Trump does ‘Sanctions Lite’ on Iran

Iran had 2000 medium range missiles all through the G5+1 nefgtiations

US Treasury imposes sanctions on 13 Iranian people, 12 companies

Iran had 2000 medium range missiles all through the G5+1 negotiations

[ Note:  The move to reinvent Iran as the new boogeyman is proceeding slowly. These few people and company sanctions are just for show. The US is keeping the focus for them mainly on the missile tests, which is a comfortable separation from the Iran nuclear deal accords.

Washington knows that member states of the UN have a right to arm themselves for defense. This is even more justified in the Mideast where little Israel has a medium size nuclear force, and the US having the ability to deliver them on targets from a variety of it naval ship, military base missiles, or by air.

Everyone else is scrambling to have any defense at all, and medium size countries a reasonable deterrent.  It is having this deterrent that some of the Western States and Israel object to. They prefer targeted countries to lay prostrate before them, but has no legal basis for this.

Of all the UN nations only the US has an official preemptive strike doctrine, which was pushed through, post Cold War, by the NeoCons with a Bill Clinton that was fully on board a uni-polar US world dominated geopolitical situation. Imagine that, a new way to spread joy and cheer throughout the world to countries that are no military threat to the US whatsoever.

The attitude of the politician is that if we have a mushroom electorate that loves to be fed manure they are happy to oblige, and they do. But this policy has failed. The sanctions stimulated Iran’s huge domestic Manhattan style rearmament program after years of little Israel threatening to strike a nuclear weapons program it did not have.

Now here were a year after that was debunked. Much of Iran’s nuclear program has been scaled way back with full compliance validated by the IAEA, and the new bozos in office think they can con us into accepting a new load of manure being dumped on us. What we need to do is dump it on them, which is why I wrote this missive on Super Bowl day …JD ]


– First published  …  February  03, 2017 –

The US has imposed new sanctions against Iran over its recent missile test. The US Treasury Department says the sanctions target 13 people and a dozen companies.

The individuals include eight Iranian, three Chinese, a Bosnian and two Lebanese nationals. A US official has said Iran’s quote-continued support for terrorism and development of its ballistic missile program pose a threat to the region. Iran has yet to comment on the measure.


Some Press TV comments

well it looks like Trump businesses never done any dealings with iran. Trump serves his Jewish masters very well
+Lea Cooper Take a look at every administration for the last 50 years and do a bit of real research into the Jews that worked in American public and federal office. It’s not a secret, its fact! Bush was Christian too, but he still sucked off Netanyahooo’s dick and handed him billions! You’re so stupid to think that Trump wont serve Israel and Saudi Arabia, haven’t you watched any of the AIPAC presentations before he took office?
Haven’t you seen the guy standing behind him when he signed his executive orders the other week? A Jew, his own son in law is a Jew, but he isn’t a politician so why the fu$k in the world is he standing behind Trump in the oval office while he signs executive orders? He works in property development.
But his real job is to push Trump in the direction Israel wants! Lets get one thing straight, American lives don’t mean shit to this guy, he isn’t going to make anything great for anyone, he is about to bring your people into another 20 years of war with a country that has every right to defend its people! If you can’t understand that, then don’t bother replying!
how the Hell is Iran supporting terrorism when it is they who are fighting against ISIS which is founded and supported by the usa israel qatar and saudi arabia!
all this is bs..American needs to get out
the anchor is correct this isn’t about sanctions, this is about the Islamic Republic.
Finally. GREAT NEWS.
good analysis…
I bet the sanctions imposed were on very rich people or industry … they are thieves you may never see your money again. That’s what the US did to Japan to piss them off.



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