Some readers will have seen the extraordinary attack piece on me in Wikipedia. It was largely drafted by an anonymous Internet troll, no offense intended, calling himself or herself ‘Psychonaut’. In breach of Wikipedia’s policies against personal abuse and in favour of neutrality he has called me a “conspiracy theorist” and a “hoaxer”.

Wiki’s much-vaunted self-regulation failed to achieve balance.  Up till a few weeks ago I had a policy of not editing my Wiki site, but ‘Psychonaut’ had gone too far, so I had a go. Inevitably, I was blocked. I have now threatened legal action for defamation, which of course put Wiki’s backs up! Being sued for defamation of character seems to be a sore spot with them.

Wiki are entitled to refer to my convictions, but a balanced approach requires mention that they have been referred to the Criminal Cases Review Commission. Wiki seem to have a prejudice against fact-checking. At any rate they insisted that my entry recycle an oft-repeated lie that the telephone call with MOD which was the subject of Count 1 on the indictment was an outgoing call, not an incoming call.

It was in fact an incoming call. That was how the prosecution opened their case. Of course that made a nonsense of the whole thing, since nobody has ever hear of an incoming hoax call. Anonymity is surely the essence of a hoax. That was a fact too far for Wikipedia, however.  They also could not stomach the fact that my book has been published. ‘Psychonaut’ deleted the references to Spyhunter and refuses to describe me as an “author”, even though I have been published and make my living partly from royalties, albeit that they are not my largest income stream.

The Kelly Assassination

Since Psychonaut was smearing me as a “conspiracy theorist” and referred to my work on the Kelly Assassination and exposing the man-made global warming hoax, I thought I would at least summarise my published views, in a couple of lines. Who could object to that? A balanced biography of me ought to refer to the fact that I have helped expose the most outrageous scientific hoax in history. ‘Psychonaut’ objected, however.

Dr David Kelly CMG was murdered by the German operation in London, GO2, on the night 17th/18th July 2003. In Spyhunter I suggest that he died under torture (he suffered from mild arteriosclerosis), as GO2 tried to find out his source for intelligence about covert French shipments of plutonium to Iran.

For over 10 years Western governments have lied to their electorates about the Iranian nuclear weapons program. The Iranian nukes are plute-cored. The Iranian enriched uranium program is a classic intelligence blind, for the New York Times, CBS and other MSM dupes. David found out about the plute shipments to Bandar Abbas, and died for it. I’m the one who eventually told the Israelis, and made sure he didn’t die in vain.

The suicide theory has several fatal flaws in it. For a start the stomach contents didn’t match the number of empty blisters in the packet of coproxamol, in fact the stomach contents suggested that he had not even swallowed a single tablet. Trust me – once somebody has died, it is incredibly difficult to force a tablet down their throat.

The blood-work didn’t match either. Coproxamol has two active ingredients – paracetamol and dextropropoxythene, in the ratio of 10:1. These drugs metabolise in the human body at roughly the same rate. Therefore we would expect to see them in the blood in roughly the same ratio as in the tablet. It doesn’t have to be 10:1. It can 9:1 or 11:1, but we don’t to see anything much outside that range.

That nice chap Lord Hutton, who was parachuted in to conduct an inquiry into the death, in the place of the usual coroner’s inquest, lacked the medical training, with respect, which a ‘proper’ coroner would have had. His Lordship therefore failed to pick up the discrepancies. His report initially gave the ratio in the blood-work as 97,000:1, which was amended to 97:1 after I queried it.

Wikipedia have a very useful pyramid of argument, which I think they call the ‘Graham Pyramid’. Personal attacks are on the bottom layer, refuting your opponent’s argument is at the top. I suspect that ‘Psychonaut’s’ problem was that the brief summary of my argument on the death of David Kelly refuted the suicide theory.

Global Warming

This is another nonsense theory, easily refuted. The points suppressed by ‘Psychonaut’ include the facts that human contribution to global CO2 is only about 3.3% of the total and that CO2 is only responsible for about 5% of the greenhouse effect. On their own these facts are sufficient to refute the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis. They explain why planetary temperatures are on a downward trend, whilst CO2 keeps climbing. The hypothesis has been disproved and is no more than a scientific hoax.

Wikipedia, with respect, should follow their own advice to editors. Watch this space.

Is Hillary Clinton Alive?

And I thought I might be being controversial last week! (Perish the thought!). There hasn’t been much challenge to my suggestion that Hillary Clinton has some serious health issues, no offense intended.

Ben Fulford however, has gone further, and suggested that the poor girl actually snuffed it at the hospital on 9/11. According to Ben what we have been seeing since is a combination of doppelgangers and CGI images. He has pointed out some discrepancies in the video footage of her appearing at a campaign event, where mobile phone cameras seemingly failed to pick up Hillary as she walked on stage.

I’ve looked at the footage, and I agree that there are some odd features to it. The phone cameras are being held up high, however, and might therefore have been wrongly aligned to capture photos of the candidate as she walked to the podium. The other problem is that if Hillary weren’t there, an awful lot of people would need to be in on the conspiracy.

Doppelgangers are OK for long-range work, but hopeless close-up, especially if they’re being filmed, not least in these days of facial mapping.

On balance, with respect, I think that the Hillary we’re seeing is the real McCoy, or Hatfield, as the case may be. Not entirely happy about that video, though.

I am intrigued by the suggestion that Hillary may have suffered head trauma in the crash of a Beechcraft C-12 Huron in Iran, on her way to yet another secret carve-up with the Iranian regime. I can’t confirm that one either way, but I wouldn’t rule it out. Are you guys missing a Huron?

What about Jacques Chirac?

The debate about whether Hillary Clinton is still alive or not is not the only one going on. There have been some curious goings-on in France. Earlier in the week a lady French politician tweeted words to the effect that Jacques Chirac, the pro-EU French politician and ex-Vichyist (he was a member of the Vichy Youth League, albeit when very young, and was a protégé of the pro-Vichy Pompidou), had also snuffed it. In fairness, I think she expressed herself more elegantly than that.

Some family members rushed to deny it, but there was no official denial. It’s uncertain whether he’s alive or dead. My guess is alive, but not very well.

The French have only themselves to blame. They started this nonsense with Yasser Arafat. As the old terrorist lay dying in a Paris hospital, there was a big rush to snatch the funds held in his name in offshore accounts. Being German-sponsored, the PLO had ample access to offshore high-yield trading. Over a billion dollars was held in its offshore accounts.

Someone hit on the bright idea of pretending that he was still alive for a few days, so that his authority on the accounts could still be held out as valid. He actually snuffed it on the Thursday night. The invitations to his funeral were being sent out by Cairo even as the media were pretending that he was still alive.

Sky Centre in London patched me through to Sky News’s Paris correspondent, who saw how big the story was.  Osterley chickened out however, and Sky News missed out on what would have been one of the biggest scoops in their history.

The Israelis figured that if the PLO could pretend that Arafat was still alive, they could do the same with Sharon. He snuffed it on the operating table, poor chap, but for political reasons Jerusalem pretended for ages that he was still alive. He was hooked up to a lot of machines, but there was no brain activity. In fairness, it wasn’t always that easy to detect brain activity when he was still alive, no offense intended, but there was none at all when he was wheeled out of theater.

The South Africans then got in the act. Nelson Mandela, a hero of mine from the old anti-apartheid days (before I learned about his dealings with BOSS and the DVD) didn’t even make it to the hospital. Sadly, the old boy snuffed it in the ambulance on the way to hospital. The ambulance actually came to a halt by the side of the road – never a good sign – whilst they radioed in for instructions.

Not to be outdone, Jerry is still pretending that Michael Schumacher is alive. He died at the scene of his ski-ing accident. We keep getting medical bulletins, but they don’t mean much. Not having a sense of humor, again no offense intended, Jerry’s medical bulletins are not as witty as the one the French trotted out on the Saturday of the weekend Arafat popped his clogs. It was to the effect that there had been ‘no change in his condition in the last 24 hours’.  Indeed not – he was dead on the Friday and still dead on Saturday.

My Reading This Week

Part of my reading this week has been a splendid book by my old friend, Squadron Leader Tony Iveson DFC and Brian Milton, Lancaster and the Tirpitz (André Deutsch, 2014). A former Dambuster, Tony was very modest about his accomplishments, which were considerable, and included leading the campaign for the Bomber Command Memorial in London. He also killed lots of Germans.

Tony sadly passed in November 2013. I attended his moving Memorial Service at the RAF Church, St Clement Danes, in the Strand. He never claimed to have hit the Tirpitz, but it is generally reckoned that his 12,000 Tallboy bomb was one of the two which did most of the damage when she was sunk. To be more precise, Tony and the boys from 617 and 9 Squadrons blew her out of the water. She’s still upside down.

Since Jerry was none too keen to come out and fight the Royal Navy after they sank the Bismarck, our Jack Tars had to go after the Tirpitz. This was tricky, as she was parked up a Norwegian fjord, right up against a cliff. The Navy gave it their all, including air strikes, but they couldn’t sink her. As Tony remarks in the book, they only had small bombs.

If you are ever asked to sink a German battleship, a Tallboy is the bit of kit you want. By the standards of the day, it was a very big bomb, indeed the modern RAF hasn’t got a kite that can lift one, except in the back of a Hercules or a Globemaster, which isn’t quite the same thing. You don’t just want to carry it, you want to drop it on someone, preferably a German.

The way to sink a battleship by high-altitude bombing is to do what Tony did – aim your bomb to hit the water just a little off to one side, so the massive hydrodynamic pressure causes it to turn turtle. The Jerries had moored her in shallow water in the hope they could get away with pretending that she was still operational if the RAF or Fleet Air Arm bombed her again. Even Wikipedia couldn’t have made that claim once she was tits up.

It’s a great read, co-written by a great man, a wonderful pilot and a dear friend. Happy Landings Tony, wherever you are.



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