Time to start defending Christianity (Part II)


by  Preston James and Mike Harris


Christianity is now under attack by an age-old plan to infiltrate it, to hijack it, neutralize it, use it to further a Zionist Global NWO Agenda and then to destroy it.

City of London winged statue

How was this age-old plan to destroy Christianity discovered? Actually it was a serendipitous discovery after examining what ISIS was attempting to do in Syria, for whom and for what reasons.

What we learned about the ISIS invasion of Syria led us to connect the dots with Russian history, and soon we were able to understand that both the Bolshevik invasion of Russia and mass-murder of 100 million Russian Christians and the invasion of Syria by ISIS both have the same etiology.

In tracing the origin of ISIS backwards to the control group that was responsible, all roads lead to the City of London Rothschild Khazarian Mafia RKM banks and their large stateside franchisee the Federal Reserve System FRS Banks on Wall Street, and the small number of powerful Babylonian Talmudic Families that own them.

Here is the process that we discovered:

The Babylonian Talmudic control group at the top of the Pyramid runs a process on behalf of their Satanic cult. That process is to infiltrate all religions and nations, hijack them, pervert them and transform them into a war machine to bring mass death, horrific mass suffering, illness and/or disabilities and destruction on all humankind — group by group, nation by nation, while systematically asset stripping them of all earned wealth, and natural resources.

When ISIS invaded part of Syria it captured a Syrian Auto factory, disassembled it and took it away piece by piece. This is just one typical example of the asset stripping that goes on and also went on in Russia in 1917 when the Bolsheviks (who were created by the Babylonian Talmudics) invaded and began their mass-murder spree of Christians.

The Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) dispenses rationalizations, big lies, false-narratives and propaganda to mind-kontrolled the people with in the nations of the world they have hijacked and these are incredibly crafty and truly mind-boggling.

The “Talking Head” CMMM spokespersons and politicians who dispense this mind-kontrol against the masses are as duplicitous as one might imagine. That is, they display an honest caring face on the outside accompanied by an unimaginably evil inner selfish disposition that serves the top Babylonian Talmudics.

These two-faced Cutouts that do all the evil for the top several Babylonian Talmudic kingpins are themselves so mind-kontrolled and seduced by evil that they have lost their very souls or otherwise would not be able to promote the evil they do.

1. In Russia in 1917, the plan was to destroy Christianity and provide the state as an evil substitute, then aggress the whole world with it. When the Babylonian Talmudics can buy, bribe and human compromise (blackmail) their way into taking over a nation, they will do it. And the first thing they will do is install their RKM private Fiat banking system and pernicious accruing interest, issued as debt notes.

When that fails they will send in their economic hit men (as described by John Perkins in his excellent book, Confessions of an Economic Hitman). If the nations leader(s) fail to agree to do business, then the jackals (assassins) are sent in or a revolution or war is initiated to destroy the existing order.

2. With Catholicism at the very start the plan of the Babylonian Talmudics (BTs) was to secretly hijack the Vatican and transform it into a tool of the Satanic world Hierarchy, later playing millions of well-meaning Christian Catholics against Protestants who had discovered the Vatican clerics had strayed from scripture and true Christianity. Father Malachi Martin exposed this before he died. Was he murdered for disclosing this even though he did it in a novel? He had told friends that he quit the Jesuits for bad doctrine and found out that the Vatican Clericals had been infiltrated by a Satanic cult and were performing secret black masses in the basement with child sacrifice.

3. In America the BT plan was to use Freemasonry and Christian Zionism (by using the Scofield Bible interpretations and Darbyism) to pervert and neutralize Christianity, and then transform it into a tool to legitimize illegal, unconstitutional wars for the profits for the BTs and their associates, especially the big 66 BT connected families who own the major blocks of stock in the FRS Banks and the large defense contractors, especially the notorious “no-bid” contractors.

4. The BTs hate any religious group that is not purely satanic and the Islamic faith is especially hated. With the Islamic faith, the plan was to infiltrate it, hijack it, pervert it, convert it to mercenaries, mind-kontrol them to the most savage atrocities, including massive beheadings of men, women and children, massive rapes and sex slavery.

Doesn’t this look exactly like what the Bolsheviks did in Russia, murdering Christians and anyone that gets in their way? It should, because it is the same control group running it, the Babylonian Talmudics (BTs).

This all started for the Islamics with Lawrence of Arabia and the Mujaheddin, later converted to ISIS and paid and supplied by CIA, Israel, Turkey and Saudis. The BTs desire to continue this same process with ISIS against Syria and Iran, then Russia again and then America.

Now with the transformation of the CIA army the Mujaheddin into ISIS which is secretly backed, trained and financed by the CIA and America, the Mossad and Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Certainly much of the savage killing is run by Mossad-trained and -hired Wahhabists and Salafists.

Syrian soldiers being marched to their mass execution by Saudi-backed Daesh terrorists, supported by the BT Satanic Cult Network

5. The age old BT plan has been to take over and dominate the world. This is being done by the small number of Babylonian Talmudic secret world leaders, who run a large secret worldwide BT Satanic Cult Network based on Baal worship, child sacrifice, mass death and human suffering.

They understand that to do this they needed to create a major con against the world and create their own fake race, persecute that race in WW2 in Europe and in the work camps, create world sympathy, and then use that sympathy to set up a new Judaic only racist nation with it in Palestine (the Holy Land). This obsession to occupy Palestine (the Holy Land of Jesus Christ) is where they plan to seat their anti-Christ (Satan incarnate).

They decided to call it Israel, the former name of the group of ancient Hebrews. This name Israel was not Torah-based because it represented the name of the 12 Hebrew Tribes, until Israel split and the ten tribes of the north remained calling themselves Israel and the two southern ones called themselves Judah. We know that 97.5% of those living in this new nation of Israel have NO Hebrew blood at all and are Khazarians. Most have been conned and deluded into believing they are Hebrews and are God’s chosen people. They aren’t, they have become a notably racist nation.

No other nation of the world is identified by race alone and this shows that they have all been conned by the Babylonian Talmudic leaders of the Satanic Network run out of the City of London, aka the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia or the RKM private Fiat bankers who make vast fortunes by charging accrued pernicious usury (illegal in the Torah, Old Testament) by lending people fake money (debt-notes) which should have been their in the first place used at no interest.


So now we know for certain that this is an age-old Babylonia Talmudic game plan which goes all the way back to the time of Jesus Christ and his crucifixion and even before to Nebuchadnezzar and even to Nimrod. A suitable label for this age old inter-generational BT plan to dominate the world and then eventually mass-murder all humans is the Globalist NWO agenda. Here is what it is point by point:

a. Use the vast funds of the Babylonian Talmudic Banksters to hire or buy off political leaders, create unrest and economic or political crises, create a well supplied mercenary army, and then deploy it to stage what we now call a “Color Revolution”.

b. If the decision is to stage revolution, then keep pumping tons of arms and supplies and money into the rebels (often called revolutionaries). Terrorize the Citizens by mass-murdering all their clergy and torturing, raping and performing great public atrocities.

c. Declare any group that might resist as the enemy of the new state and persecute or eradicate them either by fast-kill or slow-kill (starvation and disease).

d. Set up the government and install the Babylonian Talmudic COL/RKM private Fiat banking system run out of the City of London.

e. Institute strong NGOs, Non-profit foundations and think-tanks staffed by Judaics who support the BT agenda whether they understand it or not. Use these groups to stage numerous false-flag attacks and vandalism against Jews disguised to look like white supremacists and Nazis and then repeated play the anti-Semitism card to stifle any and all criticism of the Judaics that world hard to implement the Globalist NWO for the BTs.

f. Use this new nation as a base to attack your next target and begin the process all over again for that targeted nation.

“Something’s happening inside”

America angered the COL RKM because of their victory in the American revolution, their victory of the War of 1812 and their victory of the Civil War — all COL attempts to recolonize or break up the American Union.

Finally in 1913 the COL was able to covertly hijack the American Banking system (money creation and distribution) and began charging accrued pernicious usury. Over a long process they eliminated the Gold and Silver backed dollar and replaced it with a debt-based notes, their debt-based notes.

Now America is a captured nation by the Babylonian Talmudics. They set our policies secretly and but, bribe, human compromise or murder anyone who poses a major threat to their will or their system. That is why they murdered JFK, RFK and MLK and so many more like Senators John Tower and Paul Wellstone, hundreds in fact, many murders disguised to look as natural deaths or suicides, often helped by bought-off corrupt Law Enforcement.

The BTs have used the American Military to aggress nations all over the world, deploying death squads in South America trained at the School of the Americas inside the USA. These death squads raped many women, chopped off their arms; tortured and murdered many without mercy, all to protect the large corporate investments of the Babylonian Talmudic-associated large international corporations.

Thus, we have numerous illegal, unconstitutional, undeclared, unwinnable, perpetual wars run by the US Military, all because the USA was infiltrated and hijacked by the Babylonian Talmudics in 1913. And most Americans feel powerless to stop them, but many have been successfully conned by the BTs big lies and mind-kontrolled to think that dying for the BT and these needless wars is heroic and patriotic.

But now we know what the secret motivation is that is driving all this infiltration, war and destruction and mass death all over the world by these RKM Babylonian COL Banksters who run America, NATO and so many nations. It is the satanically chosen and anointed Babylonian Talmudic core control group.

It is their age-old hatred of Christianity and the human race in general.

But they especially hate Russian and Persia (Iran) because these nations rose up and destroyed Khazaria, and the BTs never give up their intergenerational lust for revenge at any cost, even if it brings destruction to their Khazarian-blood Judaic Cutouts inside Israel, which it eventually will.

Have you ever wondered why so such a large proportion of Judaics in America have great wealth, access to the best jobs in government and run Hollywood, while so many non-Jews settle for far less?

The answer is that the American Jew (many of whom are secular Khazarians) are the chosen Cutouts for the few Babylonian Talmudic leaders that have covertly run most of the world.

Why would Judaics be chosen to be so blessed with such opportunity and wealth? Because they support the con of the Babylonian Talmudic leaders and do not like Christianity, since they have been long accused and ridiculed as the “Murderers of Jesus Christ”, a person who had real Hebrew blood.

Those who saw the Mel Gibson movie, the Passion of the Christ, will remember that a disgusting, evil crybaby was always present and “bitching” about Jesus. This character represented the always-present spirit of Satan, the god of this world, who is expert at using the flesh to coerce people to willingly give up their souls for money, power and status, in order to serve Satan and his appointed, anointed Babylonian Talmudics.

And the Babylonian Talmudic leaders have constructed one of the best cons ever by creating the idea that anyone who criticizes Israel or any Jew is anti-Semitic. The simple fact is that 97.5% of those so-called Judaics living in Israel have NO Hebrew blood, are Khazarians and not even Hebrew at all, they are the fake Hebrews of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.

Most folks, including true Hebrews (yes there are still a very small number living as Sephardics in Spain and other enclaves) and most-Torah believing Jews who do not accept the Babylonian Talmud, are good people.

By contrast, the anti-Christian Khazarian Mafia members are run by doctrines and beliefs created by the Babylonian Talmudics and serve evil, often many without even knowing it or knowing that they are run by a small secret satanic Cabal of Babylonian Talmudics.

Since these RKM and Babylonian Talmudic folks are not Hebrews at all, we should all be opposed to their evil agenda. This opposition is not anti-Semitism, but it is anti-Khazarianism.


And believe you me it is okay to be anti-Khazarian Mafia and anti-Babylonian Talmud because both are notably evil and are part of a secret worldwide Satanic Network with about twelve (now eleven) purely Satanic Babylonian Talmudic leaders running it at the top in secret.

By the way, not all those Judaics who are blessed with great opportunities and vast wealth even know who is running them as Cutouts and using them to support the BT evil Globalist NWO Agenda of the unimaginably great mass-death, destruction, and mass-suffering.

How is this secret age-old plan to destroy Christianity being implemented?

This secret plan to destroy Christianity is being accomplished by establishing new Globalist social norms which destroy normal male/female sex roles, normal man/woman marriage and normal families. This is being done to make it possible to transform western Christian society into a whole new “Godless” type of globalist New World Order type society, one based on the promotion of collectivist humanism, situational morality, sexual confusion, pornography, political correctness and “diversity”.

This type of Godless society has been referred to as social scientists as collectivist, Bolshevik, or Communist. It was the structure imposed on society by Lenin and Stalin in Communist Russia, as well as Mao in Communist China.

In short, this 500 years plan is just the gateway to eradicating any belief in God from the human species and to make the state a godless substitute.

Does this sound like Communism. Yes, but it is not communism per se, but it is a creation of a deeply evil secret occult group that created Communism in the first place and every other ‘ism like Fascism, Nazism, Maoism and pure socialism. And this group dates at least all the way back to ancient Babylonia and the time of Nimrod.



This print of a painting considered to be an accurate representation of Vlad the Impaler shows the eight pointed double-cross aka the Mark of Cain on his forehead, identifying him as “evil ruling over evil”. Those who want to learn more about the Mark of Cain can refer to Tupper Saussy’s infamous book, “Rulers of Evil”.

The true origins of this secret plan to eradicate Christianity actually go all the way to the time of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and his crucifixion.

Jesus was a Hebrew from the line of King David and was well-versed in Torah-based Judaism at the time. Jesus completely rejected the Talmud in its original form which was from Babylonia and in this article you will learn why.

But Jesus of Nazareth was extremely critical and condemning of the Pharisees, who were the top spiritual leaders of Judaism at the time, because he knew they perverted it and used it to satisfy their own selfish needs. They projected hard-core Hebrew Law mixed with their own interpretations that was devoid of any real love and did so to extract money and power from the Hebrew people.

The top Pharisees believed in and secretly practiced the black arts contained in their Babylonian Torah, which Jesus condemned them for openly and publicly. These Babylonian Talmudic teachings stood directly against the teaching of the Torah (aka the Old Testament of the Bible) so these top Pharisees had to conceal that from their Hebrew followers and even some of the other Pharisees who followed the Torah only.

Jesus saw through all this and perceived these top Pharisees for what they were, and he confronted them publicly for their two-faced secret sins and accused them publicly for their blatant hypocrisy.

These two faced spiritual leaders, the top Pharisees practiced extreme religiosity in public, but functioned as pure psychopaths privately.

Jesus could see right through their false veneer and understood their evil. He called them “wolves in sheep’s clothing” and the “Synagogue of Satan”. These top Pharisees used their positions to manipulate the public and to extract wealth and power so they could lead a very privileged, wealthy lifestyle.

It was these same top Pharisees who worked hard to try and set Jesus up to be prosecuted under Hebrew Law. They brought him a woman who was caught in adultery and knew of Jesus reputation for loving forgiveness. They thought they could trick him into telling them to fulfill Hebrew law by stoning her to death, the sentence for adultery. Instead Jesus spit into the dirt and wrote something and then said to these accusers: “He who is without sin, cast the first stone”. They all went away and Jesus instructed this woman to go, but sin no more.

A demonstrator dressed as Jesus Christ takes part in the Occupy London Stock Exchange demonstration in London, 2011.

These top Pharisees tried to trick him again into violating Hebrew Law and give them an excuse to arrest him. They presented a coin to Jesus and ask him if it right to pay taxes to the Romans, their occupiers. These top Pharisees knew at the time it was illegal under Hebrew Law to pay such taxes. They ask Jesus, and he in turn asked them whose face was on the coin.

They said it was the Caesar. Then Jesus said, “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”. They went away astounded at how they had been outfoxed once again, but even angrier yet and more determined to get Jesus for daring to insult them and accuse them for their secret crimes.

They kept plotting and planning until they received word that Jesus had healed the sick on the Sabbath a technical of violation to refrain from working on the Sabbath, and when they heard theta Jesus had claimed to be the messiah and said when you have seen me you have seen the Father (referring to God Almighty).

Finally these top Pharisees felt they had grounds to arrest him under Hebrew Law using the Temple Police. Judas Iscariot sold them information on where Jesus would be and set up the arrest for 30 pieces of silver as a bribe.

Most serious Christian believe that Jesus freely allowed his own arrest, knowing in advance he would be crucified by the Romans, and allowed all this to happening giving himself up as a sacrifice for all the sins of mankind so that those that believed in Him could have forgiveness of sins and eternal life.

What has been lost in history is that these top Pharisees that plotted the arrest and crucifixion of Jesus were members of a secret satanic cult that originated in ancient Babylonia where Hebrews had been taken captive.

This secret satanic cult that these top Pharisees were a part of has been appropriately labeled Babylonian Talmudism, and anyone that studies the secret beliefs and practices of the group will soon admit that Babylonian Talmudism is the source and nexus of their beliefs.

A small select number of Hebrew spiritual leaders were initiated into this cult while in Babylonian captivity and took it back to Palestine where they practiced these Satanic Black occult arts from the Darkside in secret; and these black arts involved secret, satanic child-sacrifice rituals.

The spiritual leaders who practiced these Black occult arts were anointed with Satanic power and received great skills in manipulating their fellow Hebrews to become exceeding wealthy and powerful. But to do this, they had to be able to put on the façade of an honest, religious exterior, while being selfish, sociopathic evildoers inside, who secretly practiced child sacrifice and other blasphemies.

And in order to keep their powerful spiritual positions of control over the Hebrew people they had to cooperate with their Roman Occupiers, e.g. the Roman Prefect Pontius Pilate and keep him happy by helping to suppress any Hebrew protesting against the Roman occupation.

A nun looks at damage caused by a fire in the Church of Loaves and Fishes on the shores of the Sea of Galilee in northern Israel, 2015. Fire gutted part of the Church and investigators suspected arson as a possible cause. The church, which Christians believe is where Jesus performed the Miracle of the Multiplication of the Loaves and the Fishes, lies on the shores of the Sea of Galilee and is a traditional site of pilgrimage in the Holy Land.

Of course these Top Pharisees manipulated Pontius Pilate into scourging and crucifying Jesus even though he found no fault with him, simply because Jesus refused to defend himself; and the Pharisees framed Jesus and his followers, who were growing rapidly in number as a subversive movement.

This secret group which Jesus called this group responsible for the arrest and crucifixion of Jesus the “Synagogue of Satan” still exists even today. This group is intergenerational, incredibly evil, brutal and powerful and continues to secretly frame Christianity all over the world as a subversive influence. Yes, the Synagogue of Satan still views Christianity as its arch enemy and is still obsessed with destroying it, but it takes a different stance publicly.

Often it appears benign and just accepting, and at other times supportive. When Christian groups travel to Israel on tours, the Israelis treat them like heroes and do an effective job convincing them they are all part of the same family of God Almighty.

When the tours are gone, everything goes back to the normal disdain and even hatred of Christianity, with many Israelis blaming Christians and Christianity in general for the Judaics being kidnapped and imprisoned in Nazi work-camps during WW2.

Even worse, any open-aired, evangelical-style proselytizing of Christianity in Israel is a felony punishable by 5 years in jail.

And yet when Israeli political leaders and their Israeli-American dual citizen friends in America want more foreign aid for Israel from the American Government (now at about 30,000 USD per Israeli citizen per year and growing), they kiss up to American politicians and pretend that Israel loves American and Christians too and that “we are best friends and allies”.

Here are a couple of videos which show this generalized Israeli disdain and hatred of Christians in Israel.


This is the kind of mockery of Christianity and Christians that the Babylonian Talmudics work so hard to promote among their flock. The Babylonian Talmudics are the actual Synagogue of Satan, and 97.5% of their flock of Judaics living in Israel has no actual Hebrew blood, but are instead Khazarians, or the “fake Hebrews” of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.


The actual secret name of this powerful, inter-generational group that Jesus called the “Synagogue of Satan” who were the top Pharisees that arrested and crucified him is the Babylonian Talmudics.

The “Babylonian Talmudics” are deeply indoctrinated with the secret teachings of the original Babylonian Talmud which is best described as the secret teachings of Satanism and related occult black arts from the Darkside. These teaching include selling one’s soul to Satan and practicing certain required secret satanic black mass rituals involving outrageous criminal and anti-human acts such as pedophilia, child sacrifice, blood drinking, child vivisection, and cannibalism.

Many thousands of Christians are now being terribly persecuted
and mass-murdered in various Mideastern and African nations,
and are still heavily persecuted in Communist China.


American Christian churches have been secretly infiltrated and deceived by these Babylonian Talmudics who operate under cover of secrecy and darkness and this is all part of their long term Globalist, NWO Agenda to dis-empower, sidetrack, neutralize, use and eventually destroy as in eradicate Christianity and Christians from Planet earth.

And as we now realize many thousands of Christians are now being terribly persecuted and mass-murdered in various Mideastern and African nations, and are still heavily persecuted in Communist China.

These Babylonian Talmudics have been able to set Church policy, which involves imbuing many churches with the false doctrine of Christian Zionism, which actually ends up providing great cover and support for the biggest enemies of the Christian Church that ever arose.


Christian Zionism a False Doctrine

Most large American Churches have been deceived by the doctrine of Christian Zionism.

Christian Zionism is the false doctrine that the new nation of Israel, formed in 1947 was formed by England with the Balfour Declaration because the Jews have a right to regain their ancestral land because they are of ancient Hebrew Blood.

We now know that this is a false assertion because of the recent Johns Hopkins peer-reviewed genetic studies that show that approximately 97.5% of those living in Israel who claim to be of Jewish descent actually carry NO Hebrew blood at all. They are Khazarians and ARE NOT Semites at all; whereas approximately 80% of the Palestinians DO carry ancient Hebrew blood, and are actual Semites.

We know that these “fake Jews” better described as “fake Hebrews” are described in the New Testament in Revelation chapter 2, verse 9 and chapter 3, verse 9.

Have mainstream Christian churches been browbeaten into standing down when confronted with Christian Zionists or other Zionists? Did they invite the WTC demolition of 3 buildings because of inaction and avoidance?

Most large American Churches have been deceived by the church doctrine of Christian Zionism that has been secret melded in without any recognition by most Christians of how this had been done, that it violates scripture or that it has been working to dis-empower Christianity and detract from its true purpose.

American Christians need to wake up and learn that they have been deceived by this secret Satanic sect that Jesus called the Synagogue of Satan which just happens to be related to the issue of the “fake Hebrews” mentioned in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.

These are the Zionists that have covertly infiltrated the American Church and misdirected their policies and teachings away from the truth that God Almighty divorced the real Israel after they crucified Jesus Christ, right before Diaspora when he scattered them to the wind for their unrepentant idol worship.

Some of these are high church leaders who are actual wolves in sheep’s clothing who are knowingly deceiving Christian church members, others are unknowing deceived themselves and promote this false doctrine willingly but out of ignorance and because they were craftily conned and manipulated in seminary or by some of the many the American Zionist front groups.

The real Israel was the body of God’s believers, the descendants of Abraham which carried Hebrew Blood. Correct Christian doctrine teaches that God divorced the original Israel, the collection of God’s chosen bloodline because of their idolatry and unrepentant sin. And that he has created a new worldwide nation of Israel, a body of believers in Jesus Christ that are grafted into God’s chosen ones because they believe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Israel as mentioned in the Bible was never described as a specific country, but rather as a group of God’s believers.

President Barack Obama pays his respects at Yad Vashem memorial in Israel

A very sad fact is that most Christians in America have been deceived with this false teaching that Israel was an actual nation, a land, a country; and that God has rebuilt it in 1947 by giving Hebrews their land back. This is not true for numerous easily proved reasons.

The land many call Israel now is actually the country of Palestine and most Judaics living in it that claim to have an ancestral right to it actually have no Hebrew blood at all and have zero ancestral right to any of it.

Judaics frequently accuse those who question their practices persecuting Palestinians of being anti-Semitic. Actually this is just a false ruse to avoid any scrutiny for their sins and evil because these anti-Palestinian Judaics are truly the world’s real anti-Semites.

What motivated the Pharisees to become so obsessed with manipulating Pontius Pilate the Roman Prefect into crucifying Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who was designated by Pilot as King of the Hebrews?

The head Pharisees are believed by researchers to have been members of this secret Synagogue of Satan. And that is exactly what Jesus Christ of Nazareth accused them of to their faces that made them enraged and so intent on murdering him as revenge for daring to expose their secret sins.

These head Pharisees were two faced, unimaginably evil and self-centered on the inside and phony on the outside projecting a caring face and practicing self-serving religiosity publicly for all to see and be conned by.

They practiced Judaism on the outside and pretended to be servants of the community and righteous religious leaders, while secretly practicing Babylonian Talmudic Satanism on the inside. They were actually selfish, lying, cheating deceiving wolves in sheep’s clothing that took advantage of the average Hebrew in ancient Israel to gain riches and power and secretly participated in satanic child sacrifice rituals.


What specifically does the real, original Babylonian Talmud contain?

If you want to know all the nitty-gritty of what the original Babylonian Talmud contains the foremost non-Judaic expert who has studied this and written about it in depth is Michael Hoffman, and you can obtain his book, Judaism Discovered, banned by Amazon. Be forewarned however, it expressed deep disgust for Goyem and discusses them as mere animals to use, abuse, lie to and slaughter for gain whenever necessary and contains specific rituals cleansing their members from doing so.

Michael Hoffman is no lightweight and has done very deep and valid research on this subject and makes well substantiated claims backed up by actual quotations from the original Babylonian Talmud, not normally ever available to be read by any Goyem.

Anyone that studies this whole issue of the secret Babylonian Talmud and its secret cult of Satanic followers will be amazed at how this ancient secret satanic cult victimizes all humans, not just Goyem which is often sets up for mass death and suffering. But it also uses non-Hebrew bloodline Judaic converts too (Khazarians) as anointed cutouts to do their dirty work and then be discarded after losing their very souls to mammon.

Those that truly enter the cult and are willing to do gross evil in exchange for their very souls as required to successfully complete secret initiations, will be anointed into the Black Arts of the Darkside and will eventually receive their own spirit guide from the Darkside, a personal Consigliere. They will then come into extreme riches, newly attained power and great status.

Other close associates who never get recruited into this cult itself that are Judaics (usually Khazarians or converts to Judaism) are often given great rewards of jobs, opportunities that are not available to others.

The Babylonian Talmudics at the top of the Hierarchy that constitute the Synagogue of Satan are surrounded by other occult organizations that are Satanic, based on the black arts of the Darkside and involve ministering death and destruction to the masses in order to thin the human herd and “purify the human race”.

The notorious Skull and Bones of Yale University is but one example of these. Members of this satanic “forever” fraternity are provided great power, riches and status and access to the highest and best job opportunities in exchange for worshipping Satan as their god and selling their souls.

These dupes have been seduced by the power Satan gives them for selling their souls and you can bet that they do not truly understand what it means to give up your eternal soul for mammon.



The Babylonian Talmudics have hijacked the banking systems and therefore own, print, issue and distribute their own private money and charge the users (including We The People) accruing pernicious usury for using it.

And their satanic Black-magick have ability to “make money from nothing” has allowed them to roll out their satanic agenda over the whole world. And they never have veered from their age-old secret satanic Agenda.

And their secret agenda has always been:

to destroy Christianity while infiltrating and using it first;

to breakdown normal society by destroying normal male and female sex roles, marriage and the family; 

to promote massive crime, drugs and poverty in the inner urban areas;

to create mass human death and suffering in order to create Hell on Earth as a expression of Satan’s intense hatred for everything God Almighty has created.

It is this secret Satanic Agenda that forms the heart of most of the evil these Babylonian Talmudics create in the world today and they often do this by deploying: false-flag terror and engineered wars for their extreme profit; and mass human death and suffering, which is necessary to feed negative energy to their god Lucifer, who in turn anoints them with occult power of the black arts and the dark side.

It is time for American churches and American Christians to wake up and start defending Christianity from the Babylonian Talmudics, aka the Synagogue of Satan. Otherwise, American Christian Churches will continue to be undermined and neutralized by the false doctrine of Christian Zionism.

Mike Harris is the Veteran’s Today Financial Editor and radio show host of Short End of the Stick (Tu  & Thur, 7-9 CST). Mr Harris has enjoyed 30+ yrs in the manufacturing, financial, and technology sectors. He’s been core to numerous domestic and international start-ups, acquisitions and mergers, skyrocketing profit margins through a highly co-operative/collaborative team approach. His sharp intellect and a fluid intuition was a significant boon during his 2005/6 run for the Governor of Arizona where he emphasized the need to initiate immediate, practical, working solutions to the issues at hand.

From 1995 to 2000 Mr Harris served as a technical advisor to the Committee on Science and Technology of the US Congress, as well as sitting as Chairman of various boards over the years. With an MBA in finance, from a foundation of Applied Physics and Economics, he has proven an exceptional ability to function well-above and beyond “the box”.

Dubbed “iron Mike” through his many years as a martial artist, Mr. Harris has clearly demonstrated the resiliency to take blows and to come back fighting. This extraordinary skill-set he now brings to his ultimate Vision for a free, abundant, and prosperous society.


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