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History of the Ukrainian War

The Ukrainian war started when the democratically elected President of Ukraine rejected the Obama administration's urgings for Ukraine to become allied with the US against his adjoining country Russia.

What if everything we’ve been told is a lie?

What if everything we’ve been told about 9/11 is a lie? What if it wasn’t 19 Muslim terrorist hijackers that flew those planes into the Twin Towers and Pentagon? What if the Muslims had nothing whatsoever to do with the attacks on 9/11?

Gaza: UK is all words, no action

Let's be clear. Israel's crimes are not 'first offences' - they've been committing them for decades.

NEO – Biden has just crossed the Red Line

Jim W. Dean - The last thing we need from Biden now is to be a Democratic version of Donald Trump on foreign affairs, where you have your pet boogie men to defends us from.

Obama Nat. Security Advisor admits US on its knees to Israel...

A former senior US official has said some 20 American mouthpieces for the Israeli regime had unrivaled access to the White House during Barack Obama’s presidency, highlighting the close link between Israeli lobbies and the White House and Congress.

Biden should refuse to let Trump define his options

With Biden already committed to movingly quickly on a lot of fronts to get the US ship of state sailing with full sails, his supporters are hopinng for a comprehensive new transition model to be rolled out.

#UNRIG Video (1:37:06) Steele On Edge of Wonder: NSA, CIA and...

In a 90 minute interview with Edge of Wonder duo, Robert Steele discusses Ed Snowden as a CIA op for Barack Obama intended to shut down NSA, and much more.

Tucson Update: An Assassinated Judge: Death Threat Cases: Clinton, Obama, EPA,...

TARGET FOR ASSASSINATION: ROLL'S DOCKET Judge John Roll, at the time of his assassination was presiding over hundreds of cases. These cases ranged from a...

NEO – The Fall of the Dancing Bear

by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor, ... with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow (1816) - First published ... June 17, 2020 - Trump is a “dancing bear,”...

Obama Weaponized CIA, DoJ, FBI Against Mike Flynn

Sibel Edmonds is the source for an indictment of Gulen as an Obama-CIA sponsored terrorist -- was Mike Flynn framed to protect a US taxpayer-funded terrorist?

1. The RICO Act – Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations

It's about time the Justice Department starts to take apart the corrupt influences in our political system, the FBI, the security Agencies, and yes,...

Are you going to fight for America or be defeated?

It is sad today to think there are those among us who would willingly chose for America to become (in many cases we have...

Intel Drop: Pizzagate and More, a Unit 8200 Smear Job for...

Stories laden with truth are never easy. Twice during our most recent tenure on this painful rock, the US has been saved, temporarily at least, by men of grace, wit and heart. Their names were William Clinton and Barack Obama.

Exclusive: Dangerous Phase of Terrorism, Trump’s Israeli Connections Proved (Updated)

President Donald Trump’s Israeli connections, terrorism has entered a dangerous phase.

Trump Treason: Mossad Run Contractor Paid to Falsify US Intel...

Trump aides hired Israeli private spy agency in attempt to flesh out incriminating info on Obama Officials.

In Defense of “Third World Country” Immigrants

The other day, a friend of mine complained to me about America’s need for “White immigrants” and that America needs "White" immigrants and not immigrants from “Third World countries”,

Russia: Trump to Sell Jets to Bahrain, Overturn Obama Human Rights...

Editor's note:  VT has evidence that Bahrain's government has a standing agreement with a militarist cabal in the US to use terrorism against Americans,...

NEO – Trump goes down in flames on Fake Taping claims

Jim W. Dean - The update on this story is the admission by the House investigation committee that there was some inadvertent collection of material on the Trump campaign, picked up via surveillance of foreign entities being monitored.

Panetta: Trump Should Apologize to Obama

  Donald Trump should apologize to his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, for claims assessed as false by FBI Director James Comey, says a former...

Breaking: Trump Humilated, Fake News Claim that Obama Had Brits...

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor What can anyone say about this.  Years ago, Napolitano promised to reveal information on 9/11 as an "inside job."  Instead,...


GCHQ and MI6 are now stirring up fears that Russia could intervene in the next British general election, although they’re not sure why, or on whose side. It’ll be an invasion scare next.

Democrats and Pizzagate?

The idea that Russia hacked the 2016 presidential election is so absurd that there has to be something more to the Democrat and liberal media panic. Why are they parting company with reality?

Trump accuses Obama of wiretapping his tower

Jim W. Dean - Trump really is losing his cool. The intercepts he is referring to show he has not grasped that when the NSA and FBI are monitoring foreign communications, which only requires picking up one foreign party, the other can be a US citizen where there is not a violation as an "inadvertent collection".

Obama’s balkanization plans devastated Syria

Jim W. Dean - Here Obama is left with a Syria that is devastated, with several hundred billion dollars worth of destruction that is going to take a generation to rebuild, and this is something he is going to have to live with.

Blocking Trump’s War on the Working Class, Obama Attacks Student Loan...

Editor's note:  The GOP fraudsters, now the center of Trump's incoming gang, have been victimizing students for years, with high interest loans and collection...

Obama Commutes Whistleblower Chelsea Manning’s Sentence

After years of being detained for exposing war crimes committed by US forces that got completely swept under the rug, Chelsea Manning's sentence is commuted by President Obama.

Jim W. Dean and Mike Gravel – Rolling coverage of Obama...

Like it or not, Obama is being followed by what appears to be a "bookend" to his presidency, another "man of change" who has his own "Yes I can" agenda.

Bibi sweating a ‘midnight surprise’ as the UN before Obama leaves

Jim W. Dean - My, my... Bibi has blinked here, for sure. Has he gotten word that the goal of the Paris conference is to pass a Palestinian Statehood resolution recognizing the West Bank?

Obama orders sanctions on Russia over alleged election interference

Jim W. Dean - This is about what we have been expecting, a fanny covering move by Obama so it could not be said he did nothing. Expect to see 35 US diplomats in Russia ordered to leave soon.

Breaking: UNSC passes resolution to end Israeli settlements

Jim W. Dean - Obama sends Bibi an "up yours" for his attempt to end run his presidential authority by going to Trump to stop the censuring resolution on the continued Israeli settlement building.

Tass: Obama vows to prove Russia’s involvement in US campaign hacks

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxaz3RC8JSs The Russian president’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said earlier in the day that the US should "either stop talking or finally present some proof, otherwise...

PressTV: Iran sanctions bill becomes law without Obama signature

  US President Barack Obama has declined to sign a bill renewing existing sanctions against Iran, but allowed the legislation to become law, in an...

Obama under mounting pressure to disclose Russia’s role in US election

Spencer Ackerman in New York Barack Obama is facing growing pressure from congressional Democrats in both houses demanding further disclosures regarding Russia’s role in the...

Re-Uniting America

If President Elect Donald Trump wants to make “America Great Again”, then he has to earnestly take all the necessary steps to reunite America -- to heal the wounds and divisions this presidential election created.

‘Obama administration searching for cassus belli in Syria before Trump takes...

Claims by the White House about what the Russian and Syrian government are doing are becoming highly speculative, emotive and without any real evidence...

Obama, Clinton, helpless at Russian election grab

When Hillary Clinton blamed the FBI for rigging the election an the term 'rigging the election' is exactly what she meant; she showed the typical Democrat weakness and cowardice that we have seen for the last 8 years.

Obama tours Europe to soothe fears over Trump’s stance on NATO,...

Barack Obama has arrived in Greece on the first stop of his farewell foreign tour as president. As the trip comes days after the...

Trump is the Anti-Obama, Just Like Obama Was the Anti-Bush (But...

Trump's superficial anti-globalist anti-New-World-Order facade is going to be set up to take the blame for the bad stuff that's coming.

US-led Cabal to Raze the Muslim Unity 

By acting upon the old policy of divide and rule, US-led cabal of Israel and India are razing the Muslim unity to obtain their secret designs against the Islamic World.

Obama Issues Space Weather Event Warning, Executive Order

Executive Order -- Coordinating Efforts to Prepare the Nation for Space Weather Events EXECUTIVE ORDER - - - - - - - COORDINATING EFFORTS TO PREPARE THE NATION...