AIPAC and New World Order Are Screwed—Again

“I think we’re screwed. We must keep it quiet because the NSA may come back and bite us. I told so many big lies in 2015 that I was proud of myself. But the international community has recently humiliated me by lifting the sanctions on Iran. Hey, how are we going to get out of this new development? Got any more palpable lies ready? We need some fast!”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


This is the 17th day of 2016, and so far New World Order agents and their puppets haven’t given any indication that they learned something from their cardinal mistakes last year.

It seems that their new year’s resolution was to produce more lies, more fabrications, more colossal hoaxes, and more covert operations at the expense of everyone else, most specifically at the expense of people who have been living on a steady diet of Hollywood propaganda movies such as Zero Dark Thirty, American Sniper, Salt, Argo, The Interview, etc.

Here is a classic example. Just a few days ago, two U.S. Navy ships were captured in Iranian territorial waters. How did Barbara Starr of CNN respond?

“We are told that right now, what the U.S. thinks may have happened, is that one of these small boats experienced a mechanical problem … perhaps beginning to drift. … It was at that point, the theory goes right now, that they drifted into Iranian territorial waters.”

Starr is not that stupid. But she is working in an environment where critical thinking is basically a relic of the past. She cannot question the conventional narrative because she is paid to say crazy things, weird things, and imaginary things.

You remember Amber Lyon? She is a former CNN investigative journalist who went to Bahrain to report on how the government was treating its own citizens.

When Lyon came back with first-hand evidence which clearly showed that the government was involved in torturing dissident voices, CNN did not want to publish it and asked Lyon to produce something else. Lyon recounted that she

“saw first-hand that these regime claims were lies, and I couldn’t believe CNN was making me put what I knew to be government lies into my reporting.”[1]

So, whenever Barbara Starr starts talking about Middle East or foreign policy, it is an infallible sign that you need to put your thinking cap on and wake up because she will tell a big lie or she will mix the truth in a torrent of lies. In response to Starr’s weird assertion, Glenn Greenwald writes,

“It goes without saying that every country has the right to patrol and defend its territorial waters and to intercept other nations’ military boats that enter without permission…

“Despite all of this, most U.S. news accounts last night quickly skimmed over — or outright ignored — the rather critical fact that the U.S. ships had “drifted into” Iranian waters.

“Instead, all sorts of TV news personalities and U.S. establishment figures puffed out their chest and instantly donned their Tough Warrior pose to proclaim that this was an act of aggression — virtually an act of war: not by the U.S., but by Iran.

“They had taken our sailors ‘hostage,’ showing yet again how menacing and untrustworthy they are. Completely typical was this instant analysis from former Clinton and Bush Middle East negotiator Aaron David Miller, now at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars: ‘Iran detains US sailors. Released promptly or not, a hostile act by a regime that acts w/o US cost/consequence.’[2]

Let us turn the table around. Imagine how the United States would react if Iranian ships had crossed their borders without permission. The Neo-Bolsheviks would be running around like wild chickens saying that the United States ought to blow those ships sky high.

Those Neo-Bolsheviks wouldn’t even entertain the idea that the Iranian ships had “mechanical problems.” In fact, Neo-Bolsheviks and their puppets had already made it clear that the United States needs to bomb Iran.[3]

Well, bombing Iran ain’t happening, and there is no indication that it will happen this year or the next. What’s equally worse is that there isn’t a damn thing that Benjamin Netanyahu can do about it. He can miaw like a cat for now, but he cannot even remotely suggest to US officials that we need to bomb Iran. That Zionist and diabolical dream is basically over.

In fact, the international community has literally humiliated the mad man in Tel Aviv by lifting the sanctions imposed on Iran. This is really a sad story for NWO agents, most specifically for “King” Bibi because they spent so much time, money and energy brainwashing much of the West.

“AIPAC, and its cutout Citizens For A Nuclear Free Iran,” said The Nation last September, “reportedly budgeted upwards of $20 million for a campaign that included flooding the airwaves with television spots; buying full-page newspaper ads, arranging fly-ins of AIPAC members to Washington, organizing demonstrations at offices of AIPAC-friendly members of Congress who were believed to be wavering, and ensuring that problematic legislators were officially warned by precisely the right donor.”[4]

Throughout 2015, the mad man in Tel Aviv told the entire world ad nauseam that any deal with Iran is a bad deal. He went to Congress and got at least twenty standing ovations from Republican puppets. He thought the issue was settled. He walked out of Congress thinking that victory was at hand. Now he is about to have a heart attack.

As Jim W. Dean has recently put it,

“The Iran nuclear weapons hoax is now carved in stone. The Israelis and their Neocon friends in the US stand guilty of trying to abuse the US military and the Iranian people in a false flag war that they felt they could profit from at the expense of others.

“Rather than let this little item be swept under the rug, it should be thrown into the faces of all those who supported the preemptive attack option.

“They were, and still are, the real national security threat that we faced then and still do. To let them walk away without serious wounds would leave them in a stronger position to work on their next scam.”

No, Jim, we are not going to let them walk away. We will continue to expose them to the world. People who are of the truth will ally themselves with it, and if Hegel and Solzhenitsyn are right, truth will triumph in the end. We are the party of truth, and they are the party of lies. Let the war war begin.

As James Preston has rightly put it, the New World Order, or the “Khazarian Mafia,” is in trouble because much of the world is finally waking up. The diabolical system, James writes, “is now a sinking ship. Numerous nations around the World have now ganged up on it. It is cornered and it is losing power by the day.”

We will make sure that it continues to sink. We will expose it until it rots and smells like a dead fish to reasonable people. And it’s already smelling pretty bad. Here is another classic example:

“Take the image of the malnourished little girl whom the BBC and the British Independent newspaper claimed was from the Syrian town of Madaya. Turns out the girl is from south Lebanon. Her name is Marianna Mazeh.

“The photo published widely this week by Western media is from three years ago, yet the same media are claiming that she is one of the residents of the Syrian town of Madaya, which the Western media also say is being blockaded by the governments forces of President Bashar al-Assad.

“Turns out too that Marianna’s family are infuriated that her forlorn image is being circulated for propaganda purposes. ‘I live in Tayr Filsey [south Lebanon], not Madaya, and I am fine,’ the little girl told Al Manar news agency. She is now aged seven and apparently has made a full recovery from her earlier emaciated condition. The reason for her previous illness is not clear.

“But what is clear is that Western media have been caught — once again — falsifying reality about the siege towns in Syria now being liberated.

“British state-owned broadcaster BBC tells us that there are up to 400,000 people being held in some 15 besieged towns across Syria. The BBC and other Western media refer to these places as ‘rebel-held,’ and by a process of outright lies or half-truths, it is inferred that the locations are being besieged by the Syrian army, supported by Hezbollah militia and Russian air power.

“Occasionally, the Western media let slip, like when the New York Times reported this week on ‘people being shot as they try to escape’ the captive towns. The people are being shot — by the so-called rebels holding the residents as hostages, but the NY Times omitted that fact.”[5]

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