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The Enemy of My Enemies

Western governments in their quest to create a new cold war with Russia and China can’t be trusted to tell the truth about anything.

COVID and Beyond, the Biowar America Unleashed on China, Iran, Italy...

The article/post below is taken from Pak Defense, and dated March 13, 2020, long before the new “editions” of COVID were brought home to devastate and radicalize the United States. The assertions made here are totally accurate and identical to those made weeks before on VT.

Ukraine: US Biowarfare Labs Developed Disease Delivering Drones (DDD?)

Documents and other evidence from US-funded laboratories in Ukraine suggest that Kiev was planning to use drones to deploy pathogens against the Donbass as well as Russia, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Wednesday.

Documentary: Bioweapons, Truth or Fiction?

Aerosols, sprays, rodents, or insects can be used to spread pathogens. These weapons of mass destruction are indiscriminate. If they are used, they’ll harm anyone in a given area. This makes them particularly dangerous.

US Deploying Chemical Weapons to Poland for False Flag Ukraine Attack,...

VT has learned that the US, on direct orders from the White House, has begun deploying secret chemical warfare stockpiles from its facility in Richmond, Kentucky to forward areas in Poland for deployment in Kiev or Odessa and to blame Russia, which will assuredly cascade into a full nuclear war. Sourced from highest level intelligence.

Chris Hedges: The Lie of American Innocence

Our hypocrisy on war crimes makes a rules-based world, one that abides by international law, impossible.

Blockbuster: Russian MOD Video Briefing (Eng. Subs) on US BioWar Fatalities...

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