Trump Treason: Mossad Run Contractor Paid to Falsify US Intel on Iran Nukes, Ordered by Donald Trump Personally

Trump aides hired Israeli private spy agency in attempt to flesh out incriminating info on Obama Officials

Trump with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

It has been learned that Trump aides hired an Israeli private spy agency in an attempt to flesh out any potential incriminating information on officials from the Obama administration who assisted with the 2015 Iran nuclear deal negotiations.

Aides to US President Donald Trump hired an Israeli private intelligence agency to find incriminating information on Obama administration employees who participated in Iran deal negotiations, The Guardian has reported.

The outlet reported that Trump’s team hired an Israeli spy agency the previous year in May to find derogatory information about former US President Barack Obama’s deputy national security adviser for strategic communications Ben Rhodes and former Vice-President Joe Biden’s deputy national security adviser for strategic communications Colin Kahl in an attempt to compromise the Iran nuclear accord.

The idea behind the move was to discredit those pivotal in selling the agreement, which — if any dirt had been located — would make it easier to pull out, The Guardian reported, citing a source familiar with details of the investigation.

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The private investigators were tasked with looking into Rhodes and Kahl’s political careers and personal lives, checking to see if they might have benefited from the Nuclear Deal, according to documents the outlet claims to have seen.There is no information on how deep the hired spies were able to dig, or what became of any possible information unearthed, according to the outlet’s sources.

The 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) commonly known as Iran Nuclear Deal, which stipulated a gradual lifting of sanctions against Iran in exchange for Tehran curbing its nuclear program, was reached by the so-called P5+1 group — Russia, the United States, China, France, the United Kingdom, Germany — and the European Union on July 14.

The International Atomic Energy Association has verified that Iran is upholding its commitments under the accord. However, Trump has repeatedly criticized the deal during his 2016 election campaign, saying the European Union needed to fix major flaws in it. He now faces the May 12 deadline to waive sanctions on Iran under the agreement.



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  1. This seems like it has meat. If any publicly elected person in the US hires a foreign agency to investigate other publicly elected or appointed officials, it is very very bad.
    certainly part of why alliances with foreign countries should be held at arms length, lest they take advantage of favorable position.
    Treason indeed.

  2. All great comments here. The con artists in Israel have no shame whatsoever. You could feel them picking your pocket and even see your wallet in their hands, but they would deny it. They are the most selfish, arrogant, egotistical, insolent, deceitful liars and cheaters and deceivers on planet earth. They invite hatred of them but blame you when you do. It is amazing how brazen they are. Israel lover Trump grew up with them in New York and learned how to shaft anyone and everyone with the words “sue me” if he didn’t like anything. Obviously some one was putting up lawyer money for him and they are not cheap. Read about how he shafted the Polish Workers out of their wages for about 16 years in the Wikipedia article TrumpTower. In fact they may never have been paid one dime because the lying lawyers likely kept it all! We all should have known he was a whore for Israel.

    • By the way Henry Ford was a very intelligent and perceptive man. He had very little formal education but developed one the greatest American Industrial Empires ever. He commissioned a group of intellectuals to evaluate the Protocols of Zion. The result was the Abridged Protocols of Zion which he published in his newspaper the Dearborn Independent in serial form about 1921. This act took great guts and courage on his part at the time. He was heavily criticized by the Jews for it. While he may have issued an apology, I believe it was just to placate them. I urge everyone to read them again. They are very enlightening and disclose the evil thinking behind the many terrorist acts of Israel today. Henry was absolutely correct about them. Remember he was born on a farm in Michigan in the middle of the Civil War about 1863. He died in 1947. Thousands of well wishers attended his funeral at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral in downtown, Detroit on a cold, rainy day. Lines were very long as far as the eye could see. People came from all over to thank this giant of a man and American for all he did to improve their lives on Earth. You can google up videos of his funeral if they have not censored them too. You should also be able to google up his abridged Protocols of Zion as well. When I grew up in the 1940’s we all felt we knew Henry Ford personally because the 1932 Ford was the Master Work he produced which was the hot rod of choice for generations of hot rodders and still is to this day! Henry was a genius level mechanical engineer no doubt about it. We all idolized and loved him like a Father. I also owned a 1932 Ford Convertible Coupe with windows in the doors and rumble seat. I paid $250.00 for it and worked very hard then to save that amount of money. Those were days in paradise then, all gone now.

  3. No Laughing Matter

    Far from it being a case to eliminate Israel it is time instead to illuminate Israel and shine a light on all the shenanigans of that entity that not only destabilize the Middle East, Europe, the US and elsewhere. Trump is an utter and complete Zionist stooge unlike genuine stooges Larry, More and Curly – who at least were honest in what they did for a laugh as against the resident “Alien” in the White House who has proved himself more in tune with intergalactic travel to Uranus than global peace on earth who succeeds ‘by making wild laughter in the throat of death’ and jettisoning the United States as the laughing stock of the world fully aided and abetted by jokers Bolton, Haley, Pompeo, Giuliani and their wider cast of clowns. And that dear readers, is no laughing matter. And they want to consider him for a Nobel Peace Prize: – BARF!

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