Lindsey Graham: Yes, I am a political moron and a puppet of the Israeli regime

"Dear AIPAC: I am your Judas Iscariot. What's the price for deceiving the American people for Israel?"
“Dear AIPAC: I am your Judas Iscariot. What’s the price for deceiving the American people for Israel?”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


If there is one man in politics who has always been an agent for the Israeli regime, that person must be Lindsey Graham. In my humble opinion, he should receive a gold medal for being selling the American people to their oppressors.

Graham was one of the politicians to support the perverse idea that the NSA ought to snoop on virtually every American. “I’m glad the NSA is trying to find out what the terrorists are up to overseas and in our country,” he said.

“I’m a Verizon customer. I don’t mind Verizon turning over records to the government if the government is going to make sure that they try to match up a known terrorist phone with somebody in the United States. I don’t think you’re talking to the terrorists. I know you’re not. I know I’m not. So we don’t have anything to worry about. I’m glad that activity is going on, but it is limited to tracking people who are suspected to be terrorists and who they may be talking to”[1]

Graham again declared that, with respect to hacking virtually everyone’s cellphone, “I’m sure we should be doing this.”[2]

Graham was again deconstructing the Constitution of the United States, which basically says that the government has no right to intrude on people’s privacy, particularly when it comes to the average citizen who has nothing to do with terrorism.

But Graham looks like a cartoon character when he has recently declared that 1) Russia has hacked into the DNC and 2) the United States must respond, perhaps covertly or militarily.

What we should do is not turn on each other but work as one people to push back on Russia. Because if you don’t stop Russia, China and Iran will eventually do this, because Trump is gonna take China and Iran on. He should. I wanna help him do both. But they will turn on him and hack into his emails.”

First of all, no one has ever presented serious documents which conclusively show that Russia did hack into the DNC. What we have heard over the past few months is one statement after another with no factual backup. In fact, it has been reported that it was not Russia that actually hacked the DNC but a disgruntled whistleblower.[3]

But let us grant the premise that Russia did hack into the DNC. Does Graham mean to tell us that this is worse than what he has been advocating for decades? Graham has been in the pockets of the Israeli Lobby since he began his political career.

Graham said last year that if anyone is thinking “about joining ISIL,” then “I’m gonna call a drone and we will kill you.”[4]

If you still don’t think that Graham is under an essentially diabolical spell, then think about this for a moment. Bashal al-Assad, with the help of Russia and Iran, has been involved in obliterating ISIL in Syria since the beginning of the war. What do you think a rational person would say? Wouldn’t a sensible person step back and start examining his ideological weltanschauung?

Well, not for Graham. Instead of asking US officials to support Assad, the joker advocated that “Assad has to go. We’re going to have to send some of our soldiers back into the Middle East.”

To do what? To send another six-trillion dollar bill to the American people?[5] To put precious American soldiers in body bags? To send thousands upon thousands of American soldiers back with brain injuries?[6] To commit sodomy again? When will this man come to his senses? Do you see why Putin would almost certainly say that people like Graham are indirectly following a satanic principle?

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