranged by the Mossad and CIA, Trump will again exploit them by further dividing the international community on religious lines. So, past scenario of religious wars could be seen before Trump becomes American president.


Taking cognizance of Trump’s political follies—terror-hysteria, religious bigotry and racialism which are well-penetrated in his personality, some writers and researches, including American politicians call him a “crazy person” and some call him, a “mad man.”

Returning to our main discussion and earlier causes of terrorism that terrorists recruit “mentally unbalanced youths to carry out suicide missions,” we may conclude that Donald Trump is a political terrorist.

Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations



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