Neocons Are Stealing Our Souls

The NeoCons

By J. Speer-Williams

Most Americans believe many popular untruths and have a resistance to unpopular truths. Too many of us are led by popular opinions, which are usually incorrect.

By the end of the Ronald Reagan administration, in 1989, the Soviet Union was falling apart. Soon America would have no enemies in the world, at least none who could seriously harm us.

Such an idyllic state was, however, intolerable to the controlling Neocons (US/Israeli* dual citizens), who have long directed the disastrous domestic and foreign policies of America.

*These US/Israeli dual citizens should be called Israeli citizens as their total allegiance is to Israel, the Rothschilds, and the One World government, with obvious contempt for gullible America.

The term Neocon is a misnomer as Neocons are not conservative. The word Neocon has come to mean (to those in the know) the dual-citizen Jews (US/Israeli) who are appointed to high positions in all three branches of the American federal government, including the Supreme Court, in spite of the fact that Jews comprise only about two to three percent of the US population.

Since it is politically incorrect to call a bunch of psychopathic Jews what they really are (psychopathic Jews), they are called Neocons.

The Jewish-owned media has made sure that none of this can be discussed, as Americans have been trained (yes, actually trained) to feel uncomfortable whenever hearing about Jewish crimes. Even pointing out that most Neocons are Jewish is an affront to many mind-controlled Americans.

These Neocons have no place in their hearts for a better, safer, and happier world. They spend trillions of dollars on bringing about ruination, poverty, starvation, and death, but not a farthing on peace or prosperity for those other than themselves.

In point of fact, five years ago Time Magazine estimated that America had spent five trillion (5,000,000,000,000) dollars on our concocted war on terror.

First of all, that cost was estimated five years ago; those costs have exploded too much higher heights since then.

Secondly, who knows how much higher our war costs will go?

Thirdly, and most importantly, these war expenses are ruining our economy, causing our infrastructure to fall apart, while tent cities are springing up all across our country.

What have the Neocons given us in return for their interminable wars on terror? National security? What a joke. The United States of America and its citizens have never in history been less secure than today, with each succeeding day making us more vulnerable to nationwide disasters.

The Neocons, with their control of television, have conned Americans into such a surreal existence, that few of us try to understand who we are fighting or why.

Are we fighting al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, ISIL, al-Nusra, or the Islamic State? It is all purposely made complex so we will turn a blind eye to the daily crimes committed by those who run our Department of Defense – the Neocons.

You might find it difficult to believe, but the Defense Department lists sixty terrorist organizations, more than enough to keep the Rothschild-owned military/industrial complex busy, with both dead bodies and bucks piling up.

How many of us even know that five trillion dollars are five million dollars times a million – an incomprehensible figure for any human being?

The Neocons have no interest in any of that money being used for practice facilities, such as desalination plants, which could make the deserts bloom and help end starvation and death in our world.

There is no sane reason the Blacks of Africa have to continually suffer with starvation, disease, and genocide; a fraction of the trillions of US dollars the Neocons have spent on destruction and death, they could have used to end hunger in Africa.

The Neocons have never wanted peace and prosperity anywhere, especially in the Middle East; they chose instead to make the hot, struggling lands of the Muslim people war zones of perpetual destabilization and deadly chaos.

Certainly, the Rothschilds, who control the US Neocons, have a huge interest in stealing the oil and other natural resources of the Middle East, but total destabilization is their prime objective on their way to hegemonic control of the world.

To accomplish their never-ending conflicts and chaos throughout the Middle East, the Neocons directed US/Israeli dark undercover agents to sow bloodshed and hatred between various sects of the Muslim religion.

Additionally, with secret funding, direction, equipping, and organization, the Neocons (who have long run the American federal government) created terrorism with religious radicals and mercenaries brought in from as far away as the nations of Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries.

These fledgling foreign terrorists were  and are brainwashed for as long as six months with all sorts of insane and perverted “Islamic lessons” until they were and are ready to kill those who will not join their jihad.

Most of these foreign terrorists are brought into countries like Syria and Libya where they are called by the Neocon-controlled media moderates, rebels, or even freedom fighters who are fighting against cruel oppressive governments. This allows cover for the Neocon-controlled Western militaries to give air and supply support to all terrorists while claiming they are only aiding freedom fighters who want and deserve our support.

Certainly, you have heard the words rebels, moderates, or freedom fighters used by the Neocon’s lap-dog media dozens if not scores of times. The next time you hear those terms, just replace them all with far more correct words: CIA/Mossad terrorists.

With their control of the US press and the mainstream media, these black-hearted Neocons have convinced most Americans that the terrorists hate all Americans for their freedoms. This absurdity was even repeated by the Neocon’s puppet, Little George Bush,  while the freedoms Americans once enjoyed were falling away daily.

American politicians spend a lot of time lying about how we should up our war effort against terrorism, without ever saying a word about indicting, prosecuting and convicting US/Israeli Neocon terrorists of murder, espionage, misleading Congress, perjury, public corruption, organizing and providing material assistance to terrorists, and obstruction of justice. After all, the Neocons are the real terrorists of our world.

Of course, it would be difficult for our US political leaders to prosecute the Neocons, as Israel’s Mossad has video proof of many of them engaged in sex or hiding some sort of financial crime.

Moreover, most of our congressmen and senators have been elected with Jewish oligarch campaign funds, which I suspect came to them from Israel.

And from whom did Israel get so much money?

From American taxpayers in the form of US foreign aid.

Without these dauntingly large campaign donations, by way of the Zionists, no honest, patriotic US representative or senator can be elected.

Since WW II, America has given Israel (in non-inflation-adjusted dollars) over $125 billion. This fact, added to all the other destructive Neocon policies, has gone a long, long way in demolishing the American economy.

Americans, whether they realize it or not, are giving their permission to be abused by their own government by actually paying for it. This makes Americans guilty of the murder and slaughter of millions of people around the world, with their own ignorance being at the base of their crimes.

The US crimes against humanity in the Middle East, however, did not begin in earnest until the industrial/military complex (owned by the Rothschild tribe) lost their “cold war” foe – the Soviet Union. Then in 1990, the insane, death-loving Neocons quickly whipped up a casus belli with Iraq, using our American ambassador, April Glaspie, as their instrument of war.

The Neocons wanted to bomb a lot of human beings, with the support of a majority of the American people.

On the 5th of January, 2011, a message from the Veterans for Common Sense was released to the world. Its text is reprinted below.

A secret July 25, 1990, [US] State Department Cable [was widely] released by Wikileaks. [It] shows how US Ambassador April Glaspie told Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein the U.S. had “no position” on the Iraq – Kuwait border dispute, where Kuwait was allegedly stealing oil from Iraq [by slant drilling]. At the time, the U.S. supported Iraq’s recently ended war with Iran (1980–1988) that had ruined Iraq’s economy. On August 2, 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait. On January 12, 1991, prompted by a massive propaganda campaign, the U.S. began bombing Iraq and never stopped. More than 20 years later [now 25 years] the war continues with deadly consequences for Kuwait, Iraq, and the U.S.

Based on the State Department cable, the facts are clear: in 1990, then President George H[erbert} W[alker] Bush’s administration [and Ms. Glaspie], failed to denounce Iraq’s intended military action against Kuwait in July 1990. The silence encouraged Iraqi’s Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait in August 1990. The Gulf War was left unfinished for thirteen years, with an embargo, sanctions, and “no-fly” zones.*

In 2003, then President George W. Bush lied about Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction and launched a second invasion [called Shock and Awe].

*It has been estimated, and later confirmed by Us Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, that our post-war sanctions against Iraq resulted in the deaths of over 500,000 Iraqi children.

The first US/NATO bombings of Iraq consisted of 100,000 sorties dropping an estimated 88,500 tons of bombs on Iraq and its people.

The Neocons called their second, 2003, bombings of Iraq – Shock and Awe!

Those bombings were meant to totally terrorize, paralyze, demoralize, cripple, or kill all Iraqi men, women, and their children. The incomprehensible death and destruction committed by the US military was a crime against humanity Americans will forever have to bear all because we allowed the psychopathic Neocons to control our government, as they still do.

The American crimes against Iraq have become so obvious that both of the presidential candidates of 2016 have denied they supported those wars. Hillary lied.

The widely reported media use of the words smart bombs, complete with careful targeting and precision strikes was not something the Neocons ever thought Americans would believe, as only fools would believe such a rash of nonsense. The term smart bombs was used so Americans could push the crimes out of their minds, thus making us unknowingly as criminal as our government.

The other spiritual trap for Americans was the Neocon’s media use of the misleading words collateral damage, which allowed many Americans to think, “Well … it’s understandable that a few good people will get killed while we’re going after the bad guys.”

Another aspect of the Neocon’s dark strategy included having their media reporters tell us (with serious voices) how few civilians were just accidently killed while US forces were defending themselves against the wild and fierce Republican Guard of the evil  Saddam Hussein.

The Neocon’s Iraqi slaughter-of- human-life scenario has been played out again and again in the countries of Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria, with their hired mercenaries maintaining chaos, creating fear and starvation, homelessness, disease, and death throughout the brutally bombed and devastated nations. The prime targets, via their secret proxy terrorists, has been the horror and death they spread amongst innocent civilians.

Now the stage has been set for the Neocons in Europe and America to destroy the White Christian cultures and civilizations of both America and Europe with millions of immigrants, mostly from the sub-Saharan African continent.

These immigrants are falsely called Syrian refugees by the Neocon’s media, when in actuality they are not refugees, nor are most of them from Syria. They are mostly young, ignorant, unskilled, uneducated black men, with I.Q.s that are estimated to range from 60+, with few women or children to be seen.

The Neocons, however, did not set these Zionist goals; they only try to implement them. No one can prove who set the goals of destroying the Middle East, Europe, and America, but the Rothschild banking tribe ranks as high as can easily be proven.

But there can be no denying that many Jews have been and are being used to destroy, Islam, Christianity, and other religions, with both Black and White Christians ignorantly going along with it.

fighting-terroristPerhaps the world’s best-known terrorist in existence is Philadelphia reared and educated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who claims to have written a book entitled Fighting Terrorism.

If Bibi really wanted to defeat terrorism, he’d have Mossad stop helping the CIA to create it.

Jews the world over would be wise to speak out against the Rothschilds and their Neocons, as has researcher and writer Mr. Bernie Suarez.

Below, Bernie Suarez lists 5 Master Crimes You’ll Have to Explain to Future Generations all attributable directly to American Neocons and their cultural Marxists in government and the media:

Over a decade of geoengineering and in-your-face weather manipulation.

A generation without justice on 9/11 crimes.

Open genetic (GMO) contamination of the food supply of the species.

Tons of toxin-laced vaccines injected directly into newborns … no accountability, no proof of safety, no problem!

Choosing impractical top-down tyranny over small/self-governance.

But what actual chance do Americans have against their foremost enemies – the Neocons?

I feel confident that Vladimir Putin of Russia understands and disagrees with the Rothschild push for world hegemony. Please tell me why else would the Rothschilds’ Western media so unjustly continue to attack Putin and his country?

The Rothschilds well know, with his growing military might, Putin and his country may actually become the hope of the world, as Edgar Cayce long ago predicted.

Unfortunately, however, Neocon war initiatives could mean the physical destruction of America, especially with the warmongering, mentally unstable Hillary Clinton as our president.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has said that Russia has bombs that are 17,000 times more powerful than the ones we dropped on Japan. And that just one of those terrible bombs could level three-quarters of the entire state of New York – killing the most plant, animal, and human life for perhaps billions of years.

And yet, the Neocons want to throw dice with our futures by continually poking the Russian bear in his eyes in Syria and Ukraine. Already the US has missiles on Russia’s western border, with the ridiculous claim they are for protection against Iran. How much more will Russia take from the US Neocons?

More ludicrous yet, the Neocons have been asserting that America could win a nuclear war with Russia. Is that not an idiot’s remark? Is it not a statement of provocation? It is not patriotic to support preposterous national policies or crimes against humanity – crimes against all life forms.

One of these batshit crazy Neocons asked, “What’s the use of having nuclear bombs if you don’t use them?”

That is insanity; deep insanity. Have these demented psychos never heard of MAD – the old doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction?

Have there ever been truer words spoken or written than these?

Certifiably insane, dual-citizen terrorists are running our government and implementing its seriously dangerous policies.

Please understand something of supreme importance: due to our sloth and ignorance, the US/NATO/Israeli combine has become the force of the archfiend Satan. We now all need God, and our religion, more than ever before.

May God bless and spare us.


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