European plan to donate fighter jets to Ukraine collapses

…from Politico

[ Editor’s Note: The political grifters have been outing themselves during the Ukraine war, all trying to position themselves as historic figures in the conflict. But their flagrant incompetence has been their undoing.

While rushing to claim the ‘idea’ for themselves, they forget to check with the militaries of the EU countries, whose planes they were donating to fight the Russian Air Force.

The named donor countries have only a small number of old fighter planes and were not happy to hear that ‘someone’ had offered their planes to Ukrainian pilots to fly so the Russians could just shoot them down.

EU security chief, Josep Borrell, earned the prize as the clown car driver. The EU has to learn to understand that political people are often not the best minds to deal with military and security matters.

That said, the EU has been successful in getting the US to fund most of its defense, but of course, the US has the EU as cannon fodder to use in a war with Russia.

Everybody is trying to look slick by showing they can use others as pawns. These are the kinds of people who eat off of your plate when you go to the restroom.

Fortunately, the Trump grifters are enjoying the spotlight here in court rulings, many of them on the slow-motion conveyor belt to an eventual prison term for sedition… Jim W. Dean ]

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These Donetsk young girls have been growing up in basements due to Western-supported Kiev Terrorism, eight years of shelling.

First published March 03, 2022

A proposed deal to allow Ukrainian pilots to fly fighter jets donated by European Union countries has fallen apart.

Over the course of a confusing 48 hours, the EU announced it had brokered an arrangement for member states to allow Ukrainian pilots to start flying their used Russian fighter planes, only to have those countries deny there was any such deal even as Kyiv trumpeted the impending arrival of the jets.

The dissolution of the deal comes as European countries lined up Monday to announce new weapons packages for Ukraine, from anti-armor and anti-air rockets to artillery and medical supplies.

But the announcement Sunday by EU security chief Josep Borrell that fighter jets were also on their way appeared to be a game-changer for European military assistance.

Borrell was forced to walk his pronouncement back somewhat by Monday, acknowledging that any transfers wouldn’t come from the EU itself, but would instead be donated “bilaterally” by individual EU countries.

…“We are supporting Ukrainians with humanitarian aid. However, we are not going to send any jets to Ukrainian airspace,” President Andrzej Duda said.

Slovakia’s small fleet of MiG-29s are the country’s only fighter jets, and they are being serviced by Russian workers under contract, making their transfer a tough sell in Bratislava.


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  1. What a batty idea! Borell just announced his total incompetence and needs to step down immediately. In any case planes from other countries would fly inside Russian missile and EW envelope, into Russian air dominance, with little or no AWACS support (AWACS also would be in the missile envelope), and with patchy fast moving intel from ground what would they expect to accomplish in the short minutes they have? And IF they managed to destroy, say a Russian column, what then? Polish airports receiving Iskanders?

  2. There is much more to it, it’s not only total disaster on the EU side.

    The heave implications lure behind this deal. Heave implication for each single country, which takes part in this deal. It’s a very serious crime under international law (as was the weapon shipment from Germany, personally ordered by Olaf Scholz from German stock piles, NOT NATO!

    This will have serious repercussion in the near future for all participants. Potsdam and the German-Allied Agreements are still in force! Little Olaf was too dump and narcicistic to spot this small but important detaill.
    Germany is still simply an occpied country (see Obama’s last speech on the Rammstein airbase),nothing less and nothing more. In addition, it is an economic business zone undermaritime admirals law, consisting of roughly 47000 enterprises and corporations, including all so called “State bureaucraicies”, all registered in Delaware.

  3. On the evening of February 28, Bulgarian Prime Minister Kirill Petkov said that his country had not accepted an offer to supply aircraft to Ukraine. Bulgaria has a small number of combat aircraft, which is barely enough even for its own defense. Therefore, fighters and attack aircraft will not be given to anyone.
    On the afternoon of March 1, after the Ukrainian publication, a meeting was held between Polish President Andrzej Duda and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. At a press conference after the event, the Polish president said that his state was not going to send its planes to Ukraine. The transfer of such equipment would make Poland and NATO a party to the conflict, which they do not want. In this regard, there are no Polish planes in the Ukrainian sky.

    Foreign planes for Ukraine: there will be no deliveries.
    On the evening of March 1, the Minister of Defense of Slovakia expressed his position. Yaroslav Nagy called the information about the transfer of fighters disinformation. Moreover, Slovakia does not plan to provide assistance to Ukraine in the form of military equipment. It will be supplied only with ammunition, fuel and humanitarian supplies.

    Thus, literally in a day, three countries mentioned in the latest reports refuted the information from Ukrainian sources. This means that the list from the Ukrainian Navy was an elementary lie of propagandists, having no connection with reality.
    Give them an aircraft carrier better! 😁

    • If Slovakia , Poland, Bulgaria they don’t want donate their old Russian fighter planes to Ukraine then Borrel should ask to Russia if can donate a few. 🙂

  4. You are right that this is a clown show. Jim. What you dance around is that there is no way that this Ukraine thingy will end well for the USA. Too much water under the bridge. Too much ignoring that the AngloZionist Empire is caput. The new Belt and Road initiative is the future. Simple as that…

    • Notice how quickly the old Cold War canard of “a new iron curtain” going up in Ukraine got trotted out, when NATO’s Iron curtian’ has been rolling eastward for some time now, and the Russians did not raise a lot of hell about it, their focus being wanting to do business with the West and there were some trade offs to do that.

    • That was a long sentence, Jim. Sorry to say, the real “powers that be” would have it otherwise. The Russians have nothing to do with it. May Heaven preserve us all from the wrath of the chosenites…

    • How can it end well for the USA considering the population has proven itself too stupid to live by uncritically swallowing the pro-Ukraine/anti-Russian stenography to power propaganda in the media?

    • First they have to be charged and indicted. The kids are only involved in the civil cases that I have seen. The Jan 6 material is for criminal charges, and with a big net because so many were involved. The key to convictions is to have people flipping on the inside. Federal prosecutors to not like to proceed with a case without witnesses that will testify as to what the intentions were, which in this case was to throw the election over. Until the fat lady sings, it is a work in progress.

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