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Exploration: Vitamin D May Help vs COVID

On the cover image Professor Giancarlo Isaia, president of the Academy of Medicine of Turin and author of the studies on Vitamin D by Fabio Giuseppe...

Dr. Fauci Admits COVID Shots Didn’t Have A Chance Of Controlling...

You gotta be kidding me—Anthony Fauci just published an article pointing out viruses that replicate in mucosal passages cannot be effectively controlled by vaccines that create systemic immunity? After 3 years he just announces this obvious point?

Guess who’s replacing Fauci?

Hotez's first postdoctoral award was from Pfizer, along with $100,000. This allowed him to continue experiments for human hookworm vaccine that he had begun years earlier, a project that to this day has not succeeded."

Is Putin a Conspiracy Theorist?

If Putin and the Kovalchuks believe mRNA vaccines are an instrument of control, not of healing, they aren’t the only ones.

Australian Doctor Injured by COVID Vaccine Slams Regulators for ‘Censoring’ Public...

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, since December 2021, vaccine-injured people have been able to make a claim for compensation through the country’s COVID-19 Vaccine Claims Scheme. As of Nov. 23, the department had received 3,100 applications and approved 79 claims totaling $3.9 million.

Institute Pasteur’s Famous Scientist on Gain-of-function Research: “Lab Accidents Do Happens…”

Originally published by Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists - Links to Gospa News investigations have been added aftermath for the multiple correlations with the...

Bill Gates Revealed, the Real COVID-19 Agenda

The true beneficiaries of Gates' philanthropic endeavors tend to be those who are already rich beyond comprehension, including Gates’ own charitable foundation

Former Pfizer Science Officer Reveals Great COVID-19 Scam

Data showed that many deaths — primarily people aged 45 to 65, with equal distribution between the sexes — was mainly due to heart disease, stroke and cancer, which suggests they were excess deaths caused by lack of routine medical care due to the pandemic restrictions.

Big pharma pays media police to keep you from the truth

In their purported fact-checking of a "Full Measure" report15 by award-winning investigative reporter and former CBS correspondent Sharyl Attkisson,16 Snopes simply spewed propaganda, not real facts, in an attempt to discredit the report and the potential vaccines-autism link.

Exclusive: ‘Even Taking a Shower Can Be Difficult’ Says Man Injured...

In an exclusive interview with The Defender, Jake Holliday described his severe adverse reactions to a single dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine and how he used social media to connect with others and raise awareness about vaccine injury.

Exposed: The ‘95% Effective’ Science Fiction Scam (about Covid 19)

U.S. research revealed that up to 98 young people could be injured by COVID-19 shots for every one prevented from hospitalization25 — one of the authors is the director of Harvard Medical School’s Center for Global Health Delivery.

Scientists Studied 12 Masks — Every One Contained This Cancer-Causing Compound

he potential consequences of breathing in carcinogenic particles from face masks worn during the COVID-19 pandemic won’t be known for years, but red flags have been raised from the beginning that face mask usage has consequences, with no meaningful benefit.

Weaponizing COVID to Promote (Oligarchic) Collectivism

There have been more than 1.3 million adverse events reported to VAERS after mRNA COVID vaccinations, including heart, brain and immune system damage and death.

100% of mRNA Jab Recipients Suffered Heart Injury

“In 2020, while hunting for antibody therapies for COVID-19, [Prüss] and his colleagues discovered that of 18 antibodies they identified with potent effects against SARS-CoV-2, four also targeted healthy tissues in mice — a sign they could trigger autoimmune problems ..."

The Oligarchs are losing the covid jab war

While the harms are undeniable, based on the statistics, health authorities are still doing what they can to deny the risks associated with the COVID shots.

Anthony Fauci doubled his wealth during Covid-19 – report

US chief medical officer Anthony Fauci’s net worth surged to $12.6 million in 2021, nearly twice the $7.6 million it had been in 2019, watchdog group OpenTheBooks revealed on Friday, citing financial disclosures it obtained from Fauci’s employer, the National Institutes of Health.

What They’re Not Telling You About the New mRNA Boosters

They are the deadliest drugs in medical history, bar none, and now reformulated shots are being green-lighted based on antibody data from mice alone.

CDC Admits Post-Vaccine Myocarditis Concerns That Were Labeled Covid Misinformation Are...

According to Vaccine Safety Datalink surveillance data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted in 2022, within a week of receiving the “Dose 2 Primary Series” of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, there were 14 verified cases of myocarditis or pericarditis among the 102,091 males aged 16-17 who got the shot. Among the nearly 206,000 12-15-year-old males who received the same series, 31 cases were confirmed within a week.

Why the COVID Jab Should Be Banned for Pregnant Women

A CDC-sponsored study that was widely used to support the claim that the shot is safe during pregnancy misreported the data. The actual miscarriage rate in that paper was 82%

How Much Does the US Owe in Reparations for the COVID-19...

The COVID reparations bill, like the 9/11 wars bill, will easily reach the double-digit trillions...

Jeffrey Sachs: Covid-19 may have originated in US biolabs

Sachs and Harrison also highlighted a tantalizing scientific detail that may be an indication that SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes Covid-19, originated in a laboratory: a sequence of eight amino acids on a critical part of the virus’s spike protein that is identical to an amino acid sequence found in cells that line human airways.

Monkeypox Biowar Smoking Guns?

The prescient drills that mimicked the COVID and monkeypox scares are just two examples of a much more widespread phenomenon: disaster drills that “go live.”

Huge Mystery: After Secret Meeting with Cops Two Anti-VAX Scientists Died!...

The strange fate of a biologist and a pharmacologist who have become famous bloggers in Italy.

BREAKING! Monkeypox Virus Escapes, Simian Death Syndrome (SDS) Cases Soar

"Vladimir Putin is making monkeys of us—literally!" the President solemnly intoned.

U.S. Department of Defense granted a ‘COVID-19 Research’ in Ukraine 3...

The laboratory origin of Covid-19 leads to an affair between the “Deep States” of China (Shanghai Gang) and the USA in a New World Order that brings together Democrats and a part of Republicans.

The Enemy of My Enemies

Western governments in their quest to create a new cold war with Russia and China can’t be trusted to tell the truth about anything.

COVID and Beyond, the Biowar America Unleashed on China, Iran, Italy...

The article/post below is taken from Pak Defense, and dated March 13, 2020, long before the new “editions” of COVID were brought home to devastate and radicalize the United States. The assertions made here are totally accurate and identical to those made weeks before on VT.

A Mysterious Ukraine-Russia Debate…You Decide

But first something from "disgraced" Will Smith...which might explain why he is a CIA

Exposing the Very Secret World of Prohibited Bioweapons

Such US DoD laboratories, working with the most dangerous substances known to man, far more dangerous than nuclear weapons, tend to exist in the most unstable nations with the most corrupt governments.

Russia: US Studied Bat Coronaviruses in Secret Biolabs in Transcaucasia, China

Russian armed force units discovered 30 biological compounds in Ukraine, which are thought to be involved in the production of bio weapons.

Bio-World War 3! Has It Already Started?

What if they gave us a bio-war and nobody noticed? Kevin Barrett interviews Ron Unz

Is Vladimir Putin the New Coronavirus?

The Ukraine crisis also provides an excuse for Congress to do what Congress does best: increase federal spending. President Biden has requested Congress provide an additional $10 billion in emergency military aid to Ukraine.

Are Anti-Vaxxers Shitty Drivers? Spike in COVID Traffic Deaths Says...

An AAA study reported by The Washington Post found 4 percent of drivers increased their time on the roads during the pandemic. They tended to be young, male, and more likely to speed, read texts while driving, not wear seat belts, or drive under the influence of alcohol or weed.

“COVID-19 Bio-Attack Smoking Gun” video

As Condi Rice said in another context "WHO could have POSSIBLY imagined?".

FDA bans ‘Trrrump’ antibody treatment (at gunpoint?)

RT: The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has revoked its emergency use authorizations for two kinds of monoclonal antibodies treatments produced by Regeneron and Eli Lilly. The regulator said the two therapeutics were “highly unlikely to be active against the omicron variant.”

Boris’ bully-boys go to work – Will Johnson get the boot?

NO CONFIDENCE LETTER submitted for Boris Johnson. Stuart Littlewood reports on developments in Britain.

“Dress for Omicron Success! Wear ‘the Best Mask in Your Wardrobe'”...

The "mild variant" is coming - break out your N95s! -NYT

Will Vaxx Wars “Go Nuclear” in 2022?

If the nukes, the COVID, and the vaccines don't kill us in 2022, the psycho squirrels will.

On the Road to 500 Million – Kentucky governor declares emergency

Severe shortages threaten “not only the health of patients but the entire health care delivery system.” Nursing students being tapped as health care providers.


Yet again Western governments are panicking, with new restrictions in the UK and the EU. This is despite the fact that so far as we know nobody has yet died of Omicron.