…by Jonas E. Alexis, VT Editor

Jim W. Dean said in 2016 that George Soros is “the man who refuses to die and join his victims.” He is, Dean continued, “one of the most dangerous public ‘fixers’ of our time.” Dean was absolutely right.

Soros seems to be everywhere. He is like a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming his blood funnel into anything that smells like money or subversive movements. Keep in mind that Soros unflinchingly declared that Vladimir Putin “is a bigger threat to Europe’s existence than Isis.”[1] In a 2016 article which was published by the Guardian, Soros stated:

“The leaders of the US and the EU are making a grievous error in thinking that president Vladimir Putin’s Russia is a potential ally in the fight against Islamic State. The evidence contradicts them. Putin’s aim is to foster the EU’s disintegration, and the best way to do so is to flood Europe with Syrian refugees.

“Russia has also launched a large-scale air attack against civilians in northern Syria. This was followed by a ground assault by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s army against Aleppo, a city that used to have 2 million inhabitants. The barrel bombs caused 70,000 civilians to flee to Turkey; the ground offensive could uproot many more.”[2]

Complete fabrication. If Russia were liquidating Syrian civilians, why do Syrian civilians appreciate the presence of the Russians in the region? One needn’t be a politician to realize that Soros’ formulation is generally dumb.

Moreover, what was the evidence that Russian planes were deliberately bombing the civilian population? Well, the evidence could be found in George Soros himself. Whatever comes out of his mouth is the truth. No further investigation is needed. No rigorous testing is required. Soros is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. And if evidence points to the other direction, then the evidence must be rejected, not Soros’ own words.

Soros’s organization was caught conducting covert operations designed to destabilize Russia. Here is an interesting quote from the leaked files of Soros’ Open Society Foundation:

Our inclination is to engage in activities and with actors that will understand and counter Russian support to movements defending traditional values…Naming and shaming from us is problematic: we are also in the business of channeling money into other countries for political purposes.”

All the talk about helping so-called Syrian refugees,[3] about rescuing Ukrainians,[4] about so-called “civil rights,” about bringing “democracy” in Russia, was a smokescreen.

It is probably true that Soros has been against the Israeli regime,[5] but what he gives, on one hand, he takes from the other. It says on paper that he is against the Israeli regime, but it has been reported that Soros supported organizations that sought to remove Assad from power.[6]

We have to keep in mind again that the Israeli regime wanted to kick Assad out since the beginning of the Syrian war.[7] So, whether Soros liked it or not, he was indirectly supporting Israel’s crimes by supporting organizations that sought to oust Assad.

In any event, Soros has a history of peddling lies, hoaxes, and deceptions. He also has a history of supporting subversive movements both in America and in Europe. It was Soros himself who said: “If truth be known, I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, which I felt I had to control, otherwise they might get me in trouble.”[8]

When asked about this very issue, Soros responded, “It is a sort of disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.”[9] Keep in mind that he poured millions of dollars in the Black Lives Matter movement.

So, what has Soros been up to lately? Well, he is now rooting for regime change in China. In a speech delivered at the Hoover Institution, Soros declared that China is “the world’s most powerful authoritarian state” and “the greatest threat that open societies face today.”[10] Soros even compared China with Nazi Germany in 1936. So, what should we do with China’s president, Xi Jinping? Soros said:

“It is to be hoped that Xi Jinping may be replaced by someone less repressive at home and more peaceful abroad. This would remove the greatest threat that open societies face today and they should do everything within their power to encourage China to move in the desired direction.”

Does any thinking person really think that China’s threat is bigger than what the Khazarian Mafia has been doing over the centuries? If Xi Jinping is a communist, does Soros ever ask himself the question, “Where does communism come from?” Perhaps that question would give him diarrhea. As I will point up in a book that is scheduled to be released next year, Mao Zedong would not be Mao Zedong without the Bolshevik movement which was already creating disorder in Soviet Russia in the 1920s.


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  1. Jonas, I completely agree with Jim Dean’s remarks about George Soros. Soros is evil, but he does not pull the strings; he is a middleman who made his money thru the DVD’s offshore Medium Term Notes program, vast amounts of money made very quickly and given to people so they become billionaires almost overnight (Epstein and Soros are both good examples). If you follow Shrimpton’s columns, or if you read the Foreword to his book Spyhunter, you know that George Soros is an agent of the DVD. So even if you might dislike Shrimpton for whatever reason, you might want to read his stuff.

    • JS,

      I read Shrimpton’s book, and to be quite honest, it is one of the most unscholarly and speculative books I have ever read in my entire life. Shrimpton and I had a long discussion on these issues years ago, when he was perpetuating claims like America needed to go back to Iraq. Shrimpton supported the Neocon debacle in the region. Shrimpton’s claim that the DVD is behind much of what we are seeing in the world is so preposterous that one doesn’t know why Shrimpton continues to marshal them. I also had a long email discussion with Shrimpton on these issues, where I sent him a list of scholarly studies. I still have that interaction on file.

  2. Jonas, Thanks for a very well-written article. I have been absent from VTD for more than a year, simply because Gordon’s emotional vomits irritated me too much.
    However, I longed for a bit of logic and being a mathematician myself, I thought of you. To my surprise you’ve become a more regular contributor. I have downloaded the majority of your writings and hope to have an enjoyable time consuming great logic. Doet Zoo Voort (hybrid Afrikaans for “keep up the good work))”

  3. Excellent point, “Where does communism come from?” Does he ever ask himself anything other than “How do I exploit any established mechanism already in place?” Or, “Do I invent a new one?” Jewish hegemony is Jewish hegemony and this old fart exploits anything more than Al Sharpton ever did. His day will come.

  4. George Soros time on earth is approaching the end. And when the end comes, he shall meet his karma with the God of Hell. If he should ever be reincarnated, he will be reborn at the bottom of the food chain.

  5. The british released 11,000 pederasts back into society during the last year. They are also behind covid. Theyre getting their payback. Belgium has covid passport requirements like kkkkrazy austria and italy.

  6. See, this is why you and I clash. This is a very cheap shot: Keep in mind that he poured millions of dollars in the Black Lives Matter movement.

    Why dont you keep in mind that the Republicans like Bush, Rockefeller, Kissinger and the uber rich deliberately created the ghettos by financing white flight to suburbs but not blacks. Leaving behind failed neighborhoods, offshoring 67 thousand factories and their blue collar jobs.. This is the CFR, the US Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable and the idiotic Rethuglicans with their free trade baloney.

    • At the same time these wall street banksters have been drug dealers since the opium wars in china and launder the bulk of the money while using the cia and the pentagon to create and control the drug cartels. I have Chip Tatums testimony the Poppy Bush told Barry Seal that the C1A had a plan “to get all n1gg3rs hooked on crack and thrown in prison”. Then they get slave labor to exploit legally! PURE EVIL. The drugs and the guns were brought in by these same right wing fascists into these targeted black neighborhoods. The gang leaders were C1a assets. I invite anybody to read Dr Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow or listen to a Black Lives Matter co-founder interview of Patrice Cullors. Yes, a part of the satanic elite wanted to foment the momentum to beat trump and the crazy Republicans by harnessing blm energy but americas biggest uprising (140 cities) wasnt fake or not TRUE.

      Your quality as a journalist goes down when you kowtow to

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