Analysis: EU Declares War on Russia


by Peter Haisenko– Since 1941, wars have only been fought without a prior proper declaration of war. So even now the EU does not officially declare war, but how else to interpret the EU’s behavior towards Russia?

In the summer of 1941, US President Roosevelt gave the order to his navy to shoot on sight on every German ship. (Shoot on sight on every German ship.) This was a de facto declaration of war without being an official one. At the same time, the USA simply occupied Greenland and Iceland and until today they hold military bases there.

After Pearl Harbour and the official declaration of war between the USA and Japan, the German Reich, in loyalty to the Nibelungen and the treaty, then had to officially declare war on the USA. That’s how it was done and is probably supposed to be done similarly today. And it works again, this time against Russia.

Again, England advances and wants to arrest Russian merchant ships in the ports. The German foreign minister blatantly declares that she wants to ruin Russia’s economy. Germany and the EU, with a few exceptions, have taken sides with a country that can in no way meet European standards, let alone the noble values of the “value West.

On the corruption index, Ukraine ranks fourth from last out of 152 countries. Democracy in Ukraine? If democracy includes banning Russian-language media, murdering journalists if they do not report in conformity with the government, then yes, Ukraine is a model democratic country that must be defended at all costs. Of course, to defend our Western democracy.

Are there nuclear warheads on the ground yet?

Has anyone ever heard from Russia or China, Western or other countries should change their system? But it’s okay to say outright in the West that they are working toward “regime change” in Russia.

Yes, Russia is already very aggressive! With Ukraine, it is something different. Selensky openly said at the SIKO that he wants to arm Ukraine with nuclear weapons against Russia. Was there even a peep against it? On the contrary, he received applause for his speech. Iran says it doesn’t want nuclear bombs and is punished with sanctions for it.

Now, at first, I thought the Ukrainian nuclear threat was hollow talk because it will be many years before they will be able to develop nuclear bombs and delivery systems. But it is not that simple, as I have now come to realize.

For eight years, the U.S., with the CIA, has been present in Ukraine with “training missions” for the Ukrainian military, with several thousand “trainers.” Billions have been pumped into this bankrupt country and thousands of tons of weapons have been delivered in recent weeks.

What does Russia know about this? Is it possible that nuclear warheads have already been included in these arms deliveries? The only thing missing would be the appropriate delivery systems, but they would be at hand in no time because the West also has systems mounted on trucks.

Then Russia would be at the mercy of the danger of having only a few minutes’ warning time for a nuclear attack by Ukraine, ultimately by the West, before the horror befalls Moscow.

What a perfidious plan! If Ukraine pulverized Moscow, then the U.S. could say we didn’t do it, so there’s no reason to retaliate against us. This is very reminiscent of Israel’s “Six-Day War” in 1967 when the US almost nuked Cairo.

The plan did not work because it failed to sink the American warship “USS Liberty” with a false flag action. There were too many witnesses left who knew the truth and they were American soldiers. They were ordered to keep quiet, under the threat of the strictest penalties.

This is still the case today. More about this in my work “England, the Germans, the Jews and the 20th Century”. Also at that time, it was assumed that there would be no nuclear response from Moscow for a nuclear attack on Cairo. Let’s not forget, Egypt had 90 million inhabitants and was the leading nation of the Arab world.

What does Russia know that we don’t know yet?

But back to the question of why Russia started its military operation in Ukraine just now, when the beginning of the mud season makes any movement of heavy equipment difficult. On the surface, the reason could be that heavy shelling of the eastern provinces by the Ukrainian army has been going on again for weeks.

But that alone cannot be the reason. So what does Russia know that we don’t yet know? Could it actually be nuclear warheads that have already been brought to Kiev? This is supported by the fact that although C-17 military transports have been delivering tons of weapons to Kiev for weeks.

But only a few flights of these deliveries have not taken the shortest route via Germany on their way to Kiev. They took a detour via the Baltic Sea and Poland. Why? Is it unreasonable to assume that they were not allowed to fly over Germany because they had nuclear warheads onboard?

So if that were the case, our government would know what was really going on. And Russia would then have the absolute right to defend itself by demilitarizing Ukraine with preemptive war, thus preventing a nuclear attack on its country.

Is it unthinkable that the government in Kiev would send nuclear bombs to Moscow? Considering the martial announcements of leading Ukrainian politicians, rather not.

Tymoshenko has said that she wants to shoot Putin personally with a Kalashnikov, and others have made similar statements. Our foreign minister is not holding back either, boasting that she wants to destroy Russia’s economy once and for all with the sanctions that have now been imposed. Wouldn’t a nuclear strike on Moscow be just the thing?

Russia is currently being completely isolated by the West. On all levels. Embassies are being evacuated or closed completely. Ships and airplanes are forbidden to operate in the EU area. Russia is partially excluded from the SWIFT system.

It should be interesting that the USA itself does not participate in this, has not closed its airspace to Russian aircraft, but is playing its game on another level. They have just broken basic rules for the UN by expelling twelve Russian UN diplomats.

The demand has already been formulated to expel Russia and also China from the UN. Fine, then you can give yourself a UN mandate at will for all wars of aggression and of course “punish” Russia for anything at the UN level.

Nowadays, wars are no longer waged as they used to be

But what else does Russia know? What is happening in the US bio-labs in Ukraine? US President Biden “knew” in advance that Russia will intervene in Ukraine. So does he know what the real reasons are for Russia’s intervention? If the U.S., or even England, has already moved nuclear warheads into Ukraine, then Biden knows that.

And he also knows then that this will not go down well if it becomes known, even in the West. Could that, in turn, be why Russia moved so quickly to capture the military airport near Kiev and why Kiev is doing everything it can to take it back? The heavy losses on both sides that are being taken must have a solid reason.

The EU’s behavior toward Russia can only be interpreted as a declaration of war against Russia. Not yet with weapons of war, but nowadays wars are not fought as they used to be.

But what is different when it is declared that one wants to destroy the economy of a country in order to overthrow the government? And that by even accepting to massively harm oneself. That is war. And the war on the edge of fanaticism.

Finally, I would like to briefly discuss possible future scenarios. Russia will not have achieved its goal when it has neutralized Ukraine. The West will continue with its war against Russia. Russia would have banished the direct threat from Kiev, but the world would then be completely divided for the unforeseeable future.

The West will not lift a single one of its sanctions and the conflict will continue. This can only change if the West is forced to see reason. For example, with the presentation of American nuclear warheads in Kiev. But even that will not be enough. Then only Russia’s big weapon will come into play, namely the closure of the gas pipelines.

Then, when the lights go out in Europe, some warmongers will receive little encouragement from citizens sitting freezing in the dark. Habeck must have experienced a lucid moment when he spoke of leaving the last nuclear power plants connected to the grid and also postponing the coal phase-out. But it goes on.

What would happen if China took control of Taiwan?

Russia supplies about 40 percent of the fertilizer that Europe depends on. If they stop these supplies, partly because they can no longer be paid for because of the SWIFT exclusion, there will be food shortages not seen in 70 years.

That’s when we can no longer afford to just throw away 30 percent of the food, to put it mildly. Could that then blow up the whole system? The danger is there. Or rather, the hope is that the manic warmongers will be hounded out of office. But it goes on.

China has reached a high level of technology, yet the most advanced chips for electronics are produced in Taiwan. What would happen if China took Taiwan under its control? If no chips or other electronics are then shipped from there to the U.S. or Europe?

The American military is also a customer of Taiwan and there will be no new IPhones or other high-tech toys for a long time. And everyone should be aware of one thing: The USA cannot protect Taiwan. And let’s not forget, China has said in no uncertain terms that if it comes to a tussle with the U.S., they will not stop halfway.

They will go all the way, and it’s worth remembering that there are 1.5 billion Chinese facing about 330 million Americans, and China will also be under the nuclear umbrella of Russia.

Ukraine has already cost the West, especially the EU, many billions without any prospect of ever getting any of it back. Ukraine is a failed state, with no prospect of ever getting off the ground with this government. It is, pardons the drastic language, a corrupt mess.

The EU has done nothing during the last decades, the last eight years, to help the poor citizens there to a better future. Masses of Ukrainians have left their homes and right now there are even more.

The West has nothing to gain in this Ukraine

They did not leave because they see a future for themselves in their country. They left because, among other things, they don’t want to put more banknotes with their driver’s licenses and car papers to get through the next road check unscathed.

The West, Europe, has nothing to gain in this Ukraine, they are just using it as a weapon against Russia. How can one be so stupid, so naive, to take sides with this haven of Nazi parties and corruption to one’s own detriment and risk blowing up the entire Western system? And Ukraine itself?

It could actually be happy if, after demilitarization, it no longer has to spend money on weapons and soldiers that it does not have. The EU is just shooting itself in the foot, and the U.S. and England are laughing up their sleeves on their islands because they are once again getting off scot-free, even though they caused the mess. I wonder if that was already taken into account when Brexit took place.

Addendum: What was the BND chief’s task in Kiev?

The brave Selenskij is not in Kiev, contrary to his full-bodied claims. As I learned directly from Lviv, he has barricaded himself in a cellar there and gives his interviews in front of a “green screen”.

And one more thing about the Values West: the Czech Republic has passed a law that punishes positive statements about Russia with three years in prison. But in Russia……

And oh yes, anyone who talks about there being the war in Europe for the first time in 77 years, their memory obviously doesn’t go back to the Yugoslav war.

You can order your copy of “England, the Germans, the Jews and the 20th Century” directly from the publisher here, or you can purchase it at your local bookstore.


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  1. How do we describe madam Van Der Leyden of the EU Parliament turning tricks as a house of ill-repute. One cock-up after another suggests the answer.

  2. The EU is a bunch of bureaucrats in Brussels who are completely beholden to the AngloZionist Empire. Its future is not looking good as the centuries-old conflict between Russia and the Empire goes from being a cold war to being a hot war. Russia and China will simply shut off the resource tap: oil and gas, rare earth metals, etc. This will tank the economies of Germany, France, and all other EU members.

    The Empire will have to play its final card, the Samson Option. That will completely reshuffle the deck and most likely reduce the human population drastically. Being as how the real “powers that be” are not even human anymore, this will not be a problem. May Heaven preserve us all from the wrath of the chosenites.

  3. It’s blatantly obvious the hypocritical oligarchical EU has declared war on Russia, who in turn, I believe, has noticed and has lost total faith in its current political class of US vassals. Therefore, in perfect Russian fashion, like a bear, it’s going to go for the jugular. The gloves are fuly off, but for the fascist elitist EU, woefully in its death throes, it completely lacks the combative zeal and spirit to survive such a poweful existential threat like the Russian juggernaut.

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