Mariupol Nazi Battalions Plan Mass Murder False Flag


DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian government funded media

SF: On March 2nd, the People’s Militia of the DPR reported that nationalist forces are preparing provocations in the city of Mariupol.

The commander of a separate special detachment Azov of the 12th operational brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine is preparing a mass provocation with the death of civilians in the city of Mariupol, the DPR PM claimed.

According to the report, dozens of civilians were captured on the territory of the Metallurgical Combine Azovstal, which is located at the mouth of the Kalmius River. People were reportedly taken in mined workshops and office premises. The heavy military equipment was deployed in the yard of the enterprise.

In the event of a breakthrough of the joint Russian, DPR forces to the city of Mariupol, the Ukrainian nationalists reportedly plan to blow up the buildings and accuse Russia of destroying civilians and civilian infrastructure with artillery fire.

Another provocation is reportedly being prepared in the building of the local school No. 34 on 17 Gastelo Street in Mariupol, where more than 60 civilians are forcibly detained, including a lot of women and children. According to the DPR People’s Militia, numerous civilians who tried to leave the city through the humanitarian corridors were forcibly brought to the school.

At  the same time, the report reads that teachers of the Azov State Technical University, located on Universitetskaya Street, 7, in Mariupol, claimed that militants from the Azov division began mining the building of the University, as well as nearby areas, with controlled explosive devices.

Ukrainian Nationalist Battalions Prepare Mass Murder Provocations In Mariupol

The mayor of Mariupol has recently shared photo of the alleged Russian missile in Mariupol. It turned out to be the Ukrainian Tochka-U missile. In November 2019, the 448th Missile Brigade of the Russian Western Military District, which by that time was the last Russian unit equipped with Tochka-U missile complexes, completed rearmament for the Iskander-M tactical complexes.

Ukrainian Nationalist Battalions Prepare Mass Murder Provocations In Mariupol

The mayor of Mariupol has recently shared photo of the alleged Russian missile in Mariupol. It turned out to be the Ukrainian Tochka-U missile. In November 2019, the 448th Missile Brigade of the Russian Western Military District, which by that time was the last Russian unit equipped with Tochka-U missile complexes, completed rearmament for the Iskander-M tactical complexes.

Representative of the DPR People’s Militia Eduard Bassurin said in his interview on March 2:

It takes a couple of days to understand how the situation in Mariupol will develop. Because in any case, there will be a process of negotiations – we convince the enemy to lay down their arms, surrender or leave the city so that the civilian population does not suffer. A humanitarian catastrophe will soon begin there – without electricity, food. We need to do everything so that people don’t get hurt, that’s why we said we were opening humanitarian corridors. If there is still a normal consciousness that they will allow the civilian population to leave the city, this would make the way easier for us. If not, then, I think, negotiations for a special operation have not been canceled.

Armed members of the Ukrainian Azov battalion kill civilians who were trying to leave Mariupol:

Yesterday, on March 1, DPR forces claimed the opening of two humanitarian corridors for civilians in Mariupol, after the city was completely blockaded by the joint forces. However, the footage shared by the locals confirmed that armed nationalist battalions prevent people from leaving the city, wounding and killing them on the roads.

It should be noted that in the currently besieged cities, civilians, who were blockaded in the cities, are staying home and any mass crowdings in any civilian facilities are not possible. Thus, no mass casualties could be reported in cases of shelling on some civilian facilities by any of the warring sides. All reports about such cases may be considered as fake news or provocations.


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  1. From topwar site:
    The genocide that Europe laughs at
    02.03.2022 – 3:30
    “I was burned — I understood that with a burner, the bag was on my head. I was suspended by my hands, the scars haven’t even healed yet, my right hand is “mute” — I can’t feel it. My ribs still hurt. They were beaten with their feet, their hands were fastened from behind, a grenade ring was tied to their fingers, and they had to sit. If I move, then, of course, you pull the pin.”

    “Bandages and medicines, food and bedding were taken from the medical staff. The nurses were raped and shot, and guards were placed near the wounded and no one was allowed to see them for four days. Some of the wounded died, and the rest were thrown into the river, forbidding the local population to remove the corpses.”

    “They were beaten by a group of three or four people, electrocuted, put on their knees in a bag, shot near the ear. Then their commander came, took us all and put us in a pit on a chain, handcuffed us. I couldn’t sit, I couldn’t stand, that is, I was hanging on this chain because my ribs and fingers were broken.”

    “In the city of Stalino, the invaders drove the residents of the Professor’s House into a barn, blocked the entrance to it, poured a combustible substance over the barn and set it on fire. All the people in the shed, with the exception of two accidentally escaped girls, were burned.”

    “They connected the wires from the battery to my arm, poured water on me and electrocuted me. I lost consciousness as soon as I left – they poured water over me and interrogated me again after a while.”

    “He puts on a bag and strangles a woman who has diabetes, who asks for a drink, they say: “We’ll give you urine now.” It was so creepy there that, to be honest, it’s scary to remember everything, it’s just scary.”

    “…they took me to the basement, put a bag on my head, handcuffed me to the battery, stretched me on a stretcher. My hands were numb because it lasted for three days.”

    “The wounded… are not fed for six to eight days and are kept in open pits, in the cold and in the rain. There was a case when the prisoners tried to light a fire in one of the pits, but the fascists threw grenades at them and forbade them to remove the corpses.”

    “Women were brought into the cell after interrogations, often unconscious. They couldn’t recover for several days. They were lying and urinating under themselves. One of my friends’ hands was twisted behind her back and hung in the “swallow pose” for eight hours. Others were stripped naked, covered with a mattress, doused with water and beaten with a stun gun.”

    “He was tied to a goat, beaten with hands, feet, and a plastic stick, doused with water and tortured with electric current, forced to dance naked and sing songs to them, push-ups from the floor and squat with a yellow weight weighing 24 kilograms. The detainees were forced to rape each other at gunpoint in my presence. In total, I was in the basement for 17-18 days.”

    And now – attention, question: can you easily determine which quote is from which historical source?

    ► speech of the Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios on the air of “Shuster LIVE”;
    ► document “Information about the atrocities of the Nazi troops in the occupied territories of the USSR as of November 21, 1941, sent from the 1st Directorate of the NKVD of the USSR to Deputy Chief of the Soviet Information Bureau S. A. Lozovsky”;
    ► Report on the torture of prisoners of war and civilians during the civil confrontation in Ukraine by the International Public Information Group on Crimes against the Person (IGCP);
    A fragment from the speech of the Assistant Chief Prosecutor from the USSR L. N. Smirnov about the crimes of the accused at the Nuremberg trial against the civilian population — about the atrocities of the German invaders in the cities of Vyazma, Gzhatsk and Sychevka of the Smolensk region and Rzhev of the Kalinin region and the burning of people in the city of Stalino.”

    • The problem is the source: Luciferian Soviet Bolsheviks who lie about everything, not unlike our “Bolshevik” FAKE socialist politicians. Smells like BS.

      Recall the “ebil notzis” who killed all those jailed Polish soldiers?

      As usual, it was the Evil Bosheviks who were capital “E” evil and liked doing things so-called SRA victims testify of; various forms of torture used by their witch divisions!

  2. Now do you understand what’s going on there? Local nationalists and the Ukrainian army are rabble who don’t care about their own people. Today they showed in the news about fakes on Facebook, which has already spent tens of millions of dollars on cheap fakes.
    They showed a young Ukrainian girl who honestly told that nationalists were robbing shops, taking cars from drivers, killing passers-by. Now this girl is being threatened by representatives of the Nazi battalions.
    I’ve never used a VPN myself, but I had to download it because Facebook barely moves for Russians.
    Three of my friends in Ukraine are sitting in basements under shelling and believe fake news.
    I was also struck by a picture where 6-8-year-old children in Ukraine pour liquids into bottles – a Molotov cocktail. Their parents teach. This is crazy!

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