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How to solve the problem of “strategic uncertainty”

Economy is primary, war is its second derivative.

Washington’s capabilities no longer match its strategic scope

Judging by the Ukrainian crisis, the US strategy is to provoke, at a convenient time for Washington, two crises in the zones of vital interests of Russia and China. The ultimate goal is to remove Russia and China as obstacles to the restoration of US global hegemony.

The Enemy of My Enemies

Western governments in their quest to create a new cold war with Russia and China can’t be trusted to tell the truth about anything.

COVID and Beyond, the Biowar America Unleashed on China, Iran, Italy...

The article/post below is taken from Pak Defense, and dated March 13, 2020, long before the new “editions” of COVID were brought home to devastate and radicalize the United States. The assertions made here are totally accurate and identical to those made weeks before on VT.

Imran Khan Out as US Moves Drone Base to Pakistan and...

VT: The US has reopened its drone base in Pakistan and attacks, on a massive level, have begun under Biden. Key DC figures working with NGO’s have submitted massive “kill lists” given them by CIA narcotics assets within the country and the killing begins.

The Real ‘Reset:’ Russia Outlines the Inevitability of a Nuclear War...

Draining the Swamp: Russia promises that before one NATO solider crosses the Russian border, the temperature in Washington, London, Los Angeles and Berlin will read 10,000 "in the shade."