by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor, … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow (1816)

– First published … June 17, 2020

Trump is a “dancing bear,” controlled by Attorney General William Barr, part of a CIA cabal put together, in partnership with former FBI Director Robert Mueller, during the 1970s.

Barr and Mueller are and have been for decades, close personal friends despite attempts to represent them as otherwise. Not only are they friends but they are “cohorts in crime,” as the expression goes, always working together, plotting their plots, scheming their schemes.

The years of American decline under Trump, rapid and catastrophic, seems to be one of those schemes, with Trump playing little or no real role at all, not really despite efforts to make things appear otherwise.

His wars are never fought, his projects never completed, his policies seldom enacted except, of course, where his personal brutality and those of the Deep State coincide.

This hypothesis was supported by a recent discussion with a White House advisor who went off script” on Trump’s recent blunders, hydroxychloroquine (now banned in the US by the FDA for COVID treatment), backing drinking or injecting bleach (a toxic industrial form) as a “quack remedy” and his threats of using the military illegally against US citizens.

Trump is now being isolated from “harmful elements” that made up his informal advisory group which included certain pseudo-Christian cult leaders and White Nationalists.

As things stand, $8 trillion was stolen from the economy during the fake COVID 19 bail out where 80% of the cash went to Deep State elites, making Trump’s stock market “pump and dump” far more profitable and efficient than the 2007-8 sub-prime crash under Bush 43.

The results were the same, first doubling, now tripling America’s fake national debt to the Deep State-owned Federal Reserve “system” and using the mechanisms put in place after 9/11 to push the nation into social disorder.

One might then ask whether both Bush 43 and Trump were, in actuality, “tasked” by the Deep State in ending American hegemony?

This is yet another hypothesis, one that sees the United States as a “milk cow” to be used until it is no longer profitable and then sent off to be slaughtered.

COVID 19 with an expected 325,000 deaths and $12 trillion in economic losses may well be that slaughter. There again, we look at the seemingly purposefully failed COVID 19 response and the dangerous reopening in the midst of Trump regime supported hoaxes claiming, in some extreme cases, that all COVID 19 dead are “crisis actors.”

Many, up to 35% of Americans, believe this or similar falsehoods, a 35% that votes for Trump and that will not be interfered with when it votes, as many millions of Americans now are.

According to the New York Times, the State of Georgia actually set up a polling place for the recent failed primary election inside a nursing home filled with dying COVID 19 patients as part of a GOP led voter suppression campaign.

Trump has touted that mail in ballots, how he and his family have always voted, is a form of communist takeover.

The issue at this juncture, with the US in freefall and the entire globe aghast at the stumbling-bumbling pronouncements of a disgraced and discredited leader believed by most to be mentally incapacitated, acting as that dancing bear frontpiece for a criminal cabal using America’s remaining power to terrorize the world.

This narrative was told to me in 2016 by former CIA asset, Gene “Chip” Tatum, now retired in Ecuador. Gene, who writes for VT, is a longtime friend. Gene and I went over this book, “The Mule,” offered on Amazon, on what the book included and what was redacted by the CIA, which was much.

This book, as with others, isn’t to be taken as gospel, not without confirmations and on issues of this import, many confirmations. Those confirmations now exist, to an extent, and the hypothesis that Trump, as with other presidents in the past, to varying degrees, serves a Deep State cabal or faces assassination or being isolated from power as with Barak Obama is confirmed.

Obama spent 8 years in office, two massive electoral victories, but had both houses of congress and the Supreme Court held by the opposing political party.

Though Israeli expansionism was reigned in, a key issue and a peace deal with Iran was enacted, Obama still followed basic Deep State narratives of Russophobia and global militarism.

As the summer of 2020 approaches in the US, so much seems the same, perhaps it is, but the ability to hide the truth from the masses is no longer there. What is clear is this, Trump leads nothing, he is simply a dancing bear, brought out by those running the carnival, his handlers with a pocket full of treats with a gun and whip handy if needed.

The bear can still bite, with Trump, to follow the analogy, that means he could fire Attorney General Barr but can he? Here is what we assert:

It is dangerous to believe any narrative that is hand fed, particularly one that fails every test, one that continually discredits itself when tested.

The narrative, that two political parties control America, that elections jockey back and forth between each and that leaders, such as they are, share different visions but also share a love of America, a love of peace, a love of mankind and are constrained by their humanity and decency, is not just false but laughable.

Behind this superficial and failed assessment is the idea that “special interests” influence policy but the “best and brightest” of Americans choose to serve in government.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

When one looks at the Trump administration, one that shares much with its earlier incarnation under George W. Bush, one sees an individual, Trump as with Bush, of non-existent academic capabilities, a spoken narrative filled with absolutism, with deception and noted by its rambling incoherence.

What one sees is cheap street theatre for politics, fake leaders, fake government departments, fake courts, fake law enforcement, not just at national level but all the way to the murderous militarized police that flail at protesters or, as has been cited as well, use protests to put forward their own criminalistic and totalitarian agenda.

Where there was once a generalized view of regionalized differences in America, the violence of the spring and summer of 2020, with much of it professionally orchestrated, not from the left or right but by Deep State operatives, we now see “principalities” where we once saw towns and cities.

Each of these tiny regimes is ruled by a law enforcement official deeply entrenched with local elites and organized crime, profiting on drugs and human trafficking, running courts and jails for personal profit and dishing out mob violence packaged as a fake “war on crime” perpetrated against the population by criminals in uniform.

What are those principalities? We begin a list in New York City, then Atlanta, Philadelphia, Seattle, certainly Minneapolis, but not all cities. Rural counties are so much easier to control with rural poor, rural “white” poor, often addicted to methamphetamines and opiates, a trade that only thrives with full complicity of law enforcement.

Some cities are inherently corrupt, Detroit, Chicago, Toledo, Phoenix, but whose police departments have maintained professionalism and have not turned their emergency management over to Israeli based advisors, now blamed by many, perhaps wrongly, as the cause of much police violence.

Racism and brutality existed long before the Department of Homeland Security under Chertoff sought to turn America’s police into half-baked “spies and commandos.”


With America still in the midst of a pandemic, President Trump hasn’t been involved for months. Why? Is it because his admissions of personally taking banned medications or advocating scam cures has endangered his position as a carnival dancing bear?

The world certainly now knows that the military takes orders from its Commander in Chief if it wants to and otherwise doesn’t. The world also knows that the American military has broken with Trump and no longer is willing to take the money and keep quiet about his dictatorial policies and clear evidence of his diminished capacity.

Yet still, Trump could remain president for 4 more years, through rigging American elections, always a combination of CIA tactics and media manipulation, which is also a CIA tactic if you get down to it, despite the fact Trump’s personal decline is obvious.

By “decline,” we mean the descent from racist, bigot and ignoramus to bumbling fool and aged cripple.

What is also there to see is that what has passed for leadership in Washington, not just under Trump but some of his predecessors as well, is as we assert, a carnival with a dancing bear, one that occasionally bites, that from time to time slips his handlers, but a dancing bear just the same.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  VT, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”


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  1. I voted for Trump but will not do it again. He is a fool and lies for no reason. During a riot outside the WH the Secret Service will prompt (heavily prompt) the President to go to the bunker. There should be no ego involved but with Trumps ego, morally corrupt, narcissistic manners he had to make up a lie for the reason of going down to the bunker.

    Trump is possibly half psychotic right now. All the things that are happening and he has no idea how to lead the nation during this time probably has made him go half cocked.

    What made me change from supporting the man to wanting him out. I gave him full support during the impeachment and not for liking the man but because the other side really never proved the legal side of their story.

    What changed were two things and they were the Covid virus and Trump’s Mother’s Day statement.

    When Trump declared that Covid was a Democratic hoax it became crystal clear that the man in the White House is as paranoid as Richard Nixon…maybe even more. Then he he said that in his mother’s eyes ‘he couldn’t do any wrong’. Well most guys I know had mother’s who would and could tell them when they were wrong. If what Trump said is true it may be the reason Trump can not move the rudder so that the ship doesn’t hit the sandbar. Deep inside the adult child are his mother’s thoughts and Trump can’t even consider he may be wrong. He would send you up the hill as fodder and all without any goals.

  2. The real estate business in the US, is not exactly a garden of delights for finding decent leaders of a country. The ethical ones who know it is a people business and take it seriously, work hard, and are focused, not multi-skilled. The rest, greedy, conniving, grabby things, worse than lawyers, and Donny rose in that pile, and was deemed a proper eviction specialist for industry and crowns. When it is over, and the fog clears, the damage will demonstrate a clear path to the “masters”. His working class base needs to be educated. The rest know what he is.

  3. Best book I ever read on the US money supply is called “Truth in Money” first published in 1982. It explains why the simple graph of compounding interest since the FED was made in 1913, where quantity (Q) is going to expand exponentially, just to maintain the system and cannot be avoided as interest builds on interest capitaized. It’s the flaw in debt based money.

    M3 was predicted perfectly by the basic graph of $1 borrowed in 1913 with 6% interest. It was about to scare the mommy’s and daddy’s so they got rid of the “money supply” economic indicator. Take a look at derivatives…now well over $1,500 trillion.

    Part of the problem is that when money is made, lent by a bank, the principle of the loan is “created” by the fractional reserve system, but the money to pay the interest and fees, is never “made” money. As the quantity of money grows, so does the amounts paid in interest and fees. Over time, the interest on interest is about 1/3 of the total….forcing bankruptcy on citizens and business by a money system failure to relieve the inequality.

    The headline of the March 24, 1933 London Daily Express shows what happens when the Jewish debt money system is rejected entirely….brought down on Germany by the Wiemar Republic bankers. Germany had thrown out the hemoraging WR debt system and enacted an equity based money which was bringing all….all…. from crushing poverty. The result is that headline…not by the Jewish people but by bankers in the name of the Jewish people, but to crush an equity money showing huge signs of success.

    Two world wars can be traced to bankers and this debt system and I believe many pogroms. History is repeating. Without a system to introduce equity money, more and more wealth will transfer to the holders of that debt. We need a US Treasury Dollar as a co-currency, equal by law to the FED Note and spent into existance. Cap the FED and make a constitutional amendment to make at least 1/3 of the US money as “equity”.

  4. The gig could be up for our man Trump, but the show must go on. I was thinking about why New York had to be hit so hard with Covid-19 (if it was a bio weapon) and it would make sense that those with adverse radiation effects from 911 would be very susceptible to this respiratory disease. Covid-19 is a convenient way to hide those eventual cancer deaths that are the telltale sign of a nuclear event. A way to make the cancer plume look more like the general population. I say this because the nuclear physicists that I work with who believe the ‘official planes took down three towers and pierced the Pentagon 911 theory often cite that it could not have been a nuclear event because the inevitable health effects have not been seen. Hard to believe that carn-evil show was almost 20 years ago. I am almost fond of that clown W.

  5. Q. Who is Donald Trump?
    A. A left-leaning east coast liberal by nature but who goes to work each day in service of associates of Bibi, Roy Cohn, Fred Drumpf and Jared Kushner. Much like we all go to work for people we don’t like or share the views of, but are financially beholden to.

    • The left/right paradigm is so 20th Century, Chris. Now, it’s all up vs. down. Trump is totally beholden to the “up” (banksters, Zionists, neocons, neoliberals, etc.) while the rest of us are the “down”, the proles who get the crumbs from the Master’s table, so to speak, while the 1% raids the Treasury to the tune of maybe $8 trillion and counting. Actually no one is even counting anymore.

      The Trumpsters are in total denial about this, but then fully one quarter of Americans think the Sun goes around the Earth (Google it if you don’t believe me.) Guess who every single one of these no-nothings are going to vote for in November?

  6. You guys at VT never liked Trump. I’m still not sure what he is. A political outside that used his own money and media savvy to get himself nominated to head the Republican ticket? Someone the military was hoping to use to take down the Deep state? (I’m still waiting on all those “sealed indictments”.) A guy that got lucky because Hilary ran a bad campaign? A guy that tapped in to populist anger against a Neoliberal economic order that wasn’t serving the people? A guy that wanted rapprochement with Russia and was therefore targeted by the Deep State? A guy that made the biggest political mistake of his presidency by firing Meuller and thereby dragging the country through Russia-gate? A guy that has successfully delivered tax breaks to his rich supporters and conservative judges to his religious base? A guy that is too friendly to Israeli interests? A guy that has been attacked incessantly by the Liberal media even before he took office? A guy that is incompetent and in over his head? A guy that still could win the next election? All of the above?

    • Yes, we knew of him for many many years based on first hand knowledge, that he was a petty mob punk boy.

  7. He’s not going FAR enough to have the ABILITY to reach ALL of America with some FLAT FACTS & BRUTAL TRUTHS. He is a coward not willing to die on his sword. Maybe after the election; but not before. Tell the Flat Fact that the #COCKROACHESINACTION #CIA is running this countries Drug, human sex trafficking, money theft and confiscation of all CASH and also running foreign policy based on Satanic Masonic Zionists Nazis Elite Ego Exceptionalism to eradicate the poor and undesirable humans. To make CASH out of misery of others. I see this with International Gaming and Lottery Commission who has put me over $35,000 in debt on two CITI cards and wants more including MAXING out ALL my credit cards over the maximum limit and they still want more $3,000 before delivery of $70,000,000. That’s right $70 Million dollars. The website of these folks is & here are the “regulators” Non-profit my arshole. THEY ARE CRIMINAL !!! Running ALL my credit that even Figerhut wants a ‘package’ of my proof of who I am in this house while, all my cash is gone, all my good credit is gone, all my rewards from WINNING a prize is GONE !!! CIA = Zionists Masonic Nazi Elite Egos who have NEVER EVER been “poor” with less than $50 in cash and NO available cash and so disabled at 68 years old; 4 open heart surgeries, broken EVERY limb on body at least once, including penis, head, neck, ankles, Covid-19, and diabetes going away only because I am using Rick Simpson’s Phoenix Tears. Israel should NEVER have been allowed on that land they have NO ancient history of being BORN in Palestine. Jews came from Eastern Province in USSR and were, and remain, the MOST BRUTAL UNEMPHATIC HUMAN BEINGS on Planet Earth.

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