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Zelinsky’s Nazi ‘Holdouts’ in Mariupol Seize Maternity Hospital, Take 100 Patients...

According to the Donetsk security forces, we are talking about maternity hospital No. 2. There are about a hundred people there, 37 of them are children and five babies, RIA Novosti writes.

US/Nazi War Crimes in Mariupol, Eyewitness Testimony

Civilians who left the war-torn city of Mariupol through the humanitarian corridors secured by Russian and DPR forces are testifying on inhumane warfare and war crimes committed by Ukrainian nationalist forces. Residents of Mariupol confirmed that Azov members forcibly pushed them out of their apartments and used them as firing points.

Putin reveals conditions for offensive in Ukraine to stop

The Russian president told his Turkish counterpart that nationalists use civilians as human shields - Sourced from Russian State-Owned Media

Ukraine War Front in Volnovakha area Situational Report

Some of these places are lucky, getting shelled for the first time during the eight year barrage.