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General Joseph F. Dunford: Russia Humiliates the New World Order in...

New World Order agents are so desperate at this present moment that they even showed “footage of Russian airstrikes passed off as American”! Russia should sue them for plagiarism.

Russia’s Lavrov, UAE leadership to discuss situation in Syria, oil market

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is to meet the leadership of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Tuesday to discuss the situation in the region, the situation in Syria and on the oil market.

US military commander in Iraq and Syria rejects GOP pledges to...

The US military commander in charge of the Iraq-Syria war has tacitly rebuked pledges by leading Republican presidential contenders to carpet-bomb the Islamic State.

SU 35C Air Superiority Fighter to Enter Duty in Syria

The advanced supermaneuverable Su-35S multirole fighters began combat missions in Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman said Monday.

Kurdish Press: US Asks Ukraine to Join Syria Coalition as Move...

Upon discussing a potential military intervention in Syria as part of the US-led anti-Islamic State (ISIS) coalition the Ukraine defense ministry has warned about the possibility of a clash with Russian forces there.

Turkey Shelling Russian Advisors in Syria, May lead to War (updated)

The Russian Defense Ministry has presented video evidence it says shows Turkish military shelling Syrian territory using heavy artillery positioned close to the border.

ISIS may ‘turn guns’ against Israel, Jordan amid failures in Syria...

The Israeli defense chief is pretending to fear violence from ISIL if things cool off in Syria, when Israel has been a major supporter of the Jihadis in south Damascus and Golan areas.

When Push Comes to Shove: US Pressures Turkey to Secure Border...

The United States is working to pressure the Turkish government to finally control the insecure border between Turkey and war-torn Syria, Defense News reported.

Kurdish Press: Russia establishes hard facts on the ground in Syria

By Paul Iddon  Anyone who has read the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be familiar with the term “facts on the ground.” Hence doing...

Turkey Lose More Oil Trucks that Accidentally Venture into Syria

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEriOFRnoAc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVQfpVXTqg0

Breaking: ISIS/Turkey Advanced Missile Downs Russian Bomber Over Syria

Yesterday, Turkey complained to Russia that an SU 34 violated its air space. Today a Russian jet well inside Syria is downed by a missile that shouldn't exist. Is this a concidence? g

Jim W. Dean interview – Saudis want full control over Syria...

We are on the eve of the talks and who is really coming seems to still be up in the air. But Staffan de Mistura did not humiliate the UN by letting the extortionists hijack the invitation list from the UN.

Israel: war with Hezbollah less likely after Russia’s Syria intervention

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) believe that the likelihood of another war with the Hezbollah militia in Lebanon or Syria...

No non-Syrians invited to peace negotiations, says UN

Jim W. Dean - Front end demands from outside parties like Turkey and Saudi Arabia, who were trying to hijack the Syrian peace talks, has just gotten the outside parties uninvited by the UN. Staffan de Mistura says the talks are for Syrians only.

Russia accuses Turkey of Syria border buildup

Jim W. Dean - These Syrian peace talks could become a never ending circus because if the Syrian opposition and terrorists supporters cannot get what they want they will become wrecking balls for any possible political solution.

Danish Writer: Away with Angela Merkel—The West Needs a Putin

"What we have now is a duplicitous zombie state, whose soul is the will to power, run amok, lost in its own internal self-contradictions, proclaiming freedom but imposing bondage in its name.."

Russia, US agree to have 2 rebel delegations at Syria peace...

Moscow and Washington are close to reaching a compromise on the participants of the Syria peace talks set to start next week. Two separate...

US – Turkey eyeing military operation in Syria against ISIS if...

Jim W. Dean - My, my...John Kerry is signaling he is going into the Syrian negotiations prepared to put a gun to someone's head if the US and Turkey do not get what they want. Gosh, I wonder who that could be ?

Ash Carter continues US anti-ISIL charade by blaming coalition

Jim W. Dean - Def. Secr. Ash Carter gives us the sheepeople treatment once again, feeding us a tall story based upon the assumption that we cannot remember the history of what the US has done to Syria.

Seymour Hersh: New World Order Has No Logical Reasons in Syria...

Seymour Hersh: "US military has now recognized the Russian military’s success in Syria."

Censored War News in Syria, January 20, 2016

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Wednesday the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out 16 sorties targeting 57 terrorist targets in Syria within the past 24 hours. Ministry spokesman Gen. Maj. Igor Konashenkov told journalists at Hmaimim Airport in Latakia province that the Russian airstrikes were limited to Lattakia and Deir Ezzor provinces because the operation command has refrained from targeting terrorist positions in other provinces out of concern for civilians’ lives due to the unsuitable weather conditions in the area.

Russia’s newest helicopter gunships making combat debut in Syria

ERBIL, Kurdistan – Boosting its military presence, Russia is deploying advanced Kamov Ka-52 helicopter gunships in Syria to protect its Latakia airbase and take...

Russian Jets Hit Some 600 Terrorist Targets in Syria in Past...

Over the past four days Russian aviation has conducted 157 combat missions hitting 579 terrorist targets in the Syrian provinces of Aleppo, Deir ez-Zor, Homs, Hama, Raqqa...

Russia’s Aerospace Force hit almost 600 terrorist targets in Syria over...

MOSCOW, January 19. /TASS/. Russia’s warplanes have made 157 sorties over the past four days destroying 579 terrorist targets, Russia’s Defense Ministry's spokesman Maj....

AIPAC and New World Order Are Screwed—Again

Bombing Iran ain’t happening, and there is no indication that it will happen this year or the next. What’s equally worse is that there isn’t a damn thing that Benjamin Netanyahu can do about it.

Breaking, Exclusive: Terrorists Aligned with Syrian Human Rights Observatory Murder 300...

Eye witness reports from earlier in the day tell of bodies being dragged through the streets, children being smashed into walls while media celebrate the killings, hand in hand with the murderers.

Sex and the City of Europe

If you are going to lock yourself in the “Left” and “Right” matrix, then you are going to be confused like Alex Jones.

Russian Warplanes Launch 97 Cruise Missiles on Daesh Targets in Syria

The Russian Aerospace Forces have launched 97 cruise missiles hitting Daesh targets in Syria, the Russian General Staff said on Friday.

Russian army launches humanitarian op in Syria – General Staff

Jim W. Dean - Russia once again is running circles around Western attempts to smear the Russian effort in Syria, not only with this humanitarian effort but by providing air cover for the Free Syrian Army units that are attacking ISIL positions.

Russia Threatens to Publish Data Exposing Phony US Anti-ISIS Campaign

The Russian Defense Ministry may begin publishing data on the results of airstrikes of the international coalition in the Middle East, in order to disprove the accusations alleging that the Russian military aim at civilian targets, ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Friday.

Al Nusra Commander Assassinated in Daraa by Syrian Special Forces

A top commander of al-Qaeda branch in Syria, the Nusra Front, was found dead after gunmen (Syrian Special Forces) raided his office in Syria’s southern city of Daraa on Thursday. Anas Abu Nabbut, aka Abu Abdullah, was killed by gunmen (Syrian Special Forces) in the Balad district in central Daraa.

Former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel: New World Order Paralyzes U.S....

Hagel: "We have allowed ourselves to get caught and paralyzed on our Syria policy by the statement that ‘Assad must go.'"

Cameron Confesses: Britain Backing Terrorists in Syria

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Contrary to his prior claims, British Prime Minister David Cameron is saying "there aren't enough" so-called "moderate" Syrian rebel fighters...

Censored War News, January 13, 2016

Provinces, SANA – The army is advancing in Latakia northeastern countryside, establishing control over new areas, while its units in other areas continue operations, leaving more terrorists dead and destroying their equipment.

Who Is Responsible for Sexual Violence in Europe?

Gordon Duff: “Today’s refugee crisis is staged, intended to destroy Europe. The question as always: ‘Who benefits?’”

Official Report: US Backed Groups Proven to Use Sarin Gas...

OPCW: American Backed Groups Use Chemical Weapons in Syria Not Gov't Forces TEHRAN (FNA) - The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has...

Inner Logic of Pentagon: U. S. Sees Russia as Enemy—But Russia...

If officials at the Pentagon really mean what they say, why can’t they abide by international law? Why are they willing to destroy democratic countries like Syria, where Assad won the presidential election by a landslide?

Three Months of Russian Aerospace Forces Operation in Syria in Details

On September 30, 2015, the Russian Federation Council unanimously supported President Vladimir Putin's proposal to authorize sending a Russian task force to Syria. Daesh’s 90-Day...

Is There a Secret US, Russian Compromise on Syria?

'Did he or didn't he?' That's the essence of the latest back and forth dispute between American and Russian diplomatic observers, sparring over President...