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[ Editor’s Note: Unfortunately this has been a hardwired sensitive political issue in that, with the public health systems across Europe picking up the unlimited cost of poor health decisions, the threat of financial devastation cannot play a role in changing people’s eating habits, where gratification wins out much of the time. The 50% number was a shocker for me.

Political candidates can view this as a third rail, where offending this group of people in even the slightest way could hand their positions to whoever would use it against them.

The world continues to be one where some people are dying for lack of food, looking to get worse with the insane Ukraine war, which the usual grifters have cranked up.

One of the reasons VT created a health and science section is because we know a lot of people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer, with yours truly one of them. I had to struggle to break that dynamic, and did not do it out of my one motivation.

I stumbled across a Groupon offer for a state of the art heart scan for $50, and no dummy me, I jumped on it. But the big bad surprise was that I was in the 33% top range for those in my age group, concerning how much “moderate” heart plaque I had.

An intervention began immediately, with Gordon helping me to get the first ten pounds off, as the exercise part is way easier to do when you are lighter. During the first year I got over the hump, down from 207 to 165, speed walking 2 miles a day, religiously five days a week.

The other incentive was not wanting to be drained by the medical bills, even with the copays. Now the focus is the aging extension science, absorbing that learning curve, but with the good news being that many studies are being done now, involving metabolism work at the cellular level.

The goal is to still be around when they make a couple of breakthroughs. Ahhh, to be ten years younger, but you work with what you have… Jim W. Dean ]

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The chart would look worse with the 2020 situation...JD

First published May 4, 2022

Obesity rates in the European Region are at “epidemic proportions,” warns the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe in a report released Tuesday.

The numbers are growing: Fifty-nine percent of adults and nearly one in three children are either overweight or obese, and no country in the European region is currently on track to halt the rise of obesity by 2025.

Early studies from some countries showed the prevalence of being overweight or obesity increased in children and teenagers during the pandemic. Obesity and overweight are responsible for more than 1.2 million deaths across the region each year, the report finds.

…“We need the attention of the highest level of the governments,” said Kremlin Wickramsinghe, ad interim head of the WHO European Office for the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases, during a briefing.

Obesity is behind at least 13 different types of cancer, and is likely directly causing at least 200,000 new cancer cases every year in the region.

In some countries, according to the WHO report, obesity is predicted to overtake smoking as the leading risk factor for preventable cancer in the decades ahead.


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  1. Is not nursing home care expense just another way to transfer wealth from the middle class to the rich?

  2. I got in my youth a “cucarda” (Ph) in Medicine with a specialty in “Metabolism”.
    Practice, information, observation and studies of thousands of cases taught me that 80% of obesity in people is due to the consumption of “Margarine” (Hydrogenated Oil). – a poison…-
    The body cannot easily assimilate it, and deposits it in fatty tissue. and, THE ORGANISM, (FRONT OF THE LACK OF “FUEL”), ACTIVATES THE SENSATION OF HUNGER and people…. eat again…
    Look at the ingredients of the food: 90% has Margarine (not animal fats -Butter, cream etc.-.
    And they are consumed because it is cheaper.
    Look at the ingredients of the food. If it says “Margarine,” DO NOT EAT IT.

    • For the amount of money this country spends on medical care we have and awful situation, but the pharmacy companies and insurance companies are fine with what we have. For what we have in the pipeline now, several generations of unhealthy people, the long term care cost for the will be astronomical. An assisted living place is $3000 a month, but if the person needs what is called full nursing care, that around $10,000 a month. People with no children are on their own, and they died the most during Covid.

    • Jim. Let’s see. Mr. Biden is asking each American (man, woman and child) to cough up $1000.00 each for bombs, bullets and grifters in Ukraine. I expect minimal amounts of “food” except manufactured fake junk on pallets which will be stolen and black marketed. I would rather spend that $1000.00 on whole foods for myself or donate to food banks here. Say, what are they serving the Bidens at the White House these days? Not McDonalds crap I expect.

    • Palm oil, too. They started putting it in all the products. We had a whole mafia in Russia, which lobbied and imported palm oil into the country in large volumes.
      And margarine can generally be made from crude oil, to feed the planet😁

    • Margarine is one atom away from plastic. Can’t believe anyone still uses it. My parents loved it back in the 50s. Ca(Canada)nola oil is fake product right out of the laboratory also. Read the labels.

  3. Sometime, Mr. Armavir, you might be on a boat in the Pacific Ocean. A storm might come up out of nowhere, and you are cast adrift in a lifeboat. Eventually, you sight land, and you paddle to shore. You are elated to finally be back on terra-firma…

    You will be greeted by a group of giant blobs dressed in XXXXL clothing. They will be speaking in an unknown dialect saying ‘Ekamowir Omo’ between bites on pop tarts and donuts until one finally translates into English…

    ‘Welcome to Nauru’

  4. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has contracted coronavirus, he has a mild course of the disease. This is stated in a written statement issued on Wednesday by the head of the press service of the State Department, Ned Price.
    It is less necessary to lick glasses in Kiev and kiss Zelensky on the lips when meeting!
    What about Lloyd Austin? He should also be quarantined. Pelosi was there too – Babushka can be contagious too)

    • These people are mindless trolls. Some of the worst American “leadership ” in decades. If told to do so by Biden, they would gladly shit in their hats in wear them to meetings with little Napoleon Zelensky.

  5. Obesity is a tragedy.
    In my city Armavir the population is around 200 000 people. But i see probably 1 fat person per 500 people on the street. The situation is far from critical in my country, but fast food and soda did some harm.
    But I have never seen such giant fat men as in the USA in my life! Especially among African Americans, mostly women. I could not even imagine that such people could exist in nature.
    In Russia, the government raised excise taxes on foreign carbonated drinks, snacks, and chips many years ago. They are more expensive than domestic ones. But, those who are tempted by fast food, nothing will stop them…

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