Intel Drop: Pizzagate and More, a Unit 8200 Smear Job for Trump


…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Stories laden with truth are never easy. Twice during our most recent tenure on this painful rock, the US has been saved, temporarily at least, by men of grace, wit and heart. Their names were William Clinton and Barack Obama.

Clinton took office after a 12-year moral hiatus – Reagan spending America into bankruptcy, de-industrialization, a nation overrun with low wage illegals, the most corrupt (officially) administration in America’s history until Trump.

America’s unions faced their Waterloo when, during the 1981 Air Traffic Controllers Strike, President Reagan fired all 11,345 striking workers.

Reagan left America with crumbling roads, poor schools and 30% of Americans living in poverty. He killed the unions; he killed wages and created generations of working poor, a permanent white underclass to be fodder for the extremism that now shackles America.

Obama stepped in with America bankrupt – banks, major corporations, all floundering. He spent trillions on public works, buying back old cars, and re-instituting the rule of law against the gangster rule of Bush and his Kosher Nostra cronies.

Both were crippled by an Israeli-owned congress, not so much Israeli as “Likudist,” the political party of the Kosher Nostra that has made Israel a hell hole that is being “de-settled” by educated and culturally sophisticated Jews who sought, sought what?

Israelis are the primary victims of fear mongering and deception of all the people on earth, where fear and hate are a religion and those who aren’t trapped there look for the right of return to France, Britain, America or Australia.

Just an idea, but consider starting over again, with an actual nation of Palestine not ruled by gangsters. So much money, so much talent just to make a gangster-run banana republic at permanent war, or so we are told, with nations of rug merchants and camel dealers?

The whole thing is a sick joke, but we all know that now.

When looking for heroes, a dangerous thing, be it Castro or Assad or Putin, simply know that we only know what we are told; and what we are told is what, in almost every case, profits those who control what we are told.

The cash is there, the muscle is there, controlling “fake everything” is a minor effort, a Hollywood production, “years in the making,” by a “well-oiled machine.”

Nothing is true, not one word of religion, of news – they even lie about physics and calculus.

Most will die, even the most inquisitive of us, will die never knowing the questions much less the answers. Reality itself is tortured by lie machines to the point where we can barely trust our own senses.


We are out a decade or more, in Florida or New York. Semi-convicted, and we will get into this, child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, an FBI informant, is having a party. No secret – the whole thing is arranged by an Israeli security agency to burn the powerful, not just errant British royals, but people with real power, people you have never heard of.

Jeffrey Epstein

Sitting in the corner, always, is Donald Trump, year after year. Documents say so. What kind of man would hire publicists for years, decades, to run around New York and spread rumors that “Donald Trump is a madman, a rapist, an “animal?”

Yet we have a source in the New York mob/modeling/party world that tells us exactly that, someone with nothing to gain. It makes sense.

Then we remember that Larry Flynt “investigation” of “W,” a man Flynt said got 5 women pregnant and then forced them to have abortions. Our records show that “W” was in a lifelong homosexual relationship with someone from Yale, a name we won’t mention, someone he later appointed as Ambassador to a country that sounds like “Poland?”

The real Bush might well have been a person of kindness, charm and wit, except for killing a couple of million people. People like Trump, Bush or Hitler often get a bad rap.

Bush and Trump are fake people. Their lives for decades were fake. Both ended up as virtual slaves to Israel for some reason, working to stab America in the back, while a massive propaganda machine fed the world an endless dose of fear and hate mongering.

Few have heard of Unit 8200 or its history, beginning in 1952, but everyone has felt them or been a victim. You are a victim if you believe what you were taught or even think you saw…on TV.

You are a victim if you hold beliefs about Israel, or Muslims or abortion or gun control, or which politician is good or bad.

You are a victim if you failed to question why some people are smeared or why some are investigated, sometimes forever.

The primary victim of 8200 is the Clinton family. Bill likes Jewish fat chicks, one at least, admittedly “not that fat,” and quite obviously sent at a great president because he wasn’t going to nuke the WTC and start Israel’s war on Muslims, Russia and America.

8200 – which some of you might know under other names, InfoWars, Wikileaks, too much of YouTube and Wikipedia, Google Corporation and Facebook, if those monstrosities control your lives – is also Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, much of the New York Times, CNN of course; we could go on forever.

It controls what judges are appointed, what is printed, what we think, what universities aren’t allowed to teach, tells them what to teach and warns them what will happen if they fail to tell the lies about 9/11, the Federal Reserve, the Holocaust, the War on Terror, the genocide of the Palestinian people, the real history of our wars, centuries of them….

If you live in America or other slaves states, you will never realize how much of what you believe is true began at Unit 8200, things that were simply made up.

If your kids are murdered in school and a cornucopia of nitwit bloggers run to the stratosphere with wild tales while the MSM’s version is bizarre and tainted, and your kids are still dead, you have been touched by 8200.

Let’s go even further. Let’s say you try to fix your own air conditioner and go to YouTube and Google. You find dozens, even hundreds of fake “fix it” websites. You then go to “do it yourself” boards for information to help you.

It goes no place, you get a mix of not just lies but information you know might well destroy your equipment, even kill you or burn down your house. This is 8200 as well, and reflects their shady relationship with the US Chamber of Commerce, American Enterprise Institute and the National Association of Manufacturers.

Would you believe that troll rooms exist in Haifa, not just to rig American elections or smear the Clintons, or protect hasbara asset Trump, but to wreck your car or destroy your home, to feed greedy repair men and contractors?

You have long suspected all of the above, we are here to tell you it is all true – this and more than you can ever imagine. What kind of people would make an industry out of lying and cheating? To be frank, in today’s world, “just about anyone.”

Trump wasn’t the first – they gave us “W” too. It’s just that Trump is the “nuclear option” of total idiots.

Why would a “foreign country” want America to have a pathologically insane and illiterate president who suffers from a combination of mental disorders that put them somewhere between “special needs” and “criminally insane?”

We begin:

Pizzagate was an operation using “hasbara” assets to place an Israeli stooge in the White House in a clumsily rigged election and burn Russia for it in the process. It was a “two-fer.”

What the useful idiots, and we are giving the benefit of the doubt to some, may not have known is that Pizzagate has direct ties to incidents in Europe, the “Hebdo” controversy written about by Dr. Kevin Barrett or the Bataclan slaughter from 2016.

However, we have followed the FBI investigation closely.  The recent release of documents (Link to Epstein’s pedophile and informant FBI files, 99% redacted), telling example below, citing Epstein as an informant:

Additionally, documents like the one below, which names Trump’s partner and co-defendant in a pedophile and murder lawsuit (in America, the rich are sued in civil court for rape and murder, not jailed), put together much more than a simple mosaic.

This is overwhelming evidence, when tied to the manipulation of media, of hasbara assets and/or “useful idiots” when tied to the InfoWars/Prison Planet/Stratfor/Wikileaks organization and their Bronfman “parent” of the Canadian Kosher Nostra. (Established by a Jeff Rense investigation in 2010.)

Donald Trump & Jeffrey Epstein Rape Lawsuit and Affidavits by davidbix on Scribd

We now contend that an Israeli group was responsible for that as well. They use Paris as their own, VT has a major presence there as state-authorized MSM. We don’t miss much.

The author, on a grocery run in Paris, July 2017 (Why do I lose reading glasses?)

The Mueller investigation has, without telling anyone, made a u-turn, as information on troll farms in Russia has dried up – the evidence there thin, non-existent, or as we long ago predicted, planted by VPN (virtual private network) spoofing.

It all comes from Israel and Unit 8200, the huge organization that controls Intel Corporation, backdoors every computer in the world, runs Wikipedia, Fakebook, Wikileaks, Google Corporation and controls America’s elections.

The pedophile ring referred to, of course, the one being covered for is Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein was tasked, with his partner Donald Trump, front man for the Kosher Nostra to launder stolen Russian mob cash through his real estate empire. (Proof is overwhelming, as Donald Jr. admits it all the time much to his father’s dismay.) They were bankrupt in 1991, until the budding “oligarchs,” fresh from prison, working with rogue KGB “princes” and the CIA took over New York. The first tranche of $300m from the Commercial Bank of Leningrad went straight to Trump, feathering a nest for what would be the most powerful crime syndicate in the world.

At that time, two Democratic senators, one being blackmailed for “losing” a staffer in a water-related road accident and the other for his ties to Greek organized crime, aided the project with needed banking approvals. I sat in on the meetings at the Pierre Hotel in Manhattan. At that time, Trump was a Democrat, part of the Manhattan “party machine,” pushed to prominence by mob boss Roy Cohn.

If you want to find pure “hasbara,” you will find it in those who try to deflect Cohn’s preeminent position in organized crime, or his, as told by Roger Stone, proclivity for “doing” young men he collected and mentored. Cohn was Trump’s mentor.



Trump had long ago been hand-selected by Roy Cohn, as a “pretty boy” who would be useful.

Cohn was always Israel’s “man” in America, the consummate Zionist, powerful friends in Washington’s massive sewage system, an army of murderers and thieves at his feet, reviled by most, enamored with young powerful men he seduced and mentored, two of them to become presidents.

Cohn turned out to be the ultimate king maker.


What we can’t do here is write a book, which I could pay to publish, as so many do today. If I were a “Kosher Nostra associate,” the NY Times would put it on the bestseller list with trash by Limbaugh or Gingrich; or Murdoch would buy 30,000 imaginary copies, and I would be on the talk-show circuit.

I’m not going to write a book. Kevin does that and spends his life, as does Gilad Atzmon, traveling, proselytizing and struggling – a war without end. Maybe they should have taken the cash or, worse still, joined the enemy going full InfoWars/Wikileaks/Stratfor/PrisonPlanet on folks.

I could add a few dozen names to that, not just Breitbart or Fox News. Years ago I warned my good friend Jeff Rense that he had been targeted, that his network was becoming an 8200 homeland.

Then “they” tried to kill him, run him off the road and have first responders execute him in a “Boston Brakes” incident. Jeff learned.

There’s another story there, “Rense” and VT related, a Mike Harris story. Years ago a “patriot” named JT Ready. I will use an InfoWars article, as references to the VT articles have been “delisted” or otherwise sabotaged.

Oh, if you don’t know, the Intel “back door” installed in Israel, in every computer, even those using AMD processors, can and is used to keyword-search servers, phones, all devices, and run algorithms that delete files, embed child pornography, alter emails, erase evidence of any kind, or simply “drive you nuts.”

Combined with very real microwave-style attacks and other mass targeting, those deemed “influencers” are bombarded with interference in their lives every moment, hacked everything from tax records to medical or credit files.

This is 8200, but I digress.

Worse still, the marginal or “slightly to moderately overbaked” among us, and I won’t mention names, are fodder for “them.” Want to hear a real conspiracy? I was asked to help test an “inducement” capability on an area in Anbar Province, Iraq, a very real mind control technology that rack mounts to a plane, aerostat or skyship.

It is supposed to be able to place thoughts and beliefs into an individual based on genetic/racial markers. It exists; and this was 7 years ago, but I digress too much and tell too much. Do a few names come to mind?

Anyway, back to JT Ready. Ready came to former gubernatorial candidate Mike Harris, inviting him to an “anti-immigration rally” in Phoenix some years ago. When Harris got there, the rally was swastika-ridden, and Harris was burned.

You see, JT Ready, according to documents we now have, ran his patriot organization as an FBI informant, much like Mr. Epstein and so many others.

That “organization,” with its FBI handlers, included Hells Angel executioners that had orders to go after Harris.

Behind it all, we now know, was the ADL, Google Corporation and Unit 8200 of the Israeli security services.

If you search “Mike Harris Arizona” on Google, you will find an article from a shopping guide, one that was busted some time ago for running ads for child prostitutes, citing Harris a “nazi” for attending the rally with ADL associate and FBI informant, the now murdered JT Ready.

We all cried for JT Ready, not knowing he was disposed of as a “loose cannon” by his own friends at 8200. You see, 8200 runs the entire alt-right and white identity world, 100%. This is fact, not conjecture, they are all “on the pad.”

You will find, despite Mike’s years as a top-rated radio host, this lone smear article, not even listed as “sponsored,” at the top of the page.

Run any name and look for Google to feature fake websites laden with smears. Then look at those who are featured in the MSM. Wonder why we run so much Russian media?

I can tell you. It gives us access to wire services stories that would normally be MSM but are totally blocked in the US – stories like the congressional vote to stop Trump from attacking Iran.

Huge story, carried by wire services but no American media mentioned it, no reports, no analysis, nothing on The Hill or Politico, though this is the top story for them of a decade. Instead, they attack VT when their handlers at 8200 deem it needed, which is often nowadays.

We stop here and wait for the 8200 paid trolls to respond. Funny.



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  1. Is the Israeli Talpiot program another name for Unit 8200? In this complicated world how can one minimize being programmed without shutting off the outside world altogether? The answer to that question may deserve a special investigation and article because I am sure the answer is not “Listen to me, trust me.” We have heard too much of that coming from MSM, the government, politicians, religious spokesmen, etc.

  2. At what point do the allegedly awake have a discussion about a known & proven 2 party system that is rigged & continues to synthesize more Chaos. Ther eis no t2 party system as Quigley already told us. We know the Rome still rules via the usual suspects Kharzarian Mafia/BIS/Templar/Malta/UN/ Vatican Gesu/Jesuit pecking order etc. Until people gather/unite/galvanize in a collcetive consciousness of congruent real tangible thought instead of continuing & apparantly insisting to play in a obvious paradigm construct of ponerological & kakistocratic fascist rigged MIBC corpocracy I see little chance for improvement. To those really awake & understand the Occult Secret Societies that rule we are still waiting for that real moment of foci & crystal clarity to End the Fed, stop the phony polemic left & right paradigm that are all on the same wing of the ruling EL-ite.

  3. i admit..the more i read the less i know.

    only because it is no longer possible to know who tells the truth..,,then you have the problem of trying to get others to believe…and even if you can..what happens next?
    nothing!…so..whats the point of it all?

    tRumps rating from day one has never been above 40%….yet we are told he won more states than Hillery..all by some magical 1%…which some professors crunching the numbers…tell us is a mathematical impossibility …who is lying/telling the truth..and why would anyone want a vile creature like tRump out in front when they could have gotten near the same result with clinton?…none of it adds up…and even if someone were to offer explanations for it all…how could you know it was the truth?
    all i see is fragmentation….everyone interested ..which the majority of americans are not…will find a place to settle in where they are of like minds.

    any comment you bring to them that threatens their beliefs will be dismissed out of hand and the author called names accused of being..this or that….and they go back to their comfort level..

    this happens every place you go… the final analysis…you are always only speaking to like minds…..

    • Two sets of parents with a child walking through the park. One child has a shiny red balloon and a really big smile. 2oo yards down the path, a man with a cart is selling balloons.
      Youtube comments 4 years ago, was rife with, idiocy, misspelling and rants full of profanity. Then came the trend of sharing links. Now, multitudes of people are able to discern knowledge base of commenters and this has increased assumption of exposure, and the new desire , is the desire to know. The desire to be educated, or to find things out, is all that is needed. It is the shiny red balloon.
      I put wonderful jelly out for the Orioles, but none came. I placed an orange object near the jelly. The Orioles were there the next day.

  4. The frailty of the substance which influences thought in the human mind is a security concern. While I am sure they have elementary models that are able to manipulate certain aspects, I remain unconvinced the technology has progressed to the level of specific image or information.
    Each person has a different process. It would have to target the individual to inject a particular idea or image. If it is possible, it is hard to imagine obtaining that kind of data without millions of recorded brain wave patterns in a database, as well as knowledge of spiritual processes. When it gets there, the invisible beings will no longer be invisible. That would seem to require agreement. The military or power agenda will not be able to acquire this. That would contradict wisdom of thousands. So, I wouldn’t fear it.

  5. Pizzagate’s real. Instances of the same type of Satanic behavior can be found in other parts of the US & also through Europe. Those who seek to debunk the story never touch on any of the specific details because they speak loudly for themselves. James Alefantis spent two nights with Obama at the White House FFS, with a sports illustrated photographer & that bizzare tranny Chris Crocker. Can’t imagine what they got up too, nor do I want to. Obama & Clinton as American hero’s??? Lol that’s a tough sell. Out of interest is Clinton’s own John Podesta and his creepy brother (& relatives in high places) just a misunderstood victim too? Was there not a near social media blackout re another Podesta being located by investigators in a Children’s services government arrangement? The Bushes are indeed violent criminals, they’re also great friends with the Clinton’s.
    Russia likely controls and works in conjunction with Isreal. The conflict between the two isn’t even a mildly convincing psyop. It’s almost as if they’ve given up trying to hide the game because it’s so dam obvious…. Again, readily available specific evidence, connections and facts need to be looked at on this topic. Generally, i’d love VT to do a special on the background of all our current world leaders. What they might find are patchy historical details, tenuous early life personal connections (at best) and meteoric rises to power. All very coordinated…..

    • Pizzagate was and is not real, it was obvious it was fake news from the start.

    • St Paul Parish just settled for 210 million dollars to compensate victims of sexual abuse and cover up by priests. Saginaw Michigan, Buffalo NY, and NYC still in the mix. Tens of thousands of victims coming forward from all sectors. Even in the military. If the goal is to stop pedophiles, why not hunt where they are ?
      Pizza is a code word for tomato sauce, dough and cheese. Snipe hunting is a prank used on those who do not hunt.

    • VT has covered the Satanic issue for years now. In the modern internet world, whenever anyone is getting close to exposing the forbidden truths we see a flurry fake news events come out of nowhere, and quickly. We know now that the social and internet profiling as “rat lines” of “true believers” to spread these things out on. It was the same with Jade Helm, bogus from A to Z and VT busted it. The whole concept of conspiracy theorists was a psyop. Most of them were government run, with well meaning people being caught up in the tide. The goal of this was to tune people out to any stories about any revelations of the terrible shit going on, and it has pretty much worked. There is no public outrage any more.

  6. as Fetzer now conveniently refutes his support of Trump, I think we might be using him as an example of how not to “think critically”

  7. Dear Anygirl, you comments have been removed for spamming. Good luck with you cause, get a website, they are cheap and join the fray. But we are not running a chat room her for people to market their own deal in a comment board having nothing to do with the topic. There is a big missing children lobby out there, and even sizable Hispanic organizations. You know that. You have to know that. Best of luck to.

    • Oh Mr. Dean, what a shame!

      Spam? “promote my concern”? Are you kidding me? Are you guys for real? My husband and I read most of VT articles, analyze and discuss them, believed and trusted all of you even at times when the substance of the article was hard to swallow.

      We now have the terrible feeling that we have been taken for a ride.

      About three months ago we began to see a pattern here. This is what we see now:

      Here is a 1) self-promoting bunch of guys pretending to be modern “Long Rangers”; 2) publishing sensationalistic articles that appeals to many people around the world, people eager for justice; 3) “highly likely” old scammers hitting the right chord at the right time taking advantage of a lot of people’s sentiments to sell their stuff (mostly guns) and collect donations to support their flamboyant way of life. No different from the competition like InfoWars.

      My husband is not sending any more donations. You do not seem to care about human, or should I say “sub-human” (Hispanics), suffering. What a shame!

      I am feeling like a fool. Live and learn. Right, Mr. Dean? Or should I say Harry Holler, or perhaps any other of the pseudonyms you guys seem to use?

    • No one has a comment board like VT, and part of that has been keeping the interlopers out, who think we do this some they can come and hijack our readers onto whatever their pet peeve issue is. They are too lazy to set up their own website or just join one of the already established support groups for a particular issue. For some strange reason the want to into comment boards for free advertising.

  8. It appears that this issue can stand a bit more clarification. It would be correct to investigate exactly the where-abouts of each child, don’t you think.

  9. Organ harvesting is a very big business specially if the lives of the Goyim is not worth a dime but if one can make quick 100K-300K it’s fulfilling Talmudic commands! They don’t need to take them to Israel, there are plenty of hidden secret locations for such organ harvesting!

  10. Just a few questions, if the children are from undocumented mothers, do you mean no fathers present? And what gives you the numbers that you are talking about? If they are not accounted for why do you mention pedophile rings and Israeli organ harvesting? These are serious accusations. You have written this before in other VT comment sections, so I’m curious. Especially after this particular article.

  11. Editor’s Note: Colorado’s comment has been removed for personal attack on a VT staff member. Dear Alan, please find someplace else to get your jollies off. We do not do this to provide a forum for people looking for punching bags for their frustrations. We get critique all the time, but you went over the line, because you wanted to. Jim Dean RE: “This is typical of low level participants who have no concept of the world.” Have a nice day Alan.

  12. Duped Americans have been told the lies that the secret Central Intelligence Agency and its predecessor the secret Office of Security Services in WWII, run by the terrorist criminal General Donovan, were necessary for “National Security”. We are also lied to that this is why they must operate clandestinely hidden behind closed doors. While Congress gives its approval to this most anti American criminal enterprise the CIA I am not sure who, if anyone other than president Roosevelt, approved the earlier O.S.S. Just try to imagine in your mind’s eye, what would have transpired in America if, instead of operating in secret, protected by the full military armed force of government at the time, if say General Donovan announced publicly he had paid a military assassin $10,000.00 to murder General Patton in 1945 and even allowed media to provide progress reports as this evil plot developed. What if he even announced Ike and his cronies were in on this plot? Or what if the CIA announced its plans to murder president Jack Kennedy or murder John Lennon or murder Dr. Martin Luther King ? What would have transpired in the general population if these terrorist evil criminal activities had not been hidden behind the veil of secrecy behind closed doors? All these unfortunate victims were very very high profile and either highly loved or highly hated national figures. Wouldn’t public exposure of these unspeakable inhumane acts in secret possibly …

    • Wouldn’t public exposure of these unspeakable inhumane acts in secret possibly have led to mayhem everywhere and possibly a full revolution against these totally criminal terrorist outlaw agencies and those who ran them and their employees including the U.S. Government itself? Couldn’t current contemporary disclosures have even led to lynch mobs to insure that justice was “sure and swift” for these terrorist criminals engaged in crimes against Americans? Yet years and decades later, when these terrorist criminals in the OSS and CIA have been exposed, there is little indignation in our population. The attitude seems to be “business as usual”. Or, “just another day at the plant”. Yet won’t they continue down the same evil pathway today committing horrible unspeakable inhumane acts in our good names to a new crop of unwitting victims? Obviously America has been broken and continues to be broken. Horrible inhumane acts against others are done in secret, because if they were not secret, all anarchy would break loose. Doesn’t all this illustrate why these evil agencies must be abolished immediately, pronto by the cowards in Congress?
      What happened to the Golden Rule: “Do Unto Others as You Would have them Do Unto YOU?”

    • Win, the thought of having a discussion on whether or not to kill Gen. Patton or MLK with input from the general public, I find illuminating. These deep state insane criminals hate exposure. They hide from the light like cockroaches. Of course their shameful deeds only benefit the few and must be guarded in a veil of secrecy. Even to this day. Humanity must rise above the behavior of these powerful soulless sub-humans. Again I exspose my predjudice. After all I could be wrong about the soulless sub-human stuff.

  13. One thing I realized as a young student is that everything we know is wrong. You hang on to your beliefs at your own perile. Even the Duffster once postulted that items on this very web-site had to be taken with a grain of salt. The phrase “taken with a grain of salt”, comes from Mithridates’s anti-poison recipe found in the writings of Pliny the Elder. Are we dealing with an ancient evil, as I want to believe, or does evil simply reinvent itself. Oh well.

  14. Thanks, Gordon. You bring the truth(as much as you can) as you always do. What I find endlessly frustrating is my inability to defend against the mind-control and propaganda. I still let myself get lulled by the bullshit, even when I know it’s bullshit. I obviously need to try harder 🙂

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