GCHQ and MI6 are now stirring up fears that Russia could intervene in the next British general election, although they’re not sure why, or on whose side. It’ll be an invasion scare next. I’m just waiting for reports from Scotland of men with snow on their shoes.

This follows the ‘Russian hacking’ nonsense in the States. Amidst this paranoid anti-Russian hysteria it’s worth mentioning a few facts:

(1) There is NO evidence that any Russian intelligence agency hacked the DNC. Such evidence as points towards Russian involvement on its face, actually points away from it. It is NOT evidence of Russian involvement, only of a crude attempt to blame Russia.

(2) The DNC leaks appear to have been internal, i.e. nothing to do with hacking at all.

(3) US voting machines are offline and cannot be hacked, unless they are tampered with physically.

(4) There is NO evidence of physical tampering with voting machines.

(5) The DNC leaks do not seem to have played a material role in the election campaign, and

(6) The Russian agency being blamed by Democrats and the MSM for the alleged interference in the election, the FSB, is Russia’s principal INTERNAL intelligence agency, with a very limited footprint in the USA. Russia’s EXTERNAL agency is the SVR. Neither agency has a lot to do with COMINT – that’s mostly handled by the capable Special Communications and Information Service, or Spetssvyaz.

The fact that the commentators and politicians pushing this anti-Russian line apparently cannot tell the difference between the FSB and the SVR –as big a mistake as confusing the FBI and CIA – and don’t seem to have heard of the Spetssvyaz simply shows up their intelligence illiteracy.

House Intelligence Chairman

Don’t expect anything other than junk from the House Intelligence Committee hearings.

They are limiting witnesses to those pushing the ‘Russia interfered in the presidential election’ conspiracy theory. They will push the conspiracy theory in their findings, as they don’t know any better.

Please don’t forget that the House Intelligence Committee is packed with intelligence illiterates, no offense intended. This is the same committee that managed to get through the entire Cold War without ever understanding that the Communist Party of the Soviet Union was a front for German intelligence.

So far as I know not a single Congressman on the committee is aware of the German DVD. Since the DVD is the world’s most powerful and influential intelligence agency, this pitiful ignorance virtually excludes the House Intelligence Committee from any serious analysis of intelligence affairs. It also leaves them vulnerable to manipulation.

It’s a bit like having congressmen on the House Agriculture Committee who do not know one end of a horse from another. I don’t know anything about agriculture, which is why you won’t find me expressing any opinions about it. I used to say that I would even know which tit to pull if asked to milk a cow, until a kind farmer patiently explained to me that you don’t pull tits anymore – apparently you just hook the poor beast up to a machine. It’s something to do with encouraging the spread of disease, I expect.

Richard Sorge, a German who spied for the USSR – monument in Baku, Azerbaijan

Basically, I would be about as much use in a cowshed as tits on a bull. Intelligence is my game, and without wishing to be immodest (perish the thought!), what I have to say is usually worth listening to. That’s because I know what I’m talking about.

Being unaware of the Correa/COREA Group means that that the House Intelligence Committee are unaware of the extent of German influence over the CIA and the FBI. This is critical, since the anti-Russian hysteria is being driven from Frankfurt. (Good to see Wikileaks expose the existence of the CIA’s operation in Frankfurt, BTW, even if Wikileaks does not know enough about intelligence to be able to penetrate the false Stars and Stripes.)

Without wishing to be offensive, another problem with the House Intelligence Committee is its lack of intelligence. There isn’t a single member with high intelligence. The Chairman, Devin Nunes, is a nice enough chap by all accounts, but is clearly struggling to understand even basic intelligence concepts. His IQ appears to be down in the low 140s, i.e. below entry level for a player in the Intelligence Community, never mind a major player.


The Tapping of Donald Trump’s Phones

President Trump, with respect, was right to go on the attack. He, BTW, does not struggle with low intelligence. There are two types of smart – book-smart and street-smart. The President might not be able to write a PhD thesis, a lot of which are junk anyway, but he’s street smart. The Democrats and MSM are under-estimating him, at their peril. He’s not stupid, not by a long chalk. Actually, there are surprisingly few stupid billionaires (Bill Gates is the only one I can think of, no offense intended).

Whilst the opposition were pushing a false ‘the Russians did it’ narrative, the President grasped that the real interference was coming from closer to home, i.e. from the FBI and CIA. He hasn’t mentioned Germany yet, but that can’t be far behind.

It is now clear that the Obama Administration sanctioned an operation which involved tapping Donald Trump’s phones, after he headed off various pro-German, anti-Russian candidates in the Republican primaries. In a blatantly political move the FBI went to a federal judge and asked for a FISA warrant on the Republican candidate, i.e. the candidate not backed by the FBI.

The judge, knowing that granting the request would mean the end of FISA, not to mention a promising judicial career, refused the request and rightly so. Various numpties in the media (a numpty is an alternative word for a Democrat) have pronounced this the end of the matter, as though the FBI obeys the law and respects the US Constitution.

In fact the FBI has about as much respect for the US Constitution as it does for the Venezuelan Constitution, that is to say a little, but not much. The FBI are a rogue agency who only obey the law when it suits them.

In this case it didn’t suit them, nor their colleagues in the CIA. It is now clear that CIA went to Britain’s GCHQ, probably via MI6, which is controlled by the Foreign Office, which in turn controls GCHQ, and asked Cheltenham to do the tap. This was about the same time as a former MI6 officer was compiling a dodgy dossier on Donald Trump.

GCHQ can listen in to all internal US phone calls, both landline, as long as they’re not hooked up to an analogue exchange, and cellular. Judges and journalists entertain a fatal fascination with alligator clips. They live in an analogue world, where if you want to tap somebody’s phone, an engineer has to go to the phone exchange, armed with alligator clips. This technology is about as relevant in today’s world as the Boeing 727 – i.e. it has retained some uses, but not many.

All you need with digital technology is a number or a voiceprint. The NSA can do the same in the UK, but they’re the Good Guys. They’re also not stupid. They wouldn’t agree to back a particular political party in a British general election, and if they were silly enough to try, they wouldn’t pick the losing party.

Valerie Plame

Basically what happened last year is that after Donald Trump became the Republican nominee, the CIA and FBI decided to back Hillary Clinton, i.e. America’s principal external and internal intelligence agencies chose to back the Democrat in a presidential race. That was insane.

It was always likely to come out, not least as the NSA were bound to find out about the phone-tapping, given their close working relationship with GCHQ.

Now it has come out there are going to be big implications for the CIA and FBI’s credibility, leadership and budgets. The credibility of both agencies with conservatives has been shot. Jim Comey at FBI has got to go; and there will need to be clear-out of Democrats at the top of both agencies.

Comey has long been mistrusted by conservatives anyway because of his appointment of the notorious Patrick Fitzgerald in the Plame Affair, which involved federal prosecutors lying to a federal judge in an effort to embarrass the Bush-Cheney Administration. Resources are bound to be switched to professional intelligence and law enforcement agencies such as the NSA, DIA, DEA and ATF.

The conviction of Lewis Libby, who was the patsy in the Plame Affair, will need to be reviewed, indeed President Trump should pardon Libby. That would be a useful smack in the teeth for Comey and Fitzgerald.

I knew that John Brennan was a fool, no offense intended, from the moment he backed my bomb hoax prosecution, the silliest in Britain since the last prosecution under the Witchcraft Act. (He must have known that friends of mine were always going to get their hands on the recording of my telephone briefing for MOD and that I would find out about the destruction by MOD of the original note of their call to me.)

By openly attacking a Republican Administration on talk shows John has shown himself to be a complete fool, again no offense intended (if he had kept quiet we might have thought that he was just a fool). He has also revealed himself to be a Democrat. (I accept of course that there is considerable overlap between the two groups.)

The President has got it right, with respect. The interference by the CIA and FBI in the 2016 presidential election in support of the Democratic Party’s candidate is the biggest political scandal to hit Washington since Watergate.


The Third Forgery

This week saw the release of a third forged Obama birth certificate. How do we know it’s a forgery? Well, it was released by a member of the Obama family for one thing. That’s not a good start.

Unlike the first forgery, which purported to be issued by the “Republic of Kenya” three years before the Republic of Kenya was created, this one at least gets the name of the country right. It gets the name of the mother wrong however.

Stanley Ann Dunham (SAD) was ruled out conclusively as Barack Hussein Obama’s (BHO’s) mother by the CIA’s DNA test, the one they’re holding back from President Trump in a desperate effort to help Obama destabilize his administration. There is also no credible evidence that SAD was in the Coastal Protectorate of Kenya in August 1961. I’m no expert on child-birth – the only birth that I have ever attended, apart from a calf in up-country Queensland, was mine – but I do know that it helps if the mother is in the same country.

The date of birth is also wrong. August 4th 1961 is BHO’s official DOB, which means that it’s almost certainly wrong. My estimate for BHO’s actual birth date is April 8th 1960. It’s remarkable how little people creating false IDs stray from their true date of birth. April 8th is the reverse of August 4th, indeed under the British system, into which BHO was born, 8/4 would be April 8th.

So we have the wrong mother and the wrong date of birth. It’s another phony. That part’s easy. What’s interesting is that BHO’s brother released this latest certificate, which suggests that BHO himself is backing away from the Honolulu legend the DVD created for him 56 years ago.

The legend was never going to survive an examination of hospital records in Honolulu, let alone SAD’s medical records (it is quite common for a woman’s medical records to contain references to a pregnancy). With an intelligent Republican in the White House you can bet that BHO’s “I was born in Hawai’i and I’m an American” narrative is being checked out. He’ll be claiming to be a Christian next.


This Week’s TV Review: SS-GB, BBC1, Sundays at 2100

Alaska Railroad

This controversial series lovingly recreates post-war Britain as the BBC wishes it was. Based on Len Deighton’s novel, it’s an alternative history, under which our community partner Hermann Goering actually won the Battle of Britain.

With nothing better than Bf109s with which to fight our glorious Spitfires and Hurricanes, and one of the Abwehr’s main sources of information in London, Ambassador Joe Kennedy, compromised, it’s difficult to see how.

The hero, or anti-hero, Superintendent Douglas Archer, well played by Sam Riley, is a collaborator. In modern Britain we would call him a Remoaner. He’s the sort of person who is willing to accept orders from the SS and supports EU membership. Unlike the Luftwaffe winning the Battle of Britain this part is credible – British police behave like Nazis as it is, never mind under German occupation.

It’s nowhere near as good as Amazon’s The Man In The High Castle, but it’s entertaining viewing nonetheless. I guess they’ll show it on PBS, which probably shares the BBC’s regret that Germany lost World War II.

BTW if you ever get to watch Railroad Alaska, look out for the nice old boy with the fur hat, the furry beard and a hook for a hand. He’s straight out of central casting and as obvious a Good Guy as you’ll ever see on TV.

I have fond memories of riding the Alaska Railroad – it’s the only time I’ve ever seen a bear from a train. (You hardly ever see bears from a train in England, and even fewer moose.) It’s a great railroad, staffed by wonderful people, and traverses glorious scenery.


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