By Jason Ditz

Over the weekend, Israel carried out attacks against a poultry farm on the Syrian coast, wounding two civilians. Russia issued a statement Monday, warning such attacks are “categorically unacceptable.”

Russia has positions on the Syrian coast, and has warned Israel away from the area before. The latest attack came from the coast, and conspicuously Russia didn’t comment when it happened.

The Russians say it violates Syrian sovereignty, and is against international norms. Those are plainly true things, but have never stopped Israel before.

Israel has shown time and again they’re willing to keep attacking over objections. If Russia decides to flat out stop them militarily, they clearly could, but so far that’s not been the case.

Instead Russia has tried to deter further attacks with air defenses. That’s allowed Syria to intercept more Israeli missiles, but not stop them outright. This warning sounds serious, but so did the last few without any action to stop the attacks.


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  1. It’s antisemetic to suggest Israel should stop killing innocents. Some idiot in the USG has decided that the IDF soldier who pulled the trigger killing an American female reporter, did so by accident. Shades of old.

  2. Ha ha… good luck with that.
    The rabid dog Israel is allowed to do what ever she wants and if she doesn’t get her way she will sic her Uncle Sugardaddy the USA on you.

  3. Zionism is EVIL! Zionism is the CURSE of Mankind! ‘The Land of the Free’ is the Plantation of the ‘Ashkenazi Khazar Bolshevik-Zionist Terror State of Israel’, whose Agents like AIPAC and dozens of other Jewish-Zionist Organizations have, ‘turned the US Congress/Political structure into a BROTHEL’, said James Traficant the Congressman from Ohio! Traficant was right on the MONEY! He was ELIMINATED by the Powers that Be!

  4. Not quite sure who is pulling Israel’s strings but that are nipping at the heals and always escalating and provoking the media lies for their actions. Somehow they can pull this off by making Washington believe their lying narrative. Israel is a nescience in the region and does not promote a peace agenda. It seems they always want to play the game to see who can piss the farthest. Peace is more profitable than war in too many ways.

  5. Azove Jews are occupying the Golan Height and killing teens since 1917 , this IRGUN Terrorist Group understand only Thermometric language, tyrants language !

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