JEA: Richard Black is not some conspiracy theorist out there. He was a career military officer. He served in both the U.S. Marines and in the U.S. Army JAG Corps for thirty-one years. Black has seen the ugly side of war, and in this video you are about to watch, he analyzed the war in Syria, and then moved on to say uncomfortable things about the Russia/Ukraine conflict.

The mass social media, the military-industrial complex, and Neocon ethnic cleansers will never agree with Black because he is not part of their crowd. He is essentially exposing them all. As he put it at the end of his presentation,

“Ukraine has no significance to Americans….It has no impact on our day-to-day lives. Yet we are playing this reckless game that risks the lives of all people in the United States and Western Europe for nothing.”

He is so right. Just do some casual reading in the mass social media, and you will see that so-called journalists are absolutely careless or dismissive about what is really going on. Take for example Philippe Naughton of the Daily Beast. In an article that is so ridiculous that one wonders whether Naughton even dares to read what the Washington Post itself has reported about Neo-Nazis in Ukraine, Naughton said:

The Kremlin’s favorite propaganda mouthpieces want you to disregard the Holocaust and forget all about the 6 million Jews who died in Nazi concentration camps. They are re-writing history to claim Nazism has nothing to do with Jewish people.

“The debate on the meaning of Nazism is more than just a sideshow for Kremlin ideologists. Since sending in his army in tanks and trucks into Ukraine bearing a Swastika-style “Z” insignia, Putin’s assertion of political control inside Russia itself has come straight out of the fascist textbook. Those who are not with us must be against us, is the refrain—and since we are fighting Nazis our enemies must also be considered Nazis..”[1]

Naughton never answered the perennial question: Are there Neo-Nazis in Ukraine or not? If no, then why doesn’t Naughton fight against the Washington Post as well? If yes, then why is he condemning Putin for reporting this? You see, Naughton is essentially living in a topsy-turvy world, one which continues to put him in a Neocon matrix.

In any event, Col. Black’s assessment is worth watching.



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  1. One significance of the Ukraine to the USA that is not mentioned, is in the name Ukraine, and in particular the word rain within the word Ukraine.

    The USA has had drought ( that is little rain and snow ) in the western USA for over 20 years, and this year is the very worst drought year ever of these last 20 USA drought years.

    Instead of the USA spending vast amounts of money to kill so many innocent people who want to live, the USA could build desalination plants and pump water to fill up all the drying lakes, and/or pump excess water westward from the Missouri river to the west side of the Rocky mountains, and all by using and building free solar energy.

  2. It’s more like the Judeo-Masonic powers controlling the U.S. – with emphasis on the first half of the Luciferian marriage from hell – leading the world into nuclear war, as a pleasing sacrificial offering to their “god.”

  3. Quite a few elected officials, again from both parties that are openly calling for nuclear strikes on Russia. Congressman Seth Moulton recently openly said on Fox News that we are at war with Russia and we have to win. He said Ukraine is inconsequential in this war, it is our war.
    Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin again openly said our aim is to weaken Russia, in other words destroy Russia. Those who are calling for nuclear war may very well get their wish.

  4. What Col. Black is saying is common knowledge for anyone who reads, but yet we have elected officials from parties who are one hundred percent in support of it all. The useless UN is also complicit in all this and will never even fake a statement condemning these actions. Secretary General Guterres was very vocal in calling on Russia to stop the offensive and remove its troops knowing full well that they were not going to do so. Why did he not do the same thing to the US even though he knew that will never happen ?
    When Biden took over from Trump, many thought that things were going to be different, boy how wrong they were. Biden is in the process of of putting the final screws in the coffin of America with his endless and unlimited supply of money and weapons. This cannot go on indefinitely without serious irreversible consequences, but apparently Biden and the American citizens does not think so. I have heard some Trumpers say that if Trump was President this war would have happened. I say the only thing that might have been different under Trump is the money flow.

  5. Col. Black dances around the ugly truth that Israel nuked us on 9/11 and got away with it. That was the pretext for all the US wars of this century, all wars of aggression. Every US president since 9/11 has done the same.

    “To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole” – Nuremberg Tribunal, 1945

    • The Colonel did a very good job of describing the actual situation in Ukraine, all while using examples from the past, as well as mentioning current events, IE Syria. I did find it special when he singled out Clinton, Obama and Biden for mention in the deterioration of the military quality and their approach concerning that. However, it seems rather strange that he did not mention 9/11, Bush’s you’re either with us or you’re against us or the many officers that left at that time. Of course that the entire upper tier of the military had to be involved in 9/11 is well understood and the mentioning of that is a bridge too far for him. But, none the less, the 9/11 op enabled ME policy that we have been pursuing ever since, the very wars where we have lost and killed many more than we admit to and those very strategies he mentions used in Syria, came from those wars. But what was not mentioned, except for the NATO creep, was the fact that 9/11 was the enabling factor in the ME policy that was merely the preamble for attacking Russia. What would be the situation today if Syria had fell, then Iran after that, which was the plan. We would have power projection into the Caspian and another front for Russia to defend. In addition to the omission of baby Bush, he also neglected to go into daddy Bush’s Iraq war, which culminated in the ‘war on terror’ and Iraq 2.0…meaning the plan was around for quite some time.

  6. Col. Black made an excellent and in my opinion largely accurate presentation related to operations in various military and economic areas. He omitted of course that this is a Kazarian Mafia operation with the complicity of US and NATO money grubbing bureaucrats and sheeple asleep at the wheel drugged by corporate propaganda nonsense parading as news, which is also controlled by the Kazarian Mafia. This widespread hybrid war is fundamentally about a multipolar sovereign state world championed by Russia versus a unipolar rules based world championed by the Kazarian banksters. Col. Black undoubtedly knows this but is not suicidal.

  7. I expect that Colonel Black will shortly be advised by some of his comrades in arms to button it and get back in formation. The lemmings must march onward mindlessly over the next cliff clutching their company banner.

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