Seymour Hersh: New World Order Has No Logical Reasons in Syria and Knows Russia Is Winning

“From Russia with love: ISIS will be annihilated.”


…by Jonas E. Alexis


Seymour Hersh is stunned to realize the New World Order in Syria has, according to Sputnik News, “no logical reasons. The Syrian leader repeatedly tried to build a good relationship with the US, while Syria’s intelligence services provided Washington with hundreds of documents, warning about Islamist attacks against the West and the US in particular.”[1]

Hersh himself says:

“The Syrian intelligence [service] is one of the best in the world. It gave Americans the information on Mohammed Atta and the Hamburg terror cell. But in his foreign policy, Obama — from his very first day in office – continued the Bush strategy. He continued with the ‘war on terror.’”[2]

I very much respect Hersh’s analysis, for he can be considered as an ally. But as a serious journalist and reporter, Hersh should know that Obama did not wake up one morning and decided to attack Syria. This diabolical operation was crafted by the Israeli regime, which declared from the very beginning that Assad had to be removed from power.[3] Obama got so tired of the mad man in Tel Aviv that he eventually called him a “chickenshit.”[4]

Hersh is seeing a shift in the region. He says that “US military has now recognized the Russian military’s success in Syria.”[5]

We knew this all along. In fact, VT has been reporting about how the Russian military is obliterating ISIS since last year. Russian FM Lavrov has recently announced that Russia will “fight ISIS until its complete annihilation.”[6]

New World Order agents need a better strategy. What they have done so far hasn’t been working. They need to pick up a copy of Hegel’s Lectures on the Philosophy of World History and realize that they are doomed–unless they renounce their war on Logos.

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