There was never any chance that the Chinese would leave us in peace for Christmas! Desperately trying to find a way around our vaccines they’ve come up with a new variant. It should have been called Xi but the WTO decided to kow-tow to Peking and call it Omicron instead. Yet again Western governments are panicking, with new restrictions in the UK and the EU. This is despite the fact that so far as we know nobody has yet died of Omicron. Put another way it’s less lethal than the flu.

The sheer number of changes in the latest variant has reduced those arguing the bat theory to a laughing stock. The MSM of course are attributing intelligence to the virus, which is actually less intelligent than the average Congressman, no offense intended. Viruses don’t actually have a brain – even Democrat Congressmen have brains, albeit small ones, again no offense intended.

Listening to the news you would think that a committee of Coronavirus bugs sat down and had a meeting to decided how best to get around the vaccines. There is no way in the world that Omicron is a naturally occurring variant. I’m not a microbiologist, but I suspect that this amount of variation might take 1,000 years to occur in nature.

I may have underestimated the likely death toll, although I still think that official figures should be divided by three to get a realistic figure. However right from the start I suggest, with my usual  modesty, that I’ve got five things right:

(1)    Covid-19 is a Chinese bio-weapon.

(2)    Its release in October 2019 from the Wuhan Institute of Virology was accidental.

(3)    From the time of its release it has been propagated deliberately by the ChiComs.

(4)    The weapon is aimed at target countries’ economies, not their populations and

(5)    Covid is a treatable illness and attacks on proven and effective treatments like Ivermectin are politically motivated, designed to aid Peking’s biological warfare campaign.

To this list we can add the involvement of the Obama Administration in the development of coronavirus weapons, first revealed by colleagues on this site. I note that none of the commentators who have picked up on the scandal has been willing to acknowledge VT’s role in exposing it!

Whilst temporary travel restrictions on Southern Africa and China may make sense, lockdowns and compulsory measures like mask-wearing don’t. All the signs are that Omicron is less lethal than Delta, although it may be more transmissible. Since it’s not causing serious illness in those infected all the panic is doing is playing into the hands of the Chinese.

It’s noticeable that Peking chose to introduce the new variant in South Africa, where vaccine take-up has been low. This suggests that the commies knew that Western vaccines would be reasonably effective against their new bio-weapon.

The credit squeeze

Since Mao Tse-Tung was a German asset, and the Chinese Communist Party is an emanation of German intelligence, we would expect to see the covert German DVD helping the Chinese. There are worrying signs that a credit squeeze is underway in the UK.

Whilst banks may have been justified in being a bit nervous at the beginning of the Chinese attack, when there was a great deal of uncertainty, the West’s successful counter-attack with vaccines has cleared the way for economic recovery. Credit squeezes are a standard German economic warfare tactic and were used in the run-ups to both the world wars started by Germany in the 20th century. The Great Depression for example preceded the German invasion of Poland by a decade.

Typically banks make huge profits, illegally, offshore, by participation in Medium Term Note trading programs. These are controlled from Frankfurt by the DVD’s economics section. Since they increase the money supply they increase inflation. Current inflationary pressures in the UK and US are almost certainly caused by the programs. They are not illegal as such but the banks engage in wholesale tax fraud.

That is not the official Treasury viewpoint of course, but the Treasury is a pro-German institution which has been waging economic war on its host society since the last quarter of the 19th century. They are the enemy and should never be listened to on any economic question. Sensible Chancellors of the Exchequer (sadly there haven’t been that many of those) always listen to what their Treasury officials are advising and do the opposite. Even the great Sir Winston Churchill sometimes followed Treasury advice, as over the catastrophic 1925/1926 Naval Estimates, where the Treasury paved the way for Japan’s invasion of Malaya and Singapore fifteen years later.

From the German point of view the programs have three principal advantages:

(1)  Since banks no longer need to make profits onshore they can strangle British businesses by starving them of credit. They don’t even need to pick up the phone, thereby saving money on call centers.

(2)  The inflationary pressures they generate eat into the higher wages made possible by Brexit, so depriving British workers of much of the Brexit dividend, and

(3)   Some of the huge amount of money sloshing around offshore can be siphoned off into slush funds, allowing GO2, the DVD’s London operation, to buy up corrupt Treasury and Cabinet Office officials, politicians, etc. The offshore slush funds are far safer than using say HS2 or NHS Test and Trace contracts.

You can see why the Cabinet Office enjoy having economic illiterates like Rishi Sunak, no offense intended, as Chancellors of the Exchequer! Indeed economic illiteracy is almost a requirement for the office.

The West’s response

Sir Patrick Vallance

Western governments need to stop lying. Their pretense that Covid comes from bats and is a natural crossover, which just happened to emerge up the road from Communist China’s principal biological warfare center, is simply absurd.

Nobody’s listening to the ‘three wise men’ – Boris Johnson, Sir Patrick Vallance and Professor Chris Whitty – anymore.

Viewers are turning off in large numbers, and that’s not just because BritBox have released the box sets of Benidorm. In order to be a wise man you have to be, well, wise. Putting up a bunch of idiots, no offense intended, just won’t do.

Professor Chris Whitty

New jobs will have to be found for all three, I’m afraid. Boris could go back to being a columnist, whilst Sir Patrick could rejoin Big Pharma. I hear there’s an urgent need for more GPs in Scunthorpe, a need which Professor Whitty could help fill, no offense intended.

British doctors have to be allowed to treat their patients. That means lifting all restrictions on prescribing effective treatments for Covid and overturning the covert death directive given to the NHS.

We are going to have to smack the World Health Organisation around. The UK should withdraw from this failed organisation forthwith. Since Covid-19 is a Weapon of Mass Destruction and its propagation has been a crime against humanity there may be a case for an international military tribunal to try WHO and Chinese leaders and officials. It might be an idea for Dr Fauci to start lawyering up as well, no offense intended.

Dr Fauci

As at Nuremberg and Tokyo the death penalty should be available. Even if you divide the official figure, of over five million deaths, by three you still end up with about 1.75 million deaths and counting. These deaths must be avenged. It will be a great day for humanity when Xi Jinping’s legs dangle in the air, no offense intended.

On no account should he be allowed to escape the hangman like Reichsmarschall Herman Goering. (I’ve only ever known two men who knew Goering, but by all accounts he was rather more charming than Xi, again no offense intended – he also had a bigger trainset and was altogether a much higher class of war criminal.)

Hermann Goering

It’s also high time we started telling the truth about Spanish Flu.

In October 1918, just as the German High Sea Fleet were planning to sortie into the North Sea for a death ride against Admiral Sir David Beatty’s Grand Fleet, the most powerful battlefleet ever assembled (reinforced by Rear-Admiral Hugh Rodman’s impressive Ninth Battleship Division), the Grand Fleet was struck down with Spanish Flu.

How coincidental was that? (When his cunning plan failed and the death toll in the Grand Fleet happily fell below expectations the Hun, very wisely, stayed in port.)

Spanish Flu was by the way the greatest crime in history, exceeding the Holocaust by a factor of between eight and 16. That is not said to diminish the Holocaust, but we need to acknowledge that the Holocaust, sadly, wasn’t Germany’s first foray into genocide.

Admiral Beatty

It also means acknowledging that the Nazis weren’t the most evil people Germany has ever produced, indeed compared to German intelligence and the European Commission they were quite nice, relatively speaking of course.

I am pretty sure that Adolf Hitler would have vetoed the plan to kidnap and rape four year old Madeleine McCann and then have her brutally murdered in a snuff movie.

Indeed he was reportedly shocked by the Abwehr’s murderous plot to place a party of British children aboard the Donaldson Atlantic liner SS Athenia and then have a U-Boat torpedo her, in the hope that the children’s drowning would shock Britain into giving Germany a free hand in Poland.

Grand Fleet

The incoming British government should recognise Taiwan and commit to vastly increased defense expenditure, paid for in part by abolishing the failed NHS, which has killed enough patients, frankly. It’s no wonder that Dr Harold Shipman was seen as such a success by NHS managers, and as a GP Shipman was frankly almost as bad as Dr Mengele would have been. (I suppose it would have given the game away and led to questions in the House if Attlee had put Mengele in charge of the new NHS.)

SS Athenia

We’ve been in a Cold War with China since they brought down that EP-3E in 2001. Politicians have been slow to use it but the phrase ‘the Second Cold War’ is gaining traction. Communist China is far more aggressive than the Soviet Union ever was however. I hold no brief for Nikita Khrushchev, although I acknowledge that he has never been given the credit he deserved for his role in defusing the Cuban Missile Crisis, the end to which was negotiated, as it happens, by two late friends of mine (General Vernon Walters, acting for President John F. Kennedy, and Sir Frank Roberts GCMG GCVO, acting for British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan.)

Lockheed EP-3E

However if a bunch of mad Soviet scientists (probably German in origin, since the USSR normally got its mad scientists from Germany) had gone to Nikita Khrushchev and told him they’d come up with a new bug and they’d like to kill five million people in the West with it they’d have been sent to a gulag. Compared to Xi, Khrushchev was a statesman.

Nikita Khrushchev

At some point, unless China collapses, the Second Cold War is likely to go hot. We don’t want to be caught napping, like we were in 1914 and 1939, hopelessly underprepared to fight a world war against a ruthless and bloodthirsty enemy.

Tan Hill Inn

Tan Hill Inn

Tan Hill Inn, Britain’s highest pub, has been in the news this week. Hot on the heels of the COP 26 farce punters who turned up to listen to an Oasis tribute band were trapped by ten feet of snow. This is normal in Minnesota. It’s not normal in England.

Tan Hill Inn

When you pop down to a pub in this country you don’t normally reckon on taking a sleeping bag and three days’ worth of food with you just in case you get trapped by snowdrifts. That’s how long it took the snowplows to get to the Tan Hill Inn however.

Thankfully the pub had plenty of food and didn’t run out of beer, which would have been a tragedy. Being British, everybody mucked in and made the best of it – the Dunkirk spirit is alive and well, thankfully!

I am well aware of the difference between climate and weather. It’s like the difference between strategy and tactics. However events like this aren’t suppose to happen. We’re supposed to be having global warming.

What we have in fact is a period of global cooling. Since planetary climate is largely determined by solar output and orbital mechanics this makes sense. If any of the Oasis-loving punters were warmists before last week I suspect that they’ve changed their minds! If you’re visiting the Tan Hill Inn in winter it would be a good idea to pack a sleeping bag, some warm winter woollies and some tinned food in the trunk.

And please don’t write in and say that British cars have boots, not trunks! This column is reaching an ever-widening audience, I am pleased to say, with new readers being added every week. I am bilingual (I speak both English and American) and since VT is an American website I write in American, or at any rate what I fondly imagine to be American.

The published viewing figures by the way don’t tell the whole story – there’s a distribution list, with some interesting names on it, and some recipients have distribution lists of their own.


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  1. Good article! I did not find a shred of satire in it, but only Mr Shrimpton’s usual British humor. You might as well have a bit of fun with your job… I have been talking to my relatives and friends about the Omicron variant, and how it might affect them… My sister the nurse who was on the front lines in a hospital, has now retired 1 month ago, at the ripe old age of 55, and is de-stressing. A friend in Canada, her spouse is in hospital with late state cancer, after repeatedly being sent home with no tests having been done earlier. The worst of it is that my friend, although she is vaxxed, cannot visit him in hospital at all. Reason? The hospital has mixed the vaxxed and unvaxxed patients together. Due to hospital’s stupidity/deliberate policy, my friend suffers at home while her spouse will likely die in hospital alone. Now this is what I would do: I would yank my spouse out of that hospital, and bring him home, and have them treat him as an outpatient. Covid19 is no excuse to trash simple human rights and dignity. But maybe the ChiComs slipped the hospital (or the provincial or federal gov’t) a few dollars so that they can destroy families while pretending to take care of a patient’s health needs.

    • I forgot to mention an important part of the story about my friend. She asked why the hospital mixed vaxxed and unvaxxed patients together. She was told by hospital staff that they cannot discriminate, that this would be like racial discrimination. She was aghast at the idiocy. She told them: So it’s not OK to discriminate against the unvaxxed, but you are OK with discriminating against my vaxxed husband and myself.

  2. Shrimpleton inot satire,, serious far as I can tell maybe I am fooled:
    Hi Meet my friend the most sarcastic man in the world
    they shake hands
    Mr Sarcasm man says “glad to meet you”

    The unprintable truth but for VT comments section:
    1)U2)S military bioweapon
    2) Releas iintentional by Trump to attack no1 industrial city in China with “soft kill” bioweapon (doesnt kill kids just bad flu)
    3) Virus used CRISPR gene editing to target “only Chinese” – didnt work right.
    4) Panic in Wuhan very successful “covert and blameless” celebrated by ALL of USA government as Chinese industry temporarily shut down.
    5) After ICBM attacks on US airbases in Iraq, Trump chose retaliation of a deadly virus especially made to kill the Iranian bastards.
    6)This let loose on city of Qom (giant underground nuke base), and government officials, killed dozens in a week.
    7)This Iranian attack did not target only Persians but spread into Italy Spain then everywhere in months.
    9) conclusion: Any Lab concocted virus very unstable will mutate exponentially what “natural selection” will create. Omnicrom the Iranian death virus mutating.
    10)Also one cannot mention success of China beating their bioweapon attack with extreme social discipline

  3. As amusing as Shrimpy’s satire is, it’s simply too multi-layered and complex for such a simpleton as myself. Too my mind, for satire to be successful, it must bear a relatively close resemblance to reality – or potential future reality – or be so far from the real or potentially real as to be obviously ludiciours. The “Covid-19 is a Chinese-made bioweapon accidently used against itself” fails by both measures. As does the idea of German intelligence nurturing the nascent CCP back in 1920s. That would have the Soviets and Germans co-parenting the fledgling killing machine while, at the same time, hastily preparing to slaughter each other as per the British intelligence great game plan. Post WWII assistance to the CCP from the DVD aimed at fracturing Sino-Soviet cooperation would be entirely believable.
    But not according to our wonderfully imaginative – and highly humorous – author.

  4. Gee, Shrimpy only contradicted himself six times in this durge. I do think he’s mostly right about Fauci. For all those obsessed with a genetic explanation for everything, they might conclude that “The Fauc” has the mafia gene. NYC variant.

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