Intel Drop, December 13, 2016

John Wheeler III was found here.
John Wheeler's body was dumped here
John Wheeler’s body was dumped here … as a literal example of reaching the end of the road

… by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

A week or so ago, the Washington Post, quoting a flaky ADL front group, tried to tie VT to Russia and a pack of mostly Israeli controlled blogs and comment boards like InfoWars and CounterPunch. 

Coming to a media near you
Coming to a media near you

Supposedly the idea was fighting Russian propaganda and fake news. In articles published here and Russia, we cited the Post for being a primary purveyor of fake news, right up there with Breitbart. Frankly, the Israeli press is far better than the mindless crap they push on us.

By this I am inferring that the Israel lobby, through ownership or editorial control, runs nearly all mainstream media and almost all “alternative” media as well.

Any organization that depends on advertising dollars or “organizational funding,” usually laundered Mossad cash, will be controlled or taken down, even if a “Boston Brakes” car wreck is required to get the message across, as has been done several times, Mike Hastings and Jeff Rense to name two.

Making our position clear, it has become increasingly important to separate real and fake, particularly as “fake pretty much everything” has been around for some time. We have cooked down most conspiracy theories, gotten to the root of most, found some to be totally valid, have gone through the conventional narrative and found it to be laughable or worse and are working on a path.

VT has long relationships with other media in Russia and Iran, among others, and supports all quality material originating from those sources. However, we often differ and when we find cheap propaganda or a trail of misdirection, we inform those involved and take our own path. We have done this many times and openly chastise high level contacts at more than a couple of nations who buy in on false narrative we generally trace down to a carefully crafted psyop out of Tel Aviv.

A book worth reading
A book worth reading

Let us be clear about what has happened in America. For those who are unfamiliar with author Len Deighton, please read his work, SS GB. This is a story about Britain after a successful Nazi invasion in 1940, detailing how life in Britain would be impacted under German Rule.

Where Germany was a cultured nation with strong Christian values caught up in events, and what I am saying here without delving into the “holocaust” is that the historical narrative of 20th century struggle involving Germany at least is largely “fake history,” whereas what has happened to the US is something very different.

America is intrinsically unwholesome. Our love of Hitler, Time Magazine man of the year 1940, and hero to millions of Americans, wasn’t based on his heroics in war.

Americans knew nothing of Germany’s healthcare system, their pension system, their laws regulating working conditions or prohibiting starvation wages while management/ownership bloated themselves.

Americans knew nothing of Germany’s schools or nutrition programs nor about the housecleaning done under Hitler, scouring most corruption from the nation in months.

No, American’s loved Hitler because of the bad things reported about him, his blustering threats, his fanaticism and his quite possibly misreported hatred of the Jews. With the right shove, America might have opened concentration camps for Jews as well. Look at today’s hatred of “elites” and Trump, who Netanyahu has called an “asset of Israel,” and his campaign rhetoric about evil bankers.

This wouldn’t be the first or even the hundredth time the “Jew card” has been played at behest of the joker in the deck.

Well, this is what has happened here and it wasn’t the Russians who took over. America is helplessly reeling under a rigged election. The CIA report has several things not made public. I will outline some items here that Senator’s McCain and Graham have seen along with President Obama and so many others:

  • The leadership of the FBI is being blackmailed and bribed. The agency itself has long been in a tailspin. Since 9/11, with so many new agencies, the FBI has tried to “out-fruitcake” the rest of the publicly known and the many classified agencies that mostly pad expenses, waste taxpayers money and fabricate threats to justify their existence.
  • The FBI is under foreign control.
  • The election itself was hacked, not just email accounts but votes.
  • The CIA has evidence that Trump was aware of this. Some of his people met with Russians directly, a bad move, others worked through Breitbart and their facilities in Tel Aviv, coordinating the election operation.
  • It was Netanyahu that brought the operation to Putin. Netanyahu explained that, with US support of terrorists (a policy originated and promoted through Netanyahu himself, a minor stroke of irony) in Syria and Iraq, and the NATO threat against Russia, not acting against Hillary Clinton, who is both tough on Russia and Israel, would be unwise despite the risk of it all blowing up as it is doing right now.
  • The CIA has a vast amount of material, much given to them by FBI investigators who have been silenced or quashed, showing how that agency has supported drug cartels, money launderers and right wing organizations that have risen to power, with endless “black funding,” around the world.

Despite what has happened, VT chooses to continue to support both Russia and Syria against current US policy, on an editorial basis at least. Similarly, we support Trump initiatives, though they are technically premature and illegal at this point. Trump is likely to be an asset when dealing with China but otherwise, we aren’t so sure.

At this point, the GOP leadership in Congress hates Trump’s guts. His several military picks for top posts and his cabinet in general are offensive to congress. Rick Perry at energy might work out well as Perry had a fairly successful run on Dancing With the Stars and has rehabilitated himself, though as Texas governor, he murdered more innocent men than anyone other than George W Bush.

Trump has been intellectually careless. He is lazy. His climate views, for instance, like his former “birther” views, are “bumbersticker science” and will make America a laughing stock. This is more of Steve Bannon, the accused anti-Semite who is a pure and unadulterated Israeli asset. For any who doubt this, please refer to this Breitbart Jerusalem article:  Dershowitz: Trump Likely To Succeed In Mideast Peace Process Where Obama Failed

Dershowitz is the “dark heart” of the mechanism used to silence the press in the US.

That press has been working overtime to fictionalize the raising of the siege of Aleppo and the liberation of those part of the city under White Helmet/al Qaeda terror rule. I have spent some time in Syria where I met with judges and prosecutors, reviewed procedures and developed a working relationship with the Minister of Justice, Najm al-Ahmad. Their legal system is hardly as described. Syria is far from the police state the United States has become and Syria has no “for pay” prison system nor does it have our openly racist legal system, racist and retributional, demanding decades long sentences for victimless crimes while America herself is ruled by a self-professed criminal elite.

As we see events in Aleppo and the insane reporting come to light, Israel’s hand in it all becomes clearer. Long ago, December 2010, Wikileaks was exposed publicly as an Israeli intelligence operation. When Israel chose to use Wikileaks, combined with Russian hacking, to provide backdrop for the real election rigging efforts, we still see the power of Israeli control of the media protecting the Wiki-Mossad asset for future misdeeds.

What is telling now is the potential appointment of Exxon’s Tillerson as Secretary of State. Yes, he has experience dealing with Russia and an eye for hunting down corporate profits. He also has an eye for buying stolen oil from Iraq or through intermediaries from ISIS as well, for bribing governments, corrupting officials and for totally myopic views for the purpose of existence, that of protecting “big oil” at the expense of all else, including human life.

This guy is totally unqualified for anything other than his ability to find profit, no small accomplishment mind you. However, he is no John Kerry though few understand to what degree Kerry, and perhaps not Hillary Clinton, has a substantial grasp on global affairs. Guys like Kerry and Biden, and on the other side, Graham and McCain, never my favorites, have the real background required.

Truth is there are very few that are even aware of what background is required, I being one, and the ability to recognize where people like Trump are out of their element. This was true of Obama also but not so much with Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush or Jimmie Carter. Peddling the kind of bull Obama took into stride and gladly implemented into policy, from supporting “moderate opposition” in Syria to his Russia hysteria, would never have flown for someone with real experience.

Were one to assume politics are real and that governments like the US aren’t largely controlled by special interest and the corrupt culture of Washington, all made worse by the incredible ignorance and mental aberration of a generation of white American “christians” in love with fascism and torture, the idea that political life in America is a “bottom feeder paradise” would seem more troublesome.

The Russians, Iranians, the Syrians, these cultures just don’t understand exactly how stupid some in Washington are. What they also don’t know, and this is why Trump is so worrysome, is how so many business leaders, even “money-guru” types can be so ignorant. I remember when I worked for Dan Overmyer. He and his friends from WWII opened up Russia and China to investment and set up the oil trading platforms still used today.

I would sit next to Overymyer on long flights, sometimes up to 12 hours, and he would discuss politics and culture in Chad and Somalia or his years in Russia or the Balkans. Overmyer was “old school,” part pirate, but totally class as well, fanatically conservative but all capitalism and low on totalitarianism and imperialism. He’s gone and there are none left, only Harvard “bidness” school grads with “connections” and 2nd rate community college educations.

There are immediate threats that Trump represents:

  1. Trump is “total surveillance” and has no respect for the constitution whatsoever. Given two SCOTUS nominations, one immediately, he could erode individual rights in the US unimaginably. Gun rights are useless in a police state where due process is gone and torture will be commonplace during police questioning as it is on TV cop dramas already, thanks to Israeli control of media.
  2. Betsy Devos, at Education, is a nightmare. She is a religious nutcase, born of wealth and extremism, the Calivinistic insanity of the Christian Reformed Church of North America, all the worse of Nazi politics, satanism and ignorance. As anyone who has lived in West Michigan about Betsy and Dick and what they have brought. America’s slide to academic mediocrity will reach epic proportions.
  3. Consumer protection laws are dead. Poisoned food, broken appliances, ripoffs, robocalls, unpaid overtime, dangerous working conditions, bad roads, crooked cops, secret overcharges by banks and credit card companies, this is what is on its way.
  4. Following this is “pump and dump,” with the fox in the hen house, banks will loot deposits and begin unregulated lending to organized crime. The financial markets are already there with investment returns already plunging based on the expected Trump engineered crash.
  5. American’s who can afford it will have to go to Cuba for healthcare.
  6. All medical research will be overseen by “flat earth” types, and much of the direction science has turned to is likely to be declared “ungodly” and illegal. Cancer will not be cured by Trump and science will move backwards decades.

Trump won’t grow into the job, it is too late for him to develop character. Then again, were he to be who the unwashed hope for, and that ship has already sailed thank you very much, Washington could well use some “Huey Long” slap downs. Yes, I would have arrested 5 members of the Supreme Court and really gone after the actual satanic pedophile rings which may well exist.

Murdering sexually abused children, a rather small issue in Washington, a city where orders are given to lay waste to entire nations, is now a subject for amusement. Fake news hangs the “pedo” tag on everyone nowadays though I think we all, in our hearts, know who the real culprits are. At least three are among the cabinet nominations we have seen so far.

Telling is Trump policy on Afghanistan and Yemen.

Let us be clear. Wahhabism is the root of all real terrorism and is the Saudi version of Zionism. Both work hand in hand to physically control the Middle East on behalf of families that share biblical roots. Preston James or Jonas Alexis (Jack Heart also) can explain this.

You can’t fight ISIS without fighting Saudi Arabia.

You can’t support Syria without fighting Saudi Arabia. You can’t secure Iraq without fighting Saudi Arabia.  You can’t secure Europe without reining in Erdogan. Obama failed all this too and Trump is “Obama 2” on steroids.

As with Afghanistan, it has always been about drugs with the US, under the neocons now back in power under Trump, building a narcotics empire there that is unrivaled. Those responsible are now surrounding Trump who will likely gain control of $100b in narco-cash to work his personal magic.

Don’t expect it to be cheap college tuition, high wages and “jobs brought home.”



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