Ukie War: Combat Briefing from Pro-Russian Organization


City battles with the gradual advance of our forces deep into the city. The enemy resists stubbornly, taking advantage of the fact that our troops are trying to prevent civilian casualties, behind which the Nazis are hiding. The ring is narrowing, the calls for the blockade of Mariupol are becoming more and more hysterical.

  1. The city was taken today. It is badly destroyed. For the residents there is a real humanitarian disaster. There are many trophies in the city, including a large number of tanks. The combing of neighborhoods and catching those groups of the enemy who did not have time to retreat to Ugledar continues.
  2. Ugledar – Velyka Novoselka. The Russian Armed Forces from the southwest and the DNR army from the southeast gradually approach Ugledar. There is also a threat to Velyka Novoselka, which, once occupied, can develop an offensive in the direction of Kurakhovo and Krasnoarmiisk. To the west, fighting continued near Gulyaypol.
  3. There is serious fighting in the southern districts of the city and around it. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are trying to prevent Izyum from being used as a bridgehead for further advancement of the Russian Armed Forces towards Sloviansk and Kramatorsk, as well as towards the Donetsk-Pavlograd highway.
  4. There were no particular changes. At night in the city the building of the Kharkiv physics institute, which was listed as part of the dirty nuclear bomb program, was blown up. Evidence is being cleaned up. To the east of Kharkov, Russian Armed Forces troops gradually ensure the blockade of Chuguev, the enemy was forced to blow up a bridge in the southeast of the city.
  5. Fighting continues from both the west and east of Kiev. The movement of mechanized columns indicates persistent attempts by the Russian Armed Forces to blockade Kiev completely. The enemy indicates quite stubborn resistance. Chernihiv, as before, is blockaded.
  6. Severdonetsk – Lisichansk. Fighting in the agglomeration area as well as on the outskirts of Rubizhne. Popasna is not completely captured and there is still fighting there.
  7. The city, as before, is blockaded on three sides, and the Russian Armed Forces grouping is to the south of Kryvyi Rih and on the approaches to Nikopol.
  8. No major changes. The AFU General Staff is spinning the thesis that Russian troops will soon advance from the DMR and is preparing to blow up the remaining bridges.
  9. The city is being prepared for defense, but the front is now between Vasilievka and Kamenskoye without much movement. The Russian Armed Forces are not yet attempting to blockade Zaporizhzhya and are rather focused on advancing north to the Donetsk-Pavlograd highway.

In general, operations continue to develop despite negotiations and humanitarian corridors in some places. The most promising direction is to the south. After capturing Volnovakha, the DNR Armed Forces may increase pressure on Mariupol, as well as build up forces advancing on Ugledar.

The Russian Armed Forces have a number of offensive options in Zaporizhzhia, which also creates additional difficulties for the enemy. It is also worth noting that the SSU crisis in Donbass is becoming more and more acute. Its signs were vividly shown today in Volnovakha. Locals in Artemivsk report that the Ukrainian armed forces there already have a decent amount of equipment that has problems with refuelling.

Overall, the crisis in the AFU grouping in Donbas is growing.

Regarding the title map.

Foreign analysts have calculated

how many troops Russia will need to control the liberated territory (west of the Dnieper River and north of Odessa) after the special operation in Ukraine is completed.

This will require at least four tasks:

  1. secure the new border, including land and sea (about 3,000 km including Crimea) – 27,300 troops.
  2. secure critical infrastructure in major cities – 25900 people.
  3. Ensure the safety of major roads and railroads – 20300 people.
  4. Provide security for the population, and conduct civil-military and counterinsurgency operations – 9,900 men.

In total, the number of troops will be 168400 and the same number will be required for rotation, for a total of 336800. – zinc


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