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[ Editor’s Note: ‘Here comes the new boss, and not the same as the old boss’, is a takeoff from the old Who song, with a twist. I had expected Musk to put his management brand on Twitter, and he has started.

His comment about Trump’s Truth Social caught me by surprise, as the last I had heard was that it had been floundering with technical problems, with a backlog of people signing up but not able to get on. Here is a link to the current news on it.

Welcome to capitalism. He who owns, runs it how he wants, if he stays within the rules of government regulations. It is another toy for Musk, and an expensive one, and I expect him to take it to a new level, whatever that would be, as that is why he buys stuff, to make changes.

God only knows how he finds the time to manage all that he has. Certainly he has a top team on board. I saw one documentary where he reviewed his style of interviewing EVERYBODY that went to work for Tesla.

His focus was on their ability to solve problems, asking them for examples they had done on their past jobs. And he has a reputation for being able to see through bullshitters.

We will now sit back and watch the new Twitter show as it rolls out, with the first task as an internal review of staff and whatever planning Twitter had on the board from their own development people. This continues to be a year of changeJim W. Dean ]

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First published May 10, 2022

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Tuesday that he would end the permanent ban of former President Donald Trump from Twitter.

“I do think it was not correct to ban Donald Trump,” Musk said in a live interview with the Financial Times. “I think that was a mistake because it alienated a large part of the country and it did not ultimately result in Donald Trump not having a voice.”

Musk on Tuesday said Twitter’s decision to boot Trump from the app in January 2021 was “morally bad” and “foolish in the extreme.” He added that so-called permabans “should be extremely rare and really reserved for accounts that are bots” or spam accounts.

“If they say something that is illegal or otherwise just destructive to the world — then there should be perhaps a timeout, a temporary suspension. … But I think permabans just fundamentally undermine trust in Twitter,” Musk said.

You can read the full Politico article here.


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  1. @patSway Who in their right mind would support trump after he tried to overthrow the US Gov’t with his big lie and Jan6 riot not to mention his 30,000+ other documented lies?. No other traitor has come close to being that destructive to the US democracy.

    • There were many traitors before Trump and the biggest one of all is Biden. Deliberately causing more of a financial crisis by giving billions to Ukraine. America has its own problems right now. At least Trump kept gas prices affordable and would have never left 9000 Americans behind in Afghanistan.

  2. One oligarch being nice to another. Ho-humm… Wake me up when Russia nukes the USA so I can put my head between my legs and kiss my ass goodbye.

    • Tommy you musk be getting some bad vibes out in the desert.
      Move down Southeast.
      We have lots of cool shade trees.

  3. It was not correct to ban Trump as same it’s not correct to ban anybody just because to some political party don’t like what a such user is tweeting

    • When you have done all he has done, one could think what else is there to do that could be more fun. He’s got a new 27 year old cutie. But that said it hard to see him handing off the running of his key projects like the Mars colony. Maybe he wants to be president there 🙂

    • suppressed technology.. Thacker Pass or Sawtooth/Anaconda – Aka Nat Coal DBA LAC same anancoda as yearington – i.e. Anaconda Montanna.. this mine will build a geocirculation/mill w high temp molten sufur; the end product it dry stacked calcium carbonate – hypochlrite (soold for bleach) and finished Cathodic Lithium..

      the sulfur for the mine/mill will come from the ARCO/Anaconda Mines @ yearington from a new heated dry heap/process that only produces metal and sulfur.. the Univ of Nev ROund Table minutes reads like bukaroo rodgers..

      all of this activity is focused around Ion Elon…

      the transloading unit for rail will B @ winemmucca; here it will go 2 tesla/panasonic texas and finishd batteries split to the new plants.. there are two more fab plants in the works… sparks is large but will B dwarfed starting w the austin unit…

      the bottlenecks is the US Electrical sistems – plugging 200 cars in at wall mart is not going to fly when the AC’s are running..

      presidents who cancel Trans Canada Keystone Pipes – attempt to force closue of the Enbridge line @ Michigan – Drill permits; is a drop dead policy…

      Elon will run.. first he needs to ship a few time bombs filled w hygroscopic/flamable lithium- train the hot rods tha the label on the new atomic battery replacements ->>> don not open ???

      then whats wrong w going to mars ?/ we are presently in hello w a disabled president and an ex mobster who sports grabbing women from behind..

  4. Hey Gordie Truth Social’s a lot of fun. More fun than twitter ever was. The reason it takes so long is Q group er I mean Truth Support is ensuring that they aren’t a bot. Again unlike twitter which was totally infested with bots. Many of them generated by George Soros and David Brock. So many in fact that us poor “Russian Bots” didn’t stand a chance🤣 But I digress. I think you should come on over to Truth. I post a lot of your good stuff. That is the stuff that’s not for reTarDS🤣 Like gak…hurl…Politighoul or the Deranged Beast.

  5. Power Thrones -0h !

    here in N nivida he is the king of boom.. one man bank in the lang term pot’s..

    thacker pass when National Coal finished the new mine for Lith Americas {LAC} will produce 70,000M Tons of finished Cathodic Lithium/Annually.. that has been in the works for over ten years..

    i guuess U can stuff cotton in his mouth and bust the jaws. But he is a rather deep seated insider around here..

    Rio Tinto or Rio Tin just brought into the Anaconda Site @ Yet or Yearington,, its a Brownfield and they are bringing in new technology to re-enter the overburden piles… their entry into arozona ASCU will go after 250M Tons of Copper in the piles down there..

    –> probably about the time RIO hooks up their new/NV Lionel Train Set w the U-pak engines – headed to the mined out Brigham @ SLC/2 the smelters… Ion Elon will want to B prez ! and run a campaign 2 pik of some of the Mess – if there is anything left to tweet about!

    Ion Elon was instrumental in Fast 41 – basically states that the Nev Dept of Mines gets to write permits going forward in defined mining distriks.. trump & ion were slik’ they stuk it in transportation.. so if a road in nevada goes to another road down the line ! its in the distril and no EIA is required and 10 years of suits and grief..

    musk is a smart guy and mixes accordingly…. nevada is booming…. the investments are solid…

    • Maybe El-Mu really is a one man superman extravaganza, but history says the “really” big players stake out the frontmen to put a pretty face on the monopoly.
      But you did spark a halfwit to come up with this; some of the suppressed technology may finally be plugging into the system under the eagle eye of sir Musk.
      Someone musk do it.

  6. I take it you don’t see Elon Musk as a front-man for the real power behind the throne.
    At any rate, the Trump ship still floats.

    • It’s shit not ship. I’m sure it’s a typo. And I don’t think a narcissistic sociopath like Musk can flush it.

    • Newt, all big geniuses they were narcissistic sociopath in some degree also, Edison, Ford and so.

    • @NewtRallyt
      What exactly did trump do that gave you such an epic case of TDS? Was it the No wars? Was it the booming economy? Was it the border security? Be specific please, I find you people fascinating.

    • @patSway Who in their right mind would support trump after he tried to overthrow the US Gov’t with his big lie (about winning) and Jan6 riot not to mention his 30,000+ other documented lies?. No other traitor has come close to being that destructive to the US democracy. Sorry for posting twice but the 1st one came up in the wrong place

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