Busted: Ukrainian Fake News Fails, Hilarious and Sad


DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian government funded media

The Ukrainian centers of informational warfare are acting in accordance with the U.S. and NATO tactics and under the control of foreign specialists.

The Polish media have recently shown the quality of such fake-news production in their country online:



The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation warned of the upcoming strikes with precision-guided weapons at a number of military facilities in Kiev.

According to the report of the Russian Ministry of Defense, the facilities of the 72nd main center for informational and psychological operations (CIPSO) of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) will be targeted. The civilians were asked to leave the nearby areas.

“In order to prevent information attacks against Russia, high-precision weapons will be struck at the technological facilities of the SBU and the 72nd main PSO center in Kiev,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement. “We call on Ukrainian citizens attracted by Ukrainian nationalists to carry out provocations against Russia, as well as residents of Kiev living near the relay nodes, to leave their homes,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

According to open sources, the 72nd CIPSO is located in the military unit A4398 in the town of Brovary, in the Western outskirts of the capital. According to some footage from the area, the military facilities including several military bases were targeted on February 24th and on February 28th.

The 72 main CIPSO the Armed Forces of Ukraine together with the cyber operations units of the SBU, have carried out numerous informational and cyber attacks on the territory of the LDPR and Russia in the recent years, using hardware and software complexes and communication facilities in Kiev.

In the last few days, the number of informational attacks were registered in Russia.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defence, since the beginning of the special military operation, the number of information attacks on various state institutions of the Russian Federation has increased many times.

Russian citizens were threatened of physical elimination by anonymous calls, there were also numerous reports on the mining of schools, kindergartens, train stations, and other social infrastructure facilities in Russia.

SouthFront has recently published an article on the leaked documents from the Ukrainian PSYOP centers, describing their structure and main activities. You can read it HERE.

Amid the Russian advance on the territory of Ukraine, the Kiev’s centers of informational warfare have significantly increased their activities.

For example, civilians, including children and elderly people, are called in the groups in social media to take part in the staging of alleged attacks on civilians in the Ukrainian cities.

One of the recent operations of the 72nd CIPSO which was covered by the MSM all around the world was recently revealed. 

The photos of a woman who was allegedly wounded in the Russian attack on civilian houses on February 24th, were spread by almost all global media worldwide.

She turned out to be the employee of the 72nd CIPSO, she is safe and now continues fighting on the front lines online and offline.

The Ukrainian centers of informational warfare are acting in accordance with the U.S. and NATO tactics and under the control of foreign specialists.

The Polish media have recently shown the quality of such fake-news production in their country online.


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  1. I looked at the line of body bags and when the one guy ‘resurrected’ I thought it might be Mesurier back to haunt us. But I forget he did a Humpty Dumpty somewhere in Turkey.

    Watched Noam Chompsky earlier when he was in his hey-day away from the knacker’s yard where he now is, and he passed an interesting comment about NATO – apart from being an armed interventionary force on behalf of the US, being in charge of guarding global energy systems – sea-lanes, pipe lines, etc. NATO budget for 2020 was $1.2T, yes trillion dollars … eight times what the Russians spend annually on defense.

  2. So what’s your point here Gordon? Wow look, the Ukrainians do phony psy ops too, just more amateurish?

    Who’s attacking whom here? Who’s the aggressor? They’re fighting for their lives and we just cynically sit back and point out the lame help NATO is providing.

    Putin isn’t out to decapitate Kiev. He’s out to decapitate Washington, to lure us into a war overseas and create chaos and division in the US so his boy Trump can get back in power. It’s a pincer move and it would be working if it weren’t for the valiant Ukrainian people.

    For all of America’s faults, do you think what’s left of us, no thanks to Putin and Trump, isn’t better than his kleptocratic mafia state? What have all your articles about the Russian mob been about the last five years?

    • Was it Putin who made the speech in Munich? Wasn’t he the one who offered friendship, cooperation and good partnership between the United States and Russia? And they laughed or ignored. Now the US authorities, NATO, globalists, the WEF are no longer partners, as Putin called them. Now they are the “Empire of Lies”. And we will talk from a position of strength. Because the Anglo-Saxons /Atlantists do not understand normal human language. They still don’t quite understand how serious things have become.

    • This has nothing to do with Putin trying to get Trump back in power. Like Jim Dean said, “Trump is a dead man walking”. He’s finished! This goes back to the Maidan Coup, years before Trump was even a candidate. The everyday Ukrainians are just pawns in this. The Ukie government is a crime syndicate. It blossomed under Trump. Why do you think Giuliani was there? The Zionistas just plain hate Putin. For some years, there’s been talk of a new Eurasian Trade Zone, principally by Russia and China, not settled with the US dollar, but rather gold reserve certificates, threatening the dollar’s primacy. This may be a play to end that possibility. That, and European dependence on Russia energy. China has gotten real quiet all of a sudden, in light of western solidarity. One other thing: it’s not the Russian mob, it’s the Kosher Nostra. There’s a difference.

    • So besides trying to rebuild the failed state USSR, Putin is set on conquering the US from within with Trump? (Calling Dr. Strangelove). Or is he just trying to keep the NATO war tribe from squeezing his small (population) country to a slow death. He remembers the sneering George Bush cheering on the Russian mafia and Yeltsin. He did what was needed. No, I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. But, I want him on my side in a knife fight.

    • Dan, With NATO’s military budget 11 times Russia’s, your comment was silly. When you are in the 1 against 11 position, your only option is to have a very good defense. Even a child could understand that, but we live in a world where people live in the “What I want zone” vs What is real one. You saw Merkel the german come out for Ukraine yesterday, and the Nazis that played a key role in the US coup, thereby being US allies, siding with them was just fine with her. If the Minsk Accords had been followed through on this would not be happening. No one in media or politics has mentioned this very simple fact. Stonewalling the Minsk agreement and shelling Donbas for 8 years was a big mistake for the West. It could take us to the brink of a nuclear war before it is over. Notice how low key China have been during this, not a peep.

  3. During routine training exercises, “conductors” can walk up to you and just hand you a card.
    Sometimes the card may simply say, “you are deceased, lie in rows and cover with bag”.

  4. As we say in Russia: the most outright lies occur in hunting, fishing and in war. Fortunately, now there is a massive exposure of these thousands of fakes. Many foreigners support Russia and make reports about the real truth. Thanks to them. Russia has always been weak in terms of propaganda. But the truth must win. The Russian hacker group Kill Net reported today that it “broke” the site of hackers from Anonymous, who declared a hacker war on Russia.
    Today, as a result of the fighting, the small town of Akhtyrka, Sumy region, Ukraine, was demolished. My mother was born there in 1957.

    • Andrew, I am saddened to learn of the loss of your mothers home town. to lose a whole town to war is absolutely a horror. I hope your mother is alive and safe. Best to you, Spacibo.

    • truth. Russians identify with the US right, because they are largely in that lane of being slow.
      And they have only slightly shed the heredity basis for power. Oligarchy is just under Monarchy. To be democracy, it is another 5 steps.
      Full democracy in the US is not possible with the right. They do not want it.

    • Harry Haller: thank you! She is fine ’cause she was just born there but never lived there. She lives in my city Armavir, Krasnodar region.

  5. My , my has VT become a Putin fan club. It is amazing that the people that have fascist tendices are cheerleading Putin, a former KGB agent, a cold hearted killer, and a person with his plutocrats, who have gotten so fifilthy rich by robbing the Russian people of their wealth.

    Here is a link to the real reasons that Poutine invaded Ukraine the original in Russian: ” https://web.archive.org/web/20220226224717/https://ria.ru/20220226/rossiya-1775162336.html ” and an english transalution ” https://mil.in.ua/en/news/brave-new-world-of-putin-an-article-by-the-propaganda-publication-ria-novosti-which-was-to-be-published-after-the-occupation-of-ukraine/ “. This article was written for future publication that was mistakely released. Does Putin have health issues?, that he finds it nessecary to emblish and aggrandize his future legacy in the history books.

    • I have read this article. Thank you.
      I don’t see anything wrong in it. The only pain is the killing of Slavs from both sides. But this surgery has to be done to save the whole organism.

    • You make a great case for backing putin against the monsters of the kiev regime.

  6. That vid of that guy talking about the dead and then one starts to move made me laugh. My first thoughts was that it was a homeless man sleeping in the park and they put a body bag on him and when he woke up he thought what the hell!

  7. Excellent piece Jim and Gordon!
    Only a few of many such propaganda efforts emanating from the Ukrazed but the problem is that far too many people here in Ireland and all across Europe are swallowing this shxt whole and the EU Commission#s latest effort at propagandizing us whereby all Russian & Russian State-owned and/or aligned Media has been banned inside the EU since mid morning this morning. I now have to use a blocker that puts me in Armenia or US or Russia itself before I can watch or read news on RT or Spuutnik and a few other media channels but the majority don’t employ this software so they have no means of knowing the reality of what’s happening inside Ukraine at the moment!
    The EU Commission has lost its mind! What it has done with this censorship if far beyond its legal powers and competencies but that hasn’t stopped the mfrom acting as the political wing of NATO ……. just as it does on Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Iran and Iraq.

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