[ Editor’s note: 5G isn’t deployed in Kentucky or New Mexico, hence 5G is not likely the cause of Covid expansion. Is it? They say versions of Covid are becoming increasingly fatal.

But just for devil’s advocacy, would someone want to give us the technical specs for mobile deployed weapons being used against the atmosphere? Peer reviewed papers only. Any patent would have to describe something more advanced than ten year old HAARP in Alaska. Explanation ideally needs to be at the fourth year university level.

And maybe while you’re at it, describe the method for making a blizzard on only one side of the road. What would the lexicon be, eg: lasers, spatial, quadrant freezing? Or “induction of homogeneous and oriented ice nucleation?” BTW, thanks to VT’s commenters… Erica P. Wissinger ]

Pandemic Nurse Shortage, Kentucky Governor Declares an Emergency

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — Kentucky’s governor declared the state’s chronic nursing shortage to be an emergency Thursday, taking executive actions amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic to boost enrollment in nurse-training programs.

Severe shortages threaten “not only the health of patients but the entire health care delivery system,” Governor Beshear at a news conference. He added that Kentucky is operating 12% to 20% short of “needed nursing volume.”

It’s the second straight day the governor took executive action to confront a nagging state problem.

On Wednesday, Beshear awarded a 10% pay raise to Kentucky’s social service workers. The pay boost is aimed at halting the widespread loss of frontline employees demoralized by low salaries and bulging workloads who are serving vulnerable children and adults.

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Seven New Mexico Hospitals Swamped to point of Crisis Care Standards

Santa Fe New Mexican

Many hospitals in New Mexico struggle now with full waiting rooms, emergency departments, hospital rooms, skilled nursing care and rehab areas.

“The whole state’s actually in crisis,” said Dr. Jason Mitchell, chief medical officer for Presbyterian. He called the situation “remarkable in a terrible way.”

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State of New Mexico using University Nursing Students in Covid Hospital Treatment

Nursing students serve New Mexico and fight against COVID-19

For your interest.

Is There a Reproducibility Crisis in Science?



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  1. Will add thought or two, such as suggest claims or propaganda of five g as if in ‘future’ was and is to shift focus from what already exists, and has been in use. Separately on matter of forced wind I can describe means that exist but won’t do so here. With so many incursions ignored, feeding more detail is irrelevant. Rather will share fact of geology which proves weather manipulation. In ‘washington state’ natural tordados are not possible. The reason is the geology/geography of north/south striated hills and water bodies from ocean to mid state cascade mountain range. As to cons who make claims of supposed previous such as ‘last one in 54′ or 91’ etc they are fraudulent claims.
    The first was, conveniently, in ‘Batttleground’, small town area south of Tacoma in 2015, then when no one reacted there was another in Port Orchard in 2018, larger. Though millions of people know there is no such thing as ‘tornados’ here, again no reaction. When looked to check year of each, noted some jabbering of another small whatever in Battleground’ this year. To be finally clear no change of tempurature or other natural basis can cause a tornado where there are hills. It should be instinctive something is off.

  2. The editor’s note is a bit unusual, even a bit cryptic, in light of the underlying article’s subject matter – unless you pull pack and look at the big picture. Tragic tornadoes and extreme weather events in Kentucky and other states yesterday. Sorry to hear of the loss of life.

    Meanwhile, covid continues to rage through the US unabated. That seems to be the official policy. It’s a very ill conceived, dangerous policy. Should be an all hands on deck world wide roll out to get earth’s entire population vaxed.

    • Interesting link between Mayfield Kentucky and Edwardsville Illinois.
      What was the beginning and who were the people ?
      This event is a time stamp and one that will become much larger in history. The energies of places have distinct personalities. All cities and states display this.

  3. Basketball and horse breeding is all that really matters in Kentucky. And, of course, keeping coal miners in their place. A beautiful state wasted.

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