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Who really controls the CIA? Will we ever know?

by  Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor    … with  New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: Gordon has a special barn-burner for us today, a trip down memory road with some old stories from the “crazy  80’s” when America took a fork in the road that most never really picked up on, despite the ripple effect that keeps on coming in big waves as the years go by.

Only people were around then, and who had a front row seat could give the rest of us a peek behind the curtain. Many senior people are gone, but not all the operational people, most who prefer to keep that period buried under concrete if it had a negative impact on their lives.

We were taught in elementary school that to be good citizens, we had to apply ourselves to learning American history. Consider this such a lesson, and certainly now the first one here on American history. So as Dorothy would do in the Wizard of Oz, click your heels a few times and enjoy the yellow brick road below. I will now turn the show over to the Dufster to speaketh… Jim W. Dean ]


Who remembers crack, and what that did?

– First published  …  April 04,  2017

CIA planes ship all kinds of cargoes around

Telling the truth is a dangerous thing as many know, illegal in fact. Doing so with circumspection, using allegory and a touch of irony is always best, but requires wit and even intellect, something in short supply. That said we move forward.

I have been in discussion recently, with intelligence officials from the Reagan era, military, FBI counter-intelligence and unnamed others and have reached some startling conclusions.

You see, recent events have pushed the envelope as to what can be spoken of and “leaked.” There is also enough anger out there, and there is nothing more dangerous than old angry people, that what was once held back can now be spoken of.

Ronald Reagan took office in January 1981. The CIA was beginning a war in Central America, was running operations across Africa and was deeply involved in issues in Egypt and Lebanon. These were things I knew of but am unable to indicate why I may know of them, but my knowledge is personal.

Russia was at war in Afghanistan then, the US still had hostages in Iran and America had over 500,000 troops in Europe.

One of the first moves of the Reagan presidency was to “de-task” the CIA and then “re-task the CIA.” Vice President George W. Bush had been CIA director under the truncated presidency of Gerald Ford and had spent this time learning the narcotics business and placing the Bush family at the forefront.

As CIA director, in 1977 Bush sent his son Jeb to Venezuela to take over banking relationships between that nation and Colombia. George H.W. and his son Jeb were seminal in the fostering and creation of the drug cartels in Colombia and established the CIA connection that would burgeon under Reagan, but I am getting ahead of myself. Colombia was all about controlling the world’s cocaine.

Daddy Bush being sworn in as CIA director

Simultaneously, the CIA under Bush established strong connections with the narco-tribes of Northern Afghanistan. While the US, through Pakistan and their military and ISIS, ran the Mujahedeen, the CIA began building a narcotics empire there based on heroin.

It would have to wait until another Bush son could take advantage of 9/11, perhaps even have some inside involvement if other intelligence is correct, before the CIA could take over world heroin production as well.

When Reagan got into office, Bush set up a committee, names like North and Secord and even bin Laden were among the strategic planners. Reagan himself brought in VT’s Lee Wanta, who sat in on only some of the meetings, meetings that planned economic warfare on Russia, crashing the ruble and eventually crushing the Soviet Union economically.

However, the primary effort was in simply taking over activities of the CIA and ending America’s intelligence program, as we see now, “forever.” There is no CIA. This is not a fact carelessly stated. Real intelligence is dangerous and from that time onward, Congress would never see anything not hand fed them with full approval of key controlling figures who ran the world’s drug trade.

You see, before that the CIA was always independent, and under Allan Dulles perhaps even involved in murdering Kennedy, or so rumors state. The CIA as with the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover, was a law onto itself.

The CIA was certainly capable of using its skills previously aimed at assassinating foreign leader and focusing those capabilities back on the United States.

The CIA, as with the Pentagon, were expressions of the will of world oligarchy and whatever the vision of the time was for a New World Order. That vision changed as ideas and situations changed, as technology changed, and as time and death pushed new ideas and new goals to the forefront. Suffice it to say, the CIA and Pentagon, as today, abide as part of America but are certainly not American, not hardly.

Here’s how it looks if you were there

CIA Poppy Bush at a National Security meeting during Ford years

Let’s say you were working at an operational facility on Monday, January 26, 1981. Communications then was via Telex, there was no internet. As phones were not secure, other communication was via courier, sometimes from embassy channels, other times from airline personnel, “stews” who ran documents and other materials for the CIA. Without Pan Am, there would never have been a CIA.

Typically, an operational office, based on personnel and their skills, connections and networks, might overlap, dealing with let’s say Bulgaria and Jordan and even Panama, simply because the people were there than had the relationships, the language skills and the cover identities that allowed operations.

Nothing was done from Langley, nobody sat in a cube and then taxied to Dulles Airport, off to shoot down a dictator or rig an election, this is TV. Pretty much everyone worked for a corporation, Michelin, Dupont, Fluor, Bechtel or was media or a banking official or even a diplomat. All were thugs mind you but thugs with day jobs, albeit theoretical cover “day jobs.” In January 1981, all that came to an end.

Now we go to allegory and circumspection. That morning of mornings, the “new broom” in Washington, a former CIA director as Vice President, everything changed. Stories say that one CIA station chief found a prominent Colombian drug cartel leader sitting across his desk when he arrived. Here is how the story goes:

“I got in that morning, past the receptionist, past the armed security that the public never sees, picked up my mail, got my telex’s and opened the door to my office. To my astonishment a Latin looking gentleman was there with a 4-pocket shirt, a big Rolex and a diamond the size of a marble. He was cutting a cigar. He introduced himself as a “Colombian businessman” and told me that he was advised that I would be able to help him. It was that day I met my new boss, or at least one of them.”

From that day forward, Russian agents in Egypt were no longer a problem for the CIA, overthrowing Ghana’s governments didn’t matter so much, in fact the Soviet Union had moved to “back burner.” From that day forward all CIA activities were to involve either moving narcotics or running operations that served no other purpose than to, wait for it…run narcotics.

The Contras were all thugs and mercenaries, a warm up for ISIS that came later

Why have a war in Central America? Why invent Daniel Ortega, a liberal politician from Nicaragua as a dangerous dictator? Could it be because arming “contras” used planes that accidentally came back loaded with cocaine?

When the CIA took over oil operation services in the Gulf of Mexico around that time, the boats that came into New Orleans and other ports, were “tasked” with carrying “medical supplies” to Honduras to support the covert was on Nicaragua. They came back loaded with, wait for it…cocaine as well.

Every discussion was “cocaine” and how to use CIA technology to avoid police, jam radars, find missing bales of drugs or how to keep America’s allies in Colombia from killing each other off and ruining business.

Miami became the center of the drug universe, where the warriors fighting communism sat in hotel lobby’s with umbrella drinks, heading to the toilet every few minutes to stoke themselves up on cocaine.

Money moved in trash bags, too tiresome to count, some say they only weighed it. That money bought Washington and was a key aspect of White House policy, and the cover operation to sell weapons to Iran through Israel and Saudi Arabia, then use this as a front to launder billions in cocaine cash in what became known as “Iran Contra.”

There was no “Contra,” only cocaine and the cash it brought and the American cities inundated with crack cocaine and a descent into addiction and crime that continues today.

Meet an honored American political dynasty

The family that brought crack cocaine to America’s school children now delivers Afghani heroin at even lower prices. When the farce of 9/11 led to two invasions, to Afghanistan to put the drug lords of the Northern Alliance in position to kick out the anti-opium Taliban and to loot Iraq’s oil resources, there was no independent CIA left.

Even the CIA that served the world’s oligarchs, much like other intelligence agencies, might well have stood against the War on Terror, an expression of New World Order that would as we have seen spin out of control taking everyone and everything with it.

By 2004, the Bush family had privatized the CIA, bought off the Pentagon with Afghani drug cash and set up private mercenary armies. Some say, some very knowledgeable people say that every senior American officer that served in Afghanistan is dirty.

The decision was made, based on the lessons, both positive and negative, from Reagan’s Iran Contra adventure, to keep a continual war going as cover but make sure there would never be an American congress capable of investigating.

Toward that end, the US Supreme Court, servants of the narco-thugs, 5 members at least until Scalia died, legalized narco-bribery under what is known as “Citizens United.” This case legalized unlimited “corporate” contributions to any campaign, any corporation, any country and money with “no questions asked.”

That money is from drugs and human trafficking primarily and it, along with the curious restructuring of Congressional districts after 9/11, that financed with drug cash as well, put the narcotics business in charge of the American House of Representatives, the only investigative body, forever.

From that time on, they only investigated whoever the drug lords told them to.

What is key to understand is that the CIA only runs drugs, nothing else. Drugs are a source of capital and endless political power, all untraced, all attributable and utterly unstoppable during a period of endless war when the CIA runs its own airlines and lives in a world with no frontiers and no oversight of any kind.

Expecting otherwise is insane.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of VT, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”




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