The Fall of the Holocaust Lie and the Rise of Truth and Reason

Monika Schaefer

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by Jonas E. Alexis & Monika Schaefer

Alexis: It seems that many people are beginning to realize that they have been scammed and lied to by the Holocaust establishment for decades. As “Canada’s most notorious Holohoax heretic,” you have recently been playing a major role in waking some people up. What has been your experience over the years?

Schaefer: Beyond Jasper, I am receiving a lot of supportive messages. These are coming from all across Canada, the US, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. It is absolutely heart-warming and gives me great hope. There are very many people who are truly and fully awake, and I do believe that this awakening is happening at an exponential rate right now. That is what my brother keeps saying, and I think he is right.

People have shared moving stories with me—stories that were triggered by the similarity of their experience to mine as a little German girl in Canada. For example, a story of an 8-year-old daughter, who loses all her friends the day after the movie Holocaust was shown on TV, and who had swastikas and the word “Nazi” painted all over her desk in school. Those experiences are never forgotten. They are life-altering.

One of the most common retorts to questioning the holocaust narrative, is “What about the survivors?” Or “I have met survivors – do you doubt them?”

That always seems to settle it. No further comment can be made. Period. They talked to survivors, and that proves the holocaust.

Okay, I have a holocaust survivor story to share with you too. We had a gentleman in Jasper for many years who had been in Auschwitz, therefore a direct holocaust survivor himself. Fred and his wife Gertrude – they were dear friends of mine, both deceased now. And I am not trampling on their memory, in case someone wants to accuse me of that – it’s another common tactic to shut us up.

I made a special point of inviting Fred and Gertrude to my home for dinner to give us “the talk”. I still fully believed in the holocaust, and I was being conscientious and doing the right thing, making sure my daughter learned all about it, and we also had visitors from Germany, a woman with her daughter. They were extremely interested in this. The children were around 11 and 12.

I wish now that I had recorded the talk. I didn’t, but here are my memories of it. After a lovely dinner, we cleared the dishes and prepared to listen. The talk was read. It was easier that way, they explained. It was quite general, but some specifics that were emphasized were that Fred never hated the Germans; in fact, he married one. He was polish and I don’t think he was Jewish – I am not sure. He stressed that there were many non-Jews in the camp.

Monika Schaefer

In the end, I remember feeling a bit of a let-down because there wasn’t anything in the talk which confirmed the Holocaust horrors. There were no descriptions of gas chamber facilities in the camp, like “watched people being filed this way or turn left or right, or no talk of smoke, or anything like that.” No, the talk was very general about the conditions of the war, and why he was incarcerated (I recall something about working with the underground, maybe a newspaper…I am not quite sure).

On another occasion, Fred sang a song that had been composed for him in Auschwitz by another camp inmate. I remember being so surprised. There had been music in the camp.[1]

I am not saying that Fred was confirming or denying anything about the official story. There was nothing there that could be interpreted one way or the other, and it would not have occurred to me to question what he believed or didn’t believe happened there. The holocaust was self-evident and we all knew it happened, right?

I would surmise that probably Fred came to believe the stories, just like my parents had come to believe the stories. But Fred did not describe specific horrors because he had evidently not seen them. He always spoke about how grateful he was to Canada for treating him so well and taking him in. He gave back to the community in spades. He volunteered a lot.

I want to reiterate, I have the utmost respect and love for Fred and Gertrude. After my video came out, friends in Jasper asked “What about Fred and Gertrude?” If anybody should think for one second that I am trampling on their memory, that would be just as absurd as the notion that I trampled on my parents’ memory with my apology to them.

Earlier, I brought up psychological warfare and weaponized language. I want to come back to that. And I want to add a legal dimension to this story.

There is this almost impenetrable barrier that has been engineered into people’s brains by a lifetime of indoctrination, lies, deceptions, weaponized control words, and our own good qualities used against us. By nature, most people have compassion, empathy, and trust. But our natural instincts to help our kinfolk have been suppressed by the welfare state, the “social safety net”.

Now, these suppressed instincts are being exploited, especially in Europe, Germany in particular, so that in effect we and our cousins in Europe are contributing to our own demise. The massive flood of migrants into Europe, mostly into Germany, is being taken care of by countless volunteers in villages and towns all across the country. This is getting into a large topic that would take another few hours to discuss, but I did want to touch on that because it is all related. It is about the final attempt to destroy Germany and the Germans.

So what about the laws?

Now, even if there was NO evidence proving that we are being lied to, no physical, forensic, documentary, photographic, or memory evidence whatsoever, the REACTION to dissent – that alone should be enough to cause any clear-thinking person to have grave concern about the story. To my way of thinking, the ferocious, character-assassinating assault on dissidents is evidence that there is something to hide.

In Germany, it seems to be the worst. Political prisoners is something that we always thought only happened in evil dictatorships or communist countries far away. Not so. German citizens get extradited back into the country to be thrown in jail for the peaceful expression of their views. No violence, no incitement to violence, just speaking about a historical event with their dissenting conclusions, and not only are those people going to jail, but their lawyers also go to jail! I am sure you all have heard about Sylvia Stoltz, the lawyer who defended Ernst Zundel. She went to jail. Then after she got out, she went to jail again after giving a speech about freedom of speech in Switzerland.

I have intelligent friends and family members who do not seem to comprehend this aspect of it. To me, the legal repression alone should be enough to cause alarm about this whole fishy business. What are they hiding and why are they hiding it?

About my brother, Alfred Schaefer, the producer of the video in which I make an apology to my mother. His home was raided on August 18, 2016. I will read you excerpts from a couple of his email messages. You will see, he is doing very well. He sees this as a “spectacular opportunity to deal the thought-crime division a real blow”. He mentioned that normally a raid on thought criminals is conducted with a heavily armed SWAT team of 8 or 9 officers with sirens blazing and much fanfare at 3 am. That is a psychological warfare trick to intimidate. They didn’t do that.

Quote from Alfred:

“Today has been a bit of an unusual day but it makes me very happy when I realize the potential that can be gained by the events as they have unfolded. While I was in the shower this morning the doorbell rang. My wife, Elfriede, opened the door and had to let in a man and a woman who were from the criminal police.

“After coming out of the bathroom, I greeted the Gentleman and asked him what it is he desired in our house. I wanted to convey to him that I had nothing to hide and no fear. He told me that he has the order to search our premises because I have been accused of incitement to hatred.

“I put on my clothes and then they showed me the paper which made me very happy. The evidence against me is a video with the title, ‘Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust. It really will be interesting how they will define ‘incitement to hatred’ out of that, an apology to Mom. I think they just shot themselves in the foot.

“Then they told me I could get a witness if I wanted to and I told them, yes I do. I went to the neighbor who happened to be about ready to leave and he came over, extremely gentlemanly and polite. The incredible luck is the fact that his name is Haro GRAF von Luxburg, and he comes from royalty. These people are true nobility in every sense of the word. When he had to leave for the office his adult son Alexander took over and he was every bit as dignified and professional as his father. The police proceeded to go through everything you can imagine and then took all my computers and all kinds of papers and went off.

“Seldom have the ducks been better aligned than they are right now. We all wanted to take this to the next level, and they have done it for us. I am eternally grateful that one of the tribesmen followed Bnai Brith’s plea to take me down.

“I have never in my life seen a better opportunity to embarrass this thought police than this now offers us. The fact that the witness’ name on the ‘search’ papers was GRAF VON Luxburg will make the accuser uncomfortable. Plus, they took so much stuff from me, that they all will learn a lot when they go through it. I told them that it is all OK, they are only following orders and I am very happy that they will not shoot me, as would have been the case in the Soviet Union under the same tyranny, so I am, indeed, very lucky. I told them I have many other videos that they may also want to check out.

“So, now I will have to change my daily routine a little and see how this develops. The timing was absolutely perfect, just cleaned away the studio, and ding dong, they were there. A week earlier would have been bad. The fact that we just got up the “Dissident Speaks out” and ”Dissidenten Reden Klartext” is supremely fantastic.

“The German version has been sent to every single judge in Germany and so many more people. If I had to write a script for a raid that fits my liking, I could not have written a better script than the one that just played out. Let’s leverage every single bit of this as focused and positively as we possibly can.”

I personally have had a wonderful life, never having suffered the brutality of war, at least not directly. I grew up in a Utopian Ideal. It made us particularly vulnerable to lies – having trusted and believed. We were taught that we have Government by the people of the people for the people…  We were taught we had total freedom of speech and that the wars were fought against the “bad guys” so as to protect the freedoms that we cherish so much. So when the teachers told us things, and when the media told us things, why would we not believe them?

It is natural for children to believe the grown-ups. Combine that natural trust with all those wonderful things we were taught about our country, which sure did feel like a Utopia – it was a wonderful time growing up in the 60s and 70s in Canada. That all made us the most vulnerable people to be “brain-washed” which we now like to call mind-contaminated. Brainwash sounds clean. That is not right. Our brains were contaminated by the toxic brew of lies.

I am new to this awakening and I was solidly entrenched in the mind-contaminated state, so, there is hope for others to come out of that state too. We just have to figure out the best way to reach people. And different approaches will work for different people.

Personally, I think the legal implications of dissent, that aspect is what I think is the key to getting through the mental barriers that people have. Surely most people still have some part of their brains functioning with enough clarity that when we point out the absurdity of legislating thought, legislating what questions we can ask about our history, legislating away the evidence, will they not see through this?

This is unique about the Holocaust – this persecution of holocaust dissidents. That alone – should tell any clear-thinking person that there is something to hide. Even if you did no research about the actual event, this persecution should tell you there is something wrong with the story! In fact, there are just a very few people in Jasper who have stated that the treatment I have received has caused them to become curious, and it might just make them look, and do some research.

My life has changed, no question. Some of the things that have happened are indeed very hard, and very negative. They say ignorance is bliss – if I had not gone through that door, then I would just be carrying on doing what I was doing before – which believe me – I was having a good life. Playing and teaching music, growing food, going hiking, and generally having a grand time.  Some might wonder why I would be happy for this awakening when looking at what it has done to my life.

I have absolutely no regrets. I am so happy to have gone through that door and learned the truth because formerly, nothing really made sense. The world did not make sense. Even running in elections, which was fun at first because of the stimulation – and it gave me a platform from which to speak – but even that became a frustrating experience, not because I didn’t win, but because it is a broken system.

I am so glad that I no longer suffer from the induced mental illness, the contaminated state of mind brought on by the toxic lies.

This is the “top game” in town and we are in it. And actually, it is not a game. It is as serious as it gets. It is the most high-stakes struggle of our times. We are in a life-and-death battle to define reality. We have the knowledge. Replacing the toxic lies with the truth is the key to achieving lasting peace in the world.

The learning curve is still steep – there is much to learn. Like the layers on an onion, the layers of deception just keep peeling off. Yes, the truth is horrifying in many ways, and yet it is much brighter on the side of truth. And the truth is a relief in many ways!

World War 2 had many victims, and many of them were Jewish. There is no doubt about that. But how and why they died, and of course the numbers, that is another question. There was no order given to exterminate the Jews.

Now, even the curators of the Auschwitz state museum revised their numbers downward by 2.9 million. What are we to make of that? There has been no reckoning with that revision. There has also been no reckoning with the admitted propaganda lies of shrunken heads, soap, and lampshades made from the bodies of Jews. And finally, there has been no reckoning with the massive amount of evidence demonstrating that we have been lied to about who did 9/11.

Only with truth can we achieve peace. Only by confronting the lies can we bring down the monstrosity of deceptions that bring us endless wars and endless destruction and endless turmoil. There is light and hope for a decent future.

Alexis: Great conclusion. Our paths are not that different. I remember very well when I stumbled upon these issues back in the summer of 2009. I had just finished reading a 1200-page book written by a prolific scholar that I admire, and he basically destroyed everything I previously believed about the ideological forces behind all the major revolutionary movements and subversive activities in Europe and America.[2]

I was still skeptical after I read the book, so I bought most of the historical sources and scholarly documentation the writer cited in order to prove him wrong. I thought to myself, “Maybe he misquoted or misrepresented or mischaracterized the sources to advance his case.”

Well, he didn’t, and I couldn’t prove him wrong! The sources were irrefutable and his conclusions were based on logical deduction and inference to the best explanations. I pursued further research in order to see if he was at least wrong on some of his citations. I found out again that he was absolutely correct. During that whole process, I kept asking myself: “Should I continue to believe a categorical lie, or should I follow the evidence and embrace it?” Plato’s statement about the truth began to make some sense to me as I was completing my research:

“And don’t you think that being deceived about the truth is a bad thing while having a grasp of the truth is good? And don’t you think that having a grasp of the truth is having a belief that matches the way things are?”[3]

If truth is that which corresponds to the way things really are, then we can do nothing less than to earnestly search after it—no matter where it is and in which direction it may point us. One can say that this is why Solomon declares: “Buy the truth and sell it not.” No matter how much it costs or what consequences it may bring to our lives, truth is not just better than falsehood: it is real freedom in the most radical sense, and people who love the truth will submit their will and appetite to it.

After over a year of exhaustively studying the subject, I could not see how the Neoconservative/Neo-Bolshevik/Zionist/Khazarian ideology corresponds to the way things really are. It eventually became increasingly difficult for me to reconcile Zionism, Neoconservatism—and other “isms” that the Dreadful Few have concocted over the centuries—with logic, reason, and history. It also became obvious to me that the metaphysical nature and byproducts of those “isms” always amount to death, chaos, and suffering.

Those “isms” didn’t just have problems. They were ontologically problematic—not only for Europe but for the entire planet as well.

Who would have thought that the Bolshevik Revolution would morph into Maoism, which itself ended up liquidating at least 40 million people in China?[4] Who would have thought that the Bolshevik ideology would again be transported to America via the Neoconservative movement?[5] Who would have thought that the same diabolical movement would end up destroying countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya?[6]

A 28-year veteran of the C.I.A. and academic Paul R. Pillar has recently argued that under the banner of the “war on terror,” America is still “searching for monsters to destroy.” He says, “The notion that a ‘war on terror has a discernible end involves at least as many problems as the idea that it had a clear beginning.”[7]

As a result, Pillar continues, “Certain policies and practices were adopted that could make sense only if seen as temporary wartime expedients.”[8] One of the visible manifestations of this “war on terror” is the destruction of Iraq, which Pillar admits was fueled by the Neoconservative ideology,[9] which we all know by now is a Jewish ideological movement,[10] and which Paul Craig Roberts has recently said is a threat to the political order.[11]

The sad part is that while the Neoconservatives ideologically aspire to destroy one country after another in the Middle East, they also seek to silence people who want to honestly talk about these serious matters in a rational way. But the last three years alone have shown us that those people cannot attack historical truth and win. In fact, there has been an abundance of historical studies on how the Dreadful Few and their marionettes deliberately destroyed Germany after World War II.[12]

This seems to show that both Hegel and Solzhenitsyn were right all along: truth and reason will triumph in the end. Hegel called it “the cunning of reason.” This “cunning of reason” could not be seen directly by those who hate truth and reason. This “cunning of reason” will come out even through the actions of those who are fighting against it.

Moreover, this “cunning of reason” “fulfills its ulterior rational designs in an indirect and sly manner. It does so by calling into play the irrational element in human nature, the passions.”[13] This is not just a platonic or abstract idea that may not actualize in the real world; it is guided by “divine providence,” which is “wisdom, coupled with infinite power, which realizes its ends, i.e., the absolute and rational design of the world…”[14]

In short, the wicked passion of agents of the New World Order will ultimately bring about truth and reason in an indirect way, which will ultimately bring an end to the New World Order itself. So, the “cunning of reason” is guided by Logos. That is encouraging, and there is no need to be living in despair.


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