Alla Pierce – ‘Motorola’ was the Donbass Dick Winters in Band of Brothers

Mourners for Arseniy Pavlov

… by Alla Pierce,  VT Correspondent

Lt. Dick Winters of Band of Brothers fame
Lt. Dick Winters of Band of Brothers fame

[ Editor’s note:  Americans are hardly familiar with who Motorola was, but I can zero them in very quickly. Just think of Lt. Dick Winters in the Band of Brothers movie, and you will have it. His men would have followed him to hell and back… and did.

In one of the tributes from Pavlov’s men that Alla Pierce sent me this morning, I found the mention that triggered the Dick Winters analogy — that Motorola could size up a tactical combat situation almost instantly.

“Motorola” was a guy who got his nickname from originally having been the communications technician with his unit while fighting in Chechnya, and whose highest rank later had been Assistant Squad Leader in the Russian military. But he died a Colonel in the Donbass forces.

But, when the chips were down, he tapped a talent that few officers today will even aspire to — leading his men by example from the front, and exposing himself to the direct fire that he was asking his men to do. This gives a soldier much more confidence in himself, and leverages the fighting power of a unit.

Motorola became famous in the battle for Slavyansk, in the suburb of Semenovka, where his men fought off everything the Ukies could hit them with, such as tanks, helicopter fire, artillery fire and cluster bombs. What we are seeing with Pavlov’s assassination is foreign Intel people decapitating the Donbass military’s top talent, or teaching the Ukies how to do it.

Such acts are Major Ceasefire Violations, and you might notice that the Pro-Russian side in the conflict has not been doing this to Kiev’s military, which is a stark reminder of whom the good guys and bad guys are in this fightJim W. Dean ]


– First published  …  October 21,  2016


Arseniy Pavlov, commander of the “Sparta” battalion, the legendary “Motorola” was killed on October 16th in the elevator of the house where he lived as a result of an act of terrorism.

Thus, Kiev has once again demonstrated to the world that it is a terrorist state, controlled by terrorists, with an army of terrorists, which can only kill unarmed civilians and journalists; but when they deal with soldiers, they act surreptitiously and cowardly.

Pavlov was a real Russian soldier: fearless, resolute, cheerful, fair, and honest. He was a talented commander and a talented person.

He treated his soldiers as equals, and they all respected him, trusted him and also loved him. Remembering their commander, they say he taught us not to be afraid, even in very difficult circumstances. He was called “lucky” for surviving. It seemed as if he was divinely protected during fighting, but in civilian life his killers attacked like rats.

Arseniy Pavlov
Arseniy Pavlov

“Motorola” was a Russian citizen. He was a Marine for three years in the past. He came to Donbass after he heard a Kiev’s “activist” claim: “We will kill ten Russians for every one of our men”.

Now there is howling among Ukrainians on social networks that he came to a foreign land to fight and was rightfully killed. Well, Arseniy Pavlov came to Russian land to protect Russian people.

He did not fire “Grad” missiles at the towns and villages of Zhytomyr and Lvov regions. He defended those who were subjected to such attacks.

Ukrainians do not accidentally kill all the iconic commanders of Donbass. What is the idea of the country, where the economy is dying, and the government is getting richer at the expense of the war?

One of them, Arseniy Yatsenyuk , who zealously formented this war, now places his photos on the web showing his beautiful life in the United States. Well, he did his Judas job and made his billion on the blood of thousands of innocent people.

Who are the heroes in Ukraine? Bandits and pathological killers, noted in the most terrible and shameful events of the Second World War. In 2 years of the Donbass war, they did not give rise to any legendary figure.

On the other hand everybody knows the names of Motorola, Givi, Mozgovoy, Dremov, Bednov and other heroes of Donbass – bright, bold and fair.

There are real leaders and people followed them. Many times we heard and read that Kiev and its henchmen noted that people in the Donbass are very motivated. But what was the motivation of the people on the Maidan?

I am a girl, I want lace panties and be in the EU.
I am a girl, I want lace panties and be in the EU.

What can those accomplish who are at the base level of such “panties” talk and are driven by animalistic hatred? Nothing, but despicably kill those who oppose them.

But those slain commanders were and still remain the leaders, forever covered with glory.

During his unprecedented bravery and courage, Arseniy Pavlov was awarded the Medal of the Ministry of Defense of Russia “For the liberation of Crimea”, the George Cross and other awards of the Donetsk People Republic.

He was the hero of battles in the Slavyansk area, the fight for Ilovaysk and Debaltsevo plus he demonstrated great bravery during the fight for Donetsk airport.

The Head of the Donetsk People Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko, said in response to this dastardly murder of a hero of the people that “Poroshenko broke the truce and declared war on us”, “I understand that this death is an affront to all of our republic.”

The Ukrainian side insists on escalating the conflict and this assassination of the legendary leader, after the recent attempt on Plotnitskuy’s life fits within the pattern of recent events, which clearly reveals Kiev’s true intentions.

Here is a tribute to Pavlov. There is a captions button to click, then go to settings and select your preferred language; it is a machine translation, but will provide a little of the sentiment associated with Pavlov, and his intense legacy.

This is a personal loss for Zakharchenko, since “Motorola” was his friend. Another legendary commander “Givi” – a loyal friend of “Motorola” said: “Whoever gets in my way, I won’t have pity for them.” “Walk and be afraid!” – this is how Alexander Zakharchenko warned APU and SBU.

There was a 3-day mourning period announced in Donetsk. Arseniy Pavlov was married, had two children, one was born couple of weeks ago.

Donbass saying “Good bye” to “Motorola”.



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