The Syrian Homeland, …by NABIL TOUMEH

…submitted by Nana Lancaster, VT Syrian correspondent

[ Editor’s introduction: Dr. Toumeh comes from a Syrian family of standing, where all are expected to get classical education from a bygone era. You will see their children starting college in Syria, and then off to Europe or the Near East for grad school.

Dr. Nabil Tumeh, Syria

To be taken seriously by anyone, having three language skills is a minimum, and a fourth better.

A lot of graduate historical and cultural work, and research, will be in these languages. Americans from upper class families would typically have one fluent foreign language, due to their early 20th century families sending their children for some ‘polishing’ in Europe.

Dr. Toumeh studied in Odessa University, founded by Tsar Alexander II in 1865 when the US was having its own Civil War. And it did not hurt being one of the beautiful cities with a European flavor, while straddling the East and West.

The beginning of his article today will be unusual for Americans, as it is in a flowery, poetic style. I suggest that before you read it, scroll down to one of the heavier CVs that I have seen in a while. I have to give you one sample here:

He was selected as a one from the best effective artistic figures in the Arab World of 2006 – 2007.

I picked that one from the long list because I had never seen the term ‘one of the best effective artistic figures used before. Having his fingers in many pots, publishing was certainly one, including poem collections, which you can see in his writing style. I found it a good piece to read aloud… Jim W. Dean]

Syria has seen a lot of war and changes, and the culture to prove it

First published … May 10, 2022

A trilogy is imposed by the necessity of accomplishing any dramatic or comedic work, a movie or a play whose dimensions meet within virtual or realistic places with the help of a specialized quantity that reaches it or its results to the viewers who judge the idea and its performers.

But the most important is who plays the roles, especially the starring role, that is, the star. It is not necessary for the writer of the text to be present at the place of operations, but the presence of the actor is an absolute necessity, and the director is far from him, following up on the performance and the quality of implementation of what is required of him.

If everyone is in the service of the actor, who is often at odds with what he performs, but he wears the role or plays it, and whenever his performance is good, he receives approval, interaction, attention and applause.

And if he fails, he is farther away and receives censure and reprimand, and he may lose opportunities or be excluded from them, and if we return to The actor and we stayed in his orbit, we find him wearing his role.

And as soon as he finishes, he takes him off, and returns to his personality that he was, and we have not seen an actor who assumed a role and stayed on him, crying and his essence laughing, and the opposite is true, so you do not know the seriousness of his comic, except for the director.


What prompted me to write this article today is what is happening now in Ukraine, because the only actor who played the role of the head of the Ukrainian state was Zelensky, the Ukrainian actor, and most of humanity followed clips from that comedy.

The Hollywood director, as he liked the idea and insisted on transforming it, and even continuing to perform his role, but officially, he turned the table on the heads of its owners, and depicted this comic character as a major role in it.

Zelensy appointed himself, with his oligarch sponsor, as president of Ukraine for the same purposes, which is the representative of the same Jacobite faith and hateful in the depths of the Russian Federation, even though he carried its language, and his housemaid says: He  It took him a while to master the Ukrainian language.

Someone might say: There is an actor who came to power, and I say yes, in the United States of America, and he is President “Reagan” 1981-1989, a third-class cowboy representative, but his choice was a political decision within his country, and he did not succeed in his representative roles.

His role in his presence, and the difference as the head of a superpower proved that the choice of Zelensky carried malicious and strategic goals, and all the conditions for success were created for him to implement the plans of the American director and screenwriter in his deep state.

His position was supported by more than qualitative extras, his surroundings from the countries that revolved in the orbit of the Soviet Union , which was forcibly entered into the NATO system, through carrots and sticks, and behind it stands the system of Western European countries;  France, Germany, Britain, Italy.

Zelensky, the actor, considered America’s warhead in Europe, and the goal is the Russian Federation since his arrival on May 20, 2019 after the success of his series, “The Servant of the People”;  Which servant of America, who played the role of the President of Ukraine, who, upon his success, was said to have attained the presidency by chance, is it reasonable?

Let’s see how former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko commented on Zelensky’s campaign: “The presidential term of five years is not a farce that we can pass on if it is not funny, nor is it a horror movie that is easy to stop,” and added, “I want to remind everyone that it is not a joke,  It is an election for the position of commander in chief.”

Yes, let us admit that the West, led by America, penetrated the Russian Federation in Ukraine, and it was proven that they worked on the Ukrainian people, and prepared them to deliver Zelensky, who was carefully programmed, and opened the doors of the world to him for his success.

He talks morning and evening with world leaders with ignorance and arrogance in his simple military uniform, who tried to put the sign of the cross on his military jacket. Has anyone noticed this?

And why did he quickly return to his situation without her?  Did any of you ask why he continues, he and who is with him?  Is it because he is with his prime minister and many ministers of the Jewish religion, and that global Zionism with the deep state in America and Britain protect him strongly.

Zelensky represents his role, as the tip of their spear in the face of the Russian Federation, for which historical Zionism has a hidden hatred, because of what Tsarist Russia did to the Jews?

It is true that the Earth of our planet is a great theater, and that every person who lives on it has a role, but Zelensky’s role has become remarkable, and those interested in peace and world peace should stop and study it, and I say:

So far he is a successful actor through what the director prepared for him, and the script is going as they want  Today, more than ever, the Russian is required to reveal this triumvirate by defeating them.


    He born in Damascus in 1957 from a well-known family
    He has acquired Doctorate Certificate in Engineering from Odessa University, at Major of “Mechanical power”
    He is a member in the Syrian People Council in second legislative session 2016 And the third legislative role 2020
    He has acquired Doctorate Certificate in Humanities and World Cultures with the rating of Honor from St. Vedis University in Italy
    He has acquired a Knight medal with the rating of Honor from Italian Cities “ Milano and Monza “
    He has awarded a Gold Medal from Armenian Embassy in the Syrian Arab Republic
    He was granted a thankfulness medal from Republic of Armenia in 2015
    He was awarded the UNESCO Peace prize (Jean Rouche) of 2007
    He holds Diploma certificate in the Intellectual Engineering from T.U in west Berlin/Germany.
    He was awarded a Pink Cross Foulard by Vatican in presence of the Father Benedictus of 2008
    He is the Owner and Manager of “Albahethoon” “ Researchers’ Magazine”
    He is the Owner of “Azmenah ““ Times Weekly Magazine” and the Website “ Azmenah” “ Times”
    He is the Owner of “ Dar Alsharq “ “ Orient House” for Printing and Publishing
    He is an Editor-in-chief of “ International Markets and Exhibition Magazine” and “ Arab Criticism Magazine”
    He is a producer for  Many important Dramatic Works as “Holacou”, “ Alshatat” , “ Nizar Qabbani” , Gezlan fi Ghabet Alzeab” ,” Ashwak Naema”, “ Riyah Alkhamasin”  and many works exceeded 35 one during a decade .
    He is a co-producer for the international movie titled “ 7KM. from Jerusalem”.
    He is a producer for “ Half milligram of Nicotine” and “ Damascus with my Love”
    He is a sponsor for “ Dr. Nabil Toumeh creativity award’ in its four sessions which is Arab World Level Award”
    He has acquired appreciation Certificate from International Union of Ancient Warriors associations
    He has presented many of Lectures in both Arabic and English Languages at Many Arab and International Milieus about “ Intellectual shaping Philosophy” fields
    He has participated in many Television and Radio interviews on the local , Arab and international levels.
    He has written many philosophical  , intellectual and political articles in the many local , Arab and international newspaper .
    He participated in the Mutual Christian-Islam conference in Damascus of 2005 which took place in Beirut , Istanbul and Vatican titled “ Salami Outekum “ and “ Hewar Aladyan” or “ Religions conversation”
    A member in the  Syrian Bar Association
    A member in the Union of Arab Writers
    Participated member in the Syrian Journalists Union
    A member in the many national , scientific and intellectual  associations as “ Damascus friends “ , “ Syria Computer association” , Syrian Association of Public Relations “, Syrian Geographic association “
    Honor member at “ Aleppo Adieat association “
    President of Syrian association of Loyalty for Martyrs and Injuries
    He was selected as a one from the best effective artistic figures in the Arab World  of 2006 – 2007 according to questionnaire performed by Zahret Alkhalij “ Gulf flower Magazine” in UAE.
    He has issued many books ,they are :
–    Philosophy of the Intellectual Shaping / Eleven Volumes
–    Philosophy of the Intellectual Shaping {Cities of Soul and material}
–    Philosophy of the Intellectual Shaping {Vision in the Arab Speech}
–    History of Humanities Religions 180000 B.C, Nations and States , Invitation to Sanity (by Philosopher Malek Bin Rushed), Origins of construction and Social concurrence (Quotations of Sociology founder Ibn Khaldoun)
–    Religions Mapping (The march of the religious mindset)
–    At the time series of articles
–    Few words about Zionism
–    Few words written by political pen in the Crisis
–    Poems Collections : Almadaen wa Alghazal ( Poetic notions), Ghazal wa Amal , Hakiekah wa Amal (literary notions), Henama Eltakituk , Collection of poems : Ashrab Nakhbak , Collection of poems : Arakouki Erti , , Collection of poems: Bain Elhob wa Ala’ah , Divan between doubt and certainty


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  1. All of this means absolutely nothing to the shadowy cabal that now has its eyes on Syria. Remember, Syria is part of Greater Israel, from the Nile to the Euphrates. The Ashkenazim who’ve taken over Palestine don’t recognize national borders. Zionists in the USA, most of whom are so-called Christian are solidly with them on this. Their crazy end-times eschatology predict the total destruction of Damascus in a catastrophic war with Russia. That’s what Zionism is really about and don’t ever forget it.

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