Muslims in the Middle East 20 – Saudi rulers 0


saudi kingWhat would be the outcome of Saudi’s invasion of Yemen, assuming it to be a football match? If we were to count both hidden and overt Saudi interference with regard to terrorists in Iraq and Syria as well as Saudi rulers’ hostility towards the Islamic state of Iran, the result of the match would be some important issues as follows:

  1. Collapse of the paper coalition after the war in Yemen and also Turkey and Pakistan’s retreat and fleeing of the UEA army
  1. Saudi’s clear Interference in support of terrorism in Iraq, which eventually led to the expulsion of ambassador to Saudi Arabia and brought disgrace on Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy
  1. .Saudi allies’ withdrawal; Qatar and the United Arab Emirates left the miserable Saudi army in their violation of the Yemeni people inside Yemen.
  1. Despite spending millions of dollars in military aids by Saudi rulers, al-Nusra terrorists in Syria have left no gift to Salman, the Saudi king except for nonsense and defeat.
  1. Massive Failures of Saudi Arabia’s ground invasion to Yemen and Saudi Arabia as well as their failure to restore Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi to power in Yemen.
  1. The big failure for Saudis is that: Houthis as a fundamental part in any political compromise or negotiations will be the main element to run Yemen.
  1. Houthis determine the task of resolving future developments of Yemen and parameters of political process is determined by them and Saudi Arabia should abide by that.
  1. A strategic alliance composed of influential parties is formed in Yemen that can manage it without the influence of Saudi Arabia
  1. Invasion of Yemen has increasingly isolated Saudi Arabia and abandoned the country from Islamic and Arabic priority scene and the Persian Gulf, to the extent that the country is no longer considered to be strategic depth of Muslims and Arabs and even the Gulf states because of the fact that the Saudi regime is a leader in war and bloodshed.
  2. Hymnh and influence of Saudi Arabia has largely subsided to the point that after undergoing a political defeat by Iran, Saudi reputation was undermined even among its friends.
  1. From now on, Saudi Arabia will no longer be able to oppress any country and cannot impose its destructive projects on Arabic and Islamic countries.
  1. Inability of the Saudi rulers in hosting rituals of the hajj and the use of Israeli security companies have caused world’s Muslims not to regard Saudi rulers as Custodians of the holy sites.
  1. Rousing speech by Ayatollah Khamenei created a wave of fear into the hearts of the rulers of Saudi Arabia and contributed to the Enlightenment of Muslims and free people all over the world.
  1. The failed Iranophobia policy by Saudis and invasion in Yemen and killing of innocent Muslims during last year’s Hajj Rituals led to hatred of Wahhabism by the Muslim world.

An Obvious example would be conversion of millions of Nigerians to the Shiite.

Another example is, to expel Wahhabi branch of Sunni Islam in the international Conference in Chechnya by Islamic experts

  1. There is very wide notoriety of the Saudi government among most people in the world. The majority of the people of the world consider Saudi government to be an equal with ISIS for their both Hidden and overt support of terrorism and the fact that Wahhabism very much aligned itself with ISIS.
  1. Saudi notoriety is still growing among the world despite efforts by some Western media, including the BBC, CNN and France 24.
  2. Public Cooperation of Saudi Arabia and Israel is the last nail in the sinking ship of Saudi policy.

This very ugly interaction with the Zionist regime is manifested so despicably among Muslim peoples of the Middle East that even the closest political allies of Sauli Arabia feel ashamed to talk about this hideous relationship.

  1. The increasing military power of the Yemeni army and Houthis and firing the long-range Berkane missile to the heart of fortifications of Saudi Arabia and advances of Yemeni forces in the border areas of Saudi Arabia is so evident that even the Wahhabis’ united media admitted to Yemen’s missile powers.
  1. Paying millions of dollars in bribes to the UN and Saudi membership in the children’s rights section were of the most absurd and darkest events in the world.
  1. The United Nations’ refusal to condemn the crimes of Saudi Arabia , especially the killing of civilians in Yemen were considered to be the most bitter events that led to defamation of UN officials.

It should be added that those who are seeking justice and freedom-loving peoples of the world haven’t neglected the disgraceful actions carried out by Saudis and by providing constant objections, they provided the scene to expose scandals of criminal Saudi regime.


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