Making America Great Means Ending the War on Islam and the People of Afghanistan


To the Honorable Bob Corker

U.S. Senator

Chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations,

Washington, D.C.

Dear Chairman Corker:

The new U.S. Republican-controlled government should change from a war strategy to a peace strategy in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Wars with the billion Muslims and Afghan/Pashtun/Muslims in the world are not good for the United States and the world. These wars have not made America safer or stronger. They have made America poorer, less respected and less secure. They will not make America great again.

Right now our nation is divided. A hate mongering reality star, who has partnered with the ultra right wing racists, has been elected president. There are protests and riots in our cities. Our nation has been divided for a long time. Americans have been sick of war and war profiteers and the one percent at the top becoming wealthier on the blood of the Muslim civilians in the Middle East and in Afghanistan and on the blood of the young Americans, many poor and minorities, who have fought on the ground in these never-ending wars. Uneducated white Americans have felt left behind. They heard Candidate Trump’s xenophobic and racist rhetoric, which focused the blame for their lowly positions in life on the minorities and immigrants. They voted for President-elect Trump because they thought once the immigrants and Muslims are gone, America will be great again with jobs.

Also, Secretary Hillary Clinton lost the election in the Great Lakes Region because the majority of the silent American Muslims did not vote at all or did not vote for Hillary. Many American Muslims did not even mark their ballots for a president. A lot of Muslim citizens view Hillary as one of the architects of the failed Middle Eastern and Central Asian Policy, which has resulted in the chaos, destruction, violence, mass killings, war crimes and more then four million Muslims killed in and more than ten million refugees from countries such as Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq. These wars have cost tax payers trillions. It is obvious why almost all American Muslims did not vote for Trump.

The vote for President-elect Trump did not only consist of the white, educated back lash, it included the evangelicals, who closed their eyes and ears and jumped on the band wagon to vote for Trump. The evangelicals focused like a laser on the issue of U.S. Supreme Court appointments with conservatives and ending abortion, which Trump promised. These uneducated, whites, lets not forget the members and followers of white hate groups, and the “God fearing “evangelicals voted for a hate mongering, white, racist nationalist.

Making this election even more divisive, the FBI Director ‘s October surprise, the last minute letter regarding the reopening of the investigation of Hillary, also caused some Americans not to cast their votes for Clinton. I strongly believe Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s pal, had encouraged the FBI to take such action and probably the Russian government or mafia, which are the same. In the mid 1990s, after I blew the whistle on BFI, a U.S. waste company I worked for in Italy, I had the chance to speak with Angelo Ponte, a mafia waste company owner, who was competing with BFI for the New York City waste contract, He told me that Giuliani might be like BFI CEO William Ruckelshaus, not so “clean.” This election and the players have not been so clean. It reminds me of the waste industry. Lots of money, lots of garbage and trash- slinging ( Google Kadir Mohmand and see the Houston Chronicle’s article Garbage In Garbage Out regarding my lawsuit against BFI). It is not the America I came to when I was only 21 years old as a political refugee.

Will the new Republican administration make America and the world better and more peaceful? I do not think it will if the United States government does not change its foreign policy. The same once percent at the top and Donald Trump and his family will become wealthier. The same war profiteers will profit. The U.S. will continue to wage the same wars with the same players and same futile peace negotiation strategies. The United States will be more divided Muslims will continue to be killed in their lands and scapegoated in America. There will not be peace and prosperity in the United States, the Middle East Afghanistan and the rest of the world.

I want peace and not war. Mr. Zalmay Khalilzad and other war profiteers must not be part of the new U.S. Administration and any peace negotiations. Pakistan must not be part of peace negotiations. When assembling the new U.S. Administration, new players and new strategies must be included and used to end wars and bring peace.


After fifteen (15) years, the U.S. government and “selected” corrupt, puppet Afghan administrations, who consist of war profiteers, warlords, drug traffickers and communist war criminals like Rashid Dostum (the present first vice president) have not been able to win the war in Afghanistan. U.S. war policy and war strategy need to change to a “sincere” negotiations strategy for peace. Peace cannot be achieved with the increase or continuance of the same number of U.S. troops on the ground in Afghanistan as desired by the war profiteers. I only want true peace for the American and Afghan people. This cycle of war cannot continue. I believe it is my patriotic duty to always support the U.S. Constitution but to question the policies and strategies of those U.S. government officials in power at the time when it is harming the United States in the long term.

During these past fifteen years , almost every day, Afghans have been the victims of war crimes. A few examples are: (1) On November 3, 2016 Afghan civilians in a Pashtun village in Kunduz Province were killed by a U.S. bombardment. Approximately more than 50 civilians were killed with the majority of the victims being women and children. These are war crimes. Afghan/Pashtun women and children have the same human rights as all other women and children around the world. Everyday these war crimes are being committed against the Afghan/Pashtun. Stop the genocide of the Afghan/Pashtun. I ask you, who is terrorizing whom?(2) On Sunday, October 30, 2016, at approximately 9:30 a.m. the U.S. planes and/or drones bombarded the Village of Darwayshan Nawa Uruzgan Province. Approximately thirty (30) civilians were killed. This bombardment of civilians was in retaliation for the capture of the nearby garrison by the Afghan Resistance the night before. That morning, desperate children, who were scavaging for any valuable items to help them survive and who were outside of the garrison, were targeted and killed. These killings are war crimes.(3) On September 28, 2016 in Achin district in Nangarhar province theU.S. military used drones to strike and kill 27 Afghan civilians. (4) Presently CIA mercenaries, and Rashid Dostum’s militia from helicopters are terrorizing and killing civiliansillagers in Kunduz Province.and other areas The United States is using its agent to do its dirty work. (5) On August 12, 2016, in Minari Village of the Khoshamand District in Paktia Province, the U.S. military used drones to strike the house of the Afghan civilian, Dr. Wrekhman, killing him and 13 family members. (6) On February 1, 2015 in Qisar district of northern Faryab Province about 200 Afghan homes were bulldozed and destroyed by the the puppets and mercenaries of the United States. . Some civilians were killed including women and children. (7) On February 1, 2015 in Qisar district of northern Faryab province about 200 Aghan homes were bulldozed destroyed by the puppet Ghani’s Afghan army. Some civilians were killed including women and children. These war crimes need to be investigated and prosecuted. (8) On January 1, 2015, more than fifty Afghan/Pashtun civilians, many women and children, were targeted and killed, while attending a wedding in Sangin District in Helmand Province. and (9) On December 10, 2014, a U.S. led drone strike killed five students in the Ghorband Seyagard District of Parwan Province, Local villagers said the students, who were between 12 and 16 years old, were preparing for their yearly exams outside in the field. These victims of war crimes matter.

It is time for Afghan and American intellectuals, people who are not war profiteers, to talk with the new Republican -controlled U.S. government and the Afghan Freedom Fighters to figure out how to end the ugly war in Afghanistan. After the past 15 years, I think the United States should realize that it cannot win by force in Afghanistan. The Afghan/Pashtun are not a threat for the United States. They do not want to be an enemy. Do not force them to be one. As history has shown they do fight for their independence when invaded by foreigners and a corrupt, puppet government is installed by the foreign invader. They cherish their freedom like Americans do. It is time the U.S. government changes its war policy to a sincere negotiation policy. As an American Afghan, Afghanistan is my motherland and the United States is my homeland. Thus, I want the United States to be at peace with the Afghan/Pashtun majority.

Why is the U.S. government occupying Afghanistan? I strongly believe it is not about supporting its independence or sovereignty. It is not about caring for the Afghan people. It is not about Freedom for Afghan women terrorism, al-Qaeda or Daesh. Afghanistan is not responsible for the tragic events of 9/11. The U.S. government’s 28 classified pages, which were referred to recently in the media and recent lawsuits,are pointing to Saudi Arabia. Yet the U.S. government chose to invade and occupy Afghanistan. I think it is time that the U.S. government reveal why it is really in Afghanistan.

It is all about the vast untapped Rare Earth Elements (REEs) in Afghanistan especially in the Pashtun areas such as Helmand and about relocating its outer defense perimeter to Central Asia with Afghanistan at the heart. The U.S. Pentagon referred to Afghanistan as the “Saudi Arabia of lithium…” The U.S. government needs a new supply chain for REEs instead of relying on China to supply it with REEs. The invasion and occupation of Afghanistan is really about the U.S. and NATO having direct access and control over Afghanistan’s vast untapped Rare Earth Elements (REEs), which are worth trillions. These REEs are vital to the manufacture of technology and defense systems. The U.S. sent down geologists with special operations forces into the REE deposits of the Helmand region at the start of the invasion. The U.S. even knew about these REEs deposits before the war. I believe control of the REEs is the real reason for the invasion, continued occupation and covert war and genocide against the Afghan villagers.

The New York Times wrote an article about the REEs in 2010 in which it referred to Afghanistan as becoming “…one of the most important mining centers in the world, the United States officials believe.” It is not about fighting terrorism. It is about the U.S. fighting for control of the Afghan people’s REEs. It is obvious that the U.S. and NATO will fight anyone that gets in their way of this goal. The Afghan villagers are in their way because this REE rich-land is their land and as history has shown they cherish their freedom and defend their homeland. I believe this is why genocide and other war crimes are being committed now against the Afghan/Pashtun villagers.


Freedom for Afghan women means an Afghan woman being able to live in her country, with her family, with her culture being respected, with her honor in tact, with her faith being respected, and without foreign drones and intelligence balloons flying and buzzing overhead, without puppet leaders in Kabul, and without the constant fear of foreign soldiers invading her home and privacy, terrorizing her and threatening her safety and honor. In an Afghanistan occupied by foreign military and private mercenaries who are terrorizing the villagers, with widespread drug trafficking and rampant systemic corruption there can be no true freedom for women or anyone.

I strongly believe if this ugly war continues, the only winners are Russia and China. Afghans and Americans will be the losers.The U.S. Government needs to cut the funds for Afghanistan and end this war, which is filling the pockets of war profiteers and emptying the American coffers.

On Wednesday, December 17, 2015, the U.S. Department of State’s Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Ambassador Richard Olson, Mr. Sampler and others, testified at a hearing before U.S. Senate committee on Foreign Relations. I watched the hearing on C-SPAN. First, so-called Daesh in Afghanistan is not who you are being led to believe they are. Second, despite Ambassador Olson’s flowery comments that there is not any sectarian conflict in Afghanistan, there is sectarian and ethnic conflict in Afghanistan, which is caused by the CIA’s divide and conquer strategy implemented these past fifteen years. Third, contrary to Ambassador Olson’s remarks, the Pashtun majority, the native inhabitants of Afghanistan, is being marginalized by the corrupt national and local Afghan governments, which consist primarily of communist war criminals, Northern Alliance, war lords, drug traffickers and other thugs. The U.S. government has installed an Afghan government of ethnic minorities and Pashtun communists. The Pashtun majority and other Afghan Muslims are not represented by this government.


I strongly believe that any so-called Daesh, ISIS or ISIL in Afghanistan are mercenaries, contractors and just plain thugs paid for with U.S. and Afghan monies and drug trafficking monies.

When I met with Abdullah Abdullah in September, 2012 in Afghanistan, after showing me his extremely expensive gold watch, which was bought with U.S tax dollars, he bragged that he was in charge of the mercenaries/contractors, DAESH, ISIL ISIS. I have known Abdullah since childhood. Furthermore, I have been told from reliable sources on the ground in Afghanistan any “so-called” DAESH, ISIL ISIS, fighters in Afghanistan are really CIA and MI6 contracted thugs, and hired thugs of the Afghan National Security Adviser Hanif Atmar, who released from jail the worst killer and drug trafficker, Mohammad Mukhtar, to oversee these hired thugs, the so-called Daesh. Why does there need to be the appearance that Daesh is in Afghanistan? I beliweve it is because the American people will support the continuation of the war in and occupation of Afghanistan if they are led to believe that ISIL, ISIS or Daesh fighters are in Afghanistan.

The former, governor of Paktika Abdul Karim Mateen, admitted that the Afghan government paid several hundred thousand dollars for these mercenaries and thugs, which are the Daesh. He was removed from his position right after that comment. So I ask you, who the real “terrorists” are in Afghanistan? Who are they paid to terrorize? I strongly believe they are hired to terrorize Afghans, who reside in areas such as Helmand Province where vast deposits of Rare Earth Elements (REEs) are located. These deposits are worth trillions and vital components of defense and technology systems. I strpngly believe it is an intentional and systematic targeting of civilians especially Pashtun in the REE rich areas. As history has shown, these Afghans, mainly Pashtun, in Helmand, fight for their independence, their land and now their REEs.

The Pashtun majority are seen as the main roadblock to easy access and control of these REEs. Furthermore, Afghanistan is the heart of Central Asia. After the fall of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact, the United States determined its new outer defense perimeter would be located in Central Asia. The Pashtun majority are viewed as the roadblock to the development of this outer defense perimeter and to its new REE supply chain, and as a road block to the economic development of the energy sector in Central Asia. The Afghan people’s natural resources will be exported through piping of the gas and the transporting of REEs and other mineral resources.

womanThe existence of Afghanistan’s valuable resources have been known by the superpowers for many years. In the 1990s, my attorney, Mr. G.P. Hardy of Houston, who had many clients in the oil industry, asked if I wanted to work for one of his clients to scout the area for the potential construction of a pipeline, which would be built through Afghanistan. I did not take the assignment as I had a young family in the United States. I know the history of this pipeline and Afghanistan’s vast untapped natural resources. The Pentagon has even referred to Afghanistan as “the Saudi Arabia of Lithium.”

The foreign and Afghan war profiteers in the government and private sector will benefit financially from this exploitation of Afghanistan’s resources.. The U.S. government will benefit with a new supply chain for REEs. It will no longer have to rely on communist China to supply it with REEs. The U.S. will win with its new outer defense perimeter. The Afghan majority will lose. It will be terrorized by the “so-called” Daesh, the U.S. drones, bombs and weaponry, the corrupt national and local warlords and government officials like First Vice President, Communist War Criminal ,Rashid Dostum and their private militias and thugs, the continuation of the divide and conquer strategy of the west, the exploitation and theft of its resources and last but not least, the contamination, pollution and negative health effects on the Afghans caused by the radioactive by-products of mining REEs and the uranium tipped weaponry. The Afghan majority will not benefit financially or in any other way from the present policies and strategies.

In addition, the drug trafficking attracts war profiteers to Afghanistan. The war profiteers want to see the war continue where corruption runs rampant. Since the U.S. invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, it has become a narco state and one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Systemic corruption has run rampant. One would expect this corruption to happen since during these past fifteen years, the national and local Afghan governments, police and army primarily consist of communist war criminals like First Vice President Rashid Dostum, Northern Alliance war lords, drug traffickers and other thugs. For example, I am sure you are aware of the government officials who stole from the Kabul Bank. The present government released the main criminal. As long as the U.S. supports and finances this Afghan government of criminals, war lords, communists, thugs and war profiteering technocrats, there will be this systemic corruption. I think the United States needs to end its practice of hiring these thugs and criminals to be its puppets and do its dirty work. These Afghans will do any thing for money and a title. When the money stops flowing they will turn against the United States. Dr. Jodi Vittori of Global Watch testified regarding Afghanistan’s need for an attorney general. In the past, an inexperienced thug was appointed as Afghanistan’s Attorney General. The interim attorney general is the same. I am sure that practice will continue.

I am still appalled that the U.S. supports and funds the Afghan government with Afghan officials like the communist war criminal and war lord, First Vice President of Afghanistan, Rashid Dostum. All of the human rights organizations and the U.S. government know exactly who he is. I believe the U.S. government should be demanding his prosecution for his horrendous war crimes committed from the1980s to the present instead of propping him up, funding him and allowing him to be a member of the Afghan government..

I think that it is time that U.S., global and Afghan scholars meet to discuss and analyze the current war approach, which has only escalated violence, created instability, and a corrupt narco state. They need to evaluate ways to end the war and bring peace. To date, I believe that the only advice that the U.S. government has been relying upon when forming its foreign policy and war strategy for Afghanistan has been from military think tanks, scholars with former national security, DOD and intelligence backgrounds and careers; basically all war mongers and war profiteers. For example, the United States has relied upon advice from the Kagans, the RAND corporation, and Afghan Americans like Mr. Zalmay Khalilzad, whose family’s wealth has increased in billions, Mr. Ali Jalali, a war profiteer and former Afghanistan Interior Minister from 2003-05, and former Afghan communists, who are now working for the U.S. Department of State, Voice of America, CIA and/or Department of Defense. I believe these war profiteers will do anything for a dollar, which is the main reason the United States is in such a mess and Afghanistan is a narco-state and so corrupt.

I strongly believe this war in Afghanistan must end now. As history has shown, Afghanistan has been the grave yard of superpowers. As Afghanistan is my motherland and the United States is my homeland, I want the United States to be at peace with the Pashtun majority. I fought against the Soviet Union and the Afghan communists during the 1980s to stop communism. I know what war is. I hate war. I want to see the Afghans themselves prosecute the war criminals, who committed crimes from 1979 to the present, in lawful tribunals.

High level officials like Rashid Dostum should not be allowed to apologize for his war crimes and partake in reconciliation and be part of the Afghan government. Rashid Dostum is a documented war criminal. He was the subject of articles in the Time magazine and Newsweek. As reported in the Time on November 19, 2001, and in Newsweek, on November 5, 2001, Dostum and his group raped many Afghan women and children, “…Dostum’s marauders chopped off breasts and tied the toes of women behind their heads..” Instead of prosecuting this criminal, my U.S. government ignores his war crimes, supports and keeps him on the payroll. The United States government needs to follow the rule of law and international law. Instead it is covering up these war crimes and helping him commit new war crimes against the Afghan/Pashtun like recently in Faryab Province. In addition, the Afghan majority has not forgotten about the war crimes committed by Dostum against the Pashtun in November 2001 at Dasht-e-Leili even though the United Nations and the United States has. When the UN asked the Afghans to surrender the Afghans did, and Dostum cowardly massacred them while he was partnering with the United States.

Afghans have suffered enough these past four decades because of war, occupation, drug trafficking and corruption. The Afghan children have suffered enough. Average Americans have suffered enough because of this war. The war profiteers are the only ones benefiting. Change the war strategy to a “sincere” negotiations strategy for peace. To do so, Pakistan cannot be involved in these negotiations. Mr. Zalmay Khalilzad and other war profiteers cannot be involved in the new U.S. administration. The United States knows that the Afghan Freedom Fighters will not come to the table if Pakistan is involved. Therefore, I strongly believe that peace negotiations must be held without Pakistan’s involvement. American Afghans are willing to be the bridge in these negotiations. I along with members of our peace group are willing to be the bridge. I strongly believe the first step in this peace process is to withdraw U.S. forces from Afghanistan. Maintaining or increasing troops will only continue and even escalate this war. I ask you for your help so that this ugly war can end in an honorable way for the United States and Afghanistan and true peace can be achieved in Afghanistan.

If America is to be great again it needs to end its ugly war in Afghanistan in an honorable way. This war does not make America great. It makes America a war monger and very much in debt. I along with other educated American Afghans can be the bridge to peace to end this war ( see my biography). Michigan has a strong connection to the Afghans/Pashtuns. In the 1980s, when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and waged war against the Afghan civilians, Sister Eugene of Borgess Hospital along with Dr. Fabi, Dr. Ramos and other staff, allowed me to bring 12 Afghan children, who were severely wounded in the war, to Borgess Hosital for free treatment. Mary Freebed also donated services for rehabilitation. I can be that bridge again. Do not repeat the mistakes of the past 15 years. I am very concerned about the future of my homeland the United States, and my motherland, Afghanistan. I do believe that the Republicans can stop the division in our country and bring peace in Afghanistan with new policies towards peace and new players, who are not war profiteers.

Thank you for your time and consideration. At your convenience, I may be reached at (269)353-7044.


Kadir A. Mohmand

Former Representative of the Afghan Freedom Fighters for North America during the 1980s

6147 Old Log Trail

Kalamazoo, MI 49009

(269) 353-7044



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