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Washington Is Prolonging Ukraine’s Suffering

No one in London, Paris, or, Berlin wants to run the risk of a nuclear war with Moscow. Americans do not support going to war with Russia, and those few who do are ideologues, shallow political opportunists, or greedy defense contractors.

Review: Jews and Crime in Medieval Europe

“Jewish scholars have deliberately disregarded some of the source materials I mine in this book, out of fear of its implications for the image of the Jews, and as part of a long tradition of apologetics. Indeed, I was advised by some colleagues not to pursue the subject.”

World War Jew?

There is a huge elephant in the living room but everybody is too afraid to talk about it. This despite the fact that the Zionist elephant is now pushing the world into a nuclear war.

Notre Dame and the Jewish Question

Ivy League admissions policies changed as the result of “covert ethnic tribal warfare” during the 1920s when the WASP elite tried in vain to keep the Jews out of their universities.

Scientists Studied 12 Masks — Every One Contained This Cancer-Causing Compound

he potential consequences of breathing in carcinogenic particles from face masks worn during the COVID-19 pandemic won’t be known for years, but red flags have been raised from the beginning that face mask usage has consequences, with no meaningful benefit.

100% of mRNA Jab Recipients Suffered Heart Injury

“In 2020, while hunting for antibody therapies for COVID-19, [Prüss] and his colleagues discovered that of 18 antibodies they identified with potent effects against SARS-CoV-2, four also targeted healthy tissues in mice — a sign they could trigger autoimmune problems ..."

Masonic Rothschilds got caught in Switzerland—again

By the middle of the nineteenth century, the Bank of England was dominantly controlled by the Rothschild family.

Europe has 150 US Nuclear Weapons but Moscow has even more

According to the Federation of American Scientists, Moscow has 5,977 nuclear warheads, 549 more than the US.

Can Europe Afford To Turn a Blind Eye to Evidence of...

US hostility towards Russian economic ties with Europe is not new. Long before Russia’s invasion, Washington had been quite openly seeking ways to block the Nord Stream pipelines.

Europe’s Coming Winter From Hell: Thanks for Your Sanctions War, Washington!

The fact is, Europe’s industrial sector is natural gas driven, exposing it to a devastating cost-price crunch owing to the region’s suicidal sanctions on Russia and the resulting collapse of Russian pipeline gas supplies.

WHO: Obesity in Europe at ‘epidemic proportions’

Obesity is behind at least 13 different types of cancer, and is likely directly causing at least 200,000 new cancer cases every year in the region.

EU aims for zero dependence on Russian energy BY 2027!

The 27- member bloc’s Economic Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni said in an interview on Tuesday that the EU aimed to reduce its dependence on Russian oil to zero by the end of 2027.

The birth pangs of the “New World” and the Prospect of...

The interplay of Russian and Chinese currency and European geography on the global power structure, splintering and reforming.

Russia Insider on the Refugee Crisis

“Putin’s real weapon against Europe is not missiles. The real weapon is the millions of Ukrainian refugees who, in a few weeks, Ukrainianized the best European cities and turned them into real pigsties.”

Brussels launches fully-fledged Drang nach Osten against Russia

Perhaps it's time for us to get used to the fact that the EU is not a "partner", but a source of problems and threats that are numerous and diverse in nature.

Memo To Europeans: Read this text! It will hurt you...

Putin tried to establish friendship with Europe with all kinds of options that would have been beneficial to them, but no, it didn’t work. Even the Germans, logical and thoughtful people, could not help giving in to the general European Russophobia.

Germany to shut down factories without Russian gas, Netherlands will be...

the EU countries are not in a position to completely abandon Russian energy resources without huge damage to themselves.

Map: 1000 Years of Europe

This Video shows you a history of changing European borders, including the Soviet Union (Russia) and the Ottoman Empire (Turkey)

“Gas to Europe with Payment in Rubles only”. Putin’s Checkmate to...

"Refusal to pay gas in rubles will be considered a failure to fulfill obligations and that, in this case, existing contracts will be terminated. Nobody sells us anything for free and neither do we do charity,“ Putin said.

“Patience is running out”: Europeans outraged by the boorish behavior of...

More and more Europe is beginning to criticize the behavior of Ukrainian refugees. Europeans complain that Ukrainians “have brought them trouble.”

US Discourages Progress in Ukraine-Russia Deal

Leading up to the invasion, Putin asked the US for a guarantee that Ukraine won’t ever join the military alliance, but the US refused to make the promise even though President Biden publicly admitted Kyiv wouldn’t be granted a membership anytime soon.

Flood of Ukrainian refugees: Shadow of ‘crisis of century’ over EU

According to a report by UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi, over 1.5 million Ukrainians have fled their country and constitute “the fastest-growing crisis in Europe since the Second World War.”

NWO Agent George Soros and His New Diabolical Plan

George Soros: “If truth be known, I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, which I felt I had to control, otherwise they might get me in trouble.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky: NWO lies about Russia

The simple fact is that NWO agents were defeated in the past, particularly when they tried to annihilate countries like Syria.

U.S. insane if it imagines it can and should confront Russia...

The situation in Crimea and the breakaway independent republics of Donetsk (DNR) and Luhansk (LHR) are entirely due to the events of February 2014 in Ukraine fully the responsibility of the United States and the EU.

The problem of the gas chambers or the rumor of Auschwitz

After the war, the International Red Cross (which had carried out its investigation on "the rumor of Auschwitz" (d) , the Vatican (which was so well informed about Poland), the Nazis, the collaborators, all declared well. others: “The 'gas chambers'? we didn't know.”

Europe Faces COVID-19 Lock downs

Rise in infection rate in Paris as Spanish authorities clash over Madrid lockdown