Afghanistan: US Accused of Sarin Use, More “Poor Dead Babies”


Editor’s note: The US is blocking international efforts to gather evidence of the use of Sarin gas against villagers in Afghanistan.  Use of biological and chemical warfare by the US, that and staging attacks and blaming others, is now very much the norm.

To the Honorable Secretary General Antonio Guterres

United Nations

New York, New York 10017

RE: Chemical Agent Used on Pashtun Villagers in Kunduz Province is a War Crime

Dear Secretary- General Guterres:

On April 21, 2017, the Afghan puppet government along with U.S. mercenaries dropped a chemical agent onto the Pashtun villagers in the Village of Alchin in Kunduz Province in Afghanistan. The United Nations needs to immediately send teams to this site to gather evidence and document.

During the 1980s, Dr. Andrei Sakharov advised the Soviet leaders that the war in Afghanistan could not be won. He advised them to stop the war and leave Afghanistan. Some leader today needs to advise the United States’ war mongering generals and leaders that it needs to end its war in Afghanistan and withdraw because after sixteen years it should be obvious that it cannot win. Instead, this past month Trump has escalated the war against the Pashtun/Afghans. Your organization needs to find a “Sakharov” to advise the United States to stop this vicious campaign against the Pashtun/Afghan villagers. This war in and occupation of Afghanistan must stop. These war crimes must stop now.

The Pashtun tribe is the largest tribe in the world. As history has shown, Pashtun/Afghans cherish their freedom and will defend themselves when foreigners are waging war against them on their soil. This war and occupation cycle must end. Too many lives have been lost. A Pashtun/Afghan’s life matters as much as the life of a Rwandan, Bosnian, or member of another native tribe or a Jewish person’s life. Pashtun /Afghans deserve justice just like the Jewish people had after WWII and more recently the Rwandans and the Bosnians.

For the past sixteen years, the United States through its selected Afghan administration of warlords, thugs/criminals, like Rashid Dostum and Afghan communists, primarily of minority ethnic groups from the Northern Alliance, have been systematically targeting the native Pashtun villagers, who are the majority, and have been committing a campaign of ethnic cleansing. They are doing the United States’ dirty work. These Pashtun/Afghan villages are located in the areas where there are the vast untapped deposits of Rare Earth Elements (REEs) and the heroin trafficking, which is extremely lucrative to these Northern Alliance criminals and the United States. These native Afghan villagers are seen as a roadblock to the stealing and total control of these REEs and the drug trafficking by the greedy war profiteers, which include not only criminal Afghan war profiteers but some U.S. military and government officials, such as the CIA, which everyone knows since the 1980s has funded a portion of its paramilitary and mercenary operations with money from drug trafficking. The Pashtun/Afghan villagers know that the CIA is involved in this drug trafficking in the area. The United States also has a new supply chain to stockpile its much-needed REEs, which are vital to its defense systems. It no longer has to look to China for its REE supply. Native Pashtun/Afghan villagers are in the way of the United States and other drug traffickers and war profiteers.

The United States with its allies and puppet Afghan administrations have used experimental weapons, such as chemical and uranium-tipped, on Pashtun/Afghan villagers. It has repeatedly bombed their villages and targeted them with drones. The U.S. with its dirty thugs and mercenaries has bulldozed their villages close to the REE deposits and mines. It is common knowledge among Afghans that the freedom fighters have provided the United Nations with evidence of these war crimes such as the Sangin District, Helmand, Province massacring, This war is not about stopping terrorism or helping the Afghan women. The United States’ occupation of and continued war against the Pashtun/Afghan villagers has only escalated insecurity and terrorism in the world. It has only created more violence. Trump’s dropping of this massive bomb the MOAB and dropping chemical agents on on Pashtun/Afghan villagers in Kunduz Province have only escalated the war.

The most recent use of a chemical agent on the villagers in Kunduz and the  unlawful dropping by Trump and his war mongering generals of the 21,000 plus MOAB onto the civilians in the Mohmand Valley are the last straw. The United Nations must independently investigate and prosecute these war crimes.

The use of a chemical agent on the villagers in Kunduz Province violates international law pertaining to wars. Furthermore, the Pashtun/Afghan villagers are human beings with human rights protected by international human right laws. The Afghan puppet government and the United States through its mercenaries violated the human rights laws and did not treat the Pashtun/Afghans villagers as “humans” when a chemical agent was used against them. ThePashtun make up the largest indigenous tribe with protected rights that must be respected and enforced in lawful tribunals.

It is shameful that the United States through its mercenaries and its Afghan puppet government committed such a war crime. A thorough, independent investigation of this war crime must be conducted as soon as possible. Those responsible for the war crime must be prosecuted in lawful tribunals. The United States is suppose to be the role model in the world. If the United Nations continues to do nothing and the United States continues gets away with its war crimes on the Pashtun, then the rest of the countries in the world think it is okay to do the same, i.e. Russia’s war against the Ukraine.

Afghans have suffered enough these past four decades. This use of a chemical agent on Pashtun/Afghan villagers in Kunduz should wake up the Pashtun, the largest native tribe in the world, to seek justice. Under international law, the Pashtun/Afghans have the right to defend themselves.

You, Secretary-General, must do your job. Please do not be a puppet of the superpowers like your predecessor. Pashtun/Afghan civilians deserve justice. We Pashtun/Afghans want justice. Investigate these war crimes and prosecute the perpetrators, Trump and his generals, and the Afghan puppet government.


Kadir A. Mohmand

6147 Old Log Trail

Kalamazoo, MI 49009


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