The Enemy of My Enemies

Contemplating a moral dilemma in our multipolar world.


We are forbidden to speak of Vladimir Putin at all these days without wrapping both sides of his name with sufficient admonishments of venomous slander. Anyone who does not pledge their immediate allegiance to the fashionable and misguided present hysteria against the man or 150 million Russians will be considered prima facie an apologist at best and a traitor at worst.

They say he’s a demon, a scoundrel, a war criminal, a cosmic accident sent to destroy democracy and all that is good and noble, which of course only derives from good and noble nations of the west claiming to still be democratic. Sixty years ago they also said that by now cars would fly, there would be no more wars, liberal democracy would shepherd us from evil, and not morph into the evil it proclaimed to dispel. Thirty years ago was supposed to be the end of history.

They say Putin is our enemy and the reason they keep repeating it ad nauseam is that they know millions will believe it. Those who incessantly level these charges without irony, apparently lack any self-awareness or a mirror. Perhaps all they have are mirrors and can only make dark accusations based on their own reflections.

We used to expect so much of our enemies, with a minimal prerequisite being they behaved as such. And here we are, millions still believing the unbelievable, a new prepackaged promo kit of “The Present Thing” delivered with the usual historical inconsistencies and logical fallacies, while millions more watch this charade repeat in disbelief.

If we have learned anything from western governments in their quest to enflame a new cold war with Russia, and now a new world war with both Russia and China it’s that they can’t be trusted about anything. If they point in a direction and say, “Look! Be outraged! It’s your enemy!” The only thing more outrageous than the cartoonish nature of their sloppy programming attempts, is that they seem to work because not enough people stop and ask, “Why?”

In Sun Tzu’s The Art of War one of his five constants of warfare is the Moral Law:

The Moral Law causes the people to be in complete accord with their ruler, so that they will follow him regardless of their lives, undismayed by any danger. …The consummate leader cultivates the Moral Law, and strictly adheres to method and discipline.

A nation or people bound to their leaders by strong foundations and principles, rooted in justification for a righteous conflict, whether in attack, defensive attack, diversion, or defense, will be more likely to find success. It requires the people to be in complete accord with their ruler.

Does this sound like NATO?

Does the Moral Law exist in any nations of the west that just concluded two years of psychologically abusing if not outright murdering their own citizens?

Does it exist in the drunken empire of the west that has been at war with the world and its own people for decades?

Wars used to require some foundation for public acceptance. Sun Tzu could hardly have imagined the ability of governments to manipulate and gaslight their own warriors to sacrifice for inoble aims. Now all conflict requires is first and foremost a good public relations campaign. People want to feel like their side has a clear conscience about things. It never really matters whether the information that relieves the conscience is based on truth. They want a sense of moral high ground even if that ground is built of straw. They seek to be on the “right side of history”, even if that side is objectively clouded in ambiguities and contradictions.

Governments of the west have given up on the Moral Law a long time ago. They do as they please toward aims they are never honest about with those who entrusted their governance. Moral governance seems like a contradiction in itself.

And so with no moral ground of any discernable kind to stand on, we’re still supposed to believe what we’re told by our unscrupulous leaders about Russia and Putin.

Let’s play a game, Russia or the West?

  • Political prisoners are held without trial accused of being against the regime.
  • Rampant censorship.
  • State-controlled media works for the regime.
  • Kangaroo committees go after political opponents.
  • Secret police for internal coups and crushing regime opposition.
  • Election rigging.
  • Shutting down protests of one political nature while allowing others.
  • Unequal protection under the law.
  • Oligarchy posing as democracy.
  • Fascism posing as liberalism.
  • Racism, sexism, child grooming, and bigotry disguised as state-mandated tolerance or education, with corporations of all industries colluding with the state to carry out all of the above.

The correct answers are both, mostly, with the exception of the last three which are exclusively American.

The past two years alone (30-60 years for us older horses) have revealed where the real enemies of western citizens are, and they don’t appear to be in Russia.

The Canadian government declared an emergency against peaceful working class protestors to seize their bank accounts and assets, after stealing $12 million in charitable fundraising money from two corporations that do crowdfunding.

Was that Putin?

The Australian government set up camps and forced healthy citizens to quarantine in isolation under the watchful eye of guards and health functionaries. If they escaped they were arrested and charged with felonies. This was before citizens were blasted with directed energy weapons by Canberra police for daring to exercise their basic human rights of protesting tyrannical vaccine mandates. The entire nation of Australia was a prison island for two years. Old habits.

The Greek government is stealing money from pensioners who refuse the useless and deadly vaccines. Italy is following Greece.

The European Union is withholding billions from the Hungarian people because it doesn’t like who they voted for two weeks ago.

U.S. hospitals have refused life-saving transplants to patients that are “unvaccinated”, and even to children whose parents haven’t received the clot shots. It hasn’t been one instance, but dozens.

Did Putin force those Hospital administrators toward such evil actions?

The enemies of western people are sitting in their parliaments and high offices, working as enforcers in their police departments. They jump from corporate boards to government bureaucracies. They work for a coordinated global technocracy that seeks to engineer chaos and conflict to subjugate and depopulate most of humanity before they are technologically engineered for a post version of our species.

Did Putin force those governments to terrorize their own citizens?

Was Putin involved in funding the laboratory in Wuhan? Does Russia have over 300 experimental bioweapons labs in locations around the world that could threaten those countries hosting them with catastrophic consequences?

The frequency of engineered global catastrophes requires adherence to the prescribed solutions by engineers of said catastrophes. It’s the equivalent of civilizational arsonists returning with the fire brigade expected to be greeted by the civilization as heroes. When the applause subsides they quickly guide the grateful and unworthy peasants whom they’re sorry did not perish in the fire on toward the next civilization they have already prepared behind their golden globalist curtains.

In the case of our civilizational arsonists presently taking flame throwers to any sources of stability in the west, they’re keen to destroy food supplies, inflate energy costs through shortages and engineer a new breed of “carbon neutral” consumers in the aftermath. They want to move us to smart grid sustainable cities where nobody will own cars, or much of anything and will live nearly full time in an artificial digital universe as interchangeable avatars that get molested at discos by creepy crash test dummy looking Zuckerberg clones.

When the VR headsets come off it will be for dental appointments or to consume sustainable bug larvae with a side of injectable graphene hydroxide to amplify the 7G signals incinerating any remnants of our highly evolved species.  Read more…no pay wall…good read…


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