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Dr. Chuck Baldwin is an American politician and has been involved in at least 12 full-length documentary films. He was the presidential nominee of the Constitution Party for the 2008 U.S. presidential election and had previously been its nominee for U.S. vice president in 2004. He is also a pastor of Liberty Fellowship in Kalispell, Montana.

JEA: We have interviewed Dr. Chuck Baldwin in the past, and he still has much to say about our current geopolitical crisis as a pastor in Montana. He was right on target when he said:

“I would even say that since World War II, virtually all of the military conflicts in which the U.S. has been involved in the Middle East have been at the behest of Israel. For all intents and purposes, foreign policy makers of America’s federal government—from both major parties—are little more than lap dogs for the Zionist State of Israel.”

No one can deny that anymore. Baldwin has more interesting things to say, and perhaps some readers will pay heed.

CB: What if everything we’ve been told about 9/11 is a lie? What if it wasn’t 19 Muslim terrorist hijackers that flew those planes into the Twin Towers and Pentagon? What if the Muslims had nothing whatsoever to do with the attacks on 9/11? What if everything we’ve been told about the reasons we invaded two sovereign nations (Afghanistan and Iraq) is a lie? What if the 17-year-old, never-ending “War on Terror” in the Middle East is a lie?

What if our young soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who have given their lives in America’s “War on Terror” died for a lie? What if G.W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump have been nothing but controlled toadies for an international global conspiracy that hatched the attacks of 9/11 as nothing more than a means to institute a perpetual “War on Terror” for purposes that have nothing to do with America’s national security? Would the American people want to know? Would the truth even matter to them?

The sad reality is that the vast majority of Americans who would read the above paragraph would totally dismiss every question I raised as being unrealistic and impossible—or even nutty. Why is that? Have they studied and researched the questions? No. Have they given any serious thought to the questions? No. They have simply swallowed the government/mainstream media version of these events hook, line and sinker.

It is totally amazing to me that the same people who say they don’t believe the mainstream media (MSM) and government (Deep State) versions of current events—which is why they voted for and love Donald Trump—have absolutely no reservations about accepting the official story that the 9/11 attacks were the work of jihadist Muslims and that America’s “War on Terror” is completely legitimate.

These “always Trumpers” are dead set in their minds that America is at war with Islam; that Trump’s bombings of Syria were because President Assad is an evil, maniacal monster who gassed his own people; and that Trump’s expansion of the war in Afghanistan is totally in the interests of America’s national security.


What if the Muslims had NOTHING to do with 9/11?

What if Bashar al-Assad did NOT gas his own people?

What if America’s “War on Terror” is a completely false, manufactured, made-up deception?

What if America’s military forces are mostly fighting for foreign agendas and NOT for America’s national security or even our national interests?

What if America’s war in Afghanistan is a fraud?

What if the entire “War on Terror” is a fraud?

The Trump robots have bought into America’s “War on Terror” as much as Obama’s robots and Bush’s robots did. Bush was elected twice, largely on the basis of America’s “War on Terror.” Obama campaigned against the “War on Terror” and then expanded it during his two terms in office.

Trump campaigned against the “War on Terror” and then immediately expanded it beyond what Obama had done. In fact, Trump is on a pace to expand the “War on Terror” beyond the combined military aggressions of both Bush and Obama.

But who cares? Who even notices?

America is engaged in a global “War on Terror.” Just ask G.W. Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX News, The Washington Post, the New York Times and the vast majority of America’s pastors and preachers. They all tell us the same thing seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. Liberals scream against Trump, and conservatives scream against Maxine Waters; but both sides come together to support America’s never-ending “War on Terror.”

But what if it’s ALL a lie? What if Obama and Trump, the right and the left, the MSM and the conservative media are all reading from the same script? What if they are all (wittingly or unwittingly) in cahoots in perpetuating the biggest scam in world history? And why is almost everyone afraid to even broach the question?

Left or right, liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, secular or Christian, no one dares to question the official story about the 9/11 attacks or the “War on Terror.” And those who do question it are themselves attacked unmercifully by the right and the left, conservatives and liberals, Christians and secularists, Sean Hannity and Chris Matthews. Why is that? Why is it that FOX News and CNN, Donald Trump and Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer and Ted Cruz equally promote the same cockamamie story about 9/11 and the “War on Terror?”

Why? Why? Why?

Tell me again how Donald Trump is so different from Barack Obama. Tell me again how Ted Cruz is so different from Chuck Schumer. They all continue to perpetuate the lies about 9/11. They all continue to escalate America’s never-ending “War on Terror.” They are all puppets of a global conspiracy to advance the agenda of war profiteers and nation builders.

The left-right, conservative-liberal, Trump-Obama paradigm is one big giant SCAM. At the end of the day, the “War on Terror” goes on, bombs keep falling on people in the Middle East who had absolutely NOTHING to do with 9/11 and the money keeps flowing into the coffers of the international bankers and war merchants.

All of the above is why I am enthusiastically promoting Christopher Bollyn’s new blockbuster book The War on Terror.

Of course, Bollyn is one of the world’s foremost researchers and investigators into the attacks on 9/11. He has written extensively on the subject. But unlike most other 9/11 investigators, Bollyn continued to trace the tracks of the attacks on 9/11. And those tracks led him to discover that the 9/11 attacks were NOT “the event” but that they were merely the trigger for “the event.” “What was the event?” you ask. America’s perpetual “War on Terror.”

As a result, Mr. Bollyn published his findings that the attacks on 9/11 were NOT perpetrated by Muslim extremists but by a very elaborate and well financed international conspiracy that had been in the planning for several decades. Bollyn’s research names names, places and dates and exposes the truth behind not just 9/11 (many have done that) but behind America’s “War on Terror” that resulted from the attacks on 9/11.


And Christopher Bollyn’s investigative research brings out the truth like nothing I’ve read to date. His research connects the dots and destroys the myths.

Mr. Bollyn’s research is published in a book entitled (full title): The War On Terror: The Plot To Rule The Middle East. I mean it when I say that if enough people read this book, it could change the course of history and save our republic.

This is written on the book’s back cover:

The government and media have misled us about 9/11 in order to compel public opinion to support the War on Terror.

Why have we gone along with it? Do we accept endless war as normal? Are we numb to the suffering caused by our military interventions?

No. We have simply been propagandized into submission. We have been deceived into thinking that the War on Terror is a good thing, a valiant struggle against terrorists who intend to attack us as we were on 9/11.

Behind the War on Terror is a strategic plan crafted decades in advance to redraw the map of the Middle East. 9/11 was a false-flag operation blamed on Muslims in order to start the military operations for that strategic plan. Recognizing the origin of the plan is crucial to understanding the deception that has changed our world.

Folks, 9/11 was a deception. The “War on Terror” is a deception. The phony left-right paradigm is a deception. FOX News is as much a deception as CNN. The “always Trump” group is as much a deception as the “never Trump” group. America has been in the throes of a great deception since September 11, 2001. And this deception is being perpetrated by Republicans and Democrats and conservatives and liberals alike.

I do not know Christopher Bollyn. I’ve never met him. But I thank God he had the intellectual honesty and moral courage to write this book. I urge readers to get this explosive new book. If you don’t read any other book this year, read Mr. Bollyn’s investigative masterpiece The War On Terror: The Plot To Rule The Middle East.

Again, I am enthusiastically recommending this book to my readers, and I make no apologies for doing so. The truth contained in this research MUST get out, and I am determined to do all I can to help make that possible.

Order Christopher Bollyn’s blockbuster book The War On Terror: The Plot To Rule The Middle East here:

The War On Terror: The Plot To Rule The Middle East

I am confident that after you read this book, you will want to buy copies for your friends and relatives. The book is under 200 pages long and is not difficult reading. However, the facts and details Bollyn covers are profound and powerful. I have read the book three times so far and I’m not finished.

Frankly, Bollyn’s book made so many things make sense for me. His book dovetails and tracks with much of my research on other topics. Truly, his book helped me get a much fuller understanding of the “big picture.”

What if everything we’ve been told about 9/11 and the “War on Terror” is a lie? Well, Bollyn’s book proves that indeed it is.

Again, here is where to find Christopher Bollyn’s phenomenal new book The War On Terror: The Plot To Rule The Middle East:

The War On Terror: The Plot To Rule The Middle East

This article was first published in July of 2021.


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  1. Awful stuff we have wrought with the big bucks. Will it ever bcum unraveled for jo sixpack and those with popping eyes screaming for their team on Sunday & Mon. They view any doubt of goodness in the good intentions of this place, treason.
    e.g. Jullian A—–

  2. I just wanted to give a tool to those of you (us) who try their best to get people educated, especially about this 911 issue.

    About 20 years ago a small movie hit the internet and created a storm. If people won’t accept the ability to create something which doesn’t exist and show it to millions of people, lead them to this website: http://www.405themovie.com/. In case the link gets lost, search for 405 the movie, one word.

    They also explain how they created this entertaining and amazing clip, the very first of it’s kind at that time (as far as we know, of course).
    Secondly, there are foils, which are used in (Live) theater, which are nearly invisible to the eye, used to project scenes off stage among the participants on stage. Look it up. These things are just the tip of the iceberg of capabilities we know we have.

    Last but not least, I have good success in getting people to start to accept that things “might be different” than they think, by getting them to watch/read the Creature of Jekyll Island, and Confessions of an Economic Hitman. Yeah, I know Perkins is not a man without controversies, but it is an easy read for people to start with.

    In order to wake people up we need tools. As most people are now screen addicted and attention deficient, we need to use and create material which “fits” into their routines. If it is a fairy tale leading to the truth, it is a better fairy tale then what we get presented daily by the msm news.

  3. This comment is a response to Ferdinand.

    I partially agree with you Ferdinand, that there is a bias to pharmaceutical medicine at VT. However there is openness towards “different”. And I think we will see more of that as this issue with this virus progresses.

    Fort 30 odd years I have been involved in mapping peoples’ health problems in connection to the side effects of their prescription medicine. I can honestly say I have some In-depth knowledge in health matters.

    Carol Duff is, no doubt, a competent and educated nurse. The problem with all conventional medical training is that it greatly lacks in scope. Nutrition, nor cellular interaction, nor natural remedies (the basis of all medicine) are really part of their curriculum.

    Having said this, I do not normally comment on these issues, for a number of reasons.
    A. Gordon Duff knows about a lot of things a lot more than I can imagine. What appears biased might be a red line in reality or covert message to someone.

    B. What appears to be narrow mindedness to me, might in reality be a red line, etc.

    I find the majority of people have been so indoctrinated by the pharmaceutical industry that it is a waste of my time to try to change their opinion.

    It is what it is. I don’t read VT for health information, but for insight in world affairs, of which health issues have become, unfortunately, an almost indivisible part.

    As a whole I treasure their existence and hope they stay safe and well, for a long time to come.

  4. Based on # of views so far and comments, there’s a lot of interest in finding out where we’ve been lied to.

  5. Here’s a question that no one here is asking: why did this global cabal concentrate all this energy and effort on Islam? And I will tell you that their main target is not the Saudi/Salafi/Takfiri/”Sunni” version but Jafari School Twelver Shia Islam. What is it in “The Panjtan” (Mohammad, Ali, Fatima, Hassan and Hussein” that has become the main target to eliminate?

    • They don’t call us the AngloZIONIST Empire for nothing. Our Manifest Destiny is a subset of Zionism, which is based on the racist notion that certain Europeans were “chosen” by God to range around the planet, displacing the indigenous, stealing their land and resources, and finally ending all human history with an apocalyptic conflict that will bring their warrior messiah back to Earth to smite all unbelievers, everyone but them apparently. The folks that most stand in the way of their diabolical plan are Moslems, both Sunni and Shia. Iran is the nation that will be provoked to attack Israel which will be the prelude to the Apocalypse. I wish I was making all this up but it’s right their in their holy book, the Scofield Reference Bible.

    • What do you think is behind the 12er Shea being the targets of those who have taken too much control over our military thrust since the big happening that targets them Kamangeer????? Perhaps the divide and conquer paradime? Split Islam along that fault line and cozy up to the richer Suni???

    • Hey offshore. Too much to unpack here… you must do the research. I recommend you use reliable Shia resources such as al-islam.org. Research the lives of Imam Ali and Imam Hussein. Particularly, the events of Karbala. If you distill what is going on in the world today, many/most of the struggles and wars are being fought between ideology that is derived from the Kabbalah and 12er Shia Islam.

    • They say Islam have 72 denominations/groups/versions etc …. I think its part of the great deception. At the end of the day, Islam only have two versions i.e. Shia Islam and All the others. ‘All others’ is the global, very visible version of Islam.
      ALL Muslims minus Shia believe that True Islam lasted about 30 years after Mohammad. Saying it another way, Islam propagated 30 years after Mohammad had not much to do with Islam , it was more like Imperial Islam , government mandated Islam etc etc …. it was not Shia Islam.
      Forget ‘ordinary’ Shia Muslims , 11 of 12 Shia imams were murdered by Muslim rulers.
      Why Shai Islam is the target ? In a nutshell, Shia don’t teach their children to hate other faiths , and preaching to automatically kill members of other faith — hell no , never. Shia believe that Quran is not meant just for Muslims but the target audience of Quran is all humanity. Shia believe that this world and all humanity will plunge into darkness and all roads that will lead humanity out of this bottomless pit go through Karbala.
      Yes Karbala , all western symbolism is based in Iraq , Karbala is also in Iraq ,, What is Karbala all about?
      A very famous Urdu poet/philosopher Dr Iqbal said , and I am paraphrasing , If Muslims really knew the secrets behind events of Karbala , they would start praying facing Karbala instead of Kaaba in Mecca.

  6. ‘9/11’ was a ‘Major Undertaking!’ It required security, immense logistics, time! With all that, one just have to connect the DOTTS, to reveal that it could have been accomplished ONLY with the involvement of various US Federal Agencies and also Agencies of the City and State of New York, had to be involved! The Crowning DOTT of course, is the NIST Report! The DEMONIC Zionist Zealots have attempted to get the US dragged into the Middle East, with the, ‘LAVON Affair’ and the ‘USS LIBERTY” False Flag attempts; http://www.holocaustonthehighseas.com no success with those two, but the ‘9/11/2001’ False Flag, installation of Controlled demolition into the WTC. Towers #1,#2,#7, those giant Structure were PULLED DOWN, ‘9/11’ turned into a roaring success for the Zionists Zealots, Foreign and DOMESTIC, with the MURDER of 2977 innocent Collateral Victims, the ‘Land of the Free’ got DRAGGED into the HELL HOLE of the Middle East, created by the Zionist Apartheid Talmudic-Supremacist TERROR State. For 2 decades our Blood and Treasure our Military Personnel are the ‘Sacrificial Lambs’ on the barbaric-bloody Altar of Zionism, on the World Stage!

  7. Indira Singh laid out the plot by Ptech, software power to burn; appreciative to Christopher B , some of the plotters living next door, Ptech , psychotomimetic artificial LSD, BZ, delirium gas, a frog’s lung’s could burst ‘splaining.

  8. CAN ANYBODY figure out how the 17 or so US Intelligence agencies are so completely stupid ?
    or did they all receieve “HUSH HUSH MONEY
    Both with 9/11 & the assassination of JFK , ISRAEL should have been at the top of the list of MOTIVES ?
    Susan Landauer claims her CIA boss received $13 MIL.for 9/11.“Hush money” !
    Survivors from 9/11 mysteriously are dying especially from inhaling “nuclear” dust from 9/11.

  9. 1000s of thanks for pointing me toward Christopher’s work. The link you provided when clicked brought up this message….
    “Sorry, the requested product is not available”….. Keep up your amazing stuff Jonas!!!!! And BIG thanks to VT for their support of your very real & important writing. Please keep up Your good work.!!!!!!! Thank You….

  10. “I would even say that since World War II, virtually all of the military conflicts in which the U.S. has been involved in the Middle East have been at the behest of Israel. For all intents and purposes, foreign policy makers of America’s federal government—from both major parties—are little more than lap dogs for the Zionist State of Israel.” Not only that, but virtually ALL of the military conflicts the US has been involved with ANYWHERE since WW1 (possibly before) have been at the behest of those SAME international hyenas who are at home both everywhere and nowhere…

  11. Besides the fact that 911 was a nuclear event (WTC 1 and 2) beginning with conventional explosives, what very few people, even among the “experts” fail to realize is that there were no planes involved, only holograms, crisis actors, and a compliant media reading a script (except for a few glitches). As one old timer with more common sense than most said, “Beer cans don’t go through thick steel and concrete.” See 911planeshoax dot com

    • And, building 7, and the Pentagon. Probably the field where the Boeing aircraft didn’t crash, too.

    • The only reason we call it Tuesday is because Pope Gregory said so, and that was and is a Lie.
      The craziest dogma on the planet is what day it is, and does it matter ?
      The investigation into calendars uncovers the biggest lies in recorded history. Just because nobody knows doesn’t make it less important. Fixing our calendars would transform human consciousness. It will be a historic correction with implications in all sciences.

    • Just out today, the British finally admit that Stonehenge was a solar calendar that used ten day weeks. Those are the decans, and by imparting that knowledge the benefit to human existence would be the best thing since before the zealots eradicated it by force around the entire planet.
      The 7 day work week, is a slavers tool, and there is no reason to have it except to control labor and profits. When people follow the 20 days, or the 36 decans, they are in synch with the natural rhythms of this planet. This was known globally for millenia. It is not astrology, it is science. The primordial elements Hydrogen – Krypton are the 36 decans. The 20 consonants of the english language, and the 20 amino acids, and the primordial elements Tin- Ytterbium are the 20 days. Whoever wrote genesis, wove all of these cycles into text, and it was the intent and purpose. This is very plain to see.

  12. The truth, even when pronounced a thousand times, can not convince the unconvinced, if they are not willing to abandon their restricted paradigm.

    I have been a political imbecile for a large part of my life. Bought the slogans, hook, line and sinker (good book btw). What changed me, was my willingness to change my opinion and also my attitude (came later in life) of acceptance that I am just another guy and nothing special. Regardless of some special things I may have done or accomplished in my life.

    We all, together, carry part of the blame for the mess this planet is in. Why?

    Because we voted and after that didn’t pay attention. Yes, we grumbled about lying politicians and poured another drink and complained some more. That really helped.

    The slideshow of wars, massacres, murdering military contractors, and millions upon millions of their victims, human and other life forms, was not enough to shake us out of our stupor. And yes, I am deeply ashamed about that.

    And what bothers me most, is that I see parents not even bothering to do things with their kids, but leave them as hapless victims to the indoctrination machine taking the center stage in their lives.

    They too, will become like that imbecile on his boat in All Is Lost, wading from disaster to disaster, needing to be rescued.

    But, I keep talking to people and sending links. We have to wake people up, and not just comment on materials written by people who are trying to do the same.

  13. This is why we must make issues the primary voting method, and the military budget must become the primary issue.
    If we reduce the military budget by 80% and compel the military to carry out their mission of protecting the US people, it will be better security than what we have now. Those who rely on our mercenary forces will be forced to behave or engage their own battles. Our land mass is highly defensible.
    And, every conversation regarding Israel, must include Britain and the “firm”. That is their stepchild. 60 million died, and the rich got very rich. Time to take away their toys.

  14. [” Dear Jonas E.Alexis, not if what, its if, make it clear, that its all based on Lies, which is the babylonian Business, reigned out of their Glas-Tower Temples. If it would be possible to make an online-Interview, it would take hours, to cover up the truth, behind tne BLUE DOORS of BA’AL. The key and roots of all error and terror is well documented in the ” 12 Books of the jisraelian babylonian Talmuds” and well sworn in by the DELTA ILLUMINATI, annuit coeptis, 1776, the Jesuit Adam Weishaupt. DELTA= ALLSEEING EYE. And the Bohemian Oal is watching from the right side above the Number 1 on the Dollar Bill, which is the ticket of the reality. 911=119 and just look : LP Cover “Breakfast in America” 1976, SUPERTRAMP The UP is IIP=9II Orange Lady, orange Glas, in front of the grey other glasses. Or, Back2theFuture (1985) in this move the IluminatiShow is in details directly demonstrated and after 20 years, still BUSINESS.ENERGY of both sides, …]

  15. [“BUT no one of all ACTORS and INVESTORS and PERSON, EMPLOYEES, who prepared this Dustification, by Deception, to install the EVENT 2-O-1 plus 1 Show are still running free around, WHY? . How to forward the demolition costs on peoples shoulders to collect all INSURANCES and refinancing the ONE WORLD TOWER and having served SATAN /BA’AL to say Sorry for all losses, to plunder all Collateral-Accounts of the Victims, generating Businesses and Profit out of the ongoing consequences in all Business-fields. nasa= to deceive; covid=divoc= Separation; having a deal with Satan; however, the battle with the Pleiades is ongoing and the DARKNESS have already lost it’s the final curtain, with the GENderTranshumanism and the “ mark of the beast” to take the 100% possess of the Human Being, as a Person for the fictional PERSON of their private commercial DELTA-BUSINESS.
    It’s a private commercial fraud and we blind sheep are making as SERVI-SLAVES=ANIMAL=THINGS our SERVICES and paying them all the HELLWOODSHOWS and selling our kids for free for their scarification ceremony on the 7th day on the Ship of AmundRa for BA’AL. “]

  16. The links for this book go to chuckbaldwin.com and they do not have it listed. However, Amazon and Barnes & Noble do.

  17. All any thinking American has to do is to look at the best evidence to see that 9/11 was an inside job.
    But I’m really going out on a limb when I say thinking Americans.

  18. We’ve known that 9/11 was not done by Muslims for almost two decades, Jonas. It was obvious when pictures of the alleged perpetrators were plastered all over the mainstream media within hours of the attacks, way before any evidence-based investigation could possibly have been done. Each president since that horrible day has had to dance around this obvious truth, including Trump and Biden.

    Remember that old Marx Brother’s line, “Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?” The Zionist MSM has been telling us essentially that from day one. We’ve been told to ignore the Laws of Physics and the laws of common sense, and just believe what we’re told, or else! Another new book on the subject is not going to change the basic reality that Israel nuked us on 9/11 and got away with it.

    • Oh, by the way, would someone at VT please bring Michael Shrimpton up to speed on this obvious truth?

    • Israelis were heavily involved but it bigger than just Israel and Israelis. It’s American Jews as well as non-Jewish Freemasons like Rumsfeld and Cheney and Protestant Zionists and a host of foot soldiers and team players and hangers on for worldly success for the Jewish pseudo-messianic NWO, all under the hidden hand and leadership of Satan directing all those in his service like a master symphony conductor.

    • Yes Darrell. The planning went to the tops of US And world government while we were watching our horn dog president outed. Monica was even a setup and Hilda helped. She was promised the presidency but along came Obama and then Trump that foiled those plans. Even Hunter Bidens golden goose burisma was set up to last through 8 of Hilda. As NY Senator she was in a key role.

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