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Russian WW2 vets

Alla Pierce, freelance journalist, VT correspondent

[ Editor’s Note: Alla has touched on an important issue — how the New World Order barbarian hordes are perverting history as a demonizing tool for conditioning the public into supporting their perverse goals as a good thing. Smearing the Russian WWII vets is near the top of their list, and evidenced by removing, defacing, and even destroying monuments to their huge numbers of dead.

I met one of these veterans over a decade ago in Atlanta, as we have a community of Russian Vets here. When active with my Heritage TV work, I was invited to attend their Victory Day celebration. My first education was learning that 100% of those attending where not only Russian vets and family, but also 100% Jews, something no one mentioned a word about.

They had come over to the US under the big Scoop Jackson sponsored immigration, “escaping” from Soviet Union rule, sponsored under the family reunification legislation. But large numbers did not live with their families because they were eligible to go to the head of the line on the waiting list for free things like free senior housing, health care and yes, Medicaid as “low income” refugees.

Little known to virtually all Americans was that, if they have a US veteran or spouse who had been waiting in line for one of these highly sought after slots, under UN refugee treaties, these outside people went to the head of the line, and this included bumping US veterans down the line. As Gordon Duff would say, “Welcome to how the world really works.”

I cannot describe my shock in going to pick up a retired “Russian” general and finding myself in the expensive Buckhead section of Atlanta in a luxury assisted-living community, where he and his wife lived. Most of these “Russian veterans” were not living with their families, but the Jewish community was providing them a concierge service to place them into these premium facilities. Thus began my education in the tribal folks gaming the system, and keeping it as low profile as possible to avoid any backlash.

The Soviets used a lot of stage propaganda photos but women were used in combat, especially as snipers
The Soviets used a lot of staged propaganda photos, but women were used in combat, especially as snipers

The general had a wonderful story, having gone into the military as a strapping 14-year-old. He described the training as not more than a few weeks before being assigned to a combat unit, where live action training was the norm. Having been a good student, he was quickly chosen for officer candidate school and pulled out of the line.

But when manpower was short in the Stalingrad battle, his officer training class was sent in as regular infantry — all 350 of them. After three days of fighting, the 10% survivors were pulled out so there would be some alive to continue their officer training as combat veterans.

He told me he was sent into combat with no organized food or ammo supply; their instructions were that if they wanted food or ammo, to killed a German and take his. This even included great coats. It seems that the Soviet command knew that, especially at night, if anywhere could be found to hide with any cover, then units could not be forced to attack. So the situation was set up that, to stay alive, they had to keep attacking to strip dead Germans of their coats, weapons, ammo and any food they had.

He was wounded several times and ended up in Berlin, having fought continuously, other than his hospital stays. This kind of combat experience was something beyond what most American infantry had to endure — the intensity in terms of not only the conditions and the casualties, but the days they spent in combat.

Americans who do not know this can never have a clear grasp of the mindset Russians have about defending their homeland, where virtually all families have WWII KIAs; yet we see this trend in the former Soviet states to airbrush their suffering and military accomplishments out of the historical record.

This is being done to make it easier to paint Russia as a major threat to the US and Europe — a ridiculous concept on its face — as Russia has 10% of NATO’s and the US’ military budget, when the traditional attacker’s role requires a 3 to 1 superiority. If any Western military bigwigs would like to debate this, VT would be more than happy to wipe the floor with them… Jim W. Dean ]


November 19th is Artillery Day for Russian WWII vets
November 19th is Artillery Day for Russian WWII vets

– First published  …  November 19,  2016

In the former Soviet Union we celebrated Artillery Day every November 19th. Now, when I lived in the US, my Father contacted me on Skype the previous day, looking forward to proudly wear his uniform, complete with all regalia and medals; and he would traverse the city streets in honor of this historic anniversary.

WWII Russian front
WWII Russian front

However, I feel a growing anxiety overcome my thinking every time the Russian veterans of that era put on their old uniforms.

They do not honor the veterans in Ukraine unless it is the specific veterans of the UPA, allies of Hitler, who “glorified” themselves by bloody massacres of Poles, Russian, Belarusians, Ukrainians and Jews. On the anniversary of the liberation of his city from the occupying Nazis, but only some are fearless enough to put a uniform on.

Obviously some other veterans and former officers of the Soviet Army had the uniform on but carefully hid it under their long coats, not wanting to be easily recognized. “Why? Why do we now live in these unimaginable times when veterans are afraid to be seen in their old uniforms?”

When they down the streets in uniform, medals gleaming on their chests, people greet and waive at them from trolleys and buses.

The old vets ask: “How is it that we have now come to live at a time when monuments to our history are desecrated and destroyed, our Victory over the Nazis is defamed and innocent people are getting killed?”

“Everything will be fine,” I told them, unable to be more creative with my words as I am utterly speechless as an observer of the present times.

Russian WW2 vets
Russian WW2 vets

And now, again,they put on their military uniforms and went on the city streets. Artillery Day is celebrated in commemoration of the merits of the Red Army artillery units in a historic defeat of the Nazis in Stalingrad, which began with the Soviet counterattack on November 19th 1942. Artillery played a decisive role in this counteroffensive.

The Battle for Stalingrad was one of the largest strategic operations of Red Army troops in the Great Patriotic War. The battle consisted of two stages.

First was the execution of a strategic defensive operation which took place from July 17th to November 18th 1942. As result of this colossal effort, the backbone of German’s main strike force on the southern front was crushed and utterly extinguished. During this time preparations were made for the counterattack which turned out to be one of the greatest counterattacks in human history,

The second stage of this battle was a strategic offensive operation and it began on November 19th, 1942. The operation had a code name “Uranus”. The Red Army surrounded and destroyed the main forces of the German army. Artillery fire stunned the enemy. During the Battle for Stalingrad the Germans lost around half a million solders, a quarter of its forces operating on the Eastern front.

As a result of the Battle of Stalingrad the Red Army captured the strategic initiative and held it until the end of the war.

Artillery Day commemoration
Artillery Day commemoration

This battle demonstrated unprecedented heroism and incredible military prowess of soviet soldiers. 55 military units were awarded medals for their merits. 179 military units were honorably named “Guard” and 44 were named “Stalingrad’s”.

About 100 soldiers were awarded by highest title of “Hero of the Soviet Union”, and more than 707,000 were awarded the medal “For the Defense of Stalingrad”.

The Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet from October 24th 1944 announced this day as a holiday — the Artillery Day. It was enshrined to celebrate “Artillery Day” with simultaneous cannonade from 20 224 of artillery units.

Many of the Great Patriotic war participated as “sons of the regiment” because they were in their early teens, including being sent to Stalingrad. They incurred huge casualties an horrible deaths with wounded many times just freezing to death.

Today in Ukraine the average person on the street does not even associate November 19th as Artillery Day, in honor of the huge role those men played in rolling back the German army. This separating and demonizing patriotic history has become an ongoing geo-political demonizing tool with not only countries but NGO groups like Soros to paint nationalism as a security threat, the old psyop game of making up, down, and bad, good. That is the real threat we all collectively face.



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