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Blocked: Efforts to make Zaporizhzhya Nuke Plant a Safe Zone...

VT's Stuart Littlewood reveals what's really going on with Nuke Power in Ukraine

Letter to my local MP: UK Government cares more for Ukraine...

With £2.5 trillions of debt how can we put foreign military adventures above priorities such as properly funding the NHS and treating our nurses decently?

The Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Nightmare

VT's Stuart Littlewood digs deep to expose the real threat that the Ukraine War has on a possible Nuclear disaster

Interference in Ukraine Turns into Nightmare for West

The decision to slap Russia with sanctions and effectively declare economic war on this key supplier of energy, foodstuffs, precious metals, etc, then provide weapons and know-how to Russia's enemy without a proper explanation or even a vote in Parliament, has spectacularly backfired in the UK

Shrimpton: Russo-Ukrainian War (6)

Russia is right to complain that they are effectively fighting the whole of NATO. Aside from the British and American ground troops (special forces) deployed, crazily, inside Ukraine, NATO countries are supplying Ukraine with enormous quantities of weapons.

Today’s Brief: The Best of Gonzalo Lira

Zaur, Kadyrov fighter, emotionally recounts the storming of an Azov-occupied building directly next to Azovstal. What made them decide to storm the building, against all logic, was watching AZOV shoot a mother and her child in the back as they were fleeing.

Civilians leave Azovstal. Pelosi and Schiff visit Elensky. Update 2

Civilians leave Azovstal. Serbia sanctions pressure. Pelosi and Schiff visit Elensky. Update 2.

Easter is about Palestine, not Ukraine

Forget Ukraine for a moment. Easter is a time to focus on the Holy Land, what happened there in AD33 or whatever date you believe to have been Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection, and what’s happening there now. It’s not pretty.

White Helmets instructors deployed to Ukraine, Moscow claims

Kiev is plotting a false flag attack with weapons of mass destruction to frame Moscow, a senior Russian diplomat has alleged.

Proxy War in Ukraine, US Fighting Russia to the Last Ukrainian!

In Ukraine, the Biden administration is fighting Russia “to the last Ukrainian,” retired senior US diplomat Chas Freeman says.

Official/Real: Russians Lose 1351 Dead, 3825 Wounded in Ukie War

During a special military operation in Ukraine, 1,351 Russian servicemen were killed and 3,825 wounded. This was stated at a briefing by the First Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces, Colonel-General Sergei Rudskoy.

Russell Bentley: Tochka U Missile Strike Update

Interview with Russell Bentley in Donbas.

Russia Destroys Ukie Ballistic Missile Storage with Kinzhal Hypersonic Weapon

On March 19, the Russian Defense Ministry revealed that it has used its hypersonic missile systems to strike targets in Ukraine. A series of videos show before, during and after strike.

Day 21: Russian Slow Advances Face Ukie Virtual Victories

The recent days of the Russian military operations in Ukraine were marked by significant successes of the joint forces of the Russian Federation, the DPR and the LPR, despite the fact that the both warring sides are already suffering from their forces depleting.

View from Kyiv: about the representatives of the territorial defense of...

Kiev and the Armed Forces of Ukraine are placing strike weapons in residential areas, including in Kyiv. People are used as a human shield, and the population of the capital is no exception in this matter. Judging by what I saw, it looks like the Kiev regime does not have as many serious resources for the defense of the city as the General Staff claims. The resources are concentrated in the government quarter and at separate points on the city’s borders.

Oliver Stone: Heavily Censored ‘Ukraine Revealed’ and ‘Ukraine on Fire’ (Full...

Videos CENSORED! BANNED!! by Youtube and Vimeo as potentially containing offensive information. Situation Normal.

US State Department Looking to Scrounge Up Soviet S-300s to Deliver...

Sputnik: The United States and its allies have already delivered well over $3 billion in military equipment to Ukraine in recent years, and committed to send hundreds of millions of dollars more after Russia and its Donbass allies began an operation to demilitarise the country late last month.

Liberation of Ukraine: Russian Advances and Delays on the 18th Day

The technical pause taken by Russian forces has ended. The mass civilian evacuation from the cities in eastern and central regions of the country failed. In many cities, evacuation is only possible after Russian troops take control of street by street.

Russia Gifts Nazi War Gear to Anti-Fascist People’s Militias

On March 14, the Russian Defense Ministry released a video showing the dlivery of military equipment to forces of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republic.

Putin slams ‘flagrant violation’ of international humanitarian law by Ukrainian forces

Putin has accused the Ukrainian army of “extrajudicial executions of dissenters” and “taking hostages and using civilians as human shields,” and called on the leaders of Germany and France to pressure Kiev to force its nationalist battalions to stop their crimes.

Russian Military Shows Video of Helicopter Attack on Ukrainian Armor

The Russian Defense Ministry published a video of its Ka-52 ‘Alligator’ attack helicopters hitting and eliminating a convoy of the Ukrainian military’s armored vehicles.

Ukie War: Combat Briefing from Pro-Russian Organization

Mariupol was taken today. It is badly destroyed. For the residents there is a real humanitarian disaster. There are many trophies in the city, including a large number of tanks.

March 12, the Russian Offensive

Based on Kiev's saboteur actions, Russia feels that some kind of ‘diplomatic understanding’ between Moscow and Kiev will have a chance only after the full collapse of the defense of Kiev’s forces in Mykolaiv, Kharkiv and Mariupol cities.

Russia Deploying Kamikaze (loitering) Drones Against Ukies

Ukrainian sources shared photos of the remains of a Russian-made KUB-BLA loitering munition, which reportedly struck a target in the Podil neighborhood. This was the first documented use of a loitering munition since the beginning of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine on February 24.

NATO to Fight Russia to Last Ukrainian

In a show of solidarity with Ukraine, several European nations recently announced they would not criminalize but rather expedite citizens joining NATO’s war effort in Ukraine.

War in Ukraine Day 15: Will the Russians Break Out?

SF: The strengthening of the positions of Russian forces in strategically important regions indicates that the second phase of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine will begin in the coming days.

Ukraine War: Russian Breakthrough in Donbass

As of March 11, the joint forces of Russia and Donbas achieved a strategic breakthrough by taking control of the town of Volnovakha. This key logistical hub was one of two strongest fortified points of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the region of Donbas.

Blockbuster: Vatican Finds US, Ukraine at Fault in Searing Declaration (vital)

If we look at what is happening in Ukraine, without being misled by the gross falsifications of the mainstream media, we realize that respect for each other’s rights has been completely ignored; indeed, we have the impression that the Biden Administration, NATO and the European Union deliberately want to maintain a situation of obvious imbalance, precisely to make impossible any attempt at a peaceful resolution of the Ukrainian crisis.

Russian Source: Map of Ukrainian Conflict March 10

Russian summary of the conflict in Ukraine.

Kremlin: If Someone Uses Weapons Against Russian Forces in Ukraine They...

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated on Thursday that anyone who attacks the Russian military will become a target. He stressed that attacks by Ukrainian paramilitary troops force Russian servicemen to return fire.

Around 100 Americans Screened to Join Ukrainian Forces via Zoom

Kiev’s military attaché in Washington DC has been conducting interviews with volunteers.

United Nations: Statement on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine

Statement by Permanent Representative Vassily Nebenzia at UNSC briefing on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine.

India: Is the Russian invasion of Ukraine Justified? With Sanjay Dixit

Sanjay Dixit of Jaipur dialogues gives his hot take on Russia's reason for invasion of Ukraine, and talks about Putin's logic behind such a drastic action against the perceived NATO expansion.

False Flags: Are the White Helmets Coming to Ukraine?

Two weeks into the Ukraine conflict, it has become apparent from the ‘Ukrainian resistance’ corporate media narrative that the goal of the US and its allies, with little regard for the Ukrainian civilians they claim to care about, is to drag Moscow into a military quagmire in the second largest country in Europe.

“The majority in Russia supports Putin, for them the war is...

Russians and Russian-speaking Ukrainians feel attacked and sacrificed. They see themselves as victims of discrimination, of ethnic discrimination.

Is ‘The West’ the true beginner of Russia’s Ukraine War?

To have a complete image, all pieces of the puzzle must be arranged in the correct order. So was The West the first one to put down a puzzle piece?

Donetsk: Evidence of Ukraine attack plans found based on NATO data.

It is not far-fetched that Kiev has planned an attack on Crimea, and thus a war with Russia, because that is what President Selensky officially ordered by decree on March 24, 2021.