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Full Text of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Briefing

In depth briefing by Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on March 3, 2022.

Turkey’s War on Russia: Is Joint Turkish/Ukie Military Group Recruiting...

A security and intelligence group from UKRAINE and Turkey visited the rebel-held areas in northern SYRIA, to discuss "the possibility of their recruitment into the regional defense forces in Ukraine."

Putin reveals conditions for offensive in Ukraine to stop

The Russian president told his Turkish counterpart that nationalists use civilians as human shields - Sourced from Russian State-Owned Media

Report: Ukraine Planning Nuclear Test when Russia Crossed the Border

SouthFront: Ukraine was secretly developing nuclear weapons and it was close to obtaining them, Russian media reported on March 6 citing a source with knowledge of the situation in Russian security structures. 

Ukraine War Front in Volnovakha area Situational Report

Some of these places are lucky, getting shelled for the first time during the eight year barrage.

German Source: Putin’s Attack Preempted Planned NATO Attack on Kalingrad/Donbass

According to the former Ukrainian Prime Minister, a NATO offensive would have begun with an attack by Ukrainian forces on the Donbass republics, and then Western troops would have arrived. Russia's Kaliningrad would then be attacked.

Ukraine War Day Nine, Russia Continues Smooth Advance under Stiff Resistance

Russian troops are on the northern outskirts of Kharkiv and bypass it from the southeast. They regularly deliver precise strikes on places where pro-Kiev forces are concentrated. In response, Ukrainian units used rocket launchers, some deployed in residential areas.

Blackwater Mercenaries: NATO’s Secret Weapon in Ukraine War

A fire broke out in one of Europe’s largest nuclear power plants near Kyiv. The fire has been extinguished after the plant was captured by Russian troops and no radiation leakage has been detected.

It’s Different, They’re White: Media Ignore Conflicts Around the World to...

“Ukraine is not the worst act of war since World War II. It’s not even the worst war going on right now,” wrote Sri Lanka-based journalist Indi Samarajiva, referring to Syria and Yemen; “It’s just the worst to happen to white people.”

Ukraine: Some refugees more equal than others

One of the points which the conflict in Ukraine has highlighted is how Western media chooses which conflicts it wants to highlight, which is usually driven by their own gains.

Hungarian PM says countries can’t count on NATO to protect them

Viktor Orban gave an interview on relations with the EU and sanctions against Russia.

Russia Claims US Providing Targeting Guidance for Zelensky’s Missile Arsenal

American planes could direct Ukrainian missiles. Then again…the US admits that this story is true:

By Accident, Zelensky’s Forces Wipe Out Azov Bn Nazi HQ in...

The headquarters of the Azov special detachment in Mariupol were hit with the Tochka-U tactical missile system by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, according to the DPR People’s Militia.

Navy Flagship of Ukraine Scuttled

The flagship of Ukraine, Hetman Sahaidachny, has been scuttled according to a photo that surfaced on social media on March 3.

War Crimes: Ukrainian Army Attacks Children’s Home in Donetsk

Leaving home is out of the question. One cannot live here in peace, we sing under constant stress.

EU Fighter Jet ‘Donations’ a Clown Car Show

Everybody is trying to look slick by showing they can use others as pawns, the age of grifterism on steroids.

Latest Reports: War in Ukraine Day 7, Mariupol, Evacuation of Kharkiv

On March 2, Russian forces are carrying out targeted strikes on the military facilities and hideouts of the Ukrainian military in Kharkiv.

Russia to Criminalize ‘Disinformation’ About Military

Moscow claims the legislation is designed to fight fake information

Did Kiev Prepare Bioweapons Attack on Donbass?

There is evidence to support that Kiev planned to unleash a biological war against the Russian population in the independent republics of Donbas.

Ukraine Day 7: Russia Changes Tactics, Off Come the Gloves (great...

On March 1, in response to an ambush by units of the territorial defense near Kherson, who attempted to throw Molotov cocktails at a Russian convoy, retaliatory fire was opened on the enemy.

An American in Kiev (good stuff)

Video update from US expat living in Ukraine.

Mariupol Nazi Battalions Plan Mass Murder False Flag

The commander of a separate special detachment Azov of the 12th operational brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine is preparing a mass provocation with the death of civilians in the city of Mariupol, the DPR PM claimed.

Ukraine Bear Trap: Neo-Nazis, Syrian Jihadists and Hybrid Warfare

Besides providing lethal drones to Ukraine and closing Bosphorus straits to warships, Erdogan reportedly introduced Syria’s battle hardened militants to the Ukraine conflict.

Analysis: EU Declares War on Russia

Selenskij is not in Kiev, contrary to his full-bodied claims. As I learned directly from Lviv, he has barricaded himself in a cellar there and gives his interviews in front of a “greenscreen”.

Ukies Being Rearmed by Israel Through Armenia Accompanied by F-35’s

One might wonder why Russia kisses Israel's ring in Syria?

DPR Troops Prepare to Storm Mariupol

SF: The seventh day of the peace enforcement operation in Ukraine started with the further developments of Russian offensive operations in the north, east and south of the country.

Russian Military Intercepts Tochka-U Missile Fired from Ukrainian Territory

Ukrainian troops launched a missile at a military airfield located in the Taganrog region. Rostov emergency services reported that the missile had been intercepted.

Hoodathunkit: Did Russia Just Save Ukraine’s Zelensky from Assassination Plot?

Ukrainian officials have thwarted an assassination plot against Ukrainian President Zelensky and they got tipped off by an unexpected source.

Operation Chaos 2022 (updated)

Is this Europe's suicide war, as they support Ukraine against Russia?

Busted: Ukrainian Fake News Fails, Hilarious and Sad

The Ukrainian centers of informational warfare are acting in accordance with the U.S. and NATO tactics and under the control of foreign specialists. The Polish media have recently shown the quality of such fake-news production.

Zelensky’s ‘Army’ of Convicts Terrorizing Kiev

Deaths across Ukraine are mounting up. Car jacking murders by Zelensky's criminal army and summary executions of Ukrainians who are trying to flee hostage situations where the Azov and other terror "Battalions" are using tens of thousands of Ukrainians as human shields.

Are Israeli Commandos Fighting Against Russia in Ukraine?

Only a few thousand Jews live in Ukraine. They give the number 50,000 in a nation of millions but the real number is a tenth that with exceptions, that being "military advisors" sent from Israel for special operations against Crimea and Donbass.

Washington Post: In classified briefing, House members told Ukraine has suffered...

The Ukrainian casualty toll toll – already significant – is expected to grow in the coming days, military and intel experts say.

Ukraine: Moment of Truth

What is happening today in the world is a natural result of accumulations that began since 1990 with the dismantling of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact and the insistence of the colonial powers to keep NATO to continue waging criminal wars against sovereign states.

Fox News: Surprising Retired U.S. Col. Doug MacGregor says Ukrainian...

A good piece, good analysis, real military analysis.

Ukraine War Day 5: Mariupol, Kharkov

On February 27, the Ukrainian military began mass use of phosphorus-filled ammunitions in Kiev suburbs near the Gostomel airfield. Ukrainian forces use phosphorus-filled shells for D-30 howitzers and phosphorus-filled rockets for BM-21 Grad launchers.

Russia: U.S. Hegemony Has Ended, Wants New Rules

Russian State Controlled Media: Moscow's decision to conduct a special military operation on the territory of Ukraine, the goals of which are declared to be the demilitarization and denazification of the country , puts the Western world before new realities.

Russia Blames UK FM for Elevated Nuclear Alert

The British foreign secretary made “unacceptable” statements on “clashes” between NATO and Russia, Putin’s spokesman said.

Belligerent Rhetoric & SS-Style Regalia: Who are Right Sector and Neo-Nazi...

For years The West turned a blind eye to crimes committed by the Ukrainian military with support from neo-Nazi militias.