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‘Russia a major military’: President Obama backtracks on Moscow’s defense capabilities

Jim W. Dean - All of Moscow's requests to the US coalition to share ISIL targeting data for better air strike results have been denied. There cannot be a feasible reason given for this and the Pentagon does not offer one.

Scalia Murdered After Obama Meeting (updated)

Justice Antonin Scalia was surprised when he was ordered to the White House. This was not a man you gave orders to, especially not President Obama. It was Justice Antonin Scalia who vacated the long sacrosanct immunity from civil lawsuits, opening the door for a weakened presidency.

Obama Buckles Under to Erdogan Blackmail, World War Nears

The US president has sided with Turkey and warned the Syrian Kurdish militia not to seize more territory in Syria to avoid upsetting Ankara or the so-called “moderate” opposition.

Europe is following Obama, washing its hands of Palestine

My headline is a response to recent comments made by German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a joint press conference in Berlin with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the decision of the Cameron government in the UK to make boycotting goods from "Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank" by publicly-funded bodies including local councils and universities a criminal offence.

Obama bans solitary confinement for minors, petty crimes

President Barack Obama will ban solitary confinement for juvenile inmates and give prisoners in one-man cells more time outside.

Obama to seek crisis actor position after leaving presidency

What explains such a seemingly odd career choice for a soon-to-be ex-president?

Obama Calls on Turkey to Withdraw Unauthorized Forces in Iraq –...

US President Barack Obama called on Turkey to withdraw any military forces not authorized by the Iraqi government during his call with Prime Minister...