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VT RADIO: Foreign Policy Gone Mad with VT’s Senior Editor...

Dr. Kevin Barrett slams Biden in Ukraine, Israel's Bombing of Syrian Earthquake Victims and tells all about his trip to Iran!

Earthquake Death Toll over 38,000. “In Syria Disaster Exacerbated by US-EU...

UPDATE FEBRUARY 12, 2023 - ITALIAN VERSION The death toll from the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that devastated Turkey and Syria on Monday has risen to 38,905...

Greater Israel and the Tale of Two Temples

Ayn Dara and the Syrian Connection

Rise of Anti-New World Order Establishment

Vladimir Putin, despite his shortcomings, was and is still doing the best he can to restore Russia from the political and financial ruin which New World Order agents have inflicted on her.

New World Order Is Linked with Zionism and Banking Cartel

Now that President Putin has committed the Russian military to supporting the legitimate government of Syria, he and his country are now being targeted by the same diabolical forces, and for the identical reasons.

American Shame in Syria: US Persecutes Population with the Sanctions but...

the US occupation forces and their mercenaries steal up to 66,000 barrels every single day from the fields occupied in the Syrian eastern region

Putin tells US to stop ‘looting’ Syria

The US must stop “stealing” oil from the Syrian people, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Tuesday, after meeting with his Iranian and Turkish counterparts in Tehran.

US Drone Strike Kills Leader of ISIS In Syria

An American drone strike killed the leader of the Islamic State in Syria on Tuesday, U.S. Central Command announced.

Neverending WAR CRIMES in Syria under NATO’s Shield! Israeli and US...

Neverending WAR CRIMES in Syria under NATO's Shield! Israeli and US Airstrikes. Turkish Persecution on Rojava Population

Russia Demands Israel Stop Sovereignty-Violating Airstrikes on Syria

The Russians say it violates Syrian sovereignty, and is against international norms. Those are plainly true things, but have never stopped Israel before.

What if Washington Can’t Attract the Men (and Women) Necessary To...

If America runs short on new recruits the US should shrink its geopolitical ambitions.

Ukraine: The Case of Nuclear War

Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations

The Syrian Homeland

What prompted me to write this article today is what is happening now in Ukraine, because the only actor who played the role of the head of the Ukrainian state was Zelensky, the Ukrainian actor, and most of humanity followed clips from that comedy.

Col. Richard Black on diabolical forces in Syria and now Russia...

“Ukraine has no significance to Americans….It has no impact on our day-to-day lives. Yet we are playing this reckless game that risks the lives of all people in the United States and Western Europe for nothing.”

Tasks and tactics of Russia in Ukraine. What experts said on April...

The offensive of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine is based on Syrian tactics, the United States has resigned itself to the fact that Russia will take control of the southeast of Ukraine.

The Luciferian-Deep State roots Freemasonry and the Terror Triad of Israel,...

VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff investigates the Deep Roots and Tentacles of the Dark Side

Syria: US Training More ISIS Forces to Offset Upcoming Defeat in...

US occupation forces are reportedly training a group of Daesh terrorists in the countryside of Syria to carry out various acts of terror.

Italian Hostage Details Horrific Torture By Ruthless ISIS Executioners Dubbed “The...

As part of his captors’ horrific “regime of punishment,” an Italian aid worker held captive by merciless ISIS executioners dubbed “The Beatles” said he was forced to fight other hostages until they passed out.

US Produced Sarin Gas Used in Syria in Ukraine Lab

Journalists Jeffrey Silverman and Lika Moshiashvili are credited with having discovered the secret illegal operations taking place in the US-controlled Central Reference Laboratory (CPHRL) near Tbilisi.

The Putin Doctrine: Live a day as a lion better than...

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last month was only a logical culmination of a long-simmering, eight-year war of attrition initiated by NATO powers against Russia in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region after the 2014 Maidan coup.

UAE Invites Assad, Thumbs Nose at Uncle Scam. Bye-Bye Petrodollar?

Have the Gulf princes stopped obeying Washington? Is the Empire over?

Diplomatic Breakthrough: Syria’s Assad in UAE

Syria revealed on March 18 that President Bashar al-Assad had visited the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This was the first visit by President Assad to an Arabian state since the outbreak of the war in Syria more than eleven years ago.

Dear Schwarzenegger: Please, shut up. You cannot speak for Ukrainians

Saudi Arabia launched the war on the Yemeni population since 2015, and the last time I checked, Arnold Schwarzenegger never said a single word.

Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces Receives American Diplomatic Delegation

Representatives of Syria and the United States have met to exchange views on the latest developments related to the campaign to combat the terrorist organization ISIS.

Foreign Ministers from Russia and Iran Release Joint Statement After Meeting...

Iranian and Russian FMs discuss Ukraine, Syria and the Iran nuclear talks.

Caught! US Trains ISIS Cells to Deploy them in Terrorist Operations

SF: Cooperating with the SDF, the US forces transported dozens of ISIS detainees to the prisons of the northern countryside of al-Hasakah in preparation for releasing them and employing them in terrorist operations.

Russia to Remain in Syria Despite Ukie Conflict


NEO – The Schmear – the War of Lies against Russia

Gordon lays out that it is way past time to just go after the proxy terror groups, but a mistake not to include the countries supporting them, or else they will just continue to use these groups whenever and wherever they want.

Putin Halts West Playing God

Using concocted lies, The Wests’ media has described Russian leadership as propping dictators and condoning Syria’s use of chemical weapons.

Turkey’s War on Russia: Is Joint Turkish/Ukie Military Group Recruiting...

A security and intelligence group from UKRAINE and Turkey visited the rebel-held areas in northern SYRIA, to discuss "the possibility of their recruitment into the regional defense forces in Ukraine."

Turkey, Ukraine Importing 2000 ISIS Terrorists to Fight Russia, Gain German...

According to a source, SBU agents discussed with Turkish-backed commanders the possibility of recruiting militants into Ukraine’s territorial Defence forces.

Ukraine: Moment of Truth

What is happening today in the world is a natural result of accumulations that began since 1990 with the dismantling of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact and the insistence of the colonial powers to keep NATO to continue waging criminal wars against sovereign states.

Russian TV on Sanctions, “The West Wants to Destroy Russia”

VT: Should the US continue helping Turkey steal Syrian wheat to make up for probable shortfalls from Ukraine?  

Al Qaeda Moving Troops from Syria to Ukraine, al Qaeda’s ‘Homeland’...

According to the Abkhazian Network News Agency, al-Jasim is currently preparing to funnel militants from Syria to Ukraine, where they will be thrown against Russian forces.

US Backed Terrorists Wounded in Syria in Failed False Flag Chemical...

“According to information obtained by Syrian special services, militants of the al-Nusra group delivered containers with a poisonous substance, presumably chlorine, to a town in the Idlib governorate. One of the containers was seriously damaged, as a result of careless handling during transportation,” the TASS news agency reported.

Yemeni Ambassador: US Policy based on Fueling Wars Around the World

Sanaa's ambassador to Syria, Abdullah Sabri, said what is known about the American policy is that it is based on stoking wars and creating crises in all countries of the world according to its interests.

Syrian Foreign Minister: “West Targeting Russia with Same Campaign of...

Washington seeks escalation of tensions by hyping a long-claimed Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Syria: Unfair economic sanctions between reality and illegality (VT Exclusive)

For nearly a decade the Syrian people have been fighting all manifestations of aggression simultaneously with terrorist operations unprecedented in history.

How Erdogan Scapegoated ISIS Caliph to Appease Biden?

Erdogan is trying desperately hard to prove to the Biden administration that Turkey is still a reliable NATO ally that could play a vital role in the global power rivalry.

NWO Agent George Soros and His New Diabolical Plan

George Soros: “If truth be known, I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, which I felt I had to control, otherwise they might get me in trouble.”