Ukraine War Front in Volnovakha area Situational Report

The end of the shelling for these Donbas people will be coming soon, as the Ukraine forces have to withdraw as their ammunition runs out


Patrick Lancaster reporting from Volnovakha front line

[ Editor’s Note: Patrick is still on the outskirts of Volnovakha, after a night attack the day before did not dislodge the Ukraine forces there.

I suspect the Kiev troops resisted hard to keep the road open for a Mariupol retreat, but the news today was that the Russian and Donetsk columns have cut the city off.

However, they still hold its residents as human shields, a tactic widely being used by the Ukrainian army to discourage their positions from being shelled.

Much of this extraneous shelling comes when Ukie forces are pulling back, as they will shoot off their remaining shells to have more room to carry what they are grabbing as loot from places they have been.

For historical archiving I am taking screen grabs of the interview, too many to overload VT putting a dozen or more into an article, but for our archives.

Some of these places are lucky, getting shelled for the first time during the eight-year barrage. But as I am hearing over and over again from these wives and grandmothers, they are worn out having to keep their young children in cellars so much, which was the goal of the Kiev shelling program, to try to drive them out.

To my knowledge, the West has never sanctioned Ukraine for doing this, hence Washington has given its blessing, not really an ‘American’ thing to do, but that is the twisted world we live in.

The lies in this current war are already piling up. All will be revealed, and the guilty will be made public. What will ever be done about it is a different matter, as we are sure as hell are old enough to know all about that… Jim W. Dean ]

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  1. “The lies in this current war are already piling up. All will be revealed, and the guilty will be made public.” – JWD

    When will all be revealed, as right now the neo-Nazi Banderists have about 99% of the (deluded) “west” behind them? Three of four decades from now when the perpetrators have died of old age (as was done with the Gulf of Tonkin invented Incident)?

  2. I have been watching Patricks videos. Its sad the shelling continues, and escalated too, when the war began. You would think it could be stopped, but not very soon I dont think.
    The Ukrainians are well dug in within artillery and rocket range. Even if the DPR take all the territory, Ukraine will just fire longer range rockets and artillery shells, or mount counter offensive and get closer again. Some huge missles landing in Donetsk now.
    They get endless supply of missles and from NATO and the west now. Soon not just old soviet stuff landing in Donetsk but some more modern missles coming in soon.
    Looks bleak.
    Notice the people in the shelters really dont give a fuck if Ukrainian or Russians or Ethnic Russian Ukrainians “win” their territory they are just hungry and shell-shocked and want it to end.
    I really dont think “reason” for invasion of Ukraine was about making the Donbass region free of constant Ukrainian shelling.
    This is a small side-story to intent by Russia to destroy the Ukrainian military and potential nuke arsenal in hands of fanatical nazis in Ukraine who would have no problem pushing the button without any regard to consequences, because they are stupid nazis who exist only to hate Russians for what they did to them 77 years ago.
    Patricks videos excellent however showing consequences of war, surprised he has not been banned by YT

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